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A very powerful affirmation is to say Thy will be done.  This article explains why this is so, and how to use the phrase properly.  It is an important phrase today.  Many people fear it for the wrong reasons, and many need to use it to move on in their lives fearlessly.  It is also necessary, or at least helpful, to move the world forward at this time in history.




Basically, the phrase represents a type of mental surrender to a higher power than the ego mind.  This is its essence.  Many do not realize it, but the ego mind, sometimes also called the lower mind, the reactive mind or the monkey mind, runs most people.  Even if one claims to be religious or spiritual, the ego mind still rules in most instances.

This ego mind is always a conditioned, limited mind.  It is influenced by its upbringing, its emotional traumas, its moods and whims, and much more, in fact.  Most people have subconscious or unconscious blocks, ideas, beliefs and more that all influence the ego mind at all times and in all situations.  Saying Thy will be done is one way to unblock a person from the rule of this mind.




The main reason many people do not like the phrase Thy will be done is because they are turning control over to a seemingly unknown force.  This is frightening for the ego mind, which does not ever want to give up its power and control over a person.  Indeed, the ego mind was set up early in life to manage one’s life and one’s everyday decisions and conflicts.  Giving it up seems like suicide or death to many people, so they do not like this phrase.

For example, what if “Thy will” is that one should be poor, sick, lonely, injured, or even killed?  This is the fear that always comes up when one says Thy will be done. 

This fear is very real and anyone who wishes to use the phrase Thy will be done must face it and think about it, or the ego mind will block the use of the phrase, at least in its most potent form.

The most basic answer to this fear is a realization that “Thy will” is going to be better than anything the ego mind can imagine or create.  This is the ultimate answer.  To get to this answer, however, many people must fail on their own, often almost destroying their lives with drugs, alcohol, illness, sexual mistakes, caving in to tyrants, or something else.  Only then are most people willing to really embrace the idea of Thy will be done.




Most religions realize that to progress, most people need to let go of or loosen the hold of the ego mind, which is almost always a reactive mind that is not particularly creative, is quite fear-based, and is often vicious, arrogant and full of hatred for what it does not understand or what it does not like.  Therefore, most spiritual systems and religions employ various means to counteract, go around, destroy or weaken the ego mind.

In fact, the use of the phrase Thy will be done is one of the main reasons for resistance against the Jewish and Christian religions, in particular.  Other religions use the phrase to some extent, such as the Hindu and Muslim religions.  However, none employ it to the same degree as does the Christianity, in particular.




            One way is to repeat the Lord’s Prayer at least once and preferably twice or three times per day.  This contains the phrase Thy will be done.


            Other options are to use affirmations such as:


“Not my will, but Thine be done in this situation”.

“Take me, use me this day to do Thy will”.

“Father, what would you have me do this day, or in this situation?”


            These can be repeated as often as one wishes.  I would suggest using them at least three times each day.  For those with severe health issues, or any serious situation, more is better.




Many people repeat the phrase Thy will be done, but they are not totally serious about it.  They say the words because one reads about them or the words sound good.  However, taking the phrase seriously is another story, and is still frightening to the ego mind.

            However, saying the words as an affirmation is still very beneficial, I would maintain, because conditioning the mind to use the phrase makes it a little easier to finally accept the idea into your life fully.

            Another pitfall is to accept “Thy will” in some areas of life, but not in others.  In other words, it is not a total blending or surrender of the ego mind, but rather a partial one. 

For example, it may be fine to ask for “Thy will” in your studies, for example, or with your friends, but not in your marriage or with your children, perhaps.  This is another common fear of the ego mind.  It will allow Thy will to be done in some situations, but not in others that are more personal or more threatening to it.




            I once saw an interesting translation of the Lord’s Prayer, supposedly from the original Aramaic, which is different than the Greek translation of the New Testament.  In this translation, the phrase Thy will be done was translated as:


 Let Your Heart’s desire unite heaven and earth through our sacred union.


            I include this unusual translation because it has a slightly different meaning.  The meaning seems to be: Let the desire of God unite heaven and earth by my merging with God or the Creation.  Said differently, please God or Creation, merge with me, and this will bring forth the true desire of God in and through me.

This translation of the familiar prayer is similar to, but not quite the same as the familiar phrase, Thy will be done.  It does not imply quite the degree of surrender, so this may be helpful for some people.  It also reminds me of another bible phrase spoken by Jesus of Nazareth that “I and the Father are One”.  Again this does not imply surrender as much as it implies a union or blending process with the Holy Spirit or with the Father energy.  Some people may prefer this interpretation of the phrase Thy will be done for this reason.




Here are several phrases from different authors that are related to “Thy Will be done”.  These may be helpful to remember:


“If you take one step toward God, God takes 10 steps toward you.” 

Buckminster Fuller, one or my mentors, said, “God will respond to your initiative.”

            “I want more and more of God.”

              “When the student is ready, the Master appears.”

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”



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