By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              This article offers a new definition of a virgin that is worth considering.  There is nothing wrong with the standard definition, but it is not enough.




A virgin is a woman who still has her hymen intact.  This is a piece of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina.

              Surgical virgin.  The only exception to this definition is that in some cultures, a woman who has had sexual intercourse can have her hymen sewn back together.  She is not really virgin, even if it appears the hymen in intact.

            Legal note.  In some cultures, if a man breaks a womanÕs hymen, he is required to marry her if she desires it.  This is a good rule that is being brought back to planet earth.  Beware, gentlemen!




A virgin is a woman who is free of disease in the vaginal region, both on the inside and the outside. 

By this definition, very few girls or women of any age or condition qualify as virgins.  Also, by this definition, ANY GIRL OR WOMAN CAN BECOME A VIRGIN. 

It matters not that she experienced rape, incest, molestation, dirty fingers inside, torture, sitting in filthy hot tubs (all of them!), swimming in pools (all of them!), or other insults to this part of the body.




            This is a process.  It begins with a standard nutritional balancing program.  Other nutrition or herbal programs wonÕt work, so donÕt waste your time and money on them.

            It will take a few years, at least, on this program, which includes the diet, the supplements, the lifestyle, and all five procedures.  These are the Pushing Down Exercise, Coffee Enemas, Near Infrared Lamp Sauna Sessions, Foot Reflexology and The Spinal Twist.

            In addition, it requires the Vaginal Coffee Implants and often some other vaginal healing methods that are outlined in a separate article – The Vagina.




One wonders why girls are born with a membrane covering the entrance to the vagina.  It definitely can make urination more difficult and messy, and it does not protect the area completely.  In fact, this would be impossible because menstrual blood must drain out through it.


Functions.  The hymen has a number of functions:


1. Protection.  It reduces the chances of putting objects inside the delicate vagina.  It may also provide a little protection against germs and other foreign objects.

2. Opens the central channel, to a degree.  Some girls and young women notice that when the hymen is intact, one feels more centered and grounded.  When it breaks, one feels less so.

This occurs because the hymen forms an energy conduit that completes the central channel or conception vessel of the body.  For more on the importance of this energy channel, read The Central Channel on this website.




This is easy to do, and often occurs during sports, or even on its own, in a few cases.  The membrane is thin and it can dry out, making it rather brittle.


An initiation.  Breaking the hymen forces a woman to fight much more for her center and for grounding.  This is one of the lessons of womanhood.  Before, she was more protected.  Now, she is more out in the world.

In the world of the shamans, breaking the hymen is not only an initiation.  It is the beginning of womanhood, even if it occurs when a girl is only three or four years of age. 

The essential part is that a girl is protected, whereas a woman is not protected in this part of the body and must work hard to protect her dignity, honor and more.



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