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            Prostitution often appears to be a simple transaction in which someone pays for sex.  However, there is much more to it.

Most prostitution is forced upon women through unspeakable torture and rape.  Most prostitutes have been raped, no matter how good they look.  Many do NOT like what they do, even if they feel they must tell you they do enjoy their trade.


Definition.  Prostitution is the act of trading sex for money in a professional way.  Usually, a man pays a woman for sex.  However, it can occur the other way around, and it can occur between two of the same sex.

Prostitution arises in most societies, among all races, and among all economic groups.  It can be difficult to stop, even when it is clearly harmful.  All societies must either 1) allow it, 2) regulate it in some way, or 3) prohibit it.




Trafficking.  In reality, prostitution is often forced.  Millions of young women around the world are first captured, and then raped by pimps and others.  They basically weaken and terrify, and then enslave the women and put them to work as prostitutes.

Nutritional depletion and toxicity.  Often, if not always, the women are made extremely ill by repeated rape until they can no longer think clearly and they no longer have the energy to get out of their situation.  This is very important to understand.

Cultural horrors.  Prostitution is also forced in other situations.  In some cultures, poor families send their daughters out as prostitutes to bring in money for the family.

In other situations, prostitution may be one of very few occupations open to certain young women.  Here it may be said to be voluntary, but it is a fine line if it is the only way to support oneself.




Most prostitution is criminal activity to make money by exploiting young women.  Prostitution is usually controlled and run by organized crime groups as a “profit center”.

The women are used and then thrown away like a piece of trash.  Some are murdered so they won’t talk.  Most of the others are too ill to cause trouble, and most of them don’t live very long.

In a few cases, other motives for prostitution may occur.  However, this is not the case with most prostitution.  These other motives include:

- just a job to earn money

- a way to release sexual tension, in both a man and a woman

- a way to have companionship.  Sex, in this case, is secondary to the activity.

- a way to get close to another person.

- a means of entertainment and relaxation.

- a way to have a friendship.

- an artistic or creative activity.

- an experimental activity for someone to learn about sex.

- a co-dependent relationship

- a way to fulfill certain biochemical needs for sexual fluid, for example.

- a way to control another.

- a way to vampirize or steal energy from another

- a way to continue to feel like a victim (sadomasochism, for example).

- a therapy

- a fetish

- a way to have fun, fulfill fantasies or satisfy other needs or desires




Many people think only of brothels when they think of prostitution.  However, this is far from the truth. Below are other situations and settings in which prostitution occurs.


- Some escort, dating, cleaning, waitressing, and companion services

- Some entertainment locations such as casinos, hotels, resorts and clubs

- At times, in professional offices such as those of sex therapists, doctors, body workers, massage therapists, and others.

- At times, in the business world, as a reward system or “employment benefit”.  It may also be used as a promotion method, especially among corporate climbers or yuppies.

- At times, as a cultural practice to deal with loneliness or with the sexual needs of divorced and widowed people, or for other purposes such as tribal bonding, or just for fun.

- As part of criminal and mafia activity such as human trafficking.  In other words, the women are foreign agents posing as prostitutes, or the women are badly raped and are sex slaves.

- At colleges, today.  Young women can be encouraged to prostitute themselves to get better grades, to make money, or just “for fun”.

- Liberals often support prostitution as a pastime or for fun because some of them believe marriage is nothing more than legalized prostitution, and a trap for women.

- Private arrangements such as mistresses, concubines, and harems.

- Within some cults and “spiritual” groups.

- Dating situations, and other informal arrangements between individuals.

- Street walkers




I do not think young girls grow up dreaming of becoming prostitutes.  Most often, there has been early abuse and sexual trauma, such as molestation or rape.

Nutritional problems can keep a woman in prostitution because she cannot think clearly and does not have the energy to change her occupation.

At times, poverty is a possible cause.  Others that are less common are sexual fluid craving, anger with men, and self-hatred or self-loathing.


Why men seek prostitutes.  The causes include high male hormone levels, other biochemical imbalances, lack of a partner, poor communication with a partner, fun, entertainment, experimentation, and occasionally other reasons.




One of the difficulties controlling prostitution is that it is a rather simple economic activity.  This means there are willing buyers and sellers.  Whenever this occurs, for any product or service, they tend to find one another and they “do business” with one another.

As a general rule, voluntary economic activity is helpful for a society because it satisfies people’s needs in a peaceful way.  One can argue that if a man wants sex, and a woman wants to offer it to him, who is to say that this is “bad” and should not be allowed.

The problem is that prostitution is often not that simple.  This article points out how and why this is so.  The most important hidden problem with prostitution is explained in the next section.




There are people who seek to weaken and sicken others so that the planet will be easier to control.  I call them the rogues.

They love prostitution.  They use it to spread disease, to weaken men and women, to recruit agents, and to ruin the morals and marriages of the people.  This is a large subject.  For more, please read The Rogues, and about 20 other articles about the rogues on this website.




Organized crime.  Prostitution is usually associated with organized crime. 

Blackmail.  Prostitution is commonly used by organized crime and others to blackmail men.  Photos can be taken secretly during sex with the prostitute.  The man is shown these and told he had better do as he is told, or he will lose his job and his wife if the photos are released.  He may also have to pay money to keep the photos hidden.

This is a common way to control politicians, doctors and others in society. 

Drugs, gambling and other vices.  These also often are found with prostitution.  This is probably due to the influence of organized crime, which also deals in gambling and drugs, in many cases.

Diseases. Prostitutes become infected with any or all of two dozen STDs.

Prostitutes then tend to spread those diseases, even if the madams are careful.  It is easy when bodies are undressed and in close contact.

At times, the goal is to spread disease, as explained above.  The disease is spread not just to the men, but to their wives and perhaps others through prostitution.

Damaging marriages.  This is another important social problem with prostitution.  Some prostitutes say they encourage men to stay with their wives, but some do not.  It is a bad thing, in most all cases.

Rape.  Prostitutes are often raped, and sometimes killed.  Often, this is not reported in the newspapers because the pimps don’t want it reported and the pimps control the reporting through blackmail and other methods.   For much more on rape and recovery from rape, please read Rape on this website.

Other. Prostitutes can and are beaten, whipped, and tortured in other ways.  Prostitutes can become pregnant, and most have had a number of abortions.  Prostitutes are also killed while working, and such deaths may not be reported.




Nutritional depletion.  This website discusses the nutritional aspects of many health and social conditions.  Our research and clinical experience shows clearly that many people, especially women, are extremely nutritionally depleted.  This greatly influences their lifestyles, and their ability to change their lives.

Very few, if any, women would choose to be prostitutes if they felt they had a choice of occupations and lifestyles. It is a very dangerous profession, and not one of which most are proud.

However, most are so ill they have trouble leaving this profession to begin a different life.  Nutritional correction can change that, and we have observed this on a number of occasions.

Sexual fluid craving.  Some young women crave male sexual fluid.  This is usually the result of rape.  It can be the result of nutritional deficiencies that are common in teenage girls and young adult women.

The result is these women become more interested in sex for purely biochemical reasons.  This topic is discussed in a separate article, Sexual Fluid Craving on this site.




One result of a bad rape is that a woman can become unable to blend her two subtle etheric energy fields.  This is a somewhat technical subject discussed in another article.

An effect of this unusual injury is that the woman starts to crave more sex.  This can attract one to  prostitution or help keep a woman in prostitution.  The injury is often inflicted on women intentionally by pimps and rapists who know about it.  To learn more about the etheric energy fields, please read The Aura on this site.




Prostitution often violates the Biblical Commandment that “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

You may think the Ten Commandments of Moses are old and outdated, but they remain excellent guidelines for living.  Violating any of them is not a good idea.




Classical liberals, which included the founders of the United States, disapproved of prostitution and did not permit it. 




In the Hebrew Bible, prostitution is not permitted.  It was seen to be disruptive to society, and it spread disease among the people.

In the New Testament, Mary of Magdalene, a former prostitute, came to a talk by Jesus.  Afterwards, she pleaded with him for forgiveness for her former lifestyle.  He saw that she was sincere, and he helped heal her of her past.

Then Jesus shocked many people by permitting Mary to remain with his group of disciples.  She became one of the central figures in the group, as she was sensitive and intelligent.  Jesus used her story to illustrate that God loves everyone, even the sinners, and that God can and will forgive all sin.




Modern libertarians say that society should allow prostitution because it is “voluntary economic activity between two consenting adults”.  They say it is none of the government’s business what two adults do together as long as both are satisfied with the exchange, and no one is harmed by the transaction.

The problem with this argument is that most prostitution is not voluntary at all, no matter how it appears and no matter what anyone says.

Most often, it is practiced by women who have been enslaved and forced into prostitution.  All of them are ill, and cannot think clearly enough to find their way out of the situation.

When these women balance and heal their bodies, they do not want to continue.  So prostitution is not exactly “voluntary economic activity”, though it may be made to appear that way.




Sadly, some marriages amount to prostitution.  Usually, the man gets the sex and the woman gets a house to live in, a nice car to drive, and other “payment”.

I urge both young men and young women to steer clear of this kind of relationship.  If you want to be happy, never marry someone for sex or money.  Be very honest and rational about your relationship.  Marry for love and respect, not for sex or money.




The word prostitution has another meaning.  It is an activity in which one does what one is asked for pay, without regard for the legality, morality or properness of the activity.

An example is to work for someone whom you know is a cheater or liar, but you do it anyway because it pays well.



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