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            Some people today are calling for the resurrection of nuclear power in the United States.  Indeed, even some environmental groups have changed their minds.  Suddenly they believe that nuclear plants are safe and cost effective.  This is untrue!  Nuclear power is as dangerous and costly as ever.  Here is why:


1. Uranium is always unsafe.

- It is terribly unsafe for those who mine it.  Check the statistics of uranium miners – they end up with cancer.

- It is unsafe once it is out of the ground.  For example, terrorists like the Iranians and Russians love to steal it and use if for bombs.

- In addition, it is unsafe to work around it, to transport it on our nation’s highways, and unsafe and difficult to store it for thousands of years.  This is necessary unless we shoot it into the sun, which is difficult because it is very heavy.

If you don’t believe this, read Low Level Radiation by Sternglas, and other books on this subject for confirmation and documentation about the terrible, but subtle effects of low level radiation.

I hear experts say over and over that “no one has died” from a low-level radiation release.  This may be true in the short term, but statistics show that just living near a nuclear power plant increases the risk of birth defects, leukemia and other serious diseases.

2. Most uranium comes from unstable regions of the globe. 

3. Uranium is not a plentiful material and will require tremendous and disgraceful mining operations. 

4. The power plants become too radioactive to use after 50-100 years.  Then they must be “cleaned up”, which means tons of concrete poured over the entire plant.  This is dangerous for the workers, ugly, costs billions of dollars, and the radioactively pollutes the earth for literally thousands of years. 

5. Radioactive waste must be transported somehow to dumps deep within the earth.  If an earthquake occurs, which will happen from time to time, some could be released into the air.  Is this the legacy we want to give our children and all their descendants for thousands of years, when it is totally unnecessary?

6. Nuclear plants are ridiculously expensive.  They have to be strong enough to withstand bomb attacks, if that is even possible, and to avoid mishaps that could easily kill thousands and spread radiation far and wide, as occurred at Chernobyl, Russia and the Fukushima plant in Japan.

The reason America stopped building them was mainly financial, and this has not changed one bit.  After the Japanese disaster at Fukushima, all plants around the world will hopefully be upgraded, costing billions more dollars.

Nuclear power is an industry that is completely non-sustainable financially and a drain on the pocket book of every nation that builds these plants.

7. Nuclear is dangerous to national security.  It can be sabotaged rather easily with a well-placed device like a small nuclear bomb or even conventional explosives.  Such a terror attack could inflict severe damage to any nation, killing or maiming thousands of people.

It could also force the evacuation of major cities that might be uninhabitable for hundreds of years.  This would be a disaster on a magnitude never ever seen before on earth.  In this age of terrorism, it makes no sense at all to deploy such technology.

8. Having nuclear plants means there is lots of radioactive fuel around for terrorists to steal.  Plans to build a nuclear weapon, we are told, are available on the internet.  It makes no sense whatsoever to make this fuel so readily available to terrorists around the world.

9. Nuclear technology is not safe at any cost because no one knows where the next earthquake will strike.  Earthquakes seem to be getting stronger and more unpredictable.  There is no way to prevent damage if a quake is close enough, or powerful enough.

This is just common sense, once again.  One can plan for many contingencies, but the danger of nuclear power is so great that it is playing Russian roulette to think that any reactor can sustain a powerful earthquake without dire consequences, as was demonstrated recently in Japan.

            10. Nuclear power is clearly unnecessary.  America, for example, has enough natural gas to last 100 years and enough to power all the cars and everything else.  In addition, we can run the cars and power plants on water and in other ways.  This is explained later in this article.

Global warming and climate change are false emergencies because the temperature of the planet is controlled by advanced, fine matter beings who adjust it as needed.  Read Planet Earth for more about them.  The climate has nothing to do with driving cars or gassy cows, as the fear-mongers claim.  This movement needs to be discredited before the environmentalists cause far more damage with nuclear technology.  For details, read Climate Change and Global Warming.

Also, there are far better alternative energy sources, as described below.




            Are you aware that a hybrid electric car should not be costly, and should get at least twice the gas mileage of the present cars?  The only reason this is not the case is because government regulations prevent it.

            If you don’t believe this, watch the movie, “Who Killed The Electric Car”, and “The Vapor Car”.

            Hybrid technology makes very good sense.  However, right now companies are prevented from using what are called deep cycle lead-acid batteries, and must use instead the very expensive and not as good lithium batteries.  The battery is the key.  In these cars, the battery serves to:

1. Start the gas engine.

2. Operate all the electrical gadgets when the gas motor is off.

3. Allow the car to run without the gas motor for a time.

4. Store energy from regenerative braking and possibly solar cells on the roof.

5. Provide an extra power boost when need for passing, so that the gas motor can be relatively tiny and much more fuel efficient.

            I hope enough people will wake up and realize that insane and intentionally damaging regulations are all that is keeping hybrid cars from becoming much cheaper and better.  For more details, read The Regulatory State and Hybrid Cars.




Water alone can be used to power automobiles, power plants, aircraft, ships, trains and everything else. Look up ‘Joe cell cars’ on the internet to read about it.




This is even better.  It is tapping directly into the ether, which is a type of energy that is all around us on earth and in space.  This method is used every time one runs a generator or alternator.  These devices extract some energy from the ether to generate electricity.  However, they require an external power source to run the generator.

There are fairly simple ways to tap this energy.  Nicola Tesla had a car around 1920 that ran on this energy without an outside power source.  On the internet is a book by Joseph Newman about it:  However, this technology has been banned on earth by the Rogues.  Hopefully, this will change soon.




These are okay.  However, they are primitive and not as good as the water technology and ether technology.


Also read Nuclear Update – 2011, Should You Take Iodine?



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