By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The word to forge means to form, make or create with a concentrated effort.  In this article, the word forging means to create bodies with specific characteristics.  An analogy is to forge an object out of metal of some other material.  In this case, “the object” is a human being.




            There are different ways to forge bodies and minds.  Here are two examples:


            Nutritional balancing forging.  Forging, in terms of nutritional balancing science, is another way to understand a nutritional balancing program.  The concept is that by following a properly designed nutritional balancing program one’s body and brain are reset etherically.  The goal is complete healing in a robust way in order to help one survive and thrive in today’s toxic or polluted world.  It requires the nutritional balancing diet, specific supplements and the procedures done in a certain way.  To read more about the idea of etheric reset, please read Etheric Reset on this website.


Forging dupes and agents.  The goal of some who do not like America and the West is not to produce healthy, robust, free people.  Instead, their intent is to create weak, slavish, obedient agents or dupes.  This is not discussed often, but it happens on a daily basis and is reported to us.

The way this is often done is that women and perhaps men are raped and/or beaten to “soften them up” and to disrupt their mental functioning.  Then the rapist requires that they follow what I call the “cult diet”. 

The “cult diet”.  This diet will keep a person weak, scared, and often obedient to the directives of the one or ones who did the rape.  To read more about rape and its use to control people, please read Rape on this website.

The “cult diet” and other aspects consists of:

1. Fruit every day, tunafish every day, no red meat, and usually rooibos tea each day.

2. In some cases, the person is also required to use an aluminum-containing anti-perspirant every day. 

3. Some also are required to take 4.5 grams of trimethylglycine daily and told to strictly stay away from other supplements including kelp, selenium and perhaps others.

4. Some are also told they must not use a near infrared lamp sauna, coffee enemas, the Roy Masters meditation, foot reflexology and the spinal twist exercise.


Results.  This particular combination of diet, supplements and lack of detoxification procedures guarantees or forges a weak human being whose mental programming or brainwashing will not likely be threatened.  This is the goal of this kind of forging.

Specifically, the above does the following:


1. Eating fruit keeps the body too yin.  This is associated with weakness and fearfulness.

2. Eating tunafish overloads the body with mercury, a very toxic metal that affects the brain and other organs. 

3. Avoiding red meat also keeps the body from becoming more yang – a condition needed to achieve optimum health.

4. Drinking rooibos tea poisons the body with nickel and often lead that this tea contains.

5. Using an aluminum-containing antiperspirant poisons the body with aluminum, which causes forgetfulness and possibly other mental problems.

6. Forcing people to take 4.5 grams of trimethylglcyine daily overloads the body with this methylating agent, causing overmethylation which can affect many body systems.

7. Forcing a person to avoid taking kelp reduces vital mineral nutrition and results in iodine deficiency that also weakens the body.

8. Avoiding lamp saunas, coffee enemas, the Roy Masters meditation, foot reflexology and the spinal twist guarantees that detoxification, if it occurs at all, happens very slowly and not as thoroughly as we would like.


So this is an excellent example of negative forging.  This method can be used to create energy vampires, assassins, rapists and more.  This is how powerful nutrition, toxic metals, implants, torture and other means are in shaping human behavior.



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