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            Every person is born with four specialized and well-trained souls that are around the physical body at the level of the head.  They remain about 10 feet away from the head.  They arrange themselves in the shape of a square or diamond, with one in each of the four main directions from the body – north, east, south and west.

Controller souls are concerned with magnetism, in general, and its effects on our bodies.  Their location around a person’s head are the magnetic directions, not the physical directions.  Magnetism has a lot to do with intelligence, and having the controller souls in place is a key to becoming and remaining very intelligent. 

This is because intelligence has a linear directed quality to it.  One must move from A to B to C without delay and without distortion to think logically.  This may seem obvious, but many people are unable or unwilling to think this way.  Their thinking is always “twisted”, “warped”, “circular”, or incomplete.




            The functions include:


1. They help orient the human bodies in space.  Without them, a person often has a very poor sense of direction.


2. They help a person think more clearly.


3. They help a person to understand life better.


4. They help with some of the automatic life functions, such as breathing, digesting, circulating the blood properly, and even repairing the souls and the physical body.




All animals have an organ in the brain that uses a tiny amount of iron that is magnetized to help them remain oriented correctly in space, and which assists their brains to think clearly.  Human beings lack this organ, or it is not developed in most people, so the controller souls assist the humans, but are not needed in animals.




Some people have two or three sets of controller souls around them.  These people tend to be twice as smart as other people.  This is one of the effects of the controller souls.

If you want this for yourself, all you need to do is ask for it.  However, if your body is too yin, as most of them are, you will not receive more controller souls because they cannot live around a yin body.  Making your body much more yang is just one of the benefits of a properly designed nutritional balancing program.

            Even quadrupling of the controller souls is possible.  However, any amount over tripling is by invitation, and is based on one’s work and degree of deserving of this honor.




            Human beings, who have controller souls present around them, are able to analyze better than souls.  Souls can think, of course, but their thinking is based on expanded perception and less on logic.  This gets in their way, and is one reason they need to be associated with a body in space at all times or they become disoriented and ill.




            The main reasons why controller souls leave a person are 1) trauma, 2) old age, and 3) poor health at any age.  Let us discuss all of these reasons:


            1. Trauma.  Trauma causes the loss of controller souls because traumas to the head, especially, damage the brain in certain ways so that the controller souls can no longer do their job properly.  When this happens, the souls usually leave rather than do a poor job.

            Trauma also always causes nutritional depletion, which can also cause soul loss.  For example, rape always causes some nutritional depletion, as well as brain damage.  Just touching the back of the vagina lightly is fine, but when it is done forcefully and hard, it sends reflex signals to the brain that do damage to its delicate structures.

In fact, loss of controller souls is one of the worst effects of a rape or other serious traumas such as a beating, or a serious fall or accident.  This type of soul loss is subtle and cannot be detected by doctors or other types of therapists.

Even worse, when a controller soul is lost, often another soul replaces it that is inferior in intelligence, often angry, and programmed to interferes with a person’s thoughts, words and deeds.  When a controller soul returns, it is generally able to displace this rogue soul, fortunately.

A mild trauma cause the loss of one of the controller souls, while a more serious trauma cause the loss of two of them.  If more than two leave, usually it is because the body will not survive.  All four controller souls must return to a  person for that one to function optimally.


2. Old age.  Old age is also associated, in all cases, with nutritional depletion and often diseases such as arteriosclerosis that impairs blood flow to the brain.  These imbalances, in turn, cause brain damage that makes the controller souls’ job impossible to do.  Hence they leave.


            3. Poor health at any age, and for any reason.  This is also associated with nutritional depletion, and with other brain problems such as infection, impaired circulation, low energy, or other types of problems.

            As you can see, impaired nutrition is an important common denominator of the cause for loss of the controller souls.  This is important because even if the controller souls return, if the nutrition becomes impaired, they will leave again due to brain damage.


What is good nutrition?  What many people consider “good nutrition” is not so.  Raw food, for example, is generally very bad.  It is harder to digest, and harder on the body, in general.  We are not animals with powerful digestive juices and digestive tracts that can handle a lot of raw food.  Vegetarian diets are a disaster, as are high carbohydrate diets or high protein diets. 

The main food groups that is needed today is vegetables, and they must be cooked until they are soft, not crunchy.  The nutritional balancing diets are discussed in many articles on this website.




            If you have experienced a trauma, or even if you are not sure, but you wonder if you have lost one or more of your controller souls, there is a way to help them to return to you:


Step 1. A nutritional balancing program.  You must begin and faithfully follow a complete nutritional balancing program for at least two months continuously.  The purpose of this is to drastically improve your energy level and your physical health.  It also will signal to the controller souls that you want to get well, and you are taking the right step to begin the process.

NOTE: Other health programs, nutrition programs, acupuncture, homeopathy, chelation, hormone therapies and naturopathic healing modalities will not work.  I am not sure why this is so, but it is our observation.  I believe it is because all of them miss some essential features of nutritional balancing science, especially the ability to delicately balance the body.

Your age, sex or anything else does not matter.  Just begin right away.   You can begin today with the Free Program, but that is just until you contact one of the Approved Practitioners to get on a complete program.


Step 2. The call.  After you have been on a complete nutritional balancing program for at least two months, begin to ask earnestly in prayer that your controller souls return to you.  They will heed the call if you do the program correctly, and ask sincerely.




Magnesium. Controller souls love magnesium, and always bring with them improved magnesium metabolism.  When a person is missing one or two controller souls, the body is unable to hold on to its magnesium, as well.  This always causes reduced energy and other enzyme-related problems.

 When a controller soul returns to a person’s energy field, the person’s hair magnesium level temporarily increases dramatically.  It usually doubles, and often increases even more than this.

The reason appears to be that the body eliminates a poorer quality magnesium, which is replaced by a higher quality magnesium in many enzyme systems.  This causes improved health and usually better energy levels, often within a few days. Magnesium is one of the few minerals for which the body cannot substitute other minerals in its enzyme binding sites.  Thus, if the body cannot obtain the best quality magnesium compounds, it will use inferior magnesium compounds that are often oxides, for example.


A controller return indicator.  Thus, a steep rise in the hair tissue magnesium level is actually an excellent way to guess that one or more controller souls has returned to a person’s body.


Hill or Coming Alive patterns.  Return of one or two controller souls is associated with the development of a 1) hill pattern, 2) a hilling pattern and/or a coming alive pattern on a hair mineral analysis.  For more on the coming alive pattern, please see the Patterns Found Only On Retests section of the articles on the website.  All of these patterns are very positive signs of healing and increased well-being.



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