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            Many people today complain about the Bible in various ways.  This article will help explain why the Hebrew and Christian Bibles contain what they do, and why it is set down in a certain way.

A key to understanding the Old Testament of the Bible is to realize that the history of the Hebrew people is the history of the maturing of a group of souls.

A key to understanding the New Testament of the Bible is to realize that the coming of Jesus was necessary for some souls who had difficulty imagining an invisible and non-human God.

            Now let us discuss specific complaints about the Old and New Bibles.




            There are several reasons for this.  Among them are:

1. Warfare is prominent in the human condition, whether we like it or not.

2. Souls and human beings learn a lot through warfare.  It motivates them and activates their minds in ways that few other things do.

For example, less mature souls tend to be somewhat lazy.  They are lazy because:

- they live a long, long time

- their fine matter bodies donÕt need to eat or drink very much, so finding food is not a problem for them.

- they are very tough and hard to destroy, and fairly healthy so they donÕt suffer much with disease.

- their fine matter bodies tolerate heat and cold very well, so keeping warm is not a problem for them.

            As a result, they donÕt have many natural challenges and can just sit around and do very little.  Wars and fighting were needed – and are needed today in the world - to challenge souls so they learn to think, act decisively and thus mature.

            A modern example of how this works is our economic system.  One reason that free market or capitalist economies function much better than socialistic economies that have a public welfare system or a public Ōsafety netÕ is that capitalistic nations force people to work, and this develops the souls.  Free market economies use privately-owned welfare systems such as church welfare systems and private charities to take care of the disabled people and those too sick to work.

Nations that are social democracies such as most European nations or pure communist or socialist nations such as the former Soviet Union encourage laziness of the souls by giving welfare to many people.  This is harmful for the souls, so these nations do not thrive and often do not survive for long.




            Homophobic means that the Bible does not recommend or is not friendly toward homosexuality.  The reason for this is that homosexuality is an energetic arrangement between two men or two women that does not serve their highest good.

            Medical statistics prove this is true, even if it is not Ņpolitically correctÓ.  Homosexuals tend to live shorter lives and have more disease than heterosexual people.

Someday, more people will see the energy field around each person.  Then one would observe that the energy field around homosexual men or women is deranged and unhealthy.

When a person decides that, although they may be attracted to those of the same sex, that this is unhealthy and best abandoned, their energy field brightens up considerably and their overall health improves. 

Also, we observe that when a person faithfully follows a development program, homosexual feelings tend to disappear.  This indicates that homosexual feelings are a sign of illness, and not a genetic trait, as some believe.  For details, read Homosexuality.




            The reason for this is that human beings love stories.  As a result, both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible were set up as a series of stories.  Each story has its characters, its plot, its drama, and its resolution and lessons.  This takes up a lot of pages, but is an effective teaching method.

            The same idea is true of the parables found mainly in the New Testament.  They may seem to be long-winded, at times, but this is a teaching technique.




            The reason for this is that the Old Testament was written over 4000 years ago.  Processed junk food was not available and superphosphate fertilizer did not exist.  Today superphosphates are used everywhere, even on organically grown food.

As a result, most food in Biblical times was of far better nutritional value than the food of today.  A few people who are alive today grew up on old farms and know, for example, that  the taste of vegetables today pales compared to the taste of the older varieties of vegetables.  These varieties wonÕt even grow in most of the soils of the earth, thanks to years of fertilization with superphosphates or N-P-K fertilizers.  The use of toxic pesticides and genetic modification of plants (GMO agriculture) are just the latest insults to the soils of the earth.  For details, read Organic Agriculture and Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.

As a result, today we need to eat an unusual diet if we want to be well nourished.  This diet must contain a lot of certain well-cooked vegetables if human beings and animals are to develop properly.  We cannot expect that a book that is thousands of years old would discuss any of this modern problem.

However, the dietary advice in the Old Testament is not bad, either.  For details, read The Kosher Laws.




No, it does not.  It recognizes the achievements of some women such as Esther, Judith, Naomi, Ruth and quite a few others.

The ŅwomenÕs liberationÓ proponents donÕt like the Bible because it denounces abortion and does not say that women are just like men and should be treated the same in all respects.

Indeed, this is something that our modern societies are slowly learning from bitter experiences with rape, molestation, sexual harrassment and battering of women who are not sufficiently protected today in modern society. 

In fact, one can learn much about the proper treatment of women from the Bible.




The Bible has many guidelines and suggestions to humanity about how to think, how to behave and how to understand life.  Most of it is very correct, even if it seems harsh, at times.  This is the nature of life.

When human beings abandon ideas such as the Ten Commandments of Moses or the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you), chaos follows.  This is seen today in our political realm where truth has been replaced by political expedience and the belief that the means justify the ends.  This false belief system is destroying the foundations of civilization, whether or not you realize it.

So, in fact, the Bible is not too harsh or strict.  It just presents truths that those presently in control of our schools and our media donÕt like.




This criticism is true to some degree, as explained above in the section about nutrition.  The Bible is now at least 2000 years old, and science and technology, in particular, have taken great leaps forward compared to what they were several thousands years ago.

This makes it difficult for some people to relate to stories about mules and camels, and pieces of silver instead of credit cards and smart phones.

It is true that we have many more distractions today than did the people who lived thousands of years ago.  They can occupy oneÕs entire life, and the advertisers would like it that way.

However, the basic concerns of people are very much the same today as they were thousands of years ago, and never change.  People worry about their health, their possessions, their work, their friends and their family. 

This has not changed a bit.  So when reading the Bible, focus on the timeless issues it discusses and realize that these concerns are just as valid today as they were thousands of years ago. 


 To be continued É



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