By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

January 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Megapan – metabolic pack for slow oxidizers to increase the oxidation rate.


            Stress Pack – metabolic pack for fast oxidizers with normal or high Na/K to reduce the oxidation rate.


            SBF – metabolic pack for fast oxidizers with a low Na/K to reduce the oxidation rate.


            Limcomin – special formula to raise the Na/K ratio.


            Zinc – mineral chelate used to reduce the Na/K ratio and supply zinc.


            Endo-dren – adrenal glandular formula to increase the oxidation rate.


            Thyro-complex – thyroid and adrenal glandular formula to enhance the oxidation rate.


            TMGtrimethylglycine, a potent donor of methyl groups, given to everyone to assist detoxification, brain activity and much more.


            Kelp – a sea vegetable that supplies iodine, many minerals and other nutrients.  Important for breast health, thyroid activity and much more.


            GB-3 – a powerful and quite yang digestive aid with pancreatin and ox bile to assist nutrient absorption, reduce high copper and much more.


            Paramin – a formula of calcium and magnesium to supply these minerals in a bioavailable form.


            EPA-DHA – This is fish oil and extremely important to supply omega-3 fatty acids and balance the fatty acids.  These have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and are required for brain functioning.


            Vitamin D – supplies 5000 iu of vitamin D, which most people  need as an anti-inflammatory, for cancer pevention and much more.


            Optional products (selenium, Renamide, Endo-veggies).  These supply extra nutrients.  Renamide is a formula to support kidney activity.


            Taurine – given to those in a four lows pattern to help them get out of this metabolic pattern.


Lysine – given to some in a four lows pattern to help get out of the pattern.


Tarragon – sprinkled on food, tarragon from the supermarket can help a person get out of a four lows pattern.



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