by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The word love can have different meanings.  We can arrange them according to the 7 system:


1. Physical preference, desire and at times, addiction. Some people say, “I love beer” or “I just love rock n roll music.”  Some people “love smoking marijuana”.  They mean they are addicted to it.

This “love” means one enjoys something that is basically physical and they believe assists their survival.

2. Emotional infatuation. Some use the word love to mean an emotional, romantic or sexual infatuation or involvement.  When they say “I am in love”, they mean they are infatuated with another person, or perhaps with an animal, or a place.  One can be infatuated with anything, even a house or an automobile.

3. Ego love. At times, love means stroking or satisfying the ego.  The ego mind or lower mind loves power, security, control and a certain type of orderliness. You see such “love” in government and any authoritarian system.

4. Fraternal love.  This is love of others such as loving your friends, family and work associates.  The Bible recommends this type of love.  It is the beginning of a more creative and better kind of love.

5. Love as a creative expression.  This is loving creative activity.  It can be “a love of art”, for example, or of business, or loving being married.

6. Love can also be an intellectual involvement or attachment.  One can love an idea or an ideology.  This “love” is primarily at a mental level.

For example, this is how some people view their religion.  They may love the doctrines, the rituals, and more.  It may look religious, but really it is more intellectual.

7. Love as the radiant force in the universe.  In the Ebre language, which is the language spoken on many worlds, this is the only meaning of the word love.

The Love of the Creator radiates to all space and brings to life all things.  Let us explore this in more detail.




A high level of love is to understand it as the motive force in the universe.  It is the radiance of the Creator.  It is not personal or “human”, although all human beings can re-radiate some of it. 

It has nothing to do with romance, desires, likes or feelings.  Instead, it is the main force in the universe.  This is the theme of this short article.




            One force.  This kind of love is a power or force.  In fact, it is the only force.  It is not opposed by a second force, as are most forces.  It is simply the one force of God.  It is the same as the light of God that some people believe in and refer to.

            God is one.  The idea that God is one – originally a Hebrew idea – derives from understanding this kind of love as the only force in the universe.  It is not divided into a force for a sun god, a moon god, and so on.  It is just one force.

            Organizing. This force is organizing or anti-entropic.  It is unique in this regard.  In other words, it tends to create life, increase the complexity of organisms, and promote life and organization wherever it exists.

            This is an introduction to a large subject.  For much more about this aspect of love, please read The Real Self on this website.



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