By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A fairly common situation with our clients is they believe falsely that God must hate them for something they did, or failed to do.  This belief is quite strong and deeply held.

As a result, these individuals feel condemned and cannot forgive either themselves or others.  While it may be unconscious, they are stuck in guilt, fear, and often have intense anger.




A person can live with these feelings for years without a problem.  However, when one begins a development program, the feelings well up as part of emotional retracing.  If one eats a lot of cooked vegetables, or takes the supplements, or does the detoxification procedures, the feelings become more intense. 

This is very unpleasant and quite ugly, in fact.  As a result, many who experience this slow down or stop their development program.




              Suggestions are:

1. Christians do much better with this dilemma.  The reason is they believe that Jesus suffered for their sins and took on the sins of the world.  As a result, we are forgiven and we, in turn, can and need to forgive all others for their actions.  The Bible states that we need to forgive 70 times 7 times.

Please consider this perspective because it works!


2. Related to the above, please know that God is within and all around us, and God does not hate anyone!!!  That is a false teaching.  Hatred is never an attribute of God.  It does not matter what you did or did not do.  God is loving and merciful.  


            3. Consider the teachings discussed in the book, The Real Self.  We know it is  unusual, but it is a powerful teaching and includes:

- Nothing occurs without our consent.

- All events are neutral.  We give events meaning by our judgments of them, but of themselves they are neutral.

- God does not judge.  We judge ourselves, and we can forgive ourselves for this error at any time, but God does not judge.

- We donŐt know all the reasons why events occur, and we never will know all the reasons.  Therefore, do not judge others or events.  Let them all go and move on, and allow God to handle the situation properly.



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