by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó June 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




1. The worship of Satan, a fallen angel.

2. Having to do with the devil.

3. A lie and a deception.  Specifically, something that is put forth as truth, but, in fact, is the opposite of truth.

For example, if a group claims to be loving, but they murder, steal or rape, then this is Satanism.  In this sense, Satanism is a total reversal of truth or total falsehood.

4. Anything that is anti-Christian, anti-Christ or against Jesus, meaning to mock Christ or Jesus.

5. Something evil or horrible.

6. The word satanic can be used to mean something that is the opposite of what it appears to be, or is supposed to be.  This is a very important definition.




              No.  Development science is ancient and found in the Old And New Testaments of the Bible.  The Bible urges everyone to work on themselves to become closer to God and to walk with Christ more closely.  This is the beginning of development.

            Development science then uses modern biochemistry and nutritional science to help improve the health of the body to assist in this process. 

The emphasis on proper food and diet, plenty of rest, sexual restraint and other aspects of development science are necessary today.  They were less necessary several thousand years ago when the Bible was written, so it is not found there in much detail.  Also, nutritional science was not as advanced, and this is another reason it is not found in the Bible.

Some people say that one does not need all this knowledge.  They say that one only needs what is in the Bible.  Then the Holy Spirit will teach you the rest of what one needs to know. 

We agree with this, in theory.  However, in practice, most of us are not that in touch with the Holy Spirit so we are not told each and every day what is best to eat, and other important details about our lives.  The articles on this website are intended to help with this problem.

            Some articles in this website also discuss topics with which some Christians are uncomfortable.  This is a constant concern of this author.  It is best to avoid these topics for some people.  Others, however, want to explore these topics in a safe way to learn more about our universe, the body, and other things.  Please skip over these articles if you prefer.  They are not satanic, devil worship or part of a new age religion.

            The rest of this article discusses various topics related to the above.




1. A new religion on earth.  Among its characteristics are:

a. Opposed to traditional Christianity.  Some New Age people do not endorse the Bible and the Ten Commandments at all.  Instead, they believe in alternative lifestyles such as homosexuality, abortion on demand, moral relativism, loose sexual behavior, and other such doctrines.

Some New Age people, such as those who attend Unity Church, for example, do endorse the Bible, but with qualifications.

b. An earth religion, meaning some of its members worship Gaia or the planet, and many of its followers are ardent environmentalists.

c. A more pagan religion, a throwback to the older earth religions

d. Usually associated with socialism, communism, and anti-capitalist sentiments.

e. A sort of selfish ‘me generation’ approach to life.

f. Heavy on the use of affirmations, amulets, candles, stones, reading angel cards, throwing the I-Ching, divining using pendulums, speaking with the dead (spiritualism), use of ouija boards, often in an effort to invoke the power of the universe to get what one wants.

This is very similar to witchcraft.  It is the opposite of the biblical approach of “Thy will be done” and following the Ten Commandments, for example, in order to succeed and prosper in this life.

g. Often, an open-minded and tolerant attitude toward unusual phenomena and new sciences.  This can range from an interest in flying saucers to witchcraft or homosexuality.

h. Often interested in natural lifestyles and holistic healing.  This causes some Christians to be opposed to holistic healing, which is unfortunate.

Holistic healing, including nutritional balancing science, is just basic healing science that has been suppressed because the medical profession is ruled by the drug industry.  I explain this in detail in several articles on this website such as Why Double-Digit Inflation Of Health Care Costs.

 For more details, read What Is New Age?



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