By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.




              The control, administration and regulation of health should not be part of the national government.  It is much better handled at the local and state level.  This was the plan of the founders of America, and it worked excellently.

            Shifting control away from the national level would save billions of dollars, and would open up the health care system to experimentation by the various states and localities.  This is desperately needed today to reform our overly costly and extremely dangerous and dysfunctional medical care system.  Here are more specifics:




Get rid of the Food And Drug Administration control over the food supply, or make drastic changes.

Stop the addition of several thousand chemicals to the food.  Especially bad are the artificial sweeteners.

Ban all sugary products.

Stop the production of all white flour.

Stop the production of refined table salt.

Stop the refining of rice and sugar.

Stop the spraying of vegetables with EDTA to preserve their color.




Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  End the patenting of seeds.  This will end the GMO movement, which is not needed and is doing harm to the environment and to people’s health.

Chemical agriculture.  Encourage organic agriculture, tighten the standards to disallow sewage sludge and other toxic products in organic or any agricultural products.  Eventually, only allow organic agriculture.

N-P-K.  Discourage N-P-K agriculture (the use of superphosphate fertilizers).  This will take some time, as it is the accepted standard of agriculture.  However, it produces inferior products.

CAFOs.  Tighten standards to get rid of unsanitary conditions.

Drugs in food.  This needs more attention.  For example, antibiotics and arsenic should not be allowed to be added to chicken feed.




Medical drugs.  Medical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in America.  Their cost is also outrageous.  Drugs have also become one of the most important sources of water pollution in the United States. 

Drugs do not rebuild bodies, in most cases, and the entire theory of giving poisons to heal the body is quite insane. 

Drugs will always have limited usefulness such as anesthesia drugs for surgery, and a number of others.  However, drug medicine is an outdated paradigm, is usually not necessary if one knows the alternatives, pollutes, and wastes billions of dollars annually.

The use of drugs, and teaching about drugs, needs to be phased out of medical school education, pharmacy education, nursing education, naturopathic education, psychiatry education, and wherever else it is taught.


Hospitals.  Hospitals that are private should be allowed to set all their own rules and standards.  Now they are governed by dozens of government mandates and licensing requirements that have the effect of keeping out most alternative healing methods such as chiropractic, natural, acupuncture, and others.

  Community-supported hospitals, which is most of them, should actually be required to include holistic and natural healers.  This is the opposite of today’s situation.

Many hospital problems would end if this were done, including the worsening problem of hospital infections (called nosocomial infections to disguise this horror).  Natural methods of infection control work well, but are not used due to the myriad of rules imposed upon hospitals.


Prenatal care.  This is among the worst features of conventional medical care.  For details, read Prenatal Care on this website.


Preventive care.  This is vital, but not what passes for prevention today. 

Stop water fluoridation, as has been done in practically every other nation in the world.  It does not work and it poisons Americans on a daily basis.

End vaccination.  It does not work, and it kills and maims millions of our children every year.

Real Prevention.  This is the title of an article on this website.  Real prevention does not mean mammograms, other X-rays, scans, fluoride and vaccines.  It means much better nutrition, healthful lifestyles and not homosexuality. 

It also means encouraging deregulation of the automobile engines and other deregulation efforts, which would quickly and easily improve the cleanliness of the air, water and food.  See Nuclear Power And Alternatives.

Real prevention also means screening with a simple hair mineral analysis, and recommending a nutritional balancing program to every baby, child and adult.  This is not costly, and offers great benefit for millions of people.


Medical licensing boards.  End the total control of licensing boards over doctors, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, pharmacies and elsewhere.  The boards have become corrupt and mainly answer to drug companies.  They stop innovation, entrench outdated and dangerous procedures and drugs, and do not serve the public good.


Nutrition education in medical schools.  This must be added at once as a primary healing modality and given as much attention as drugs and surgery.


Types of medical care.  Return to the old fee-for-service model of health care.  It is not perfect, but it is best.

Reduce the percentage of government control over health care, and outlaw HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations or PPOs, experiments that have failed. 

Do allow and promote community health organizations, an older medical service model that worked well, especially for poor people, until the AMA destroyed them almost a century ago.

Most people do not realize that state and other laws were changed in the 1960s and 1970s to allow the creation of HMOs and PPOs.  The reason is that in these organizations, doctors are paid to deny medical care.  This goes against years of tradition and legal precedent.


Medical research. All one needs to do is study the massive failure of the so-called government wars on cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and more to realize how stupid and wasteful the National Institutes of Health are.

Some good research comes from these organizations.  However, overall they waste billions of dollars and support and entrench the outdated drug model of health care.  They also discourage private research efforts which cannot compete with government labs for public relations and prestige.

I suggest that the national government should not be in the business of funding medical research.  Most of it is not helpful for the people and often ends up serving the drug companies who buy or “acquire” patents for new drugs at taxpayer expense.


Health insurance.

1. No more Obamacare.  I hope it is obvious this was a clear effort to destroy the private health insurance industry, a government power grab, and worse.


2. Do not encourage health insurance.  Instead, encourage and aim for the day when health care will be so inexpensive that insurance will not be needed. 

This may sound crazy, but it is not.  Most care can and should be inexpensive.  In fact, insurance has caused tremendous inflation of costs.  This can easily be proven with health statistics.

The current health insurance industry needs to be deregulated.  Insurance should be portable and have many fewer restrictions on it.  If a company wants only to insure Christians, or anyone it wishes, it should have the option.  If they only want to offer vitamins, then so be it. 

This would quickly produce wonderful research on which systems of health care work best, with the least cost.  Right now the entire industry is trapped in the grip of allopathic-leaning regulations.


Medicare and Medicaid.  Eventually phase out these very costly programs that are full of perverse incentives.  Instead, allow private groups to replace this charitable activity.  This is how America cared for her poor and sick for over 100 years, with excellent success.

These entitlements are loaded with waste, fraud and abuse, and are bankrupting the nation.

The nation should be supporting the health of the children, not the aged.  This sounds harsh, but the situation is clear and quite insane today.  Older people literally run from doctor to doctor to add a short time to the end of their lives, though most of them do not work.

Also, today all citizens pay for Medicare and Medicaid, but these programs only allow drug medicine.  This is wrong and just serves as a prop to the failing drug medicine system of care.



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