by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© June 2012, The Center For Development, Inc.


In this year of 2012, especially, and in the few years afterwards, those who give plenty of service, above and beyond the call of duty, in any field, will be greatly rewarded.  This is what I am told.

What this means is that those who give a lot of extra service and do not cave in to pressure of any kind to back off, become depressed, waste time, become materialistic, or slack off in any way will receive more of what may be called “the force of life”.  This is a true force, like that spoken of in the movie and book, The Star Wars Trilogy, that was a movie hit about 10 years ago.




This force is nothing short of the etheric energy that powers the universe.  It is concentrated at this time in those individuals who give service to others.  Jesus of Nazareth was one of the first of those on earth who experienced this force for himself.  Since then, there have been many, many others who have also experienced it to some degree or other. 

This force makes for better health, longer life, more effective work, and brings friends, love, money and more to a person.  It is thus quite powerful and quite wonderful.  It is worth striving for and receiving this gift of the spirit, as some would call it.




So, please, this year, at the very least, make an effort to give more service than ever before.  Go out of your way for others, for your family, your community, your nation, and for your world, which is suffering greatly and will continue to suffer for a long time to come if you do not help out, stretching yourself and going beyond what you even think you can do to help out in loving service to others and to your world. 

Think not about the money, the prestige, the acceptance by others, or of anything else.  Think only of service, and know that service will be greatly and richly rewarded at this time in history.


A personal note.  This website is an example of the work of this force.  I started it humbly about 10 years ago when the internet first made its debut.  I didn’t know anything about computers or website, but the idea of giving out free information  seemed amazing.  It is so much easier than writing books, for example, that must be printed and published and sold and distributed.  So I decided to set up this site, which has grown beyond my wildest imagination, and will continue to grow, God willing.  I have attracted to it and myself amazing help in the form of people who have supplied new information, research, insights, corrections and much more.  This is just a tiny example of how the force of life operates for those who think of helping others first and everything else later.

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