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1. This article and all material on this website is for educational purposes only and not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any health condition, real or imaginary, physical or mental.

2. Nutritional balancing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any disease, mental or physical. 

 Nutritional balancing science is a method of developing the human body. This is a specific science, and different from healing.  Healing may occur as a side effect, however.  It is not a cancer treatment at all.  However, in combination with other procedures, it has caused great improvement in some cases.

3. None of the material on this website has been reviewed or approved by the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) or any other organization.

4. A nutritional balancing program alone is not sufficient to correct most cases of cancer.  Therefore, I suggest several remedies and programs below for its correction.

5. No promises or guarantees can ever be made with any therapy.  This must be made absolutely clear.  However, the right natural methods have helped many people overcome cancer.




1. A lot of the black salve on the market now does not work.  Be sure to use only the recommended brands.

2. Never use black salve internally more than once every few weeks, and a tiny amount only.  Some false healers are advising using it more often and it is very irritating to do this.  Never do this!

3. In America, Under The Affordable Care Act of 2010, you can be arrested for not following doctorÕs orders.  So until it is repealed, (I hope soon), be careful with doctors and hospitals. 

If you donÕt want to do what a doctor suggests, do not say you will not follow the advice.  To be safe, just say you are going to get a second opinion, which is usually fine with the doctor or hospital.



Cancer is a major illness of the 21st century.  While chemotherapy, radiation and surgery help some people, there are alternatives that few talk about that can help overcome this illness.

I first encountered cancer in my family as a teenager, and this began a quest to understand the illness and find alternative methods of care.




Cancer is trophoblast.  This is explained in a separate article entitled The Trophoblast.  Cancer is also a left-spin disease and often a yin disease.  To read about the latter, read Yin Disease on this website.




Common hair mineral patterns with cancer are toxicity with cadmium, iron, mercury or copper.   These may be elevated on the hair test, or there may only be indicators of hidden toxicity.

Some cancers are also emotionally-based, and these are more difficult to heal.  Low hair zinc is also associated with the development of cancer.

Copper and iron are required for the electron transport system.  The wrong form of these minerals, which I call the amigo form (oxides), cripples energy production in the cells.  This may promote the growth of the trophoblast, which has a more primitive glucose-based metabolism.




A standard type of nutritional balancing program is not adequate or designed for active cancer.  It is not targeted enough, and does not work fast enough.  However, it can help prevent some cases of cancer.


Modifications for cancer patients.  If you follow a nutritional balancing program, and have a cancer diagnosis, please make the following changes to the diet, the supplement program, and the procedures:


Dietary changes:

1. No red meat and no eggs at all, until the cancer is definitely in remission.  This is definitely the case with estrogen-dependent cancers, which are sometimes hard to discern.  These foods have too much iron and too much toxic yang energy in Chinese terminology.

2. No thyroid or adrenal glandular products while cancer is active.  These could make some cancers worse.

3. Have two slices of raw daikon or one slice of raw jicama, or raw herbs (ginger, garlic, cayenne, mustard, tarragon, dill weed or horseradish) as a garnish on your food every day.  This much raw food is needed for cancer patients.  I do not recommend other raw food, however.  It is too yin.


Supplement changes:

1. Do not take Paramin.  It is an excellent product, but not helpful for some cancer patients.  Instead, buy a calcium/magnesium supplement in the health food store made from calcium and magnesium chelates or citrates only.  Avoid magnesium glycinate, which is popular.  Take the same amount as is recommended for Paramin (each tablet is 250 mg of elemental calcium and 150 mg of elemental magnesium.)

2. Other.  When you submit a hair analysis, please tell us you have a cancer diagnosis.  I may recommend other supplements.  These could include the Budwig protocol, Cantron or Protocel, the Hoxey herbs if we can get them, and perhaps others.  For skin cancers, black salve is very good.  To read about this, click here.


Changes to the nutritional balancing detox procedures:


All of the following are extremely important with cancer.

1. You must do 2 to 4 coffee enemas daily.  Do them according to the procedure given on this website, and not others.  Click here for the procedure.

2. You must do at least one and a half hours (90 minutes) of sauna therapy daily with a red heat lamp sauna only.  You can do two 45-minute sessions daily or three 30-minute sessions daily.  Please do not skip this if you want good results.

3. Foot reflexology.  Do this at least once daily for 10 minutes on each foot, and preferably twice daily for 10 minutes each foot, during each session.  Be sure to rub the toes, and the top of the foot in the webbing between the toes.

4. Do the Pushing Down Exercise for 1 hour daily, if possible, or more.

5. Get plenty of rest – at least 10 hours of sleep daily.  This can include a nap or two during the day.


Other necessary items:


1. Remove all root canal-filled teeth now.  This is critical!  I know it may be costly and unpleasant.  However, most become infected quickly, and they spew very toxic germs that encourage the growth of cancer.

2. Stop drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water, if at all possible.  Filter tap water with carbon only, or drink spring water.  Do not drink reverse osmosis or alkaline water.

3. Eat only pure, natural food.  Do not eat fast food and do not eat refined flour, white sugar, white rice or table salt.  Sea salt is excellent, however.  Also, do not eat food that is heavily preserved, refined, or packaged.

4. Get plenty of rest and sleep.

5. Have sex with orgasm a maximum of once a week, and preferably less.   Down sex without orgasm, however, is fine as often as you wish.

6. Avoid all drugs, including marijuana.  Do not listen to anyone who says marijuana or CBD oil is not that toxic.  It is toxic.




These are fairly simple suggestions that can go a long way to preventing - or healing - cancer.  Taken together, they give one a good idea of how cancer works and how to prevent it.


1 – 6.  The same as the section above.  One exception is that lamb twice a week, and up to 6 eggs per week are okay on a prevention program (but no eggs if one has active cancer).

7. Eat some raw sesame tahini daily.  The oil in this product reduces estrogen, and may help in other ways to prevent some cancers.

8. Avoid vegetarian or vegan diets because they are deficient in some vital nutrients and they are too yin.

9. Avoid all fleshy fruits, and all fruit juices.  These make the body too yin, which is associated with cancer, no matter how nutritious the fruit may seem.

10. Breathe deeply every day.  Cancer cannot live in a well-oxygenated body.

11. Watch your thoughts and your emotions.  Cancer often occurs in people who hold on to anger and resentments.

12. To really reduce your risk of cancer, follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  It will remove dozens of toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body that are associated with the development of cancer.  Only work with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Click here to find them.




Below are articles with more details on specific remedies that may be helpful.  If you are following a nutritional balancing program, I will advise which of the protocols below may be most helpful. 

Many people say, ÒShouldnÕt I just do all the protocols below if I have cancer?  The answer is no.  Here is why:

1. Time constraints.  Doing your nutritional balancing program is one of the most important things.  Do not skip it in order to do the protocols below.

2. Yin.  The Budwig protocol is quite yin, as are the Kelley enzymes.  Doing too much yin can ruin a program.

3. Cost.  The Kelley program is quite costly.



1. The Budwig Protocol

2. Cantron or Protocel

3. The Kelley Metabolic Cancer Therapy

4. Black salve for skin cancers

5. Laetrile or apricot pits (see below).


Laetrile.  This is a vitamin-like substance (vitamin B17) discovered by Ernst Krebs, Jr.  It is very helpful for colon cancer, and less helpful for other cancers, though it can help a little. 

Laetrile has been studied by the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, which found it did have benefit with colon cancer, and is quite non-toxic.  However, they kept that information to themselves instead of telling the public the truth about it.

When combined with the dietary changes and the detoxification procedures recommended earlier in this article, laetrile or apricot kernals (the source of the chemical) are quite excellent for colon cancer.

Dosage: About 15 apricot kernals daily, preferably eaten alone as a small meal.  Laetrile is currently difficult to obtain. 



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