by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Sexual fluid craving is a condition in which a person has feelings of depression, fatigue and even despair that are relieved when they absorb some sexual fluid, usually from a man.  It is most common in women who are often intelligent and a little selfish, and it affects thousands of young women, as well as some young men.   They absorb the fluid through the vagina, by mouth, or just rubbed on the skin.


Disruptive to society. Sexual fluid craving is highly disruptive for teen chastity, for marriages, and for reproductive health.  It tends to cause the society to condone pre-marital sex, more divorce, abortion, the use of dangerous drugs such as birth control pills.

For example, it causes thousands of young women, ages 15 to 25, for example, to want to have a boyfriend and “play house”.  This is a euphemism for having frequent sex together, at times without a condom so they can get the fluid they want. 

To prevent pregnancies without condoms, the young women are often on birth control pills or patches, which are horrible for their health.  Some of the young ladies end up getting abortions, which is also hard on them, but is a common part of the fluid craving ‘lifestyle’.


How to destroy the morals of society.  Sexual fluid craving may help explain why those who wish to destroy a society often rape women and even the men, as it is an effective and fast way to cause sexual fluid craving.  This, in turn, disrupts marriages, corrupts the young, encourages abortions, and more.  It also leads to more lying, cheating on one’s mate, and “stealing” fluid from others, which is a type of vampire-like behavior.  It also makes women much more aggressive, or “male”, in some cases.


Brings out selfishness.  This craving can bring out a selfish quality that can become exaggerated.  A person craving sexual fluid, for example, may go outside her marriage to obtain male fluid, even though she may not even enjoy the sex.  She simply wants or feels she must have the sexual fluid. 

She may also take chances of obtaining sexually-transmitted or venereal diseases, and may infect her partner with them, all to get more fluid.  These problems can be very damaging for male-female relationships of all kinds.


Not explained well in books.  I have seen very little written about this condition, even though it is quite common.  For example, few counselors or doctors seem to know about it or understand it well.  This article discusses some causes, effects, and corrective measures you can take for sexual fluid craving.




The causes can be a combination of the following:

1. Most commonly, I believe, the cause is simple nutritional depletion.  This is confusing, however, because only a small amount of sexual fluid provides relief, not enough to replenish a person nutritionally.

Today, most teenage girls are very nutritionally deficient.  This makes them extremely vulnerable to sexual fluid craving.  The fluid is literally the most nutritious “meal” of the day for them.

This is not at all understood or discussed much among doctors, nutritionists or counselors who often try in vain to “help” the young women to stop their promiscuous behavior.

2. Having experienced a rape, in many cases, in which the person was “dried out”.  This depletion of sexual fluid always makes the situation much worse.

3. Possibly a chiropractic misalignment of the low back.

4. A possible entity attachment situation.

5. Nutritional properties of male sexual fluid.

6. Possible iron toxicity.  This complicates the craving by diminishing the desire for red meat, a product helpful to overcome this condition.

7. Adrenal exhaustion.


Let us examine each of these causes in more detail.


1. Nutritional depletion. This begins literally before birth, as many mothers are quite depleted nutritionally, causing their children are born this way.  The problem is made worse by poor quality diets as children and young adults, and filling the bodies with vaccines and medical drugs.  In addition, toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment and the use of common toxic products such as nail polish and hair spray worsen nutritional status.  Other nutrient-depleting habits such as staying up late at night or going on a largely vegetarian diet can make things even worse.

Those who are vegetarian, or semi-vegetarian often have even more difficulty with sexual fluid craving.  Interestingly, vegetarians also tend to be very deficient in the exact nutrients found in male sexual fluid such as zinc, selenium and some of the B-complex vitamins.  These nutrients are found mainly in meats and eggs. 

Semi-vegetarian means that one eats animal protein only several times per week, and may abstain from eating red meat, which is very necessary to overcome the condition.  In fact, eating red meat three times per week for a few months is always helpful to overcome it.  Click here to read more about the scientific effects of vegetarian diets.


2. An after-effect of a rape or even just too much sex.  Sexual fluid craving often develops after a person has been “dried out” or “drained out” of sexual fluid during a rape.  This means that one’s sexual fluids are lost during an overly long or hard sexual encounter such as a rape.  Once a certain amount of fluid is lost, it seems that the woman, and at times a man, begins to feels this craving.  This may seem to be an unusual phenomenon, but most women and even men who experience rape report it is true.  Rape is discussed in depth in the articles entitled Rape and Healing Rape on this website.


3. Subtle chiropractic misalignments in the low back.  Misalignments of the lower back, which are common, may play a role in some cases of sexual fluid craving.  The spinal misalignments may irritate the area, or may interfere with the flow of nutrients to the pelvic area, contributing to the problem in some way. 

The problem is that most chiropractors and osteopaths are not good enough to resolve the problem.  If you have not had good luck with chiropractors and osteopaths, an alternative method is to do the spinal twist I suggest every single day.  By gently stretching the low back, you may be able to release it.  To learn how to do this simple procedure, read How To Help Adjust Your Spine on this website.


4. A possible entity attachment situation.  It appears that in some cases, after a woman is raped, for example, souls that float around freely and are sometimes called entities or discarnate souls, get inside the body.  They can get into a woman’s body, where they might irritate the vaginal area or do other things that cause or contribute to sexual fluid craving.

This is a difficult subject to discuss rationally, as some people don’t believe in discarnate souls or entities.  However, they are real, and a Google search will reveal many books about them.  In fact, both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible mention them a number of times.  For more on this topic, read Entity Attachment And Release.


5. Some properties of male sexual fluid. Male sexual fluid is rich in certain forms of zinc and selenium, along with B-complex vitamins and other nutrients.  Sexual fluid craving may be a craving for these or other nutrients.  Some women report that taking zinc is helpful, but one must take a lot of zinc tablets, and taking the vitamins and minerals is not always that helpful.  It seems that eating correctly is far more important.

Women become proficient at telling how “thick” or “warm” is the fluid of different men.  This probably reflects its nutritional quality, or perhaps its yin/yang balance.


6. Iron toxicity.  Women with fluid craving tend to develop a mild iron toxicity.  It is not severe, and thus it is usually not revealed on blood tests, for example.  However, a properly performed hair tissue mineral test may reveal a reduced ability to eliminate iron, for example, a pattern called Poor Eliminator Pattern.  It could also show up on a hair tissue mineral test as an imbalance involving manganese and/or aluminum, which are associated with iron toxicity.

Iron toxicity may help explain why 1) the women become more selfish and even aggressive sexually.  Iron in certain areas of the brain can have this effect, 2) loss of desire for red meat, (which is high in iron).  Unfortunately, avoiding red meat makes the condition much worse, and 3) an unusual mild brain infection.  High iron supports excessive growth of some bacteria and viruses.

Excessive iron in some forms in the body may also drive down copper and zinc, and this may have something to do with characteristics of this condition as well.  To read more about subtle iron toxicity, see the article entitled Acquired Iron Toxicity.


7. Adrenal burnout.  The adrenal glands secrete cortisol and cortisone.  These powerful hormones can give a person a natural ‘high’.  They are “feel-good hormones”.  When the adrenal glands are depleted or weak, one does not have this natural ‘high’.  This can lead directly to a tendency for feelings of depression, despair, anxiety, feeling lonely, and perhaps other negative feelings.  I call this condition adrenal exhaustion or adrenal burnout.  For more about it, read Adrenal Burnout on this website.

As the adrenals become more exhausted, and it is happening to more and more people, one becomes very attracted to substances that can provide a similar feeling or “buzz”.  One of these substances appears to be male sexual fluid - and to a lesser degree, female sexual fluids, as well.




COPING METHODS.  A discussion of how to minimize the problem easily is found in the article entitled Sexual Fluids on this website.


PERMANENT CORRECTION. This requires a nutritional balancing program in all cases, and it works in all cases, so far, especially if you do the diet perfectly, which is not too difficult.  Below is a discussion of various corrective measures, including a lengthy discussion about nutritional balancing.  However, for best results, contact one of the Approved Practitioners and begin a complete program of nutritional balancing science.


Nutritional balancing.  Many people report that a properly designed nutritional balancing program will correct sexual fluid craving, or at least make it much less severe. For this reason, the condition should not be feared. 

I am not sure why this system works so well, but possible reasons are that it makes the body much more yang in Chinese medical terms.  Rape, for example, makes the body much more yin, so it becomes imbalanced.  Nutritional balancing also balances body chemistry at deep levels, removes two dozen toxic metals at very deep levels, and renourishes the body in a profound way.  Nutritional balancing is discussed in several articles on this website such as Introduction To Nutritional Balancing and others.


Special considerations with nutritional balancing programs:


            To be most effective, the nutritional balancing program needs to be followed in its entirety – but especially the diet.  VERY IMPORTANT IS TO AVOID ALL FRUIT, although I do not know why this is so.

In addition, the following appear to be very helpful and are included in a complete program, or should be, in all cases.  The supplements below are not enough, but they are a very good start:


a). GB-3 from Endomet Laboratories, or Bilex from Douglas Laboratories, or a similar product.  These are digestive aids made with ox bile and pancreatin.  They enable one to absorb much more nutrients from food.


b). Red meat daily or at least several times per week.  This seems to be absolutely necessary for correction.  Other red meats include beef, buffalo, and maybe some wild game, such as venison or elk, if available.  Even if one does not like red meat, it appears necessary to eat it at least several times a week, and perhaps daily for a while.  By taking a powerful digestive enzyme with it, most everyone can eat red meat with no problem.  If it feels heavy in your stomach, eat it alone, start with a small amount, and take several tablets of digestive enzymes with it.

Chicken and turkey are okay, but don’t work as well.  Pork may be helpful for the problem, but I don’t suggest eating any pork at all.  This is due to the presence of trichina worm cysts that generally persist in the pork even if it is well-cooked. The only product of the pig I suggest consuming is porcine pancreatin, which seems to be okay.  This is a nutritional supplement only, not a food.


c). Kelp, which supplies iodine and many other minerals.  It must be taken in a dosage of about 3800 mg or more daily.  I only recommend Nature’s Way and Solaray brands of kelp capsules (each about 600 mg).  Frontier brand of kelp granules is okay, too, in a dosage of about one tablespoon daily or the same milligrams daily as the capsules.  Do not use any other brands of kelp capsules, powder or granules, as many of them don’t work well at all.  Also, do not buy kelp leaves and cook them.  These are sold under the name of kombu.  It is not as good, for some reason.

Another sea vegetable from Japan called hijiki is also good, and can be used, too.  However, it is higher in mercury and lower in alginates than kelp, so kelp is preferable.  However, hijiki can help for emergencies.


d). Zinc is often critical as well, along with omega-3 fatty acids and about 5000 iu daily of vitamin D.


e). TMG (trimethylglycine), about 3000 mg daily.  This is a newer addition to the program that appears to help.


f) Other.  One person reported that kidney glandular substance was helpful.  I have not had this confirmed, however.


The following are also very helpful:


1. Lifestyle.  Less sex is best.  Engaging in regular sex weakens one further and makes the problem much worse.  This is a kind of “withdrawal of the drug” that is hard at first, but gets easier as health returns.


2. Avoid all things yin, including foods, supplements and yin thinking.  The virus or bacteria responsible for the addiction loves yin.  Yin items include eating sugar, fruit, salads, juices, and distilled, reverse osmosis or alkaline drinking waters.  It also includes all vegetarian and raw food diets.  See the article entitled Yin Disease for a full discussion of yin.  The yin nature of the virus may be one reason that men are not as affected by this condition, although more and more are affected.


3. Thoughts and emotions. Women, in particular, but also men, must learn to think clearly and logically, and must uphold high ethical standards.  This may sound a bit unusual, but one effect of the virus involved in this condition is that it can make one more selfish or self-centered.  This just makes the condition worse.  One must realize this is a disorder, not just a craving for a good time, or a “healthy addiction” to sex.


4. FOR WOMEN: Do not ask your husbands to have sex daily or too often.  This just tends to wear out the men’s bodies and strains your relationship badly.  Male sexual fluid is very special and high in certain nutrients and the men need to retain it, not spill it a lot.  Instead, follow a nutritional balancing program and the craving will lessen.

Also, single or unattached women with sexual fluid craving must be especially careful for their happiness and safety.  They are frequently attracted to and marry men who “give them a zing” with sex.  They mistakenly think this means they are “in love”, when it is not the case.  They are always sorely disappointed when they wake up one day and realize they have little in common with their new boyfriend or husband except their sexually transmitted diseases and what they call their “chemistry”.

It is not chemistry, exactly!  It is a disease of craving a nutrient found in seminal fluid.  Therefore, be extremely vigilant and careful with your body and whom you have sex with, and try to figure out with whom you are compatible, preferably before marrying - and before sleeping with them.  Ideally, remain celibate until you marry, or at least are sure that the man is compatible on all levels before engaging in sex that may attract you too much to the wrong person.

If you find a good man, but his fluid is thin or cool, have him go on a nutritional balancing program and his fluid will warm up and thicken up after a few months if he does the program correctly.




Counseling. Some sex therapists are having to specialize in this unusual type of sexual craving, and they do not have good answers for it.  They often tell their clients it is just a healthy sex drive, when it is not.  In fact, many of those with this craving report that they are not that interested in sex at all.  They are only or mainly interested in absorbing the sexual fluid, in more of an addictive manner.


Random vitamins and minerals, or other holistic healing methods. Just taking supplements of zinc, selenium, B-complex vitamins or other nutrients does not seem to work very well.  I have heard that taking a lot of zinc may help, but the amount needed upsets the stomach in most cases, so this is not a good option for most people.

Also, clients report that common natural therapies such as chelation, special drinking water, special supplements, antioxidants, bio-identical hormone therapy, herbal therapies and others do not work well at all, and can make the problem worse!




Sex fluid craving affects some, and perhaps many same-sex couples.  In fact, sexual fluid craving can help one understand some of their behaviors when one realizes that they may be attempts to absorb more male sexual fluid. 

This includes smearing the fluid on one’s body or the body of one’s partner or mate.  One can absorb the fluid through the skin, in the anus, in the mouth, swallowing it, and a very effective way is to rub it in one’s eyes and ears, and on other delicate parts of the body.

              However, this leads some men and women into more promiscuous behavior, selfishness, violence, disregard for life and safety, diseases, and other problems.  Be careful and instead follow a nutritional balancing program, and the craving will disappear or lessen significantly.

As one follows a nutritional balancing program, the homosexual lifestyle may begin to seem odd or strange.  Once a person works through this, by staying with their nutritional balancing program, which might take a few weeks to a few months, then life becomes much easier and much happier.  Often, the sexual fluid craving is also gone, or much reduced.


            Craving for female sexual fluid.  While less common, some men and women crave female sexual fluids.  This has a cooler effect and is more yin in nature.  Sadly, it can cause some women to go after and to rape usually younger and more virgin girls and women to obtain their sexual fluids.  This phenomenon is discussed in the articles entitled Rape and Healing Rape mentioned above.




Research indicates that certain factors are important to consider:


Christian thinking.  Christian young women who do not want to have sex before marriage are still affected by sexual fluid craving.  However, they seem to be able to put up with the condition without too much trouble, in many cases.  Becoming Christian seems to help with the feelings of depression and fatigue that give rise to the craving.


Not all men are equally satisfying. Women and some men with this condition report that they prefer the fluid of some men much more than others.  The fluid they like best feels hotter and thicker.  They get less of a zing or high if the fluid feels cooler and/or thinner.

The type of men that appear to satisfy their craving best are usually those that eat a lot of meat, that are younger, and those that are more yang in Chinese medical terms.

Men who are more yang are exactly the ones who are younger in most cases, those who eat more meat and less sugars, and those who are less intellectual, more earthy, perhaps more hairy and burly, and perhaps less refined.  They are often more sexually oriented, so they ‘find’ the semen-needy women and tell them it will feel wonderful, and it does – often for a week or two afterwards, and then the woman finds she needs another fix or go at it.

The fact that not all men satisfy the craving equally is a serious problem for marriages and other relationships, at times.  It is an even more serious problem for some single women who mistake the semen “zing” for love or “chemistry”.  It is not love.  It is a serious nutritional deficiency in the women that happens to be improved by absorbing sexual fluids.


Some do not want to use condoms, and this increases the danger of sexually transmitted diseases.  Those with fluid craving learn quickly that condoms get in the way of the absorption of the male fluid.  So they want unprotected sex, and may use the pill, diaphragms, IUDs or spermicidal gel for birth control.

These methods are much less protective against sexually transmitted diseases, of course, and some don’t work as well for birth control, either.  The birth control pill or worse, the birth control patch or birth control IUD (MirenaŮ), are also far worse for the woman’s health.  Interestingly, some report that they do not do well on the pill or the patch, and these birth control methods make them ill in some cases.  This may have to do with the woman’s unbalanced body chemistry, although not necessarily.  I cannot overemphasize how dangerous birth control pills are for any woman.  Please do not use them.  Read the article entitled Contraceptive Methods on this site for more on this topic.

A woman with the craving can, however, have sex using a condom, and then she can take the condom and rub the fluid on her skin or even eat it.


An addiction.  A worsening over time is the hallmark of all addictions – a high that for some reason leads to a worse low feeling than before.  This requires more of a high to keep one feeling well.  That is the only reason I use the word addiction.  It is not meant as a personality defect at all, just a physical health condition.

Addictions also are situations in which a person feels somehow out of control, and the substance or behavior begins to control them.  The craving for male sexual fluid can have this quality.

The addictive nature of this craving is critical to understand.  Those with the problem report that their need for sex tends to grow, over time, in quite a few cases.  This perplexes the women, usually, who do not understand the reasons for this.  However, it is quite simple.  Here is why the problem tends to become worse over time:


1. Having more sex depletes the woman nutritionally even more.  This makes her more tired and weak, and further increases the need for semen-nutrition, if I can call it that.

2. As the woman ages, her nutritional status usually worsens, again increasing the craving.

3. Most of the women report they lose their taste for red meat.  Changing their eating habits toward a more vegetarian diet also depletes them of zinc and other essential nutrients even faster.

4. Over time, the woman’s partner also begins to “burn out” nutritionally due to having too much sex.  As a result, their semen is less nutritious and provides less of a boost or zing for the women.  As a result, they begin to want more of it to make up for the fluid becoming “thin” or “cool”, as some call it.

5. The entire condition adds a lot to a woman’s stress level.  Medical science knows well that stress itself of any kind depletes zinc and other nutrients faster, and this worsens the entire situation.  This is especially true if one goes outside of a marriage or committed relationship and is secretly having sex with others, and perhaps feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or confused about doing this.

6. If a woman has sex without a condom outside of her marriage, she will usually pick up diseases from other partners.  This definitely weakens her body further, making the condition even worse.

7. Weakening of the body due to too much sex as a result of sexual fluid craving often opens the body to entity attachment.  Many do not believe in this, but it is true and I have written about it.  I mentioned it earlier in this article as a possible cause or contributor to sexual fluid craving.  However, it is also a possible consequence of the condition, as well.  When this happens, which is hard to identify for a person, the condition often gets worse because the discarnate entities often encourage the behavior.


Counseling is usually not helpful.  Unfortunately, the counseling profession in America and Europe, in particular, is filled with men and women who often advocate or at least support “women’s liberation”.  This means, in practice, that they often encourage more sex.

Most have extremely liberal (and ignorant, and incorrect) beliefs that sex is wonderful and more sex is often better.  As a group, many counselors and psychologists do not believe much in the value of sexual restraint.  They believe this wise idea is terribly outdated and old fashioned, and needs to be abandoned.  They may tell women with this condition to just leave their husbands or committed partners if the marriage is not all fun and sexy. 

The counselor’s reasoning is that since sex is good fun, more must be better.  This is all wrong, in my view.  Sex is fine, but it must not deplete the partners, especially men, who know they must limit it in most cases or they will become tired, irritable and die young.  The counselors, however, often reason that if your husband or boyfriend cannot keep up or comply with your sexual ‘need’, then maybe it is time to move on or worse, have a few partners, perhaps.

In this manner, the so-called women’s liberation movement unfortunately can make sexual craving a far worse problem that breaks up relationships that otherwise are going well.  It also fosters selfishness among women, guilt in some cases, and causes more sexually transmitted disease, which is already a terrible epidemic.


A peculiar viral infection.  I am told that the nutrient depletion discussed above may give rise to a viral infection in the brain that seems to be able to change a person’s attitude and behavior, in some cases.  People with this craving tend to become more selfish, for example, and even nasty and cruel. 

This is a hidden factor, but an important one to know about if you want to overcome sexual fluid craving.  The women become extremely angry, selfish and uncaring about their bodies, their spouses and boyfriends, and their morals.  It is an unusual effect that surprises many men and women.

Fortunately, this infection or effect on the brain and personality goes away as one renourishes and balances the body using nutritional balancing science only.


High intelligence and perhaps selfishness.  The condition often occurs in women and some men who are above average in intelligence.  However, many are somewhat immature and do not understand that sex is not a goal of life and that sex is not important in the big picture of life.  Less mature individuals are also more likely to take a selfish approach to the problem and may be less able to discuss it rationally and lovingly with their partners.

More mature people have an easier time figuring out that the problem is real, it is not about love or even about pleasure, and more sex is not the answer.  They often figure out which foods make them feel better, and they may seek out nutritional balancing or other methods to correct the problem rather than demand more sex of their partners, or worse, leave their partners or have affairs.

Less intelligent people seem to be less affected with the condition for some reason.  Perhaps intelligence increases the need for red meat, or for particular nutrients found in semen, which are also lower in the food supply.

Also, those that have the condition are often more zinc-needy and selenium-needy.  These are often active women in the world who want to be more like men in their ability to perform and work in the world.


            Timing. Many report that the condition becomes worse around age 25 to 27 years of age.  It may then ebb after age 30 to 31, and become worse again around age 50 or so.  This may have to do with hormonal changes in a woman at this time of life, and certain pressures that women feel at different ages. 




1. Further nutritional depletion of both husband and wife or partners.

2. Disease (STDs) if the woman goes outside the relationship for more sex.

They spread further when these women and their infected partners go in swimming pools or worse, hot tubs and other places where diseases of this type spread easily.

3. Relationship disasters due to fights over how much sex to have, as the woman wants more and more of it and neither partner understands the problem.  Some women decide to have an affair and lie to their husbands about it.


4. Hooking up and marrying incompatible partners who only appear compatible because they give a woman, or perhaps a man, a fluid zing or buzz with sex.

5. More unwanted babies and abortions with all their problems.  To get fluid, women demand unprotected sex.  This causes pregnancies

6. Much more disease, in general.  In particular, too much sex seems to cause heart disease.

Also, iron poisoning that seems to be associated with fluid craving often affects the cardiovascular system and shortens the life.

7. More chance of violence, rape and death to women who are not as careful about with whom they have sexual relations.

8. Addiction, and the negative traits that go with it.  Addictions always tend to cause people to lie, cheat, and harbor other negative attitudes.

If left unchecked, this addiction can ruins people’s lives, ruin families and children, and has repercussions for the entire social fabric of society.  The reason for this is that the family unit and stable man-woman relationships are the basis for a stable, and happy society.  This is the truth, even if modern psychologists disagree.  For example, children raised in broken homes or homes where the parents fight over sex or anything else are statistically less able to cope with life as adults.

Also, the fidelity, gentleness and love of women is a foundational factor for the advancement of modern societies.  This may sound like an extreme statement, but a little reflection will show that it is the women who are often more caring for others and who help guide their partners in unselfish endeavors to improve society.  If the women become selfish and demanding of sex, this can easily destroy their stable man-woman relationships.


9. Vampirism.  One of the worst outcomes is that it turns otherwise nice young and older women into selfish nutritional vampires who basically crave and steal seminal fluid any way they can, at times, with no regard for their own dignity, for love, or for the well-being of their partners or mates.  A separate article discusses Energetic Vampirism.


10. Ruining men’s health.  Men are affected, too.  Men should not have sex more than once a week, at most.  Most men, in fact, as they age, in particular, should practice sexual restraint to preserve their sexual fluids and their health.

Also, single men, especially younger and virile ones, but others as well, are placed in more danger of becoming victims of the vampirish women with this condition. 

The affected women often lie to young men, telling them they love them, when it is not true.  In fact, selfish women with the condition just crave the men’s sexual fluids and are “using” the men for a fix.  Young men are often flattered by the attention of attractive ladies and will be sorely confused and disappointed one day when the truth is known that love plays little role in the relationship and sadly, the men are sex objects only.




Most women and men with the condition are slow oxidizers.  This means their adrenals and thyroid glands are functioning sub-optimally.  Many, in fact, have exhausted or depleted adrenal glands and low thyroid hormone secretion.  However, taking thyroid supplements does not correct the condition.

All of those with the condition tend to be low in iodine and high in iron.  However, these imbalances are often hidden or not obvious from a hair mineral test  blood examination, or other test.  To assess these hidden mineral imbalances, other methods must be used such as a therapeutic trial with kelp of another form of iodine, and looking for hidden iron indicators on a hair mineral analysis.  These are described in the article entitled Acquired Iron Overload.  Some with sexual fluid craving, but not all, have obvious mineral deficiencies such as low selenium, chromium and/or zinc.  Many report feeling hypoglycemic, but not all.

Most of them also have a spiritual defensiveness pattern.  This indicates that the person needs to let go of something – usually something in one’s lifestyle or an attitude or habit.  It may be anger, selfishness or perhaps a relationship that is really not of good quality, in which the woman is in the relationship mainly to obtain sexual fluids, and not for love.  Other mineral imbalances connected with this condition have yet to be identified.

No Libido.  Many of the women, in particular, report that they actually have very low sex drive or libido.  This would go along with an underlying condition of adrenal burnout.  What they want is the fluid, not other aspects of the sexual encounter.


Three highs/four highs pattern.  Some of the women with the problem have a three highs or Four Highs hair analysis pattern.  This is called yang rising or weak yang.  The women crave yang, and male semen is one of the most yang substances on the planet.

The nutritional balancing approach is to build a foundation of strong yang energy in the women.  Then they no longer will crave the yang substances and the problem improves or disappears completely.


Yin disease.  Also, many of the women have Yin Disease.  This is common in those who do not eat red meat and instead prefer more fruit and a more vegetarian diet.





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