by Lawrence Wilson, MD

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The main goal of nutritional balancing science is development.  This is a precise process of the unfolding of the full human potential.  It involves the development of the subtle human bodies or energy fields.  With  this comes a number of unusual abilities, such as the ability to communicate telepathically with others, and a heightened sensitivity of the body, in general.  Development also brings much better health, a stronger immune response, and a much more balanced nervous system.

This process has been taught on earth for thousands of years.  However, it has been largely taught secretly.  Now it is available to everyone through this website.  It involves rejuvenating the physical body, and then additional work to perfect the other subtle “bodies” or energy fields.  This article is an introduction to the subject of development.  This website has at least 20 other articles about the specifics of development.  All of them are listed at this link.




1. It is a specific physiological process.  This is involved, and include restoration of the thymus gland and Peyer’s patches, an increase in the number of neurons in the brain, and a few other changes.

One also develops a merkabah.  This is described in a separate article entitled The Merkabah on this website.

Development also involves growth of what are called the subtle human bodies.  These are really just energy fields that some people can see around a person.  In most people, these remain largely undeveloped.

These subtle bodies go by various names.  Common ones are the etheric, mental, causal and whole or entire bodies.  The names are less important than the concept.  Since this is a large subject, a separate article entitled The Aura describe the bodies in more detail.


2. It leads to a longer, healthier, and usually a much wiser and happier life.  This occurs because the immune response of the body becomes much more effective in fighting infections, and one is able to eliminate more toxins from the body. 


3. Many unusual abilities may develop.  These are a ‘side effect’ of the process.  For example, one may be able to see subtle energy flows around a person’s body, or perhaps one’s memory becomes much better.


3. This development happens automatically if one follows a nutritional balancing program precisely.  That is, it does not require special deprivations, sacrifices or “spiritual practices” or techniques other than the ones recommended as part of every nutritional balancing program.  However, if one adds or deletes parts of the program, it may not occur at all, or it might occur at a much reduce pace.


4. It can be done at home.  In the past, such development required the discipline of living in a monastery or convent, for example.  However, this does not seem to be needed today, provided one follows a nutritional balancing program completely.


5. It is not dependent upon learning of knowledge.  In fact, those who are seemingly less intellectual or less learned often make better candidates for this type of development.  This is because too much intellectual focus can actually get in the way.

For example, one need not learn all about one’s family of origin with its dysfunctions, or why one is compulsive, or other psychological insights. 

However, reading and studying the articles on this website, and reading the bible can be very helpful to develop a correct perspective and correct attitudes about life and other things.


6. It is not about learning or practicing any kind of trade, business or profession such as being a healer or a priest. 


7. It is not spiritualism, in which one tunes into dead people or spirits without bodies to gain access to information or power.


6. It is not about the development of psychic powers or mediumship.  Many people believe that development is about developing one’s “powers”.  Phenomena that may considered supernatural or unusual may occur.  But these are never the goal and are pure incidental.  If they ever become the objective, then one has lost sight of real development.


7.  It does not require traveling somewhere, attending special classes or services, or joining a particular religious or spiritual group or organization.  This was the method in the past, but today other options are available.  In fact, most of today’s “spiritual organizations” can get in the way of this type of development simply because one must go at the pace of the group and most are stuck in older methods that are less effective today.

Instead, it is mainly about a specific method of renourishing and conditioning the physical body and the brain that seems to be very effective, without needing the many rituals and other practices that were used in the past.




            I will give seven steps or stages from intense suffering to advanced development that one often must go through when beginning and pursuing the process described in this article:


1. Intense suffering.  Most people who choose to develop themselves in this manner begin or have experienced some type of quite intense suffering.  This may have been an illness, child abuse, divorce, death in the family or some other type.  They decide that they do not want to suffer any more.  This is the key idea in the first step.  They want to rise beyond what may be called ‘survival mode’ and live differently.


2. Milder suffering.  The decision that one makes in step one above leads to a better life, but still one that is filled with milder suffering that most people experience.  One must continue to decide that one is done with suffering and wanting more fun, more happiness, more love and so on from one’s earthly life.


3. Ego pleasures.  Usually this leads a person to experience more excitement and fun in a physical manner.  If one’s health and finances permit, one may travel, have a family, start a business, have a career and so on.  However, one must ask for and desire to move on from this to something even greater.


4. Letting go of the physical world to some degree.  This step, which corresponds to the fourth or heart chakra or energy center of the body, is the most difficult for most people.  It is the decision that, in fact, the physical world does not offer what one is seeking.  Instead, one must turn inwards, one must heal at deep levels, and one must relate to others as a soul who is here to bless and assist other souls. 

This is a profound shift that most people simply cannot make too easily.  Sometimes a hardship or suffering helps them do it, although some are inspired to do it by stories from the bible or other books, for example.  A few people just find themselves naturally taking this step.  For more on this, read Letting Go.


5. Finding nutritional balancing science - a sure, slow and safe method for basic mental and spiritual development.  Some people will find their way to this website, and from there will contact one of the Approved Practitioners only to begin a program.  Other people hear about nutritional balancing from a friend, or a radio program, or some other way.

Note that trying to do the program on your own, or working with anyone who is not on the list of Approved Practitioners will not usually produce the same results, as only the Approved Practitioners offer the programs correctly.  A separate article discusses Why Nutritional Balancing Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program.

6. Advanced or faster development.  This is an extension of number five above.  It just means that if one wishes, one can do the program more diligently and thus move much faster.  In particular, doing the Roy Masters meditation technique with the modifications I have made to it seems to accelerate the process.


7. Unity consciousness and a deeper understanding of all the above.  This is the ultimate goal or ‘big picture’ understanding of exactly what one is involved with.  This is described in an article entitled The Big Picture.




There are at least three groups of people who are developing in this particular manner:


1. Those with the abilities from birth. These include the ones known as Jesus, Buddha, Enoch, Abraham, Moses and many others described in the Holy Scriptures and books of the different religions.  To be born with these abilities is relatively rare, however.


2. Those who develop a little during their lifetime as a result of stress.  This is becoming more common today.  Apparently, poor quality diets, stressful lives and other factors are combining with certain energies that are coming to planet earth at this time to allow a measure of this development in thousands of people around the globe.  It is occurring more commonly in America, followed closely by Europe, and then Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and it is occurring everywhere to some degree.  It is a very limited version of development, however.


3. Those who develop as a result of following a more or less complete nutritional balancing program. This is the group of people that this article is aimed at.  Unfortunately, just eating a healthful diet, and/or taking supplements or doing coffee enemas will not work.  It is the combination that we call nutritional balancing that is required.  The rest of the article discusses how this works in more detail.




There appears to be a set of factors, all of which are important, that causes a safe mental and spiritual development.  Combining them correctly is also very helpful and critical.

These factors will be familiar to readers of this website.  For each, please read the article on this website that gives specific details, as these can be critical.  For example, the amount of rest is important.  However, going to bed early is also particularly important.  Drinking enough water is important, but so is the type of water that one consumes, and so on.  The major factors so far include:


1. Rest in large amounts.  See The Benefits of Rest and Sleep.

2. A specific diet consisting of nine cups of cooked vegetables daily – some with each meal.  This is the essence of the diet.  Animal quality protein such as meats, eggs an some raw dairy products daily are also usually needed or at least very helpful.

Especially excellent foods are lamb, sardines, organic blue corn chips with sea salt, kelp, carrot juice (but only 10-12 ounces daily) or wheat grass juice up to 2 ounces daily, cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, green vegetables such as spinach, and only raw unpasteurized dairy products.
              One must also AVOID the nightshade family of vegetables, sugars, all fruit, all juices except carrot juice as explained above, all wheat, and all pig products.  However, lamb and wild game are excellent.  Also, one must avoid all food chemicals as much as possible. 
See Food And Spiritual Development, as well as many other articles dealing with specific foods, eating habits, extreme diets such as vegetarian diets, and other food-related articles on this website.

3. Adults need to drink two to three quarts or liters daily of either a good spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.  AVOID all other types of water, particularly reverse osmosis water and often alkaline water as well.  For much more on this topic, read Drinking Water on this website.

4. About 8 or 9 specific food supplements.  Among these are kelp, fish oil or other sources of omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, about 5000 iu of vitamin D3, a digestive aid preferably of animal origin, a calcium/magnesium supplement, a zinc supplement, and perhaps others depending upon one’s state of health.  Note that most other supplements end up being harmful in our experience, although this probably sounds very unusual or harsh.  These include many herbs, most homeopathic remedies, most essential oils, all bio-identical hormones, most vitamin regimens, and the use of hundreds of other nutritional and other products sold today such as anti-oxidants, high-dose vitamin C, and others.

5. Sexual restraint.  Too much sex for men, in particular, will slow or stop development.  See Sexuality And Development .

6. Purification or detoxification of the body and mind.  For more information, read Sauna Therapy and the article entitled Toxic Metals and others.  The near infrared sauna and coffee enemas have many subtle benefits and appear to be far more helpful than any other detoxification procedures for the purpose of this type of development.

7. A healthful lifestyle with avoidance of toxins.  These include toxic metals, toxic chemicals, toxins in foods and beverages, most medical and over-the-counter drugs, recreational drugs and alcohol, toxic or negative or cynical attitudes and emotions, and other types of toxins.

8. Other.  Several other aspects of the nutritional balancing program can be exceedingly helpful for development, although they may be less necessary.  They include:

A. A particular meditation.  The only recommended meditation is the one taught by Mr. Roy Masters at the Foundation of Human Understanding.  It works even better with the modifications I have made to it.  Other prayers, meditations and affirmations do not have the same effect.  Read much more about meditation in the article entitled Meditation.

B. Attitude adjustment, when needed.  See The Biological Basis of Positive Thinking and many other articles about attitudes and emotions on the website.

C. Emotional control.  See the article entitled Letting Go and others on this website.


Note:  Before moving on, I want to reiterate that in our experience, development will occur naturally and automatically if most or all of the above components or elements are done properly.  However, if one alters any of them, or skips some, or adds others, the development process either slows or stops completely.  This is most important.




In the past, people had to join special groups or live in monasteries and convents to develop themselves.  This is not needed anymore, and, in fact, can impede development, as the interaction with society, if handled correctly, can actually facilitate this development.  This is a new phenomenon and one that is wonderful, as many more people can be reached thanks to the internet and other mass systems of communication and learning.




            Anyone reading this article is already beginning the process of mental and spiritual development by learning about it.  The next step is to implement or work on all of the factors above.  Do not omit any of them, although it is fine to focus on one or another for a few months, until it becomes part of your daily routine or lifestyle.  Overall, it is not a difficult regimen or a particularly costly one.

            The next step would be to go on a nutritional balancing program using the hair analysis as a basis for figuring out exactly what to eat and which food supplements and detoxification procedures are most needed, and in what quantity.  Most people require a very structured program, at least for a while, to bring the body and often the mind, as well, into a better state of balance and to renourish the body with minerals, in particular, but also with many other nutrients.

It is not enough, in my experience, to just eat well, or to just take a pile of supplements.  The gradual balancing and replenishing of nutrients in a specific order and time frame is needed, or the process will often stall.  Low levels of vital minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, selenium and many others stops development in many people.  The following are some hints for more effective development.




You are not who you think you are.  You are not the body you inhabit and animate, for example.  You are much more.  You are not someone’s child, mate, parent, employee or employer.  You are more than this.  You are not your mind or even what many call your soul.  You are more than this as well.  Be open to unlimited possibilities if you really want this kind of development. 


Humanity is not familiar with development, so don’t try to force it on people.  Since most are not living in monasteries, accept what is around you and don’t waste your time with anger, fear and upset.  Realize that development is new for this planet, so most people will not be interested, at least at first. 

They will ridicule you if you try to make them go along, or even if you explain it to most people.  So do your own work, and commune with those who are on the same path.  The other way – trying to get others to appreciate your way, or to go along, even a little – is extremely frustrating and a total waste of energy. 

Teach by example, in other words, not by trying to coax or cajole or force anyone else to go along.  This is extremely important at this time on earth.


Development takes a lot of time, so start now.  Old ways of eating and living must change, so start to make these changes as soon as possible.  By far, the hardest part of the adventure is starting.  It is like blasting a rocket off to go to the moon and beyond.  The hardest part, by far, is getting away from the gravity or inertia of your old lifestyle, old friends, perhaps, and old attitudes that are far more negative than you think.  Recall this fact often.


Change will occur with development, and is not always pleasant, but need not be feared.  At times, relationships, habits, jobs and every other aspect of life-as-usual will need to change or development will cease.  However, when the time for these changes is right, they can take place with grace and love. These changes should never come with anger or resentment or from a place of fear, if at all possible.


Development is about discipline.  The word discipline is derived from the same root as the word disciple.  It has to do with following a path.  It is not about forcing yourself to eat a certain way or to sleep more, although these are needed.  It is about becoming a disciple of your true self or real self. 

The development of discipline, courage and emotional control have always been a feature of all systems of development, from the beginning of time.  The reason is that discipline develops the mind and the will.  These are subjects that are important for balanced and safe development.  They are dealt with in separate articles on this website such as The Will.


Do not be concerned about when development will come to fruition.  The process is very individual, but will proceed apace if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Much depends on how faithful you are with your diet, resting, sexual continence and all the other attitudes and behaviors that are necessary to place your body, mind and spirit in the right places, spiritually speaking, to receive more of the energy of the universe that helps create and fill out the subtle bodies.


Help is available to anyone who wishes to develop himself or herself.  Everyone can receive quite specific guidance to help with development.  This is your birthright, and there are people and unseen beings whose only function is to help with development.  In fact, they seek out people who are open to development and to guidance, and are more than ready to assist.  Never feel that you are all alone, as this is total nonsense.  Just because you are living alone, or working alone, or seem to be in the company of people who do not share your beliefs, it is never true that you are alone in this quest and this adventure.


Development is an adventure – the ultimate adventure.  Development should not be viewed as some chore or requirement for health, or any such thing.  It is the adventure of a lifetime.  It will eventually surpass every other type of adventure you can imagine in terms of the joy it causes, the abilities it can bring, the health it can produce, and the insights and wisdom that comes with it.

Thinking of development as some sort of punishment in order to get well, or as simple a mechanical routine that someone has suggested, is absolutely incorrect and will not work, as you will become bored, or tired of it.  It is the highest calling and highest possibility of a human being, and nothing less, ever.


Will and intent matter in development.  These factors mean that if you feel stuck, or if you do not know what to do or how to proceed, just your intent to develop yourself is extremely powerful.  Intent and willpower alone can carry you along and in mysterious ways can connect you to those people and activities that you require on your journey. 

The reason for this is that your will and intent actually send out an energy that is picked up by others, and they will respond to it.  One of my mentors, R. Buckminster Fuller, used to say that “God responds to your initiative”.  The New Testament of the bible states this as “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened”.


Life and love wait upon your welcome of them.  In time you will come to see that the Creator of all life is like the sun that shines on everyone, all of the time, regardless of behavior, wealth, family background, race, religion, sex, or anything else.  Most people, however, prefer to turn their back and live as though the sun is not shining on them for some reason, rather than bask in it and blossom like a flower.  Many, in fact, run away from the light as they are not ready to receive the warmth and the love that is theirs to have forever.  This is what is meant by the statement that love and life wait upon your welcome.

Development is a wonderful adventure.  Start now, and watch the continual unfolding.   Do the work, including the physical exercise described above.  I am available to help if you are not sure if you are doing it correctly.  Remember, you are not the body you animate, but the force of animation itself, the spirit dancing in the flesh, the extension of the creator’s love in physical form.  And never doubt that all things are working for your good when you commit yourself to spiritual development.


Do not fear.  Many people fear that if they change, they will lose friends, family members and other so-called benefits of this world.  This does happen at times, but the only reason is that you will leave behind those who really don’t like the real you.  This is difficult, I realize, but well worth any seeming loss that takes place.

It takes a certain amount of trust to know that as things change they are always replaced with something better if one is developing one’s higher or inner self.  So do not fear change that will occur with development.   In fact, all of your best qualities will be preserved at all times and the truth of all else will be revealed.



All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


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