By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This is an important article because learning how to work fast, effectively and efficiently is most important.


            Definition.  Work is defined as activity that one does to satisfy the needs of another or others.  It is thus different from hobbies or avocations.

Work does not always mean something for which you are paid.  For example, being a mother is very important work, for which there is often no monetary compensation.




            Human beings must learn a variety of skills in order to be happy and productive.  One of these is how to work.  People who learn this:

- tend to earn more money.

- are happier.

- use their mind in a very positive way.

- get rid of past imbalances affecting the brain.


            The opposite are people who never really learn how to work efficiently and productively.  They tend to earn less money, are less happy, and do not undo past imbalances as well.  They often go from job to job, or are unemployed and often are bored.




            Work is not too difficult if one is careful about one’s attitudes and behavior.  Working well means:


- Seek to serve others.  Do not seek to satisfy just yourself.

- Do not be lazy.  This means that one must push oneself a little, at times, to keep working when the work is boring, tedious, repetitious or otherwise not to your liking.

- Work at a comfortable pace.  This takes a little practice.  If you work too fast or hard, you will become exhausted, resentful, and may be injured.  Working too slowly is less efficient and not as effective.

- Do not work too many hours, but neither should you stop too early.  An eight-hour work day is not bad.  However, if you are following a complete nutritional balancing program, you will need some time, usually in the morning, to do your “spa morning routine” or healing procedures.  In this case, work fewer hours because the procedures are important. 

If you must be at a job early in the morning, go to bed very early – no later than 8 PM – and then you will get up early and often you will have time for detoxification procedures before work.  You may also do the procedures in the evening, but this is not as good as doing them first thing in the morning.

- Try to be happy with your work, no matter what it is.  This is a most helpful outlook.  Your work does not need to be particularly creative or “important”.  What matters is to do it as well as you can, with a contented attitude.

- Any honest work is honorable.  Cheating people, lying to people or otherwise harming others is not good work, no matter what other benefits it may provide.



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