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            This short article is one of the most important on this website.  It is written specifically for men, to understand their wives better in the sexual and relationships areas.  Some of what it contains may sound corny or stupid, but it is not.  It includes material that is extremely important for a relationship with a woman.




This should be obvious but to some people, it is not obvious.  Men must protect women, preventing any kind of abuse, rape, torture, and more.  This is an obvious role of a man in a marriage or man-woman relationship.

Too often, however, it is not the case.  Instead, the man takes liberties with his partner. Far from protecting her, uses her sexually or in other ways.  This is a reversal of the natural order and always leads to resentment, disease, divorce and social disintegration.  So men, remember this always.  Protect your partner from others, including from your own selfishness, as well.




A pole, such as a flagpole, is straight, strong, somewhat flexible but not wishy-washy, and firmly grounded or rooted.  Men need to be somewhat like this. 

While the analogy is not totally accurate, it is not far from the actual structure of the male body, in relation to the female body.  The male is stronger, less flexible, taller, straighter and harder to move.  In contrast, the female structure is shorter, more flexible, and more easily influenced and swayed.

When men act as poles for their women, the women are usually much happier and much healthier.  The women are also far safer.

Of course, there are some women who do not want a stable, ÒstraightÓ man in their life.  They prefer a wimp whom they can manipulate. 

If you are this kind of woman, please think about it carefully, as the type of man you desire is not going to protect you and, in most cases, you will be bored with him sooner or later and regret your decision to marry him or even be involved with him at all.


The energy centers and the pole analogy.  ManÕs primary energy centers are the 1, 3, 5, and 7 energy centers.  Centers 1 and 7 point almost straight down and straight up.  These connect men better than women to the earth and to the heavens or higher realms.  This is the energetic reason why the man is said to be more like a pole, because he is more connected to the earth and to the higher realms.

In contrast, womanÕs main energy centers are the 2, 4, and 6 centers.  She is therefore less oriented to the earth and heavens.  She is more oriented toward relationships with others.  Energy center 2 has to do with one-on-one sexual relationships.  Energy center #4 has to do with social and business relationships. Energy center #6 has to do with relationships with others of a more universal nature, such as people in other nations. 

These are womenÕs specialty areas.  Man and woman together can connect all of these, for maximum happiness.  However, man must be the pole or the relationship will suffer.




            This controversial idea is that while women may be smarter than men, in some cases, in most cases women are less discerning when it comes to making decisions that affect them and their men.

            As a result, it is often best for the man in a marriage to make the final decision if there is disagreement between them.  Some men hesitate to do this, fearing it may end the marriage, or to avoid conflict. 

However, quite the opposite is often true.  By the man insisting on making the final decision, it can save a marriage.  For details, read The Sexual Order.




Men all need to know that women are much more filled with fear than are men, in general.  The reasons are that women are physically weaker and smaller, and they are more attractive and targets of predation, rape and abduction.

They are also more gullible, in many cases, and many know this, which causes even more fear.  Many are also less healthy than men for various reasons, and this can also contribute to more fear.




Men should not lose their sexual fluid more than once a week, and much less if you over about 35 years old.   This is quite important today.  Most men are not that well nourished, and even if you are, it is still true.  Just because it seems as though another man can do it more often, it does not matter.






            This may sound unusual, but women pick up various types of harmful souls very easily, mostly in the pelvic area of their body.  This occurs because women are set up to attract men for the purpose of reproducing the species.

            This attractiveness brings in more than men, however.  Among them are:


1.Discarnate entities.  These are souls who were inside human or animal bodies that have died.  However, the souls are still around and some find their way inside of women.  There they can irritate her tissues, influence her thoughts and cause other mischief.  For details, read Entity Attachment And Release.

            2. Prongs.  Some entities easily pass into the vagina and uterus and remain stuck there.  These are called prongs, because some women are aware of their presence.

They cause a prickly sensation in the vagina, like having little thorns inside.  Often, these women consult their doctors for the problem.  They perform a vaginal exam and find nothing wrong.

These women feel better after having sex with their husbands or boyfriends.  However, the relief does not last long.  The problem usually returns after about a week.  This is because the woman picks up more prongs, especially if she spends a lot of time outside her home.  For details, read The Prongs.

            3. The wells.  A third type of entity tends to collect in two etheric areas called the wells.  These are located between a womanÕs knees and her vaginal area, in between the legs. 

When the legs are together, the wells bunch up in front of her body.  When she spreads her legs, they drop into the space between the legs.

The effect of the wells is somewhat similar to the effect of the prongs and the discarnate entities, which are found in the wells, as well.  The woman will feel somewhat unclean, irritated and can be mentally influenced by entities or souls that are trapped in this area of her body.

The reason this occurs is similar to the reason for the discarnates and the prongs.  The pelvic area of a woman is extremely attractive or centripetal in energetic terms.  This is how she attracts a mate for reproduction of the species.

Men do not have this problem.  The problem is worse for the women if they are out in the world, as opposed to staying at home, but it happens no matter where they reside and work.  For details, read The Wells.


Clearing the entities, the prongs and the wells.  A womanÕs husband or partner can clear these entities easily, in most cases, if they live together and if they have regular sexual intercourse.  This is a hidden reason many women marry and want to have regular sex.  In other words, sex is not just about intimacy, pleasure, or distraction.  It is about clearing these souls from her pelvic area.

            The way this is done, men, is you insert the penis fully, and then slowly withdraw it, using a sucking action as though the penis were a soda straw.  Doing this about 5 or 6 times often – perhaps daily, if you and your partner want it this often – will remove these stray energies that really bother some women.  Other women are less aware of them, but the problem affects them all.

            Preferably, do not have an orgasm during this procedure, and your wife need not and best not have one either.  If it occurs, it is not a problem, but it is not related to orgasms at all.  In fact, they get in the way a little with this cleansing procedure.

            Always do this procedure very gently, as women are much more sensitive in the vaginal area than men are in their genital area, as explained below.


            Plugging and covering.  These just mean that womenÕs bodies are open to entities and other souls due to the vaginal opening, and that a man in her life helps protect her from these intrusions.

The man need not be her husband if she is not married.  It can be her father or just a friend, but for women it is important for most of them to have a significant man around whom she trusts.




Sex for most men is mostly a physical and perhaps an emotional release.  For women, it is much more:

1 Often intense pleasure not felt by men.

2. Psychological safety and security.  It helps a woman confirm or know that she is loved, and that she is accepted for who she is.

3. Cleaning and plugging, explained above.

4. Conception, if this is desired.


This is important for all men to know.


WomenÕs orgasms.  One reason for this is that women bond to men during sex.  Men do not bond to women during sex nearly as much.  This is a physiological difference between them.  During orgasm, in particular, womenÕs energy field expands and includes her partner.  During orgasm, in most cases, a manÕs energy field around his body does not expand nearly as much and sex is mainly a physical action that may feel good, but the effect stops there. 

            In fact, orgasms for women are quite different than they are for men.  As many men know, women can have multiple orgasms without difficulty, whereas most men cannot.  Women also do not lose as much vital sexual fluids as men because the womenÕs fluids are reabsorbed.  These are two of the main differences.  A third and very important one is discussed in the next section of this article.




            A critical fact about all women is their genital organs are much more sensitive and delicate than those of a man.  This is critical to know and recall at all times.  One may think that women must be very tough because they carry and give birth to children.  However, their sexual organs are much more delicate than those of any man.

            For this reason, sex with any woman must always be gentle.  This is a hard rule that must not be broken if a man values his relationship at all.  If a man is ever rough with his wife, girlfriend or committed partner, even once, it will often ruin the relationship forever.

            What does rough mean in this context?  It means any of the following:


1. Asking for sex too frequently.  Most women are very happy with sex once a week or so.  Few want more than this, except those with sexual fluid craving disease, as discussed below.

2. Going too long.  This means continuing intercourse and pumping, in particular, for more than about 15 minutes in most cases.  Most women are very satisfied with a few orgasms and shorter intercourse.  The reason is that going longer will deplete the womanÕs sexual fluids and she will be tired for hours or even days afterwards.  It is horrible for her health, as the sexual fluids are vital for a woman to hold onto, just as are the sexual fluids of any man if he wants to have optimum health.

Going too long is the primary reason for many breakups and divorces.  Most men do not realize this because their ladies have usually tried gently to stop the men during sex and the men just donÕt get it.  They think that women are like men, and men like to go longer, at times, so the woman must enjoy it too, as she is having orgasms.  Gentlemen, please listen.  It does not matter how many orgasms the woman has, or even if she has any at all.  She always knows when she is tiring out and it is time to stop.

Please know this.  You must stop immediately when your partner asks, not five minutes later or even one minute later.  Otherwise you may well lose the relationship and you may never know why.  It is worse than messing up the bathroom, leaving clothes on the floor, not making enough money, or other common complaints women have about their men.  Women have also been known to become violent if their man does not stop immediately when they request it.  So keep this in mind, too. 


Spousal rape and domestic violence.  When a man goes on after a woman says please ÒStop, I have had enough.Ó, it is rape and a form of domestic violence, pure and simple.  The official name for it is spousal rape, or perhaps date rape if one is not yet in a committed relationship.  It is rape, gentlemen, and the partner will hate you for it, even if she continues to go out with you or continues to live with you forever.  She may stay with you for various reasons, but your relationship will never be as good.


Do not listen to locker room talk, television psychologists, or anyone else that tells men that when a woman says she has had enough, that it is okay to go on with sex for even one minute.




              Sexual fluid craving, as I will call it, is a strange, and rather new malady.       It is actually a subtle nutritional imbalance in which a woman feels the need to have more and more male sexual fluid because it gives her a lift, a ÔzingÕ or a boost that lasts a few hours to a few days or even a week or more.  Without the sexual fluid, the woman feels rather depressed and tired.

The problem is growing fast, and is worst among younger women, vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, vegans and among women who have been raped or even molested as children or as adults.  These women all share one thing in common.  They are in worse general nutritional condition, especially as regards the minerals zinc and selenium.

WomenÕs sexual fluid craving is actually very dangerous for men, so please read this carefully and help your partner if she has this condition.  You will know she has it because she will practically demand sex, often more than once a week and sometimes daily or even more.  It is dangerous for men for a number of reasons:

1. Too much sex depletes the male sexual fluids.  This is definitely harmful and can cause early death, cancer, and more illnesses.  As stated above, men must not ejaculate more than once a week, at most, for best health, and much less if older than about 35.

2. Your woman, if she is not satisfied, may go outside of her relationship with you for sex.  She also will not want to use condoms in most cases, as this blocks the absorption of the sexual fluid in her vagina.  This combination means she will contract sexually-transmitted diseases in almost all cases, which she will pass on to you if you are not alert and careful in handling this problem.

3. Your mate or girlfriend may even desert you for a more ÒsexualÓ man if she has this condition, so stop it immediately.  It is an addiction in every sense, which means that the women start lying about, craving it more and more, and acting quite selfish and irrational in many cases.  It can be a home wrecker, marriage wrecker and generally a horror.


What to do about sexual fluid craving.  The simple antidote for this condition is that a woman so afflicted must eat red meat, especially beef or perhaps lamb, at least three times a week, or maybe more for a while.  Red meat can cure the problem, but most women with the condition detest red meat, so it is an effort to overcome this strange aversion to red meat.  Vegetarians particularly may not want to eat red meat, but I assure you it works, and it is often the only method that works. 

The only thing that works better is a total nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  This program will include eating red meat twice or three times weekly. 

For more, read Sexual Fluid Craving on this website.




            This is another important point if a man wants to hold on to a good woman.  Never, ever reveal details about your sex life or your partner to anyone – not to your closest friend, relatives, parents, children or anyone else.  Never, ever discuss it in public, by the way.  That is even worse.

            The reason for this is that women see sex in a more sacred, special and private way than men do, in most cases.  They often discuss it with their girlfriends, but they will get angry in most cases if they find out that their man has been sharing details about it with others of either sex.




            Men need to know that their penis is designed like a frost-free hose bib.  Those who know about these know that the valve that controls the flow is deep inside the pipe.  As a result, when you shut off the flow, it keeps dripping for a minute because some fluid is left in the pipe.

            This is why men make a mess when they urinate – a mess that women hate, in part because too often they have to clean it up.

            Women do not understand why men are so messy because few understand the frost-free hose bib analogy.  So men must:

1. Understand the problem.

2. Explain it to their wives.

3. Must wipe the head of the penis each time you urinate and must hold the tissue there for at least 30 seconds to let the entire pipe empty out.




              This helps prevent the problem above of the messy bathroom.  I realize men think it is a waste of time, but it helps and is not difficult to do.




            Here are some of the reasons to always keep in mind:


1. She is pregnant.  This is not that common, but of course it occurs, in some cases.  This causes severe hormonal changes, mental alterations in some cases, odd cravings for foods, heat or cold in the body, nausea in some cases, and perhaps other symptoms such as odd aches or pains.  The woman may think it has to do with you, which it does not, except of course that you were responsible for her pregnancy, in part.


2. Projection.  Women and men project their fears, desires, anger and other feelings onto others.  It is a common fact of relationships of all kinds. 

All you need to do is think about what is going on and ask yourself honestly if you are to blame, or is this something else.  That may tell you if projection is occurring. 

Women often project their feelings about their fathers onto their husbands and boyfriends, so you may get a clue from this fact.  They may also project their feelings about their mothers, but this is less common.

Feelings directed at employers, bosses, supervisors and others in authority may also be easily projected onto male companions as well.  Once again, just ask if you are to blame, or is something else occurring.


3. Premenstrual tension, or hormonal changes for other reasons.  These are extremely common, especially during the last few days before the menstrual period.  Some men keep calendars marked so they are aware of when this is occurring.  This only works if the womanÕs periods are regular, of course.

Premenstrual syndrome causes irritability, anger, depression, weepiness, sadness, hypersensitivity and can even cause violence in a woman.  It is worth understanding and observing if you notice a monthly tendency for your partner to be upset, in pain, or otherwise out of sorts.


4. Retracing.  If your female companion is following a nutritional balancing program, which I hope she is, she will go through retracing reactions, or purification reactions from time to time. 

These are unpredictable in their timing, their nature and their severity.  Most are mild, cause few symptoms, and pass quickly.  Now and then, however, one can be intense, can cause mental and emotional symptoms that are awful, and a reaction can last up to a month or more easily. 

This factor may be especially important if you know your wife or female companion has been through any sort of important trauma such as rape, abuse, beating, difficult prior marriage, or anything else.

During a retracing or healing reaction, most people lose awareness of the present to some degree.  They are literally 2 or 5 or 15 years old again, and going through the same trauma as they did back then, only they are learning how to process it and handle it correctly. 

They may become very angry, very depressed, anxious, fearful, or moody.  They may have hateful thoughts, for example, or other deranged thinking.  This can be a challenge for her and for you. 

If she keeps in touch with her nutrition consultant as to whether changes in her program are needed, my experience is that the symptoms will pass and all will be well.

However, retracing reactions can and do strain some relationships.  If you are forewarned, you can more easily relax, not take things personally or ÒpoisonallyÓ, and give her more ÕspaceÕ for the time that it can take to get through the reaction. 

The main actions are

1. Do not react negatively, if at all possible.  That just makes things worse.  Reacting can keep her or even trap her in her process, slowing or even stopping the deep trauma healing.

2. Be a stabilizing influence.  Give her a hug and remind her that she is healing.  Also, rub her feet – several times daily, if you can.  It is an amazing, simple and safe way to move the process along much faster.  I wish every couple understood this.


5. A need for food, water, rest or relaxation.  All of us can snap at others, lose patience, feel dejected or rejected or become angry too easily when we are out of sorts due to fatigue, mainly, but also sometimes due to hypoglycemia or even just a little dehydration.  So check on this with your spouse or partner if something occurs and you wonder ÒWhere did that come from?Ó


6. A need for intimacy or a need to talk more, perhaps.  While it may sound odd, some women have a strong need to be close to their man, perhaps sexually, but usually not, and a need to just sit together and talk and perhaps cuddle. 

If this is missing, or just if it is needed and not forthcoming, some women, instead of just asking for what they want, will become angry, belligerent, depressed or just ornery and hard to get along with. 

Be aware of this need for closeness that some, though not all women, need.  It is easy to provide, sometimes almost too easy, by just sitting close on the couch together, or perhaps giving a warm hug or two.




            Another factor that may be very important in your relationship is when you go through mental/emotional or even physical changes due to a nutritional balancing program, or perhaps for other reasons.  These can be quite disruptive for a marriage or committed relationship, and you may not realize it.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are not acting your usual calm, balanced and helpful self, be sure to inform your partner of this!  Seek to move through the situation as best you can, asking her for patience and gentle feedback as to what is going on. 

NOTE: This is often the best that you can do.  As with her healing reactions, when you go through yours, you will be partly in the present and partly back somewhere in childhood – perhaps a 3-year-old or a 10-year-old.  It is truly unusual and confusing for all of us.

Both of you should read and re-read the article on this site entitled Retracing And Healing Reactions, and this may help, as well.  We have had marriages break up when the man went through fairly severe healing reactions, so this is not something to take lightly.



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