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Over the past several years, a new movement has emerged in America called the Tea Party movement.  The name derives from the Boston Tea Party, which occurred shortly before the American Revolution and was a sign that the people were fed up with the British disregard for the colonists’ rights, and were taxing the people too much without their consent.

The tea party movement consists of thousands of loosely organized groups across the nation with no central committee or definite leader.  The groups and individuals share is a belief that the government of the United States is out of touch, too large, too inefficient, and not responsible to the people any longer.  This they are determined to change.

Thousands of people are involved in Tea Party-related groups and activities in every state.  People are educating themselves, organizing politically and otherwise working to spread the word and support candidates who agree with their point of view.  Among their popular spokespeople are Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and some other conservative talk show hosts, politicians and others.

  Earlier in my life, I would have been frightened by the often outspoken rhetoric of the tea party people, and their desire to make the government of the United States substantially smaller.  However, over the years I have changed my opinion as I have learned more and more about government and politics.

In fact, I believe the advent of the tea party movement is a hopeful signs of awakening of the American people.  The movement is not a political party, and they plan to upset both parties, both of which have moved far to the left, politically, meaning they have both embraced European-style socialism.  This is a fancy name for more and more government regulation of every phase of life, from health care and welfare to energy policy, education, financial and business regulation. 

There is now no area of life that is not heavily regulated and over-regulated in many cases.  Other articles on this website detail the disaster that has been caused by government over-regulation of health care, for example.  The Affordable Care Act of 2010 has made this much worse.




The main problems with government regulation are:


Stupidity.  Government bureaucrats are given power to control industries and areas of life, when they are not very smart.  So they make very poor decisions regarding vital areas of life, from nutrition and welfare policy to educational policy.  The more layers of bureaucracy, the stupider the policies.  I worked in two federal bureaucracies – education and health care.  In both cases, it is all politics, it is all about job security for the bureaucrats, and they are not bright individuals, but rather mainly insecure people looking for a job, like everyone else.


Terribly wasteful, financially.  It makes no sense to have high taxes, send all the money through state capitols and Washington, DC, and then have to send the money back as “benefits”.  The bureaucrats live like kings, relatively, making more money than the people who actually work hard to do productive work.  Pushing paper in Washington, DC, which I have done, is not productive work, but the bureaucrats have their unions, the SEIU and others, and they keep a lot of your money.  The counties around Washington, DC, are now the wealthiest areas of America.  It makes no sense and has bankrupted the nation.


Corruption, Run Rampant.  Government bureaucracies are always corrupt.  It is just too easy for lobbyists and special interests to pay off, bribe, threaten or otherwise influence a small group of bureaucrats who have tremendous power.  By contrast, when power is distributed to the people, corruption still occurs, but it is far more difficult and so much less occurs.  People area afraid of private special interests, but government can become the most egregious special interest group because it is so easy to corrupt the mediocre types of individuals who become government bureaucrats.


Spiritually bankrupt.  This is more complex, but basically when power is given to individuals and corporations, people move ahead much faster in a spiritual direction because they are forced to think, to do, to act, and to take full responsibility for their failures.  When government dictates policies and procedures for everything, the people languish and become like kept animals, even if they are well-kept animals.

In other words, the abuses of the corporations are nothing compared to the abuses wrought by well-intentioned bureaucrats who think they know more than we do about our health, our nutrition, our education and so on.




In short, if you care about America, stop listening to the mainstream media who worry about the tea party movement, and join a local tea party group so that you become informed about what they stand for, and why.  This is the most important political step anyone can take today.  Then vote for their candidates and get involved politically.  You will not be disappointed.  Also, read the other articles in the political section of this website, especially the one called Basic Politics.  It will help cut through all the confusion out there, much of it intentionally designed to keep you confused so you won’t rise up against the establishment Democrats and Republicans, and take back the nation.


To be continued…


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