by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Johanna Budwig was a prominent German cancer researcher.  She figured out a protocol that seems to help with some cases of cancer, particularly if the person has a very slow oxidation rate.

Advantages of her protocol are very low cost, and great simplicity.  Disadvantages are that it does not always work, although many people report that it helps.  Another possible disadvantage is that it is somewhat yin, which we do not like.  However, if oneÕs oxidation rate is very slow, then it apparently is not too yin, because the personÕs body is extremely yin to begin with.

If the oxidation rate is either just somewhat slow, or fast, then I do not recommend the Budwig protocol, in general.  Cantron may work better, always in conjunction with a complete nutritional balancing program with the cancer modifications.




MATERIALS.  Every day you will need:


1.  3 tablespoons (or British dessert spoons) of fresh, cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil.  Barleans is a very good brand, if you can find it, although other brands will work, too.  Always store this oil in the refrigerator.

2. 6 tablespoons of organic, low-fat (2% or less fat) cottage cheese.

3. 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds.  (Always store flaxseeds in the refrigerator or freezer.)

4. You must have a small hand-held blender or immersion blender.  This looks like a stick with a cord and motor on one end and the blade on the other end that one places in a bowl to blend food.  They are inexpensive and sold at many large department stores.  A regular blender will not work.

4. You will also need an electric nut and seed grinder or coffee grinder.



PROCEDURE.  You must do the procedure exactly as described below.


1. First put the cottage cheese in a large mixing bowl.

2. Then add the flaxseed oil.

3. Blend until the two mix together into a creamy mixture with no oil sitting on top.

4. Now grind up the flaxseeds in the nut and seed grinder. 

5. Immediately add the flaxseeds to the cottage cheese and oil mixture and stir it in by hand until it is mixed in.

6. Eat the whole thing as soon as possible, and definitely within 20 minutes of making it.  Do not make extra to store for   later.  Do not keep it around - eat it immediately, once daily.


Other recommendations from Dr. Budwig are not needed if one follows a nutritional balancing program.



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