by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  Points are spots or locations on the body that are either somewhat numb, hypersensitive sexually, or that just trigger memories of the trauma that created them. 

Points are created during rapes.  They are not usually created during ordinary sex because it does not last long enough.

Points can be created by accident during rapes.  In addition, professional rapists create them during many rapes.  They are used to manipulate, brainwash, upset and perhaps harm women in other ways.


How points form.  During prolonged sexual intercourse with orgasms, if pressure is applied to a spot on the body, the nerves there either become very sensitive or they become numbed.  We don’t know the exact reason this occurs.

During rapes, simply the pressure of the rapist’s body against the woman’s body can create points.  In addition, the rapist can create them by pressing hard on specific spots on the body.  This is all that is required.

A mild version of points occurs just from touching another person.  Techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming or NLP take advantage of this fact.  (See the section below about NLP.)


Points and trauma.  The points are intimately connected to the trauma and memory of a rape.  It is as though they form memories of the trauma that are ‘stuck’ in the body in some way.  When one clears the points, most of the memory and trauma of a rape go away.


Brainwashing and points.  The brainwashing goal of a professional rape is often to create deep and permanent points as a way to continue the brainwashing.


Types of points.  There are three types of points:

1. Those that are somewhat numb.

2. Those that are hypersensitive, especially causing sexual stimulation.

3. Memory points.  When touched, these are neither numb or hypersensitive.  However, they will bring up memories of the trauma that produced them.




Neuro-linguistic programming is a mild version of points.  They are usually not numb or hypersensitive.  However, they will bring back memories of words spoken earlier.

The way these points are created is that a person touches another person and, at the same time, utters certain words and phrases.  When done correctly, this produces a point where the person is touched.

In this case, just touching another person lightly is the trauma.  The manipulator combines this trauma with a phrase such as “I love you”, or anything else.   If he or she wants to elicit the memory of these words later, all he has to do is touch the point once again.

This method is often used to manipulate people. 

The most common use is by sexual predators on dates.  For example, he will touch his date on her knee, perhaps, and at the same time utter words such as “it will feel wonderful” under his breath or in her ear.

Later on during the date, when he wants her to have sex, all he has to do is touch her knee in the same spot and she will hear in her head the same words as were spoken earlier.  It is somewhat like a post-hypnotic suggestion with a trigger point.

A skilled sexual predator can implant 5 to 10 of these “memory points” in a young woman on a date, or over several dates, and then he can touch these places to elicit the words and feelings he wants her to have when he wants her to have them.


Where do they form?  At times, the rapist deliberately pushes on the spot where he wants to leave a point, in order to create them. 

Others form due to the impact of the penis or hips of the man on the woman’s hips or vaginal or other areas.  Others form where the woman’s body touches the floor, perhaps, or some object where she is lying.

Surgery, accidents and other injuries can also create points on the body.  The idea is the same.  There must be pressure on a part of the body at the same time that a trauma is occurring, although the trauma can occur at a distance from the pressure point.


Reinforcing points. Repeat rapes are often used to check to make sure the points are still present, to reinforce or deepen existing points, and to create additional points.




This is not always easy, but it definitely can be done.  Do not give up!  You will feel much better when they are gone.  Here are a few methods we have found that work.


Method #1. A shower massager.  This method only works if you have good water pressure, at least 60 to 70 pounds per square inch.  This is standard, but some people have low pressure for various reasons.

If you have the water pressure, buy and connect up a shower massager to your shower.  It must have a pulse position.  Sit, don’t stand in the shower.  Use any plastic stool or seat to sit on.  This is so you will relax better.

Now aim the shower head at each point, getting as close as you can to the point.  You will need to keep the massager on each point for at least 10 seconds or up to a minute or so.  This often works well.  For a few of the points on the buttocks, you may have to stand up. This is okay, if needed.  Often, however, you can position the body on the stool so you don’t have to stand up.  This is best.


Method #2. Deep massage.  This can help, as well.  It is somewhat hit or miss, but it can help.  Getting rid of points is one reason some women and men may like massage, Rolfing and other so-called bodywork.


Method #3. Percussion hammers.  This is similar to the pulsed water massager except that it uses a massage tool called a percussion hammer.  It is like a finger that moves in and out that one directs toward a point on the body.


Method #4.  Psychodrama.  This can be another method.  It works by re-enacting the rape and thus restimulating the points.

It has many problems, however.  It is expensive to do professionally because it requires actors, a stage and props.  It also can spread disease and has other problems.  The best is if one is married or has a partner to do it at home in a very private setting.


Releasing points deep inside the vagina.  This is more of a problem because one cannot reach them with a shower massager, percussion hammers or massage.

To release these points, use an object put into the vagina such as a clean broom handle, although this is too long.  Even a long pencil, unsharpened, will often work, although a larger diameter object is often better.

The other way to release these might be to use other reflex systems of the body that reflex to the vagina.  See the section below.




            Rapists can create points in the brain, the heart or in other internal organs by pressing on reflex points on the head, breasts, stomach, shoulders, or, with an accomplice, on the feet.  This will create points in internal organs.  Points in the brain and heart are commonly created to upset the brain, and can even induce seizures, clumsiness and other mental problems.

            To release these points, one must go back to the reflex system where they were created.  The main ones are mentioned above.



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