By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


For development and maturity, holding the correct attitudes or qualities of mind is very important.  Here is a chart of the most important attitudes based on the 7 energy center concept:


1. Present (yang)

            the opposite: scattered, unfocused, foggy

            excess: hard or too tight


2. Moral (spin right)

            the opposite: twisted or perverted

            excess: intolerant


3. Real or grounded (down energy)

            the opposite: ungrounded or mixed up

excess: a kind of instability due to inability to respond to fast change


4. Happy or relaxed (parasympathetic)

            the opposite: upset, uptight, angry

excess: inactive


5.  Flexible or open-minded (move back and forth)

            the opposite: stopped or repressed

            excess: unstable


6. Principled or deep (impact)

            the opposite: weak or unprincipled

excess: harsh or overbearing


7. Integrated or having integrity (move up and down)

            the opposite: conflicted or confused and stuck there

            excess: rigid or uncompassionate



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