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            Earthing is the modern name for a very ancient idea to keep yourself in touch with the earth, for grounding and healing.  The usual way it is done is to keep your feet, usually, or some other part of the body, in touch with the earth.

This short article discusses this simple method that is very helpful for some of our clients.  Earthing also is perfectly compatible with a development program.




            It works because human beings are electrical beings, among other things, and the earth has a negative charge.  If one’s feet are on the earth or even on concrete or tile, electricity passes easily through the body to the earth.

This is relaxing, calming, grounding and centering.  It relaxes the nervous system, and many systems of the body work better, as a result.  This is the basic reason why earthing or grounding the body is helpful for one’s health.

            Also, earthing may have a lot to do with moving one’s energy downward from head to feet.  This, I know for sure, has a powerful healing effect.  Some people are better at doing this naturally, while others need help in moving their energy downward. 

Development science uses a particular diet, specific nutritional supplements, and certain healing procedures to create this downward motion of energy that is vital for one’s health.  For more on this important topic, please read Downward Moving Energy And Healing on this site.




            To stay in contact with the earth, one must walk barefoot outside on the grass or cement, or indoors on a dirt, cement or tile floor for at least 15 minutes daily. 

In addition, one can buy from the earthing website various grounding items such as bed sheets that have silver thread embedded in the fabric.  A wire is attached to the silver, and one attaches the other end to the ground terminal on an electrical outlet.  This is probably the most powerful grounding method.

            Other grounding materials include electrically conductive socks and shoes.  These are sold on the internet.  One may also just wear thin-soled shoes such as some sandals, such as Birkenstocks, or simple slippers such as ballet or other types of slippers.  These usually do not block the electrical connection too much, depending on their material.

            Leather soles conduct fairly well, I believe.  So if you need to wear socks, consider electrically conductive socks if you want to experiment with earthing.




            People report better sleep, lower blood pressure, anti-inflammatory effects, reduced pain, fewer hot flashes and less premenstrual tension, improved digestion, reduced headaches, less stress, and more.




            No.  From limited research, I would say that perhaps half the people benefit to some degree.  Those that are most likely to benefit are:

1. If you live and/or work in high-rise buildings where your feet cannot touch the earth during the day or night.  In contrast, if you live on the ground floor and if you like to go barefoot or walk in just slippers, you may already be fairly well grounded.

2. Women seem to benefit more than men, although I am not sure why.

3. You may not need earthing if you are following a development program.




I am not sure of the answer to this question.  Possible reasons are:

1. The presence of toxic metals probably upsets the body’s electrical system and its connection with the earth.  As these metals are removed deeply, the body’s natural connection is restored automatically.

For example, the presence of large amounts of minerals we call “the amigos” are in oxides that are not good electrical conductors, although they include conducting metals such as copper, iron, manganese, aluminum and nickel.  As these oxides are removed, they are replaced by zinc and selenium compounds that are better electrical conductors and more grounding. 

2. The presence of many chronic infections may also upset the body’s natural electrical connection with the earth.  This may sound odd, but infections can shift the body’s energy significantly.  As these infections are resolved deeply with a nutritional balancing program, the natural connection is restored automatically.

3. Development programs, as mentioned above, powerfully move energy downward from the head to the feet. 




1.  This website provides information and resources for earthing.

2. Ober, C., Sinatra, S., and Zucker, M., Earthing, Basic Health Publications, 2010.



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