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The large intestine, also called the colon, is a tube that is about eight feet long and located in the lower abdomen.  It is shaped like an inverted U. 

The colon starts on the right side of the body, near the leg crease, and it ascends to near the bottom of the rib cage on the right.  Then it goes across the belly, about at the level of the navel.  Then it descends on the left side of the abdomen and eventually ends at the rectum.


A very damaged organ.  The colon is one of the most damaged organs in most people.  The causes for this are:


1. Eating poor quality food, especially white flour, white sugar, and toxic chemicals that are in most prepared foods.

2. Eating any Fruit, or drinking fruit or sugary juices.  Fruit is very yin, and often contributes to diarrhea, CrohnÕs disease, colitis, constipation in some cases, improper intestinal flora, yeast overgrowth, and other colon problems.  To get rid of these problems often requires eating absolutely no fruit or juices at all for at least a few months. 

3. Bad food combinations.

4. Stress.

5. Bad eating habits.

6. Constipation from not drinking enough water, improper diet or following the Dehydration Diet.

7. General malnutrition and poor health. 

8. Yeast, Parasites, or other infections in the large intestine.


Autointoxication.  Healing the large intestine is critical for health.  Otherwise, some of oneÕs food tends to ferment or putrefy in the large intestine.  This produces powerful toxic chemicals that can seriously worsen a personÕs health.  This is the only reason that a personÕs bowel movements smell foul.  This process is sometimes called auto-intoxication, and is an important problem that is often overlooked by doctors.

A healthy colon also produces certain vitamins, without which health will be worse.  Colon problems can also lead to other diseases, even cancers, as the toxins from the colon poison the entire body.




For this reason, every nutritional balancing program includes food, supplements and procedures to help rebuild and heal the large intestine.  However, I recommend coffee enemas much more than colonic irrigation to heal the colon.  This article explains why, and when colonic irrigation is needed.




Colonic irrigation is an ancient hydrotherapy procedure in which a trained person uses a special machine to remove impacted feces, yeast colonies, parasites and other debris from the large intestine.

The client lays down comfortably on a table without pants, and the therapist places a tube in the colon that can both send water into the colon, and remove it.

The colon therapist repeatedly introduces water into the colon through the tube.  Then he or she usually massages the colon to soften any debris it contains.  Then the water is eliminated through the colon tube.

Usually the therapist has a clear plastic tube through which he or she can actually observe what comes out.

I am very grateful to all the colon therapists who offer this excellent natural healing therapy.




Some of our clients love colonic irrigation.  It is quite clean and painless, and someone else does all the work!  Used on occasion, when they are needed, colon hydrotherapy is wonderful and can easily save a life.  I believe that if it were done in hospitals on a routine basis, it would reduce mortality greatly.

However, there are problems with colonic irrigation:


1. Yin.  This is perhaps the most important problem. Colonic irrigation introduces too much water into the body.  Doing it once in a while is okay.  However, if it is repeated more than a few times per year, it will makes the body too yin.  To understand this, please read Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing.  So please do not do colonic irrigation more than several times per year, at most, for this reason alone.


2. Ineffective therapists.  Many colon hydrotherapists are not that competent.  They do not massage the colon enough, and as a result the therapy is not that effective.


3. Disease.  There is always some danger of passing diseases from one client to another through the tubing used in the procedure.  This should not be a major problem, but it could occur.


4. Rape.  Anytime one undresses, especially young women, there is some danger of rape or other abuse.


5. Cost and time.  A typical colonic irrigation costs at least $50.00 USD and up to twice that much.  The procedure takes about an hour, to which one must also add the time spent going to and from the session. 

This must be compared to doing a coffee enema at home, with very little cost, no driving time, more safety and privacy, and it is a superior cleansing procedure except for a few situations.

Coffee enemas introduce much less water into the body, and have the advantage that the coffee is extremely therapeutic and health-promoting.  A few colonic therapists will add coffee to their colonic irrigation session, but this is after introducing too much water into the body.  The other problems also remain.  For much more on this topic, please read Coffee Enemas on this website.




            Colonic irrigation is required, or very helpful, in the following situations:


1. Severe fecal impaction.  In these cases, which are not that common, a series of colonic irrigations may be the only way to remove the blockages easily.  Laxatives or regular enemas are not as good.  This method has saved many lives.


2. Rare cases of parasites or yeast colonization of the colon.   These might take a long time to clear just using coffee enemas and a nutritional balancing program.  In these cases, a series of three to five colonic irrigations can greatly speed up the elimination of these organisms from the body.  In my experience, this is not that common, but it does occur.




            Colon hydrotherapy machines are sometimes used for other purposes.  These including introducing oxygen, ozone, herbs or other products into the colon.  This is fine, and ozone therapy is excellent.  To read about it, please read Oxygenation on this site.

            The problem is that putting too much water into the body on a repeated basis is too yin and will unbalance the body, no matter how therapeutic it is in other ways.  So please be careful with any aspect of colon therapy that involves placing more than a few cups of water into the body.

            For more about the colon, please read Digestion on this website.



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