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            Now that the 2016 presidential election has concluded in the United States, the people of America need to turn their attention to what needs to be done to rebuild the nation.  Mr. Trump has promised to do just that, but what does it mean?  This article presents some suggestions.




The budget of the United States is far out of control.  The previous president doubled the national debt, and it is growing at a frightful pace.

Drastic measures are needed to reign in spending.  I hope the new president will realize this because he has a business background.  Those in Congress seem unable to reign in spending, although that is their job.

Most likely, the size of the US national government needs to be cut in half, or perhaps cuts need to be even deeper than this.

Restoring real job growth in the nation would also help tax revenues grow. 




Personal taxes.  The US tax code is a nightmare that even accountants cannot understand.  A cynic would argue that the elites like it this way so that they can attack anyone they don’t like for violating the tax code. 

In addition to its confusing nature, complying with the tax code is an enormous waste of time, energy and money for the people of America.  Much simpler systems of taxation are available, such as the flat tax or national sales tax.  I hope these will be seriously considered and that the current system will be replaced quickly.

Corporate taxes.  Mr. Trump has promised to sign a bill cutting the corporate tax rate, which would go a long way to helping rebuild industry in the nation.

Corporate taxes are not a wise idea.  They are just passed on to consumers.  However, consumers cannot see them clearly, so they do not realize how much of what they pay for all their goods that is really just taxes charged to corporations that are passed on to them. 

A much better answer is a transparent tax that the people can see and feel.  This is the only way people can make a rational decision about how much government they want, and want to pay for.  A simple flat personal tax or national sales tax are examples of transparent taxes.


All need to pay.  It is also important that everyone pay something.  The current system whereby half the American population pays nothing, and in fact receives money, just encourages people to vote for a bigger, more bloated government that will give them more “benefits”.

The truth is that everyone does pay lots of taxes every time one buys anything or uses electricity, gas or other commodities.  The corporate income tax is included in the price of everything one buys. 

The people hurt the most by this “invisible” tax are the poor.  The reason is that they spend the largest percentage of their income on necessities such as fuel, energy and food.  In fact, reducing the corporate tax rate would reduce the amount of taxes paid by the poor compared to that paid by the wealthy in society if the tax system were worked out correctly.




Repeal Obamacare.  I hope Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act of 2010) will be repealed quickly, as Mr. Trump has promised.  It has done little more than make health care less affordable and more confusing.  It has also added more paperwork for taxpayers, and has other strange provisions in it that cause rationing of health care and other horrors.

Need for a free market approach.  I hope legislators and the president realize that a free market in health care, as in all other industries, is best.  I hope they will REDUCE government involvement in health care, which has just raised the price and reduced the quality of care.

The failure of drug medicine. Standard allopathic medical care is failing to keep the population healthy.  In fact, it is among the three top causes of death in America today.  Drastic changes are needed to correct this problem.  I discuss these in other articles on this website such as American Health Care Options.


Nutrition is primary.  There is a need for excellent nutrition.  This is not taught in medical schools very much, and not promoted by most doctors.  This needs to change at once.

There is a need to completely ban sugary foods, sugary drinks, refined white flour, refined sugar and other health-destroying products.  This should be the mission of the Food And Drug Administration, one of the most corrupt agencies in America.

There is a great need for strict organic farming standards, instead of the watered down standards we now have thanks to corruption at the US Department Of Agriculture.


Vaccination.  I hope the legislators and president realize the horror of vaccination and that the truth about it is brought to the public.  At this time, any doctor who questions vaccination may lose his medical license.  This needs to change, even if it requires doing away with the medical boards that are forcing these false ideas on doctors.


The licensing system.  I hope that our state and national legislators and leaders can see that the medical licensing system is not working.  It is corrupt and just turns doctors into drug pushers and vaccinators.  Also, it does not protect the public from harm, as promoted.


The new Surgeon-General needs to push these ideas hard and stop the denigration of nutrition, vitamins, and other aspects of natural health care.




The use of water technologies such as HHO is long overdue.  This is a clean, simple technology that would drastically reduce oil use and save the nation billions of dollars.  It can be implemented today without a need for more research, as some claim it would require.

Nuclear power is a disaster that I hope our leaders will not even consider.




Mr. Trump has promised to review all government regulations, which is quite a job.  However, it is a critical job since these are being used to stop our industries and ruin the nation.  This is not exaggeration.  For details, please read The Regulatory State on this site.



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