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Computer and Phone Safety Can Save Your Life

The Procedures Handbook – A Summary

How Important Is Your Diet?


Know Your Vegetables

Remineralizing The Body

Women Masters

How To Solve Problems

Character Flaws

The New Rules

The Low Body Procedures

Etheric Energy And Healing

Turning Your Life Over To God

The Philosophical Founders Of America

Four Pains That Are Common During Development Programs

The Teachings - 1

Mineral Systems

Why Does This Website Contain Controversial Material?


How To Be Beautiful

Nutritional Balancing Saved My Life by S.S.

Raising Girls

Arrogance – An Important Article

Is Nutritional Balancing For You?

I Want The Program, But Not the Feelings

Other Core Articles

Shape Technology




A. DEVELOPMENT (This is one of the most critical sections of articles on this website.  Please read the articles on the techniques and the philosophy of development and evolution of a human being.)



How To Be Unsexy

How To Be Beautiful



Abigail Adams

Florence Nightingale

Maria Montessori

Margaret Fuller

Margaret Thatcher

Mother Theresa



Birth Control Pills And Exploitation of Women

Dating And Courting

Down Sex

Female Genital Mutilation

My Healing Crisis, by Marianne West


Poles And Climbers


Regular Sex Is Always Harmful

Sexual Fluid Craving

The Hatred Body

The Women Of Arabia

Virginity – A New Definition

Women’s Fear Of The Rod

Women’s Sex Talk






The Vagina



Women Masters


Cosmetics And Body Care

The Nutritional Balancing Paradigm

Women’s Disguises

Vaginal Weights, Packing Peanuts And Jade Eggs

The War On Women

Women Under Attack



Breast Feeding


Daughters On The Pill

Having Healthy Children

Mothers And Daughters

Mothers’ Dilemma

Pregnancy And Prenatal Care

Raising Girls


Health Conditions:

Breast Screening

High Cadmium Women

Cellulite Responds To Nutritional Balancing

Eclampsia And Pre-Eclampsia


Hot Flashes





Obstetrics And Nutritional Balancing

Osteoporosis And Poor Wound Healing

Pap Smears And Their Correction

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome


Pelvic Syndrome

Testicular And Ovarian Conditions

Uterine Fibroids And Ovarian Cysts

Young Women’s Syndrome



Down Sex

Healing Rape

Vaginal Coffee Implants





Alexis Carrel, MD

George Washington Carver

Frederick Douglas

Paul C. Eck

Buckminster Fuller

Hippocrates And The Physician’s Oath

The Nutritional Balancing Pioneers

The 20th Century Cancer Pioneers

Saint Nickolaos Of Myra

Oscar Peterson

Nicola Tesla

Booker T. Washington



Intimacy Talk For Men


Health Conditions:

Ejaculation – Spontaneous And Premature


Men’s Sexual Dysfunctions (Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence and Low Libido)

Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome or POIS

Testicular And Ovarian Conditions

The PSA Test










Metabolic Disorders

Nervous System


Renal Or Kidney Disorders

Respiratory Conditions

Sensory Organs (skin, eyes, nose, ears)

Sexual And Reproductive

Other (Pain, Radiation poisoning, and more)


2. MENTAL/EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL CONDITIONS (Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, abuse, trauma, Attention Deficit Disorder, autism and others.  Most of these conditions respond very well to nutritional balancing science).


3. CHILDREN AND PARENTS (Includes articles on breastfeeding, prenatal care, children’s nutrition programs, vaccines, water fluoridation, and more)


4. GENETICS AND BRAIN SCIENCE (understanding genetics, MTHFR defects, brain fog, things that wreck your brain, brain syndromes, mental development, your brain’s structure and fixing it)


5. TRAUMA AND RAPE, AND THEIR HEALING  This includes articles about rape, healing rape, trauma release, trauma retracing, captures, and others.


6. WARNINGS REGARDING MEDICAL AND OTHER HEALTH HAZARDS (Articles discuss acupuncture, chemtrails, yoga, energy healing methods, alkaline water, reverse osmosis water, kinesiology, doctor’s priorities and motivations, vaccination, fluoridation, dangerous drugs to avoid, antibiotics, chelation, hormone replacement, dentistry, dietetics versus nutritional balancing, surgery and much more).


7. MEDICAL DRUGS AND DRUG ABUSE (Articles about specific and dangerous medical drugs, and healing of drug addiction)


8. THE ROGUES (A group that wishes to enslave all of humanity on earth.)



C. NUTRITIONAL BALANCING THEORY AND CONCEPTS (Articles about the science of nutritional balancing, use of various foods, supplements, techniques and theory such as cybernetics, stress theory, biological transmutation, and more).



1) THE LIFESTYLE (sleep and rest, exercise, eating habits, sexual habits, and more)


2) FOOD AND NUTRITION (Articles discuss many common food items, plus topics such as developmental foods, fasting, juicing, fruit-eating, cholesterol and others)


3) OTHER DIETS (Includes articles about many common diets such as the Atkins diet, GAPS diet, hallelujah diet, the zone diet, the cult diet, Ann Wigmore, Weston Price Diet, paleo diet, blood type diets, vegetarian Diets, dehydration diet and others)




5) THE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: CONCEPTS AND PRODUCTS USED IN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS (GB-3, adrenal and thyroid products, kelp, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, Limcomin, Cantron, Black Salve and others)


6) THE DEVELOPMENT SCIENCE DETOXIFICATION PROCEDURES (includes articles on sauna therapy, coffee enemas, genital coffee implants, reflexology, twisting the spine, the pushing exercise, baths, the accelerators, and more)



Chiropractic Care Is Excellent

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

What Wellness Looks Like And Feels Like




a) Patterns On Initial Hair Tests Or On Retests

b) Patterns Seen Only On Retests

c) Progressions (patterns observable only on three or more successive mineral tests)



a) Basic

b) More advanced




F. NUTRITIONAL BALANCING FOR ANIMALS AND LIVESTOCK (Articles about the health of cats, dogs, deer, cows, goats, horses and sheep, and how to use hair mineral analysis and nutritional balancing to improve the their health).




Agriculture Terminology

Regenerating The Soil With Nutritional Balancing Science

Organic Agriculture

Organic Food – Flawed Studies

Superphosphate Fertilizers



Nutritional Balancing And Economics




I. PHYSICAL SCIENCES (what is the nature of reality)


A New Teaching System For Science

“One” Science

“Two” Science

“Three” Science


A. General Systems Theory And Cybernetics

General Systems Theory And Healing

Syntropy And Entropy = Caring And Selfishness


B. Environmental Science

Healing The Earth

Nuclear Power And Alternatives

Medical Drugs In The Water Supplies

Toxic Metals

Toxic Chemicals

Organic Agriculture

Soil Rejuvenation With Nutritional Balancing


C. Architecture And Design

Public Bathroom Design


D. Yin and Yang

Are You More Yang Or More Yin?

How To Tell If Food Is Yang Or Yin

Understanding Yin And Yang

Yang And Yin Indicators On A Hair Mineral Test

Yin Disease

Yin And Yang Healing Methods

Yang Disease

Yin Energy And Rape


E. Directionality

              Downward Energy And Healing

Down Science

Down Hugs


The Ether Theory

Down Sex


F. Tetras

Malkuth, An Introduction

The Love Tetra Concept


G. Holography, fractals, chaos theory, and vector mathematics

Nutritional Balancing, A Universal Science

The Theory Of Nutritional Balancing – Part I

The Theory Of Nutritional Balancing – Part II

Metaphysical Theory Of Nutritional Balancing


H. Physics

Read in this order:

Outer Space – A General Article

1. The Four States Of Matter

2. The Ether

3. Black Holes

4. What Is Time?

5. Love As Radiance


I. The 7 Principle

Attitudes And The 7 System

Awareness And The 7 System

Energy Centers And The 7 System

Joy Patterns And The 7 System

Levels Of Living And The 7 System

Love In Action

Kinds Of Love And The 7 System

The Meaning Of Life And The 7 System

Maturity And The 7 System

Minerals, Cancer And the Energy Centers

Morality And The 7 System

Noah, The Seven Laws Of Noah

Nutritional Balancing Procedures And The 7 System

Nutritional Balancing Programs And The 7 System

Personality And the 7 System

Rays And The 7 System

Reading Comprehension And The 7 System

Relationship Stages And The 7 System

Teachings And The 7 System

Thinking Styles And The 7 System

Others: Cycles



J. Subtle Energy Fields

The Aura

The Dantiens

Development Stages

Downward-Moving Energy And Healing

The Energy Centers

Etheric Energy

The Triple Hearts

The Merkaba

Playing In The Energy Field

The Plumes

Seventh Energy Center Techniques

Shape Technology


K. The Channel System Of The Body


Channel Therapy

The Conception Vessel Or Central Channel

The Side Channels Or Governor Vessels


Jin Shin Jyutsu





A. Service And Love (Why a life of service best, what is real love, and more).      


B. Family And Relationships (Human relationships and the family are still the basic units of society.  Articles discuss healthy relationships, marriage, co-dependency, having healthy children, school issues, non-violent communication, and other family-related topics.)


C. Marriage


D. America And The Great Fraud – See Scalia


E. Economics And Politics (Includes articles about left and right politics, basic politics, health policy, free market versus command economics, tax policy, the budget crisis in the USA, tips on renting an office and more)





Goals Of A Health Care System

Health Care Policy For The United States

Energy Policy


G. The Teen Section


              H. Spirituality/Religion:

What Does Spiritual Mean?

The Modern State Of Israel

Masters In Training

Ezekiel’s Vision


1) Christian Section

2) Hebraic Section

3) Hindu/Buddhist/Taoist/Confucian Section

4) Native American/Aboriginal/Indigenous Section

5. Islam.  Out of respect for a religion I do not know about, I do not write about it.  



            I. Education:

Comments On Education

What Is Wrong With The Schools?

Home Schooling

What Children Feel When Entering School

A High School Nutrition Curriculum


              J. Biographies

Abigail Adams

Alexis Carrel, MD

Booker T. Washington

Buckminster Fuller

Florence Nightingale

Frederick Douglas

George Washington Carver

Hippocrates And The Physician’s Oath

Margaret Fuller

Margaret Thatcher

Maria Montessori

Oscar Peterson

Mother Theresa

Nicola Tesla

Saint Francis

Saint Nickolaos of Myra

The Nutritional Balancing Pioneers

The 20th Century Cancer Pioneers



Body Types In Our World

The Life Chart

Life Support


1. Souls:

Composite Souls

The Controllers And Other Guide Souls And Creatures

Living The Soul Life

The Somatid Theory And Pleomorphism

Soul Science

Soul Upgrading

Souls At Time Of Death Of The Body

Maturing Of The Soul

Soul Recovery

Twin Souls

Soul Transmigration

The Silver Cords


2. Elves

3. Angels - Beware










            The first article in each section is the most important.


About Development:

Introduction To Development

The Stages of Development

Diagnosing Disease Vs. Development

The Merit System


What Is Life About?


About Food And Diet

What To Do If You Hate Vegetables

The Slow Oxidizer Diet


About Health:

The Healing Path

Your Doctor’s Priorities

Burnout Babies, Super Babies & Rejuvenation

Drug Problems May Really be Nutritional

Etheric Reset And Anti-Aging


Healing Rape

Vaccination – A Medical Abomination

Young Women’s Syndrome


About Lifestyle:

A Life Of Service – The Best Life To Lead

Survival Today

The Tetra Concept

The Ordered Life Or Middle Class Value System


About Mental Influence:

How People Are Influenced Mentally And Emotionally For Manipulation And Control

Brainwashing And Society

Hypnosis And Society

Marijuana – A Bad Drug

Psi Warfare

Trance States  - A Way To Understand Many People


About Nutritional Balancing:

Introduction To Nutritional Balancing

Nutritional Balancing Therapy Concepts

The Free Program (a ‘free’ basic nutritional balancing program)

Monastic Life And Nutritional Balancing

Psychology And Nutritional Balancing – An Overview



About Hair Mineral Analysis:

Introduction To Hair Mineral Testing


About Relationships:

Deep, Loving Relationships I

The Sexual Order


About Thinking:

Christian Thinking

Think Bigger

The Real Self


About Religion:

The 23rd Psalm


About Business And Politics

Why Are Political Articles On A Health Website?

Political Parties In The USA


About Physics

The Ether Theory


About Other Life Forms

Elves Or Elementals



About Cosmology:

Yin And Yang

Soul Upgrading

What Is In Space?

The Big Picture







This section is divided into development techniques and the development philosophy.





Women Masters

The Twenty Ways To Develop Quickly

Introduction to Development

The Young Person’s Manual

The Path Concept

Limiting Factors For Development




Attitudes and Development


The Aura Or Hand Trance


Children And Development


Christian Thinking And Development


Diet And Development


Down Sex


Downward Motion And Healing


Dream Interpretation Basics




Fatigue Attacks


Giving With Love And The Life Of Service


Grounding And Centering – A Critical Need Today


The Healing Lifestyle


Inertia And Its Relation To Healing




The Jolt – A Safe Way To Move Energy Forcefully


Letting Go


Life Is A Game


Medical Marijuana – A Bad Idea


Merkabah Science


Methods Of Mental Development


Other Factors to Assist Mental Development


Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers To Enhance Oxygenation


Power and How To Develop It


Playing In The Energy Field


Prayer – Its Importance And How It Works


Preferences, And Giving Them Up


The Pushing Down Exercise


The Real Self


The Knight In Shining Armor


The Meter – A Tool To Help With Development


Rest and Development


Seventh Energy Center Techniques


Spiritual Organizations And Their Problems – What to Watch For


Sleep And Development


T’ai Chi Ch’uan


Will and the Will To Live


Work And Development





Core Article - Masters In Training


Advanced Sciences


Burnout Babies, Super Babies And Human Rejuvenation


Deep Healing Versus Symptom Removal


Developmental Blocks – What Slows Development?


Development, Anti-Aging Medicine and Transhumanism – Three Ways To Extend Life


Development – Why And Why Now?


Etheric Energy Essentials


Etheric Resetting To Extend Life


Freedom – What Does It Mean?


The Central Channel or Conception Vessel




Introduction to Development


The Leydig Gland


Life After Life – What Is It All About?


Life Extension With Nutritional Balancing


Life Traps Most People


* The Light Workers


Love – What Is It Really?


Normal Aging And Breaking Free From This Cycle With Mental Development


What Is Power, And Who Wields True Power?


Pregnancy And Development


Release Your Metals, Release Your Past


The Energy Centers


Sardines, An Excellent Food


Soul Science


Spiritual Diseases


Spiritual Or Whole Body/Mind Healing Crises And How To Handle Them


The Big Picture


The Healing Path


The Return – A Rite of Passage


The Ten Commandments And Their Importance Today


The Three Developmental Stages


The True Nature Of Mankind


The 23rd Psalm Explained


The World Is Perfect


Unfolding Like A Flower


Energy Vampirism








            This section is divided into disease categories.  Click on the category of diseases to read about:



Digestive Conditions:


Anal Fistulas And Fissures


Anorexia, Bulimia And Appetite Disorders




Candida Albicans Or Chronic Intestinal Yeast infections


Celiac Disease


Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease








Dysbiosis Or Improper Intestinal Flora


Food allergies


Gas and Bloating


Gastric Bypass Surgery


Gastritis or Inflammation Of The Stomach


GERD or Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disorder (heartburn) And Hiatal Hernias – (How To Get Rid Of Them)


Gluten Intolerance


HCG Weight Loss System And Why Avoid It




Liver Disorders (hepatitis, bile stasis, and others)


Liver Detoxification And Methylation




Parasites And How To Eliminate Them Naturally


SIBO Or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth




Weight Gain And Weight Loss



Endocrine Disorders:


Addison’s Disease


Adrenal Burnout Syndrome  or Sindrome De Estres Suprarenal (Spanish version)


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s Disease


High TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) And Its Correction


Hyperthyroidism or Grave’s Disease


Hyperthyroidism or Graves Disease: Interview With Dr. Wilson


Low Testosterone or Low T


Metabolic Syndrome


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS


Sugar Addiction


Syndrome X


Thymus Gland Restoration With Nutritional Balancing


Thyroid Problems


Weight Gain/Obesity or Weight Loss




Down’s syndrome




Sickle-Cell Disease Case History


Sexual and Reproductive Disorders:




Cancers – Such As Breast And Prostate Cancer


Cellulite Responds To Nutritional Balancing




Contraceptive Pills and Patches, And Alternatives


Eclampsia And Pre-Eclampsia


Ejaculation – Spontaneous And Premature




Fibroid Tumors/Ovarian Cysts


Genital Bath

Hormones – A General Article


Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hot Flashes






Menopause And Natural Approaches


Miscarriages And Their Prevention


Obstetrics And Nutritional Balancing


Osteoporosis and Impaired Wound Healing


Pap Smears And How To Correct Them


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS


Premenstrual Syndrome, Heavy Periods,  Menstrual Cramps, No Periods, And Breakthrough Bleeding




Prostate Enlargement or BPH


Men’s Sexual Dysfunctions (Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence and Low Libido)




Rape – Healing It


Sexual Fluid Craving


Testicular And Ovarian Health And Disorders


The Vagina – Problems And Solutions


Vaginal Weights, Packing Peanuts And Jade Eggs


Women’s And Men’s Pelvic Syndrome


Uterine Fibroid Tumors And Ovarian Cysts


(Also, click here to view a separate section of articles about Marriage, And Men’s And Women’s Relationship Issues)


Dental Health:


Biological or Preventive Dentistry (discusses tooth decay, dental amalgams, root canals, cavitations, dental infections and more)


Fluoridation of the Water and Tooth Decay


Cardiovascular Conditions:




Arteriosclerosis And Atherosclerosis


Buerger’s Disease


Coumadin Problems, Sludgy Blood, And Natural Alternatives – Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase


Cardiovascular Disease (many conditions)


Cholesterol and Heart Disease


Congestive Heart Failure – A Case Report


Heart Attacks (Myocardial Infarctions) And Their Prevention


High And Low Blood Pressure


Lymphatic Congestion


Rapid Heart Rate Or Tachycardia And Palpitations During A Nutritional Balancing Program


Reynaud’s Syndrome and Impaired Circulation




Dr. Klevay, Copper And Heart Disease


Respiratory Conditions




Pneumonia And Other Respiratory Ailments


Nervous System Conditions:


Alzheimer’s disease/dementias


Autonomic Nervous System Healing


Balance And Coordination


Brain Fog


Burning Pain In Feet


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Insomnia and Narcolepsy


Headaches and Copper – A Case History


Memory And What To Do About Memory Loss


Multiple Sclerosis


Organic Brain Syndromes/Mental Retardation And Toxic Metals


Parkinson’s Disease


Seizures and Epilepsy


Tingling, Numbness, Neuropathy And Neuritis


Today’s Fragile Bodies And Minds


Renal Or Kidney Disorders


Gadolinium Toxicity From MRI Scans


Renal Failure


Metabolic Conditions:


Adhesions (An important newer article)




Cancer And Alternative Therapies

Also, see The Budwig Protocol, Cantron or Protocel, and The Kelley Metabolic Cancer Therapy


Cirrhosis Of The Liver










Infantile Rickets – Causing Misdiagnosis Of Child Abuse


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Liver Dysfunctions


Mitochondrial Dysfunction


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness


Pyroluria or Krytopyroles In The Urine


Wegener’s Granulocytosis


Infections And Immune Response Imbalances:








Autoimmune Diseases – Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, And Others




The Ebola Virus Outbreak (2014)


Epstein-Barr Virus or EBV


Infections, and Boosting Your Immune System


Lyme Disease


The Measles Outbreak - 2015


Mononucleosis And Other Chronic Viral Syndromes


Morgollons Disease




Sexually-Transmitted Diseases or STDs – A Public Health Crisis




Structural/Mechanical Disorders:


Anal Fistulas And Fissures


Anal Itching




Back Pain During Nutritional Balancing Programs


Bones And Their Health


Bursitis And Tendonitis


Chest Wall Pain


Impaired Wound Healing and Preparing For Surgery


Leg Cramps


Osteoporosis And Impaired Wound Healing


Pain and The Pain Checklist


Posture – Normal And Abnormal


Rehabilitation Using Nutritional Balancing


Scar Removal And Nutritional Balancing Science


Spinal Stenosis


Tight Tissue Syndrome


Sensory Organ Conditions (skin, eyes, ears, touch, taste, smell):






Cellulite Responds To Nutritional Balancing


Ear Conditions (Infections, Chronic Ear Syndrome, and Retracing Old Ear Problems)


Eye Conditions






Macular Degeneration




Skin Conditions


Skin Detoxification


Taste and smell disorders (see Anorexia)






Ammonia Odor Of The Sweat


Anemia And Other Blood Disorders




Beyond Antibiotics


Blood Disorders


Burning Mouth Or Burning Tongue Syndrome


Chemical Toxicity Or Poisoning With Environmental Chemicals, And Its Correction


Copper Toxicity Syndrome


Drug Abuse And Nutritional Balancing


Fatigue And Bioenergetics For Correction


Frequent Urination


Gulf War Syndrome


Hair Loss


Hemochromatosis/Hemosiderosis (see Iron Overload).






Inflammation And Nutritional Balancing


Kidney Conditions And Kidney Health


Liver Conditions Of All Kinds


Lupus or Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)


Marathon Running Kills


Morgollons Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Pneumonia, Sinus Problems, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis And Respiratory Infections


Poisoning – Acute And Chronic – And Its Healing


Radiation Poisoning And Its Correction


Second Center Pain (a tenderness or pain in the area of the bladder)


Skin Conditions (Also see morgollons disease above)


Trichinosis – A Common Problem Today


Third Energy Center Pain (pain and tenderness in the center of the abdomen)




Women’s Pelvic Syndrome


Yin Disease





Abuse And Trauma Indicators On A Hair Mineral Chart




Adrenal Burnout Syndrome




Anger, Anger Disease and One’s Health






Arrogance – A Very Important Article




Autonomic Nervous System Balancing


Bad Is Good, And Good Is Boring (Or A Little Scary)


Biological Basis for Positive Thinking


Bipolar Disorder


Brain Fog


Carbohydrate Addiction And Cravings




Copper Toxicity Syndrome


Copper Elimination Symptoms


Delinquency And Crime






Developmental Disorders


Down’s Syndrome


Dyslexia is a Gift


Drug Abuse Study


Entity Attachment And Release


Epilepsy or Seizures


Fear Is A Dwelling Place Of The Mind


Food Habits And Addiction




Hatred And Self-Hatred


Help For The Hopeless


How Nutrition Affects Emotions And Behavior


Hypoglycemia and Mental Health


Inertia And Its Relation To Healing


Insomnia and Sleep Disorders


Iron Personality Type


Loneliness Versus Aloneness


‘Medical Disease’ And ‘Labeling Disease’


Mental Health Patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis


Mental Health And Nutrition


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Organic Brain Syndromes/Mental Retardation And Toxic Metals


Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Hair  Analysis Patterns Related To Psychology And Personality


Psychological Benefits Of Nutritional Balancing Programs




Selfishness (Article is “How To Become Unselfish”)


Sexual Fluid Craving


Sexual Issues For Teens, Especially


Sexual Molestation, And Healing All Traumas


Suicidal Thoughts


Sugar Addiction


Trauma Release Methods


Trauma Retracing Notes And Hints


The Walking Dead


Water For Drinking – Avoid Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Water


Why Are Many Women Angrier Than Men?


Why Kids Kill: Prozac And Alternatives


Worry, And How To Get Rid Of It


Victimhood, And How To Get Out Of It





Maternal And Infant Mortality Rates In The US Are A Tragic Embarrassment (2016)


The Newborn Routine




Aspartame, An Excitotoxin




Autism – A Case History


Baby Attacks


The Baby Manual


Baby Formula You Make At Home


Breastfeeding And Milk Substitutes


Burnout Babies, Super Babies And Human Rejuvenation


Charity Cases And Nutritional Balancing Programs


Child-Raising – A Few Social Issues


Children And Development


Children Need Their Parents


Children’s Nutrition


Children’s Growth Disorders


Children’s Nutrition Programs


Contraceptive Methods And Your Health


Cribs And Polyester Can Be Dangerous


Dairy Products For Babies and Children


Delayed Development




Exercise And Your Health


Girls’ Sports Teams – Please Avoid Them


Fluoride and Your Child’s Health


Having Healthy Children


Helping Children Lose Weight


Indigo Children


Infections, And Boosting The Immune Response


Lifestyle Patterns Revealed On Hair Mineral Analyses


Love – What Is It Really?


Medical Marijuana


A Message Of Hope For The Children Of The World by R. Buckminster Fuller


Mother’s And Father’s Love And Nutritional Balancing


Non-Violent Communication


Obstetrics And Nutritional Balancing






Prenatal Care Horrors


Prenatal Vitamin Problems


Seizures And Epilepsy


Seven Secrets To Teach Children Excellent Eating Habits by Joy Feldman


Sexual Issues for Teens


Sleep and Rest For Children


Stages Of Psychosocial Development


Sugar Addiction


Superchild, All About Yours


Sweet And Dangerous




Tongue-Tie And Breastfeeding


Vaccination – A Medical Abomination


Vaccine Horror Story To Read Before Vaccinating Your Children


Vaccination Informed Refusal and Religious Exemption Forms


What Children Want?


Why Do Kids Kill? – Prozac and Alternatives





Brain Architecture.  This important article has to do with problems in how the brain sits inside the cranium or skull, and how to fix it. 


Brain Fog. This article has more technical data about brain problems.


The Brain As A Muscle. This is a very important short article if you want to have the kind of brain that does it all.


Brain and Mind Qualities discusses very critical aspects of consciousness.


Brain Development Behaviors (That Are Unusual) is about strange behaviors some children or adults exhibit that seem bizarre, but they can help develop parts of the brain.


Brain Pathology. This is a survey article that discusses many causes for brain dysfunctions.  It is a very good little article.


Brain Types Related To The Seven Energy Centers.  This is a somewhat more technical article about how the brain relates to the seven physical energy centers on your body.


Dementia.  This is a very common brain disorder that can start as early as the teenager years, today.




Genetic Change In Society


Genetics And The 7 System


Genetic Defects And Nutritional Balancing


Genetic Testing


Genetically Modified Organisms Or GMOs In The Products We Recommend


Getting A Brain (by Lara).  This short article discusses the truth about many people who don’t have a good brain.


Mental Development – Why And Why Now


Modern Starvation, A New Epidemic


MTHFR Defects


Nutritional Balancing As An Information Science Or IT


Organic Brain Syndrome. This is a medical term for a type of brain disorder that is becoming more and more common.  It is not the same as dementia, but it is related.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder




Stubbornness And How To Persuade People


The Three Levels Of Brain Consciousness concerns what amounts to three distinct ways our brains operate.


Things That Wreck Your Brain.  This is one of the best little articles about how people damage their brains.


Telomeres, And Why Nutritional Balancing Is Best To Lengthen Them


Vitality And The Brain discusses why you need a lot of vitality in order for your brain to function correctly.




Brainwashing And Hypnosis


Captures (People enslaved by others)


Cults And Terror Societies


Entity Attachment And Release


Female Genital Mutilation


Forgiving – What Is It Really?


Help For The Hopeless


How People Are Influenced Mentally And Emotionally For Manipulation And Control


How To Identify One Who Has Been Brainwashed


My Healing Crisis, by Marianne West


Points And Their Healing (NEW and very important)


Sleep Paralysis Rape


Trauma And Its Reversal


Trauma Retracing




Rape, Healing It


The Sting or On Fire Healing Reaction


Sexual Molestation And Its Healing


The Stockholm Syndrome


The Women Of Arabia


Methods Of Thought Replacement To Undo Traumas


Understanding Stress


Victimhood, And How To Get Out Of It


The Walking Dead





Acetaminophen – A Dangerous Drug


A Killer Combination


Alarm Clocks


America’s Socialized Health Care System


The 2010 Health Care Bill – One Of The Worst Pieces Of Legislation Ever


Alkaline Water, And Why Avoid It Always


Antibiotics And Alternatives


Apple Cider Vinegar – Please Avoid It


Aspirin Not Helpful For Heart Attack Prevention


Atkins Diet And Its Problems


Autonomic Response Testing and Other Kinesiological, Reflex and Meridian Testing Methods


Baby Attacks


The Big Lie Technique To Deceive People


The Billy Meier UFO Case


Biological Dentistry


Biomat Infrared Heating Pad – Please Avoid


Bleach And Other Chlorine Products – Avoid Them!


Lab Test Interpretation During Nutritional Balancing Programs


Blood Transfusions – Avoid Them, If Possible


Botox Or Cold Laser Therapy For Wrinkles – Avoid Them


Dental Braces Can Cause Nickel Poisoning


CBD OIL – The Deception


Chelation Therapy




Child Abuse Misdiagnosed – An Epidemic of Infantile Rickets


Chiropractic Care Is Excellent


Cleansing Diets – And Why Avoid Them


Coffee Enemas – Why They are Fabulous And How To Do Them Properly


Colonic Irrigation


Colonoscopy Dangers


Color And Health


Common Core – Must Be Stopped


Computer and Phone Safety Can Save Your Life


The Procedures Handbook – A Summary

Conflicts Of Interest In Food And Drug Research


Cribs And Polyester Can Be Dangerous


Are You Confused Evaluating Natural Therapies?


Conspiracy Theories - Are They True?


Contraceptives – Avoid The Pill And The Patch


Coronary Bypass Surgery


Cosmetics, Body Care And Home Care Product Safety


Coumadin Problems And Natural Alternatives – Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase


Dangerous Drugs


Dating And Courting


Deadly Bromine In Colas, Citrus-Flavored Soft Drinks And Breads


Death (early) Of Many Naturopaths And Holistic Doctors


Development, Anti-Aging Medicine and Transhumanism – Three Ways To Extend Life


Diatomaceous Earth – Avoid It


Dietetics Versus Nutritional Balance Science


Doctor’s Priorities And Your Health – The Unpleasant Truth


The Drug Problem Is Really A Nutritional Problem


Drugs – How To Discontinue Them Safely


Electromagnetic Stress (such as “smart” meters and cell phones) And Your Health


Electronic Medical Records – A Very Bad Idea


The Three Elephants


Emotional Freedom Technique – Avoid It


Energy Healing And Why Avoid Most Of It


The Essene Gospel Of Peace – Truth Altered


Essential Oils – Please Avoid Them


Evaluating Healing Therapies


Excitotoxins – Please Avoid Them


Exercise And Your Health – Be Careful


Farmers Market Fakers


Far Infrared Saunas – Avoid Them All


Fasting – A Holistic Method To Avoid


Finding Your Way Through The Medical Maze


Flame Retardants – A Serious Chemical Hazard


Fluoridation of the Water – A Medical Horror


Forbidden Foods For NB And Development.


Functional Medicine - And Why I Prefer Nutritional Balancing


The Future of Medical Care


Gadolinium Toxicity From MRI Scans


3D Galvanic Scans - Avoid


The GAPS Diet –And Its Problems


Gastric Bypass Surgery


The Gerson Therapy


Granola And Trail Mix – Avoid Them


Grapefruit Seed Extract – Avoid It




Gyms, Health And Fitness Clubs


Hair Analysis Interpretation Methods And Laboratories


Hazards Of Going To Conventional Doctors


HCG Weight Loss System


Health Care For The New Millennium


“Healthy Salt” – Please Avoid It


Herbs, And Why Avoid Most Of Them


Himalayan Salt – Avoid It


HIPAA – The Health Care Privacy Scam


Homeopathy, Allopathy, Naturopathy, And Herbalism – Remedy Approaches To Healing And Why Avoid Them


Himalayan Salt And Salt Lamps - Avoid


The Home Schooling Revolution


Hormonal Attacks On Men And Women


Hospital Survival


Hormone Replacement Therapy


How To Be Beautiful


Internet Research About Health - Its Dangers


Kale And Thallium Poisoning


Kombucha Tea – Please Avoid It Completely


Kundalini Yoga – Please Avoid


Layering To Survive, And Delayering Methods


Liberalism, Populism, Democracy and Other Words Used To Confuse People


Lectins – Natural Toxic Food Chemicals




The Lotion Habit


Macrobiotics - Its Benefits And Dangers


Magnesium Oil or Transdermal Magnesium Therapy


Magnetic Mattress Pads, Other Magnetic Therapies, And Why Use Extreme Caution


Mammograms Do Not Reduce Cancer Mortality by Dr. Mercola


Marathon Running Kills


The Mark Of The Beast – What Is It?


Massage Therapy – Why Avoid It, Generally


Maternal And Infant Mortality Rates In The US Are A Tragic Embarrassment (2016)


Medical Marijuana – A Bad Idea


Medical And Naturopathic Runarounds


Microwave Ovens


Muscle Testing Or Applied Kinesiology


National Defense Needed by Brian T. Kennedy (of the Claremont Institute)


The Nightly News – What It Really Is


Niacin Therapy (High-Doses) And Why Avoid It


Nutritional Autonomic Response Testing and Other Kinesiological, Reflex and Meridian Testing Methods


Obstetrics And Nutritional Balancing Science


Discharge Odors And Colors, And Your Health


Older Healing Methods (yoga, herbal medicines, and acupuncture) And Why I Rarely Recommend Them


Orange Juice And Other Fruit Juices


Organ Meats – Please Avoid Them


Flawed Organic Food Study From Stanford University


Paleolithic Diet And Its Problems






Post-Abortion Syndrome Is Real


Potassium – Toxic Forms Of It And How To Avoid It


Premature Death, Avoiding It by Dr. McGuff


Privacy Loss – A Serious Problem Today Around The World


Prostitution – Not What It Seems


Protandim or Protandem – Avoid This Toxin




Reflexology, A Wonderful Natural Healing Therapy


Replacement Therapy, A Common Holistic Approach To Be Avoided


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water – Avoid It


Rice Today Is All Poisoned With Arsenic


Ruining Natural Health Products And Services


Sauna Therapy, And Why It Can Be Superb


Self-Medication And Nutritional Balancing




Silver Oxide – Avoid It


Sleep Paralysis Rape


‘Smart’ Electric Meters – A Hazard


Social Media Addiction


Statin Drugs, And Why Avoid Them Always


The Sting Or On Fire Healing Reaction


The Streetwalkers - Beware


Sunglasses – Please Avoid Them


Using Sugar And Honey To Heal Wounds


Surgery, And How To Prepare For It


Tatoo Toxicity – Please Avoid Tatoos


The Opioid Crisis


The Baby Rapes Or Takings


Toxic Marijuana Syndrome


Trance States  - A Way To Understand Many People


Trichinosis – A Common Problem Today


Tropical Fruit Drinks (Noni, Nopal, Acai, Goji, Camu Camu, etc.)


Turmeric – A Warning


TYLENOL® – A Dangerous Drug


Urine Therapy


Vaccines Cause Death


Vaccination - by Grady Deal, DC, PhD


A Vaccine Horror Story


Vegetarian Diets – Please Avoid All Of Them


Vegetarian Spiritual Communities, A Warning


Visiting Doctors – When And What To Expect


Water For Drinking – Avoid Reverse Osmosis Water


Weston Price Diet And Its Problems


What To Look For In A Mate or Friend


Why Double-Digit Inflation Of Health Care Costs


Why Nutritional Balancing Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program


Yoga And Its Problems




Acetaminophen – A Dangerous Drug


Antibiotics Are Dangerous


Aspirin Not Helpful For Heart Attack Prevention


Botox, A Toxic Method To Restore Beauty


CBD OIL – Please Stay Away


Chelation Therapy


Contraceptives – Avoid The Pill And The Patch


Coumadin Problems And Natural Alternatives – Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase


Deadly Bromine In Colas, Citrus-Flavored Soft Drinks And Breads


Drug (Medical) Problems


Drugs (Medical) To Completely Avoid


The Drug Problem Is Really A Nutritional Problem


Drug Abuse Patterns On Hair Tests – A Study


Drugs – How To Discontinue Them Safely


Drugs Used For “Mind Expansion” And “Healing”


Fluoridation of the Water – A Medical Horror


Hormone Replacement Therapy


Medical Marijuana – A Very Toxic Remedy


Protracted Withdrawal (PW or PAWS)


Statin Drugs, And Why Avoid Them Always


TYLENOL® – A Dangerous Drug


Vaccines Cause Death


Vaccination - by Grady Deal, DC, PhD


A Vaccine Horror Story




The Rogues


The Eon Cycle And The Rogues

Cults And Terror Societies

The Big Picture

The Walking Dead

The Cult or Rape Diet


The Negs Communication Systems




Healing Rape

The Light Workers

Become An Agent

The Qualities Of A Warrior

The Secret Society of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors



The Takings or Baby Rapes



The Psi War

Energetic Vampirism



How People Are Influenced Mentally


How To Identify A Severely Brainwashed Person




What Is Satanism And What Is New Age?

The Stockholm Syndrome

Hypnotized Zombies

Curses, Hexes And Spells

Bending The Head Backward For Brainwashing or “Breaking The Neck”





Acupuncture Patterns And Nutritional Balancing Science


Adaptations And Compensations – A Key  To Understanding Nutritional Balancing Science


Advanced Sciences, Theory Of Nutritional Balancing – Part II


Alloys And Nutritional Balancing Science


Anti-Aging Using Nutritional Balancing And Etheric Resetting


The Body’s Batteries And Nutritional Balancing


Benefits Of A Nutritional Balancing Program Accelerate Over Time


Bioenergetics, Fatigue And Its Correction


Biological Transmutation Of The Elements


Blood And Urine Test Interpretation During Nutritional Balancing Programs


Discharge Odors And Colors, And Your Health


Bone Marrow Transplants And Nutritional Balancing


Braces, Bridges And Placeholders – Essential For Nutritional Balancing Science


The Car Analogy to Help Understand Nutritional Balancing, And Why Changing Any Aspect Of The Program Usually Destroys Its Effectiveness


The Challenge Of Following A Nutritional Balancing Program


Child Minerals


Classifications Of Health Conditions




The Comfort Zone Concept


Complicating Factors With Nutritional Balancing Programs


Confluence Concept To Help Explain Hair Analysis Patterns


Controversy With Hair Mineral Analysis


Correspondence – A Key To Nutritional Balancing


Countering Resistance And Hesitation About Nutritional Balancing Programs




Deep Healing Versus Symptom Removal


Deep Retracing




Detoxification Procedures We Recommend And Those We Do Not Recommend


Digestion, And How It Works


Discontinuing Thyroid Hormones Using A Nutritional Balancing Program


The Science Of “Down”


Drinking Water for Health and Longevity


Drug Abuse And Nutritional Balancing, with Case Studies


Elderly Clients And Nutritional Balancing


Electrical Aspects Of Nutritional Balancing Science


Electron Transport And The Work Of William F. Koch, MD


Energy Locks (Also see Crutches)


Enhancing Your Progress With Nutritional Balancing


Etheric Remedies Used In Nutritional Balancing Science


Everyone Is Extremely Toxic and Depleted


Exercise And Exercise Addiction


Fast Oxidation


Fatigue Attacks


Flora In The Intestines And How To Correct It


Forging – A Way To Understand Nutritional Balancing


General Systems Theory And Healing


Good Nutrition Is Not Enough


Hair Mineral Analysis, An Introduction


Hair Analysis Retesting


Hair Sampling, Hair Products and Other Procedures


Health Foods That Are Not Healthy


Helpful Analogies To Understand Nutritional Balancing


Henry A. Schroeder, MD – A Mineral Science Pioneer


How The Nutritional Balancing Supplements Work


How To Succeed With A Nutritional Balancing Program


Inertia And Its Relation To Healing


Internet Research About Health - Its Dangers


Introduction To Nutritional Balancing Science


I Want The Program, But Not The Feelings


Hydration As A Healing Factor


The Science Of The Levels - According To John Keely


Nutritional Balancing – Getting Started (The Free Program)


Life Extension With Nutritional Balancing


Love Tetra Of Nutritional Balancing Science


Metabolic Typing


Mineral Levels In Human Hair – Ideals, Ranges, Toxicity And Poor Eliminators


Minerals, Cancer And the Energy Centers


Mineral Bioavailability And Unavailability


Movement Patterns Associated With Minerals – An Advanced Topic


The Natural Human Being


Twentieth Century Contributors To Nutritional Balancing


The Nutritional Balancing Emergency Manual


Nutritional Balancing Science And Why I Recommend It


Nutritional Balancing Science (from Explore, For The Professional , 2003;12(2))


Nutritional Balancing Science References


Nutritional Balancing Testimonials


Nutritional Balancing Therapy Concepts


Nutritional Balancing, A More Loving Healing Method


Nutritional Balancing, An Introduction


Nutritional Balancing, A Universal Science


Nutritional Balancing Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program


The Nutritional Balancing Paradigm by Madeline Nunez


Octaves And Nutritional Balancing Science


Older Healing Methods (yoga, herbal medicines, and acupuncture) And Why I Rarely Recommend Them


ORMUS Minerals (orbitally-rearranged monoatomic elements)


The Oxidation Types – Fast, Slow And Mixed Oxidation


Oxygenation – A Key To Health


Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers To Enhance Oxygenation


Paradigms Of Healing


Paradigm Of Healing (part 2)


Peyer’s Patches And Nutritional Balancing


Phases Of A Nutritional Balancing Program


Placeholders And The Placeholder Concept




Presenting Nutritional Balancing To Others


Prevention Against The Emergency Medical System


Measuring Progress On A Nutritional Balancing Program


How To Make Faster Progress


Psychological Benefits Of Nutritional Balancing Programs


Redistribution Of Toxic Metals


Rehabilitation Using Nutritional Balancing


Remineralizing The Body – How It Is Done


Replacement Therapy And Why It Is Not As Effective


The Report Card – A Simple Physical To Check Health


Research In Nutritional Balancing Science


The Reserve Energy Or Adrenal Reserve Concept


Retracing or Healing Reactions


Retracing At Very Deep Levels


Sailing Analogy And Nutritional Balancing


Extreme Sensitivity During A Nutritional Balancing Program


Set Point Problems


Shaky Feelings During A Nutritional Balancing Program


The Ship Analogy To Help Understand Nutritional Balancing Science


Slow Oxidation


Stages Of Healing


The Somatid Theory And Pleomorphism


The Spa Morning Routine


The Stress Wave


Suffering And Nutritional Balancing


The Trim Tab Concept In Nutritional Balancing


Torque, And Its Meaning In Nutritional Balancing


Toxin Subtlety


Trusting The Process of Nutritional Balancing


Spiritual Or Whole Body/Mind Healing Crises And How To Handle Them


Stem Cell Therapies And Nutritional Balancing


Supplement Use In Nutritional Balancing


Telomeres , And Why Nutritional Balancing Is Best To Lengthen Them


The Theory Of Nutritional Balancing – Part I


The Will To Survive and Overcome Illness


Work On All Levels


Tissue Mineral Analysis Retesting


Too Much Energy On A Program And Why Stay With It


Transmutation – see Biological Transmutation Of The Elements


The Trophoblast And Its Relation To Cancer


Troubleshooting Nutritional Balancing Programs


* Unknown Concepts In Nutritional Balancing *


Valence Of Minerals And Nutritional Balancing


Water For Drinking


What Percentage Of Clients Are Helped By Nutritional Balancing?


Who Does Best And Worst On A Nutritional Balancing Program?


Why Give Calcium And Magnesium When The Hair Levels Of These Minerals Are High?


Why Some People May Feel Worse While On A Nutritional Balancing Program


Why Take Nutritional Supplements?


Why Use Hair Mineral Analysis To Design Nutritional Programs?


Understanding Yin And Yang


Yin And Yang Healing Methods


Yin Disease


Swedish Version of Introduction To Nutritional Balancing Science







Accomplishment And Its Components


Activity Addiction Or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder


Air Quality Indoors And How To Improve It


Austrian Economics And Its Opposite - Marxism


Breathing Properly For Optimum Health


Changing Your Habits


Chemical Toxicity Or Poisoning With Environmental Chemicals, And Its Correction


Circumcision, Why It Is Helpful


Cleanliness And Your Health


Creative Thinking To Help You Get What You Really Need And Want


Dental Braces Can Cause Nickel Poisoning


Diet Essentials – The Healing Lifestyle


Doctor’s Priorities And Your Health – The Unpleasant Truth


Drag Exercise For Jet Lag


Dream Interpretation Basics


Dress, And Why Not Dress Down?


Drinking Enough Water, Hydration As A Factor In Health And Disease




Eat When Hungry Or Eat By The Clock?


Eating Out In Restaurants Healthfully


Electromagnetic Stress And Your Health


Enhancing Your Progress With Nutritional Balancing


Etheric Reset And Anti-Aging


Everyone Is Extremely Toxic and Depleted


Everything Is For Service


Exercise Myths


Fluoridation Of The Drinking Water – A Bad Idea


Food Supplements: Why Use Them


Forgiving – What Is It Really?


Four Steps To Taking Positive Action


Fun, What Is It?


Getting Along With Others


Gimmicks And Other Ways To End Bad Habits


Giving With Love And The Life Of Service


The Glow Of Health


Gratitude, One Of The Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make


Hatred And Self-Hatred, And How To Stop Hating


Healing Deeply Versus Symptom Removal


Healthy Attitudes


More Healthy Attitudes


Healthy Thinking


How To Help Adjust Your Spine


How To Shower


Humor Is Always Helpful For Your Health


I Choose   (a set of empowering affirmations)


Inertia And Its Relation To Healing


Justice – Equal or Social?


Knowing Is Demonstrating


Letting Go


Lies And Secrets, And Why Avoid Them


Life Extension – The Theoretical Basis


Life On Other Planets?


The Light Workers


Living On The Edge


Loosening Your body Structure


Love – What Is It Really?


Love And Relationships – An Energetic View




Medical Marijuana – A Bad Idea


Metanoia And Nutritional Balancing


Modern Mineral Starvation, A New Epidemic


Motivation For Healing And How To Increase It


Non-violent Communication


Paradigms Of Healing – The Old And The New


Prayer – Its Importance And How It Works


Prevention Against The Emergency Medical System


Problems Working In Offices


Psychological Benefits Of Nutritional Balancing Programs


R. Buckminster Fuller – Visionary, Designer, Educator




Reducing Computer And Other Electromagnetic Radiation


Sleep And Rest, and Their Importance


Soul Attachment And Release, or Possession


Spiritual Marriage


Survival Basics On Planet Earth


Ten Commandments - Are They Still Applicable?


The Brain As A Muscle


The Call To Nutritional Balancing Science


The Culture War


The Essene Gospel Of Peace – Book 1, With Comments – A very Interesting Book


The Flood Of Noah And Your Health


The Great Divorce


The Healing Lifestyle – The Basic “Free” Program


The Information/Computer Analogy To Understand Nutritional Balancing


The Love Tetra Of Nutritional Balancing Science


The Nature Of Mankind


The New World Of Love And Healing


The Qualities Of A Warrior


The Real Self


”There Is Work To Be Done”


The Sequence Of Mental Development – Basic And More Advanced


The Servant Versus The Slave


The Spa Morning Routine For Optimum Health


The Warrior’s Creed


Thinking Styles And Success


To Heal The World, Heal And Develop Yourself


Transforming Yourself


Travel Hazards And How To Minimize Them


Trusting The Process of Nutritional Balancing


Understanding Stress


Vaccination, One Of The Worst Features Of Conventional Medical Care


Vaccination: Article by Grady Deal, DC, PhD


Vitamin D And The Sun


Walking Exercises For Healing


Weight Loss - Safely


What Is Power And Who Wields True Power?


Women And Men, Their Differences


Yoga – And Why I Rarely Recommend It


Your True Identity





Nutritional Balancing Articles


The Fast Oxidizer Eating Plan

The Slow Oxidizer Eating Plan


Foods For Daily Use

Know Your Vegetables

Occasional Foods For Development

Forbidden Foods For Development


Pressure Cooking – A Very Fast And Excellent Method For Preparing food

All About Vegetables

Yang And Yin Of Foods

Fast Food For Nutritional Balancing

Vegetables Versus Fruits

Toppings For Cooked Vegetables

Snack Foods For Nutritional Balancing

The Four Types Of Food


Special Foods For Nutritional Balancing


Almond Butter

Baby Formula You Make At Home

Blue Corn (Whole Grain Cereal, Tortillas, Taco Shells And Tortilla Chips)


Cooking Tips

Cruciferous Vegetables

GimMe Organic Seasalt Seaweed Snack

Kelp, Its Benefits

Meats, Especially Lamb, And Your Health


Sardines, An Excellent Food Product

Sesame Tahini

Tarragon For Four Lows Pattern

Water For Drinking, For Long Health and Longevity

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Vitamin D And The Sun


All Food and Nutrition Articles


Alkaline Water, And Why Avoid It Always


Almond Butter


Almonds And Their Adulteration


Anti-Oxidants And Anti-Oxidant Therapy With Nutritional Balancing




Aspartame And Deadly Diet Foods


Aspartame And MSG – the Excitotoxins


Baby Formula You Make At Home


Blue Corn, A Wonderful Food For The 21st Century (cereal, tortillas and tortilla chips)


Bone Broth


Bread, And Why Avoid Almost All Of It


Butter Versus Margarine


Caffeine and Sugar Substitutes


Canned Food, And When It Is Healthful


Carbohydrates – Starches And Sugars


Carbohydrate, Bread and Sugar Addiction And Cravings


Carrot Juice, And Avoiding Other Juices


Chocolate Or Cacao


Coconut Products – Please Avoid Them


Coconut Oil And Brain Diseases


Coffee-Drinking, And Why Avoid It


Crock Pots Or Slow Cookers


Cruciferous Vegetables


Raw Dairy Products


Dietary Habits and Addiction


Dietetics Versus Nutritional Balance Science


Eating Out Healthfully




Fats and Oils For Optimum Health


Fermented Foods - Their Benefits And Problems


Fifty (50) Reasons to Eat the Mainly Cooked Vegetable Diet


Fish-Eating Today And Its Problems


The Flood Of Noah And Your Health


Food-Based Supplements – Not That Great


The Food Energy Concept


Food Intolerance or Food Allergies


Food Poisons And Food Additives


Food Processing And Refining


Forbidden Foods For NB And Development.


The Four Types Of Food


Fructose And Its Dangers


Fruit: Its Benefits And Problems


Garbage Pail Nutrition


GimMe Organic Seasalt Seaweed Snack


GMO Foods (Genetically Modified Organisms)


Green Foods And A Cooked Green Drink


HCG Weight Loss System And Why Avoid It


Health Foods That Are Not Healthy


Home Gardens – A New Food Trend


Hydroponic Gardening For Easy Gardening


Iodine – An Important Mineral Today


Iron Toxicity


Iron Personality Types


Iron, Manganese and Aluminum


Kale And Thallium Toxicity


Kelp, Its Benefits


Kombucha Tea – Please Avoid This Poison


Krill Oil, And Why Avoid It


Life Extension With Nutritional Balancing


Losing Weight Safely


Meats And Your Health




Nightshade Vegetables And Your Health


Nutritional Balancing Slang


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Orange Juice And Other Fruit Juices


Organ Meats – Please Avoid Them


Organic Agriculture


Flawed Organic Food Studies From Stanford University


Peanuts And Peanut Butter – Please Avoid Them


Pistachio Nuts


Protein, How Much and What Kinds


Purees, Dips, Sauces, Soups, Pate, Dressings And Whips


Rice Today Is Poisoned With Arsenic


Salicylates And Salicylate Allergies


Sardines, An Excellent Food


Selenium, The Spiritual Mineral


Selenium: Extra Material


Sesame Tahini


Snack Foods For Nutritional Balancing


Soda Pop And Other Soft Drinks


Sodium and Salt-Eating


Soy Lecithin – Please Avoid It


Spices For Daily Use


Sugars And Other Simple Carbohydrates


Sugar and Wheat Flour – Why Avoid Them


Sugar Addiction


Superphosphate Fertilizers And Your Health


Sweet And Dangerous – More On Sugars


The China Study – A Book Review


The Truth About Hemp


Turmeric, A Good Spice


Vegetable Basics


Vegetables Versus Fruits


Vitamin D And The Sun


Water For Drinking, For Long Health and Longevity


Whey Protein And Why Avoid It


Who Are The Real Food Faddists?





The Basic Diet For Nutritional Balancing And Development:


Food For Daily Use

Food For Occasional Use

Forbidden Food


Articles About The Nutritional Balancing Diet


Fast Foods For Nutritional Balancing Programs


Fast Oxidizer Diet


50 Reasons to Eat the Mainly Cooked Vegetable Diet


Toppings For The Cooked Vegetable


Kosher Food Rules That Are Helpful For Your Health


Slow Oxidizer Diet


How To Disguise And Add More Vegetables In Your Cooking


Why Some Do Not Like The Nutritional Balancing Diet


What To Do If You Hate Vegetables


Articles About Other Diets


The American Diabetic Association Diet


Ann Wigmore And Her Work


Atkins Diet And Modifications To Improve It


Blood Type Diets


Body Ecology Diet


Cleansing Diets


Common Diets Today – The No-Vegetable Diet, The Chaos Diet, The Cult Diet, The Dehydration Diet, Vegetarian And Vegan Diets


Cult Or Rape Diet


Diet Essentials – The Healing Lifestyle


Dietary Systems And Concepts


Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and Cleansing Diets




The GAPS Diet


The Gerson Diet


The Hallelujah Diet – A Fraud


HCG Weight Loss System And Why Avoid It


The Ketogenic Diet


Macrobiotics, And Modifications With Nutritional Balancing


Mediterranean Diet – Benefits And Problems


Open Water


The Paleolithic Or Paleo Diet


Raw Food Diets, Smoothies, And Juices


Recovery From Vegan And Vegetarian Diets


Smoothies And Blended Meals


The China Study: A Book Review


Vegetarian And Vegan Diets


Weston Price, DDS, and the Weston Price Dietary Program


The Weston Price Diet Syndrome


The Zone Diet





Acetates, Fats, Alcoholism And Fast Oxidation


Acid-Base And pH Balancing


Aldehyde Poisoning


Antimony Toxicity


Anti-Oxidants (also see Glutathione)


Aluminum – The Soft-In-The-Head Mineral


Arsenic – An Older Male/Female Mineral And A Very Toxic Mineral


Barium – A Very Toxic Metal


Boron - A Cleanser, And One Of The Amigo Elements (see below for the others)

Calcium - The Main Structural Element


Cadmium – The Macho Element, An Older, Very Toxic Male Element


Chlorine – A Newer, Female, Oxidizing Agent Element


Chromium – The Blood Sugar Element And An Amigo Element


Cobalt – The Vitamin B12 Element And An Amigo Element


Copper Toxicity Syndrome


Copper Elimination Symptoms


Copper And Migraines – A Case History


Copper, Lingual Dyskinesia, And Tics – A Case History (© 2011, The Journal of Pediatrics)


Detecting Toxic Metals


Electron Transport And The Work Of William F. Koch, MD


Estrogens As Yin Toxins


Flora In The Intestines And How To Correct It


Fluorine – An Extremely Toxic Older, Female Mineral


Food Analyses – A Few Cautions


Food-Based Mineral Supplements


Genetic Defects And Nutritional Balancing


Glutathione And Anti-Oxidants


Histamine And Histamine Intolerance


Iodine – A Very Needed Female, Older Element


Iron Personality Type


Iron - An Older, Male Element That Is Commonly Toxic And An Amigo Element


Iron, Manganese and Aluminum  -  The Three Amigos, Irritants or Oxidants


Krill Oil And Why Avoid It


Lead And Lead Toxicity


Lithium - The Brain Protector A Spiritual Element And An Amigo Element


Liver Detoxification


Lysine - For Four Lows Pattern


Magnesium - The Bright And Shining Element


Manganese – A Maternal Female Element And An Amigo Element


MTHFR Or Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Defect


Methylation, An important Chemical Process


Minerals, A Brief Introduction


Mineral Bioavailability And Unavailability


Mineral/Vitamin Synergisms


Mercury - An Older Female And A Very Toxic Metal


Molybdenum – An Amigo Element, An Older Female/Blending Element And Somewhat Toxic Today


Niacin, And Why Avoid High-Dose Therapy


Nickel – An Extremely Toxic, Older Male Mineral


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Oxalates – Go Easy


Phosphorus – The Main Excitatory And Fiery Element


Potassium - A Solvent Element


Potassium – Toxic Forms Of It And How To Avoid It




Pyroluria or Krytopyroles In The Urine


Rubidium – Gateway To Long Life


Selenium - A Newer Male And Female Spiritual Element Critical Today For Health And Longevity, And An Amigo Element


Selenium  (Reprinted From The Journal Alternatives)


Silicon – A Newer Spiritual Male And Female Element


Sodium - The Volatility And Power Element, And A Solvent Element


Sulfur - A Cleansing, Balancing And Connective Tissue Element


Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids




The Toxic Metals – Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, Nickel


Valence Of Minerals And Nutritional Balancing


The Vitamins


Trimethylglycine or TMG


Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Vitamin D And The Sun


Vitamin D - 2010


Vitamin K


Water For Drinking, For Long Health and Longevity


Vanadium – A Vital Element And An Amigo Element


Zinc - A Sedative Mineral, A Balancer And A Newer Spiritual Male Element





General Articles About Supplements:


Why Take Nutritional Supplements?


How Nutritional Supplements Work


The NB Supplement List


How To Give Supplements To Fussy Children


Supplement Tips




Mineral Supplements – Which Are Best?



Articles About Individual Products:


B-Complex Vitamins And Their Use In Nutritional Balancing Science


Bee Propolis


The Black Salve


Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc And Selenium Supplements


Cantron Or Protocel


Colloidal Silver


Food-Based Nutrients


Garlic Capsules




Genetically Modified Organisms Or GMOs In The Products We Recommend


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Prioritizing The Hair Analysis Patterns


Abuse And Trauma Indicators On A Hair Mineral Chart


Adrenal Stress Pattern = sodium above about 100 mg%.


Aggressiveness  = calcium less than about 14 mg%.


Attempting To Overcome Overwhelming Stress = three lows and sympathetic dominance.


Basic Burnout = sodium less than 5 mg%. 


Beam Me Up, Scottie = fast oxidation and a low sodium/potassium ratio in those who eat a lot of fruit.


Belligerence = magnesium less than about 3 mg%


Biounavailable Calcium and Magnesium = calcium above 100 mg%, magnesium above about 9mg%. 


Bowl Pattern = a high Ca/Mg ratio and a low Na/K ratio.


Burned Out Sympathetic Dominant = low potassium and a low sodium/potassium ratio.


Calcium Shell = a hair calcium level above 165 mg% in a woman or 155 mg% in a man.  It indicates psychological withdrawal, or overwhelming stress, or difficulty handling stress.

            When the calcium level is above about 340 mg%, it is called petrified pattern.

When the calcium level is above about 500 mg%, it usually indicates the presence of trauma from the soul’s past lifetime.


Calcium/Magnesium Ratio


Checkmark Pattern = if one connects the tops of the bar graphs of the first four numbers, the pattern resembles a check mark.  This pattern is associated with Criminality.


Cliff Pattern = Ca/Mg ratio between about 4 and 6, AND a Na/K ratio greater than about 10, AND usually a three highs pattern with a low potassium level.  This is a criminal pattern.


Coasting = This is a hair test with the first four numbers are fairly even or balanced.  An extreme example is the flat-line pattern.

              Coasting is the opposite of efforting.  Coasting means that the person is not making a lot of effort in life.  This is actually not good, and may be one reason why flat-line pattern is associated with the development of cancer in the body.


Collapse patterns = any time two, three or four of the major macrominerals all decline by at least 100%.  This is also sometimes called a super settling down pattern.  It is usually very positive.


Combination Or Combo Readings = Some hair analysis readings are definitely due to combinations of factors, some of which are elevating the mineral level, while others are making it lower.


Compensated Hair Mineral Tests = When the macromineral (calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium) levels and ratios, and perhaps other indicators, are fairly close to normal in a chronically ill person.  This can be a confusing situation.


Conflict Patterns = patterns related to types of stress conflicts going on inside a person or around a person.


Criminality Patterns = hair mineral patterns and discussion related to criminal behavior.  Hair testing can be very useful to detect criminal behavior, and its motives.


Cult Diet Pattern = this often includes a nickel level above about 0.02 and/or a lead level greater than 0.1 mg% (due to drinking rooibos or red tea), mercury above about 0.035 mg% (due to eating tunafish), and sometimes aluminum above about 0.4 (due to using aluminum-containing antiperspirants).

            Other possible indicators are an iron level greater than 2 mg%, a chromium level greater than about 0.12 mg%, cadmium greater than about 0.007 mg%, arsenic greater than 0.008 mg%, manganese greater than 0.04 mg%, and/or selenium greater than about 0.18 mg%.

When some women or men are raped, they are told that to avoid another rape or death they must drink rooibos tea daily, they must avoid all red meat, and they must eat tunafish daily and fruit daily.  They may also be told to use anti-perspirants that contain aluminum, which raises the hair aluminum level.  The demands can vary, but these are the most common features of this dietary pattern.  It is designed to keep a person weak and ill.  Please read The Cult Or Rape Diet for a more complete explanation of this important pattern.


Death Patterns (These are now called Serious Patterns.  See Serious Patterns below).


Deep Anger = A four low pattern that often persists for more than one test, and maybe much longer.  Often, but not necessarily a low four lows, but often not with a low Na/K ratio.  The pattern is common, especially in middle-aged women, and indicates anger and hatred for life, a “life stinks” attitude.


Deficiency (yin and/or blood deficiency) Pattern = Also see the bowl pattern.


Depletion Pattern = Step down pattern AND potassium of 1 mg% AND lots of poor eliminators.


Double High Ratio or Double Inflammation  = a high Ca/Mg ratio and a high Na/K ratio.  This pattern reinforces all symptoms associated with a high Na/K ratio.


Double Hill Pattern = A hill pattern on the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) along with a hill pattern on the second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc).  This visual pattern is uncommon, and is a very positive sign.  It indicates “excited on the inside and outside”.


Double Patterns  = This is a general term meaning patterns that either require two or more levels or ratios to create the pattern, or that are reinforced when a second or perhaps third or fourth indicator is present.  They may also include patterns that are present on the second four numbers (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) when these mimic or have the same pattern as the first four numbers.  For example, one can have a double hill pattern, or a double bowl pattern, or a double fast oxidizer pattern, etc. involving the first four and the second four minerals on the ARL hair chart.

Double patterns have to do with fractal theory.  Fractals are simple numbers that repeat, forming much more complex systems or patterns.  The human design is fractal, and double or doubling patterns on a hair mineral analysis reflect that design.


Double double patterns = These include any double pattern that is repeated on the second four numbers (iron, copper, manganese and zinc).  For example, one can have a double double high ratio pattern.  This is a double high ratio pattern on the first four minerals, along with a double high ratio pattern on the second four minerals.

One that we look for a lot is a double double low ratio pattern.  This is a double low ratio pattern on the first four minerals, along with a double low ratio pattern on the second four minerals.  It is a double slow death indicator, or double wanting to die pattern.  For more, see the article entitled Second Four patterns.


Double Low Ratio Or Double Inversion Pattern = a low Ca/Mg ratio and low Na/K ratio. This pattern reinforces all symptoms associated with a low Na/K ratio.


Double 0s Pattern = This is older terminology that is no longer used.  The newer terminology is the Poor Eliminator Pattern.  It refers to extremely low levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, boron, iron, copper, and/or manganese.  Mercury could be 0.003 mg%, for example.  This is too low and indicates impaired elimination of mercury.  The poor eliminator concept is very critical.  Please read the article about it.


Drug Use Patterns On A Hair Mineral Analysis.


Efforting Patterns = These are patterns in which a person is making an effort.  They usually involve a high sodium/potassium ratio and/or slow oxidation.  They include sympathetic dominance, hard driver, step down (stepping into life), trying too hard, trying hard to stay afloat, trying to stay alive, and workaholic patterns.


Eight bowl = This is an unusual pattern in which the first eight minerals on a calibrated ARL hair mineral chart form a bowl-shaped pattern.  The meaning is similar to a bowl composed of the first four macrominerals, except it is a deeper pattern.  See the Bowl Pattern for more details.

              Other patterns composed of the first eight minerals on the ARL chart are possible, such as a hill, step down or step up.  However, they are very rarely seen.


Fast Oxidation  = a low calcium/potassium ratio and a high sodium/magnesium ratio.


First-Second Patterns.  This is a term used to describe patterns that occur on the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) and repeat on the second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc).


Flattened or Shut Down Pattern = Potassium=1 mg% And Ca/K>130 And Normal or low Na/K ratio. This pattern is a very slow oxidizer with sympathetic dominance, but not a high Na/K.  Usually, the person also has at least some poor eliminators, and perhaps all (8 or 9) poor eliminators.

              The body is somewhat shut down, and the emotions are usually suppressed or “flat”.  That is the meaning of the name of the pattern.  It is seen more in women, and is associated with rape or other trauma.  However, it can occur in men, as well.

            The detoxification procedures are very important with this pattern.


Flat Line Pattern = This is a visual pattern.  The top of the bar graphs of the first four macrominerals form a more or less exactly horizontal line.

              This pattern often indicates the presence of trauma and poor health.  It is seen in some cases of cancer.  It is an example of a coasting pattern.


Four Highs/Three Highs = Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium above the ideal values.


Four Lows = calcium below 40 mg%, magnesium below 6 mg%, sodium below 25 mg% and potassium below 10 mg%.  This pattern may also be called In The Tunnel Of Death.


Four Lows Under Stress, also called Near The Tunnel = The calcium, magnesium and potassium levels are low AND the sodium level is high.  Usually, the sodium level is just slightly elevated, but not always.

              This is an acute stress pattern and a temporary sympathetic state of body chemistry.  There is underlying weakness of the body.

The person often feels panicky and unstable.  The blood sugar level tends to be unstable, especially if the person relaxes, does a coffee enema or does a sauna session.  The person may become diabetic.


Giving Away Your Power = sodium level of 1 mg% or less and potassium level of 1 mg% or less.  Milder forms of this are when sodium is 2 mg% and potassium is either 1 or 2 mg%.  Another name for this pattern is the victim pattern.


Goalpost Pattern = Iron > 8 and manganese >0.8.  (These values may be modified in the future as this is a fairly recently-discovered pattern).  The pattern looks like the goalposts of a football stadium.  Hence the name.

            A way to describe the pattern is reaching the goal.  This means that the person has achieved something that was wanted at a deep level.

As a result, a change is taking place in the body that includes a release of a lot of the toxic forms of iron and toxic manganese.  This appears to give rise to the hair pattern.  We call this type of elimination an amigo dump (see Amigo Dump below under Hair Patterns Appearing Only On A Retest).

Interestingly, a goalpost pattern can appear on an initial hair mineral test.  This would indicate that other activities besides a nutritional balancing program caused the pattern.

              An unusual variant on this pattern is called the Doorway Pattern = Potassium > 20 mg%, copper > 7 mg%, and iron < 2 mg%.  Visually, this looks like two tall goal posts separated by a lower graph value of iron.  The pattern means “reaching for the goal”, or “the goal is in sight”.  The person is throwing off toxic potassium, in most cases, and throwing off toxic copper.  Both are excellent.

              One can also have a double doorway pattern.  This is the same as the single doorway pattern, with the addition of a sodium level greater than about 60 mg% and a manganese level greater than about 0.1 mg%.  Visually, this pattern looks like two double goal posts on each side of a lower iron graph level.  This pattern is rare, but is even better than the single post pattern.


Going Down Swinging = A very steep step down pattern. The Ca/K ratio must be greater than about 300:1 in a woman or greater than about 200:1 in a man.  Also see Step Down Pattern.


A Good Heart = An excellent Na/K ratio (near 2.5) with an excellent Ca/Mg ratio (near 6.67).  So far, this pattern is found in Christian women or men who actually live the religious teachings of Jesus and those of the Old Testament, as well.


Grief Pattern = A double low ratio pattern, but not a step up pattern, combined with a four highs pattern.


Hard driver pattern = a four highs pattern AND a double high ratio pattern.  This is a person who pushes himself or herself hard.  It is also a criminal pattern. 


High sodium/potassium ratio = Na/K ratio above about 4.


High Tunnel = This is a four highs pattern with very elevated readings.  The calcium level is above about 160 mg%, the magnesium level is above about 24 mg%, the sodium level is above about 100 mg% and the potassium level is above about 40 mg%.

              We believe this is a type of tunnel, similar to the tunnel in three lows and four lows.  However, it is milder and does not require a special healing program.


Hill pattern = a low Ca/Mg ratio and a high Na/K ratio, usually seem more on retests, but not always.


Holding On for Dear Life = a three lows pattern plus low Na/K and low Ca/Mg plus an elevated magnesium level.  This is a person who is very close to going into a four lows pattern.    The boat is almost sinking and needing to go into dry dock soon if something is not changed.  Medical drugs, nutritional depletion, toxic metal poisoning or stress can cause this.


Immersed In Stress = very slow oxidation, and sodium<3, and Na/K<1.  This is uncommon, and found mainly in some vegetarians.


Inertia Patterns = these are patterns that indicate that a person is somewhat stuck due to inertia.


J-Bowl or Ski Jump Bowl = a very high calcium/magnesium ratio AND a mild low sodium/potassium ratio.  Visually, this pattern can appear like a ski jump or a backwards letter J.  Hence the name.  This pattern usually indicates a person who is stuck, but very determined to become well.  It is an “attitude” pattern, meaning the person has attitude, or great determination.


Joy Patterns = these are a set of hair analysis patterns that indicate improved health and well-being, often accompanied by a greater sense of joy and happiness.


Kidney Stress = this can raise the sodium and/or potassium levels.  It may even cause a fast oxidation rate.  It is rare on an initial hair test, and much more common on retests when a person is following a development program. 

Eliminating boron or palladium, in particular, seem to cause it although any toxic metal or chemical elimination through the kidneys can cause it.


Lifestyle Imbalance (also called Spiritual Defensiveness) = a calcium/magnesium ratio of 13.5 or greater.  Indicates that certain lifestyle factors are in the way of one’s health and healing.  The usual causes are recreational drug use, homosexuality, an abusive relationship and less commonly a negative attitude.


Low Self-Esteem Pattern =

1. A Calcium/magnesium ratio between 5 and 8, AND 

2. A sodium/potassium ratio greater than 10, AND

3. The levels of calcium and magnesium are usually near the ideal levels.


This pattern has to do with anger and inflammation (high sodium/potassium ratio) that is directed inward toward oneself.  The sodium/potassium ratio is more of an internal indicator.

It is not about psychological withdrawal, however, which is associated with a calcium shell.  In the low self-esteem pattern, the level of calcium and magnesium are much closer to the ideals.

There may be a hidden boron toxicity with this pattern.


L Pattern = The first four macrominerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) appear in the shape of a capital L on the graph from Analytical Research Laboratories.  This is also a three lows pattern with a very elevated calcium/magnesium ratio and a fairly normal sodium/potassium ratio with a fairly normal sodium/magnesium ratio.  The pattern indicates a lifestyle problem, and may have other significance.  It is a current subject of research.


Malnourished Patterns = While most people are malnourished, these are hair analysis patterns that indicate more severe malnutrition.  They include some cases of a bowl pattern, a double low ratio pattern or some cases of a four lows pattern.  Other malnourished patterns are also possible.


Metabolic Syndrome Pattern = This is a mild fast oxidation pattern with a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5 but usually greater than 1.  This pattern is not seen with all cases of metabolic syndrome, but it is common.


No Power Pattern = a fast oxidizer with several poor eliminators.  Normally, a fast oxidizer should be eliminating toxic metals due to the faster oxidation rate.  When this is not occurring, it is a sign of poorer health.


Paralleling = when at least three of the first four readings are very close to each other or even the same in two people who live in the same home.  Matching the readings of another person in your household is a resonance or empathic healing method that speeds up healing and development.


Paranoia patterns = very fast oxidation AND possibly a Reverse L pattern.


Passive-Aggressive = a calcium shell AND a three or four highs pattern.  The pattern is more pronounced if the Na/K ratio is less than 2.5.  This interesting pattern combines suppression (a calcium shell) with inflammation (three or four highs).  A person with the pattern tends to be suppressed most of the time, except when they explode with anger.


Poor Eliminator And Very Poor Eliminator Patterns = severe difficulty eliminating toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  Indicators are very low levels of the toxic metals and some nutrient minerals, as explained in the article.

There is also a very poor eliminator pattern that is just more extreme.

Other patterns associated with impaired elimination include sympathetic dominance, very slow oxidation, a sodium/potassium ratio less than about 1.5, three lows pattern, four lows pattern or phosphorus less than 13 mg%.


Quantifying The Hair Analysis Patterns.  Many hair analysis patterns can be quantified, which is a way to assess their severity in mathematical terms, such as single, double, triple and so on.  This article explains what this means and gives the quantifying criteria for some of the important patterns.


Reverse L pattern = a good Ca/Mg ratio along with a Na/K ratio less than about 1.  This is a chronic stress pattern.


Criminal Leader Pattern = 2x calcium shell or higher AND a potassium level of 1 or 2 AND elevated manganese AND other elevated readings – usually iron, aluminum, nickel, mercury, cobalt and lead.


Second Four Patterns = patterns that appear in the second four mineral graphs on an ARL calibrated hair mineral chart.  This is a more advanced research topic, but a very interesting one.  Many are possible, and the article lists a number of them.


Serious Patterns = These are more severe biochemical imbalances, as the article explains.  They are similar to those in Tibetan medicine.  Among these patterns are very slow oxidation, a very low Na/K ratio, step up, double low ratio, double low ratio on the first and second four minerals, and a low four lows patterns.  Another is a combination of four lows and an Na/K ratio less than 1.  This is called Very Ill.

            These people may be the “walking dead”.  For more on this, please read about the Walking Dead on this site.


Severe Lifestyle or Attitude Stress = a calcium shell (calcium level greater than about 165 mg% in a woman or about 155 mg% in a man) along with a Ca/Mg ratio greater than about 9.5.


Severe or Double Burnout = a calcium shell and a low sodium/potassium ratio.


Shut Down Pattern – see Flattened Pattern above.


Skidding = a three lows pattern (see below). 


Slow On Crutches = a slow oxidizer whose oxidation rate is propped up by the presence of toxic metals, so that on a retest the oxidation rate slows even further.


Slow Oxidation = a high calcium/potassium ratio and a low sodium/magnesium ratio.


Sodium Crisis = A good calcium/magnesium ratio and a sodium/potassium ratio greater than about 50-60 and perhaps balanced mixed oxidation.  This may indicate many poor eliminators in the kidneys/adrenals and high stress on the kidneys/adrenals.


Sodium/Potassium Ratio or the vitality ratio.


Spillover Patterns = can be any hair analysis pattern that spills over to the second four minerals on an ARL chart (iron, copper, manganese and zinc).  It can also be a pattern of the Na/K ratio that spills over to the Ca/Mg ratio.  In this sense, the term spillover patterns has the same meaning as double patterns.  Spillover may be a more descriptive term for this phenomenon.


Spiritual Defensiveness or Lifestyle Imbalance = a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than about 13.5.  This indicates a lifestyle, habit or attitude imbalance.  Common causes for the pattern are a problem with a job or a relationship, drug use (including marijuana), alcoholism, or a school problem for a child.  A bad attitude can also cause the pattern if it is severe enough.


Step Down = slow oxidation, high Ca/Mg, high Na/K, and visually it must look like steps going downward from left to right.  This pattern may also be called Stepping In To Life.  It indicates a karmic beginning or starting a new aspect of life, and is considered a very positive pattern.


Step Up = fast oxidation, along with a low Ca/Mg and a low Na/K.  Also, visually it must look like steps moving upward to the right.  This may also be called Stepping Out Of Life.  It is a quick death pattern.  If not changed, it usually results in a fatal stroke or heart attack, or some other health catastrophe.


Stress From Within And Without = high Ca/Mg (stress from without) with a potassium level of 4 mg% or less (stress from within).


Stuck Patterns = include the following:

1) a bowl pattern.

2) 4 lows pattern.

3) A sodium/potassium ratio less than 1.

4) Very slow oxidation and/or a calcium shell pattern.


Stuck In A Pit or a Low Bowl = four lows pattern along with a bowl pattern.  This pattern is not healthful, and may be considered a slow death pattern.  It is often mainly nutritionally-related, however, and thus can be turned around with a nutritional balancing program. 

The pattern consists of two “stuck” patterns.  The deeper the bowl and the lower the four lows, the more extreme the pattern.  The words “low bowl” just refers to the fact that it is a bowl pattern and a four lows pattern, and not to how deep in four lows one is.  This pattern is often associated with reduced awareness, as well as fatigue and other symptoms.


Superimposition = the confusing situation in which one pattern on a hair test is superimposed upon another pattern.

For example, occasionally one sees a hill superimposed on a bowl.  This means that the person basically is in a bowl pattern.  However, something has caused excitement and joy, and this superimposes or is added to the bowl pattern.  This occurs, at times, when a person discovers the development program and becomes excited. 

When superimposition occurs, it can be difficult to assess which patterns are present.  However, superimposition also can explain unusual hair mineral readings. 

For example, one may observe a hill pattern in which all four numbers are quite elevated.  One may wonder why.  The answer may be that the person has a bowl pattern with an elevated calcium and elevated potassium.  Superimposed upon this is the hill, causing all four numbers to be quite high.


Surges = A surge means a drastic increase in an important mineral level, ratio or pattern.  Examples include an Na/K surge, which is a steep rise in the Na/K ratio on a retest.

Another example is an oxidation rate surge.  This is a steep increase in the oxidation rate.

Another example is a toxic potassium surge.  This is a steep rise in the level of potassium on a retest hair mineral test.


Sympathetic Dominance = potassium of 4 mg% or less OR three highs or four highs with a sodium/potassium ratio greater than about 4.  The pattern is reinforced if the Ca/Mg is greater than about 9.5.  Four lows is also considered a sympathetic dominance pattern.

            This is a very important autonomic nervous system imbalances.  Please read all about it.  It is very common today, especially among urban dwellers.


The Amigos - Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Often Nickel and Chromium = present when at least one of the major amigos (iron, manganese or aluminum) is elevated or is a poor eliminator.  It is called the amigos or friends, because if one of these is out of range, often all of them are, but are hidden.

            This is a very important pattern.  The amigos are always oxides that are highly irritating and do oxidant damage.  For this reason, I sometimes call them the irritants or oxidants.  Rather than give anti-oxidants, which are extremely yin, one can reduce oxidant damage by eliminating from the body the amigos or oxidants.

Iron, manganese and aluminum toxicity are extremely common medical problems that the medical and holistic healing professions have great difficulty getting rid of.  Nutritional balancing takes care of them easily, in most cases.


Three Lows = three of the four macrominerals  are below their ideal values.  This is also called Almost Four Lows, One Foot In The Tunnel or Skidding pattern.  It means a person is quite close to a four lows pattern.

There are four possible ways this can occur: (with an elevated calcium, with an elevated magnesium, with an elevated sodium, or with an elevated potassium).  Each has a slightly different meaning, but this is less critical than the overall pattern of three low macrominerals.  Read the article Three Lows for much more on this common pattern.


Tired Fast Oxidizer or Temporary Fast Oxidizer = fast oxidizer with a low Na/K ratio.


Triangle Patterns = if one connects the tops of the bar graphs of the first four macrominerals, rarely the lines form a triangle.  For this to occur, two of the lines must form a continuous straight line.  This is a research area, but we believe such patterns are happier or more positive. 

For example, a hill or bowl pattern can be a triangle, a fast or slow oxidizer can be a triangle, and others.  These can occur on initial tests or on retests.


Toxic potassium pattern = a sodium/potassium ratio less than about 0.4.  Human life is not possible with a sodium/potassium ratio less than about 0.3 to 0.4.  When one sees a Na/K ratio lower than this, it indicates that some of the potassium reading is caused by the elimination of toxic potassium.  It is a type of artifact, in other words, and the real Na/K is higher.


Trauma Patterns = a calcium shell, particularly if it is a double or greater shell, OR a double low ratio pattern on the second four minerals, OR a potassium level less than 1 mg% (cannot be read on an ARL test at this time), OR a sodium/potassium ratio less than 1, OR a double low ratio pattern on the first four minerals, OR a Ca/Mg ratio greater than about 13.5.

            Other possible indicators are a vampire victim pattern (see below), a vampire pattern (see below), or any extreme pattern such as very slow oxidation or very fast oxidation.  Another is a cult diet pattern (see above).


Trauma Thresholds = On a hair mineral test when the hair is not washed at the laboratory, there exist at least two points or ratios that we call trauma points or trauma thresholds.

These occur when the sodium/potassium ratio is about 0.4 and when it is about 0.9.

This concept is important because often as a person raises his or her sodium/potassium ratio and comes close to these ratios, one’s past traumas can surface and deter a person from continuing on a development program.


Triple Death = A four lows pattern on the first, second and third tetra of minerals.  This is a more severe death pattern.  The section above entitled Death Patterns explains this pattern in more detail.


Trying Hard To Stay Afloat = high Ca/Mg and high Na/K ratio, along with a potassium of 4 mg% or less.


Trying Too Hard = Calcium above 170 mg% (a calcium shell), and potassium of 4 mg% or less (sympathetic dominance).


Trying To Stay Alive = Calcium/magnesium > 40, sodium/potassium > 10, potassium < 5, and calcium > 200.  This is an extreme lifestyle pattern and a serious one.


Vampire Patterns = a person is in fast oxidation by stealing energy from others.  Usually a fast oxidizer with good Na/K ratio in an adult.  The pattern is worse if the Na/K is elevated, and even worse if it is a double high ratio pattern with fast oxidation.  An energy vampire may have a low Na/K, at times.


Vampire Victim Patterns = When the sodium is 1 mg% and the potassium is 1 mg%.  It is also present, though to a lesser degree, in a slow oxidizer with a sodium of 2 mg% and a potassium level of 1 mg%.

This indicates a psychological, more than a physical victimhood pattern, although physical depletion occurs, as well.  (See above under Depletion Pattern).  It can be quite yin and destructive.  Fortunately, it usually changes with a nutritional balancing program.

            Other names for this pattern are the poor me pattern, feeling sorry for oneself pattern, or playing the victim pattern.  This is still being researched.


Very Ill = four lows AND Na/K ratio less than 1.


Walking Dead Patterns.  These include several important and common patterns.  Please read the article for more details.


Wasting One’s Time = a calcium shell, a high Ca/Mg ratio and a potassium of 4 mg% or less.  Pattern may be more correctly called biding one’s time. in some cases.


Workaholic = The first three or first four macrominerals are highs, along with a high sodium/potassium ratio.  This pattern may also be called the intense pattern because the person is often very intense.


The Worker = A fast oxidation rate, with an Na/K ratio between 2.5 and 5, and a copper level above 2.5 mg%.  Dr. Eck identified this pattern.  It indicates a person who is somewhat compulsive, but very aware and an excellent office worker.


Wrong Two Highs Patterns (4 of them).  These occur when two macrominerals are high and two are low, but they are not the usual configurations.




All Is Well = when most of the numbers, ratios and patterns involving the first four macrominerals and the trace minerals improve.  For example, the oxidation rate, sodium/potassium ratio, calcium/magnesium ratio, zinc level and phosphorus level all improve and the person has a settling down pattern as well.

This is a positive pattern.  It is associated with lots of retracing and early development.


Amigo doubling = when at least two of the amigos double on a retest.  This is generally very good, indicating a strong amigo dump is in progress (see amigo dump below).

              It is possible to even have an amigo tripling or amigo quadrupling, which are even better with a similar meaning.


Amigo Dump = a rise or a fall of at least 30-40% in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum on a retest.


Anchors = The levels of two of the macrominerals remain the same on a retest.  This can be an early development indicator.


Armoring Up = more poor eliminator patterns on a retest or more extreme poor eliminator patterns on a retest, provided that the person follows a nutritional balancing program.  Other tentative names for this pattern are preparing for battle or holding on to your poors.


Backing Out Of Four Lows. (see below under Out Of The Tunnel Backwards).


Back To Life = Moving into a step down pattern on a retest that was not present on the previous test.


Bowling = Moving into a bowl pattern on a retest hair analysis.  This usually indicates moving into a retracing of a trauma or some other difficult situation.  The criteria are that the calcium/magnesium ratio increases AND the sodium/potassium ratio decreases.

              Extreme bowling on a retest hair analysis is called “Diving Head First”.  It require that the calcium/magnesium ratio at least doubles, AND the sodium/potassium ratio at least halves, or decreases by 50% or more.


Climbing Out = A four lows pattern on two successive tests.  However, the calcium level rises at least 4 mg% on the retest while the other macromineral levels stay about the same.  This indicates one is climbing out of a four lows pattern.


Collapses (also called crashes) = These are at least a three or four-fold decrease in a level, ratio or pattern on a retest.  There are many possibilities for these, since a collapse could involve a level, a ratio or a pattern such as the oxidation rate.  Collapses are generally considered excellent patterns if one is following a nutritional balancing program.  They often indicate fast progress.


Coming Alive = On a retest, all four of the macromineral levels (Ca, Mg, Na, K) increase.  The pattern is also present when 1, 2 or 3 of the first four minerals increases, while the others remain the same.  The pattern is strongest when all four of the macrominerals increase, and weakest when only 1 of the macrominerals increases.

This is a very positive pattern, with increased brightness of the energy field in all cases. 

The increase in sodium and potassium are usually related to an elimination of toxic metals or toxic chemicals, which cause some kidney stress that temporarily raises the sodium and potassium levels.

The increase in calcium and magnesium is protective and indicates a controlled healing process, which is very good.

            Coming alive in life pattern.  This is an even better variant that is present when the first 3 macrominerals increase, and the potassium decreases. It is extremely positive and usually indicates one has retraced a trauma, and is much happier.  Usually, there is also some hilling and lots of elimination of toxic metals with this pattern.  Often, there has been some crying or sobbing, which is an emotional release.  One must do the program well for this pattern to occur. 

Exploding.   This is a special case of coming alive (see below).

Coming Back = a calcium shell decreases by 50% or more on a retest AND the Na/K ratio remains at 2.5 or above.  This can be a situation in which something old was retraced or cleared, and the person is now back in the present.  This is a newer pattern and still being researched.


Coming Back To Life or Making Progress In Four Lows= A retest pattern in which a person who was in four lows pattern remains in four lows, but the ratios improve, the levels of the macrominerals improve, and/or the phosphorus level improves.


Coming In For A Landing = A settling down pattern AND several high trace mineral and/or toxic metal readings decreasing.  This pattern indicates a return to normal health and is a very positive pattern.


Coming Into One’s Own = On a retest, the calcium, magnesium and sodium levels decrease AND potassium increases a little AND there is arise (elimination) of iron, manganese and aluminum.  This is a maturing that often occurs between the ages of 16 and 25, often at the end of the third 7-year cycle of life (age 21-22).


Coming Out Pattern = A 2x shell changes to no shell, AND a 50% reduction or more in the Ca/Mg ratio, though it may still be high, AND phosphorus increases by 3 mg% or more, AND sodium/potassium ratio improves and flips AND a deep bowl changes to a step down pattern.  This is still being researched.

            This pattern, of course, is different from the pattern called coming out of four lows.  The latter occurs when a person is in a four lows pattern and on a retest there is a rise in one or more levels, especially calcium. 


Crash Landing or just a Crash = At least two of the macromineral levels (calcium, magnesium, sodium and/or potassium) must decrease 50% or more on a retest, and none of the macrominerals rises higher.  This is a special case of settling down pattern.  Possible cases are:

1. The sodium and potassium levels may decrease a lot, moving a person from a faster to a slower oxidation rate.  This is the most common case of crashing or crash landing.

2. A mild slow oxidation rate changes to a very slow oxidation rate on a retest. 

3. A four highs pattern disappears, changing to a slow oxidation pattern with low sodium and potassium levels.

4. A four highs pattern could change to a four lows pattern.

5. Any oxidation pattern could change to a low four lows pattern.

For more, see Collapses above.

This is usually good, and usually involves the elimination of “crutches” that were keeping a person in fast or faster oxidation.  Occasionally, symptoms can be annoying such as fatigue, depression and, in some cases constipation, joint pain or other symptoms.


Death To Life = A double low ratio pattern changes to a hill pattern on a retest.  This is one of the best retest patterns.  The person may feel “like I’m a new person”.  Another name for this pattern is starting over.


Deep Settling Down = A decrease in the levels of the first four macrominerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) of 100% or more.  This pattern is healthful, but can be very uncomfortable if it occurs quickly.  It can cause anxiety, depression or other negative emotions.


Diving Deep = A low sodium/potassium ratio becomes even lower on a retest by at least 10%.  This is associated with deep retracing, usually of a trauma.  Diving Deep can also show up as a lower four lows on a retest, although the meaning is not as clear in this case.


The Double = This is a combination of settling down pattern, a fast oxidation rate, and a sodium/potassium ratio above 2.5.  In addition, the visual pattern repeats itself on the second four minerals.

              This pattern always has to do with one’s father, and old anger toward him and toward all men.  The elevated sodium/potassium ratio is always about anger and irritability.  Settling down is always about getting in touch with feelings.  A fast oxidation rate is always about expressing or asserting one’s power.


Double Forward Flip = this is a retest pattern in which the oxidation rate changes from fast to slow.  Also, the sodium/potassium ratio increases from less than 2.5 up to 2.5 or higher.

            This is a very positive pattern, and usually the person describes it as great or wonderful.  There may be some drama in one’s life, and some people describe themselves as “a new person”.


Double Joy = Two joy patterns together.  The most common combination is a hill pattern plus a coming alive pattern.  However, it could involve an improved sodium/potassium ratio, an improved calcium/magnesium ratio or a much higher phosphorus level.

              It could also be a hill or coming alive pattern on the first four numbers AND a hill or coming alive pattern on the second four numbers.


Down Elevator = the levels of all four macrominerals decrease by at least 40% and they decrease the same amount.


Down Sex Patterns = when all or almost all readings on a hair mineral analysis increase, or when all or almost all of them decrease, usually the person is doing down sex on a regular basis.  For details about this powerful healing and development procedure, read Down Sex.


Eliminating toxic potassium = the Na/K ratio dips down to less than about 0.4 on a retest.  Human life requires a Na/K ratio greater than about 0.4.  If the ratio is lower, in almost all cases it is due to the elimination of some toxic potassium, which elevates the potassium level and reduces the Na/K a lot.

            The sources of toxic potassium include human male sexual fluid, eating fruit, and babies are usually born with some toxic potassium from their mothers.


Emerging From The Bomb Shelter = A decrease in a calcium shell of at least 50%.  The shell may still be present, or it may be gone altogether.  This indicates a person no longer needs a shell, or not much of one compared to the previous test.  It is a good sign of a stronger body and/or mind.


Emotional Outburst Patterns = These are mineral analysis patterns associated with erratic behavior.


Everything Coming Out = A rise in most or all of the toxic metal levels and the amigos (iron, manganese, and possibly chromium or selenium) on a retest.  This is very good and usually reflects a much better energy level and often much better elimination or less sympathetic dominance present.


Excitement Fast Oxidizer = At times, a person goes into fast oxidation on a retest simply due to excitement.  The meaning is something like a hill, although it is perhaps more superficial.


Exiting The Cult = A rise in nickel from a low level to a toxic level on a retest.  This is an important pattern because many people in cults or groups are forced to drink rooibos or red tea spiked with nickel.  This is a potent toxin that needs to be eliminated from the body during healing.


Exploding or Explosions = a very sharp rise in a mineral level or a mineral ratio such as the sodium/potassium ratio.  Usually the level or ratio increases by at least 4-fold.

Exploding is a very positive pattern.  However, it can be temporarily quite disruptive because the body chemistry shifts drastically and the energy level often improves drastically.  It may occur more in people who have a tendency for mental instability.


Flip Over Pattern = On a retest, a drastic change occurs in a mineral level, ratio or pattern.  For example, a level or ratio may go from very high to very low, or vice versa.  Or the oxidation rate may flip from fast to slow or vice versa.

            When the flip is in the direction of healing, it is called a forward flip.  When the flip is away from a healing direction, such as a low Na/K or fast oxidation, it is called a back flip.


Four highs to fast = a four highs pattern that changes on a retest so that the calcium and magnesium levels drop down, but the sodium and potassium levels remain about the same.  This is the opposite of the usual retest progression in which a four highs pattern changes to a slow oxidizer on a retest.

              This appears to be a type of coming alive pattern.  It is due to a combination of changes, both of which occurred since the last retest.  The first change is a settling down pattern (where all four numbers go down) followed by an increase in the oxidation rate (the sodium and potassium levels rise).

Patterns that may occur with the four highs to fast pattern are 1) zinc settling (a reduction in the zinc level) and 2) everything coming out pattern.


Four lows on a retest only = Life Planning, Dog In The Doghouse, Boat In Dry Dock, or Back In The Tunnel Of Death For Healing Purposes = a four lows pattern on a retest when the first test did not show a four lows pattern. 

This is an important retest pattern.  It is benign and positive, in fact, unlike four lows on an initial hair mineral analysis.  It indicates a type of resting state and that is all.  It is called ‘dog in the corner’ because it is like an animal that perhaps was injured or ill, and just wants to lay down in the corner and rest for a while.  It is called the dry dock pattern because it is like sending your boat to the shipyard to be refurbished.


Gathering Firewood = A decrease in the hair phosphorus level on a retest of one or mg% when a person is following a nutritional balancing program.  This is a “gathering” pattern that is called a “healthy yang” in advanced acupuncture.  It is a positive pattern.

            The cause for the lower phosphorus level is a greater demand for phosphorus for 1) production of more ATP and 2) faster protein synthesis.

If the phosphorus level drops down lower than about 13 mg%, or if the decrease is more than 2 mg%, it usually indicates a deficiency of bioavailable phosphorus.  This is usually due to a diet low in meat, eggs and dairy products.


Getting Help = magnesium increases on a retest by at least 30-40%.  This is an important pattern.  Poorer quality magnesium is actually eliminated, causing the pattern, and is replaced by a higher quality magnesium.  Health usually improves with it.


Getting Into Gear = All or most toxic metal levels rise at least 10%.  This signifies more vitality and better elimination.


Getting Into Your Issues = This retest pattern consists of:

1. The Na/K ratio goes from normal to low.

2. The body moves into a four lows pattern.

3. There is an improvement in the phosphorus level.

4. One or more toxic metal levels rise.

5. The person may experience more symptoms.

            While the hair test may look decidedly worse, this is a positive pattern.


Getting Lots Of Help = magnesium increases on a retest by at least 4 or 5 times, or more.  Often, calcium also increases by 4 or 5 times, or more.  Often, other positive patterns are present such as coming alive pattern.


Getting Married = a couple who are engaged to be married often go through a period of time when both of their calcium/magnesium ratios become low.

A low calcium/magnesium ratio often has to do with mother and mothering issues, which may arise when in the process of becoming married.  (An elevated calcium/magnesium ratio often has to do with issues related to one’s father.)


Going deep = The sodium/potassium ratio decreases sharply on a retest, usually from a normal or high ratio to 0.2 to 0.4.  This is usually an intervention, and occurs quickly.  It is often a trauma release.  Lots of toxins are released. 

It is not common to see this pattern on a hair test because it does not last long.  One needs to do the test at just the right interval to see it.  To read more about interventions, please read Assisted Healing on this site.


Hilling = moving into a hill pattern on a retest.  This indicates some type of overcoming, celebration or joyous feeling.  The criteria are that the calcium/magnesium ratio becomes lower AND the sodium/potassium ratio increase on a retest.

              Intense hilling on a retest is called “shooting to the top”.  Often, the person received an intervention when this occurs (see “Getting Help” above).  It is an intense joy, freedom or release, or ending of a difficult situation.


Holding On To Your Poors = when poor eliminator patterns become worse on a retest.  This occurs, at times, when a person is retracing certain traumas.  It is usually temporary.  This pattern is also called armoring up.


Kidney stress = a rise of 20% or more in the sodium and potassium levels, associated with a toxic metal elimination.  The rise is usually temporary.  This is generally a good sign.


The Leap or Jump = This is a change on a retest from a four lows pattern to a four highs pattern.  It is a type of coming alive pattern, and one comes out of four lows, as well.  It is very positive.  It can be an elevator pattern, or the ratios can change significantly.


Leaving The Cult = a rise in the level of 3 or more of the major cult-related minerals.  These are mercury, aluminum, manganese, nickel, lead and cadmium.  Less common cult-related minerals are iron, chromium and selenium.

Another indicator is a sharp rise in the potassium level.  This often indicates an elimination of toxic potassium.  The more minerals affected, and the greater the rise on the retest, the more significant the pattern.

This is an excellent pattern, and is one of the major Joy Patterns.  For much more on this topic, please read Leaving The Cult – A Hair Analysis Pattern and The Cult Or Rape Diet on this site.


Little Change = This occurs when there is less than about 5% change in all of the mineral levels on the test.  The meaning, in many cases, is that the person is not following their development program closely enough.  The problem could be in the diet, the supplements, the lifestyle or not doing enough procedures.

            Another possibility is that the person has so much stress that there is little progress, even though the person followed the program well.  It is possible that there is change, but the minerals that would reflect the changes are not read by the laboratory.


Moving Fast = this is defined as an amigo dump (see above), plus a phosphorus above 20, two or three forward flips, and many fewer poor eliminator patterns.  It is not common, but it indicates accelerated progress for some reason.


Moving Into The Mud = this common retest pattern is present when the oxidation rate slows greatly or perhaps the sodium/potassium ratio declines drastically, indicating that a person is dealing with an old infection, toxic metal or emotional trauma.


Much calmer = this pattern involves 1) a fast oxidation, 2) the oxidation rate slows down on a retest, but is still in fast oxidation, and 3) a settling down pattern.


New person pattern = This consists of a big increase in the levels of all four macrominerals (coming alive) AND phosphorus up 2 or more mg% (on fire) AND out of four lows.


New Start In Life = A double low ratio pattern on the previous test changes to a step down pattern, or close to it, on a retest.  This is a change from a slow death / double give-up pattern to a stepping into life pattern.  It is a double flip pattern (both the sodium/potassium ratio and the calcium/magnesium ratio flip).

This pattern indicates a new underlying strength, like a new strong floor under your feet.  It may involve elimination of a lead compound.  There can be other positive changes on the retest, such as elimination of the amigos and/or a higher phosphorus level.


Not facing a lifestyle or attitude issue = A calcium/magnesium ratio above 13.5 becomes even higher on a retest.


On fire = A rise in the phosphorus level of at least 2 mg% on a retest when a person is following a nutritional balancing pattern.