by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Happiness is an outcome of right living.  In places like Tibet, the monks go through a training in happiness.  Here are just a few of their many principles to learn and practice daily in your life.  If you do what is suggested, you will be happy most of the time.  This is true even if you are not well, if you are poor, if you are lonely or alone, and if you are mentally deficient or physically disabled.

While the idea of happiness training may seem odd, it is not.  Many people, no matter how much wealth, friends, careers and so on that they have, are not happy.  This is somewhat of a paradox because often those that are happy are those that have much less in the way of material items and pleasures.  This article may help you understand why this is so, and what to do about it.




The following can help you to be happy most of the time:


Extend love to all people and things around you.


Let your cells and your souls sing happy songs day and night.  Did you know that your cells and the souls that live and work there talk to you?  Many people are tired, malnourished, and toxic.  As a result, their souls are not happy.  They sing sad songs to you day and night and this is why many people feel unhappy.

If you begin a nutritional balancing program, your cells will slowly get healthy, as will the souls that live inside the body and operate it.  When this occur, they will send happy messages to you day and night. 

This greatly affects your happiness.  It is like having a chorus in the background at all times, either praising God and life, or cursing them because they feel rotten.  The choice is yours, much more than you think.


Live as though you are a soul.  One reason for this is it is the truth.  You are not simply a hunk of flesh or brain matter.  The basic unit of consciousness is the soul.  “You” are a group of these souls who act together to conduct your life.

Another reason to view yourself this way is that it can help you understand yourself and others.  For example, souls live a very long time and want certain experiences.  Souls love music.  Souls want to be with their friends and their “twin”, which is another soul of the opposite sex.  To learn a lot more about souls, read Soul Science and a number of other articles about souls on this website.


Live in the present moment.  Only the present is real, and it is the only place where you have power and control over your life.

The trick is to stay in the present because the ego mind tends to move easily into the past (regrets and memories) or into the future (fear and anxiety).  Doing the Pushing Down Exercise daily keeps bringing you back to the present moment.  After a time, living in the present becomes more of a habit.


Develop yourself.  This does not mean go to college, get married or do yoga.  It means follow a nutritional balancing program carefully for a number of years.  When you do this, an unusual process occurs that we call development on this website.

Life is not just a physical existence.  Much more is possible for any human being.  Development is the unfolding of the latent potential of a human being.  One might say it is becoming a master of yourself and of the world.  For details, read Introduction To Development, Merkaba Science, and other articles about development on this site.


Read the Bible.  It contains many wise teachings.  Do not listen to those who condemn it because it opposes homosexuality or because it has too many battles in it.  It is not an outdated, old-fashioned book.  It is as valid today as it was thousands of years ago.  There may be some translation errors in it, but it does not negate the value of it.


Do something fun and productive with your life.  Many people live for their retirement, and do not enjoy their work.  They are always thinking of the future, and not the present.  It is best to live, work, play and stay busy in a productive way.  The rest has a way of taking care of itself if you live this way.


Smile.  It doesn’t cost any more.  This is an important principle for many people.  Having said this, women, especially attractive ones, which is most of them, must not smile much at men.  Unfortunately, smiling can be misinterpreted as signaling that one wants sex or even a rape.

However, with your family, for example, with your boss or employees, with your friends, and even with your computer – learn to let go of the frown and smile more, and you will be happier.


In general, material things do not bring happiness.  This is a difficult idea because society teaches that one should want a beautiful home, a large family, many friends, and more.

However, happiness is generally an inside job.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “People are about as happy as they choose to be.” 

Happiness is often not about what you have on the outside.  Having a large house is not better than a small one.  Having a large car is not better than a small one, although it is generally safer and we suggest a large car for this reason.  Having a new car is not better than an old one, if the old one runs well.  And so on.


Gratitude is the attitude.  This is common sense, but is extremely powerful.  Try to be grateful for everything, even your failures.  You never know; if you had taken that dream vacation you wanted so badly but could not afford, you may have been killed in a bus accident, so be grateful! 

If you had married that gorgeous hunk, he might have cheated on you, gave you syphilis, stolen your money and more, so be grateful!  If you landed that incredible job in the big city, you might have been raped by the boss or someone else, so be grateful! 

If you had put your money in that investment that is now doing well, you might not have had time to meet your wife or husband, or time for your children, or time to develop your own business, so be grateful!

Things could be worse, so stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself so much.  This is a great truth that most people forget unless they have been seriously ill, in a wheelchair for a few years, financially impoverished, or totally lonely.  Try to remember it at all times.


Life is short, so make the best of it now.  In other words, stop procrastinating, seize the moment and the day, take a few chances as long as you do not endanger yourself or others, risk your pride and your security to a degree, and get on with life because may be over at any time.


Life is short, so quit whining and enjoy it.  There is no time for worry, fear, whining, feeling sorry for yourself and all the other ways people waste time that do not serve them at all – not one bit.


Life is short, so have some fun.  This must be qualified.  It does not mean to indulge the ego, race around stupidly, get drunk or stoned, have a lot of sex, and the usual meaning of fun.  Fun here means “lighten up”.

Laugh every day.  This is simple and it works.  Find something to laugh about in a real way.  Laugh with others.  You can laugh at yourself, and that is good.  It means you are not so serious about yourself.


Life is short, so hope for the best, not the worst.  Many people are pessimists.  This is different from being practical and realistic.

Pessimists are negative thinkers.  Some of them do well, but most do not.  They figure they will lose out anyway, so they might as well do it now.  Instead, why not assume the world is friendly, miracles can occur, you have hidden abilities and talents, and God is good.  This is just as easy and just as true in many cases.

People who generally think positively, but realistically and carefully, have a lot more fun, achieve much more, learn much more and have a better life overall.


Life is short, so stop crying.  Many people are sad and depressed, and they think this is religious and holy.  It is not.  Life is not about wailing and bemoaning yourself and this world.  Focus on the positive if you want to be happy.


No one is perfect, not even you.  So relax more around people and whenever you do anything.  This is a great teaching.  Perfectionism makes one unhappy, as does comparing yourself to your neighbor, your friend, your spouse, and everyone else.  So stop comparing, and stop trying to be perfect.  This does not mean not to try hard.  That is good and it is way to be happy.  But do not compare and do not be a perfectionist.


Wear the world like a loose coat.  This means don’t take anything or anyone too seriously.  This is a big problem for many people who are so caught up with their family, their sports team, their house or car, their friends, and so on, that when tragedy strikes their attachments, they fall apart. 

Take everything lightly, loosely, and remain a little detached from everything in this world for maximum happiness.


Your attitude is your altitude.  This simply means that events will happen in life.  What matters, often, is your attitude about them and your judgments of them.  It means that if you can keep a good attitude, you will remain happy.  The slings and arrows of this world will not affect you nearly as much, so you will stay happy much more easily.


Learn self-acceptance and self-love at all times, no matter what is going on and no matter how you feel.  This is a very powerful decision that mature people must make.


Don’t make excuses.  It is no fun.



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