by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Women who develop themselves can greatly extend their life spans, and can rejuvenate their bodies.  If a woman begins a complete nutritional balancing program at age 20, for example, she will often go through menopause at the usual age of about 45 to 50.  However, she may have a return of her menstrual period by age 100 or so.

This presents a unique opportunity for women who choose the path of development. These women have two options with regard to having children.  They can have children when they are young, like everyone else.  However, they can also wait and have children later, perhaps after the age of 100.  This may sound fantastic, but it occurs.




The best option, in most cases, is to wait and have children later.  Reasons for this are:

1. It is usually much more difficult to continue the Pushing Down Exercise and an entire nutritional balancing program when one is married and has children.

2. One’s health will be much better when one is older.  This may seem contradictory.  However, most young women today are not very healthy, no matter how attractive and active they are.  It actually requires many years to slowly improve one’s health at a deep level.

3. Having children later will generally mean that you are more mature, better at picking a husband, and in a more stable relationship and financial situation than when you were younger.  All this helps one to have an easier pregnancy, and a better experience as a parent.

4. Often, the souls that come into an older woman who decides to become pregnant are more advanced.  This helps your child to be more interesting and exciting to raise.


For all these reasons, please consider waiting to have children if you decide to develop yourself.



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