By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The main purpose of this short article is to teach some legal principles because they are not being taught in high schools, colleges, the mainstream media. or even very much in law schools today.         




            Judge Roy Moore, a political conservative and former Alabama Supreme Court justice, was recently accused by 8 women of making inappropriate sexual advances toward them (not rape).  These all occurred when Judge Moore was in his 30s, which is over 30 years ago.

Judge Moore has said all the allegations are untrue and are just an attempt to keep him out of the US Senate.  Meanwhile, the liberal and left-wing mass media in the US has rushed to judgment, pronouncing the judge guilty without any proof whatsoever.


Other pertinent facts are:

1. Judge Moore is currently a candidate for the United States Senate.  If he wins, he would become a staunch conservative senator.

2. Judge Moore is already known because he refused to take down a painting of the 10 Commandments from his courtroom.  He is a strong believer in the US Constitution and understands its Biblical roots.




What is rarely explained are the following legal principles:


1. Innocent until proven guilty.  Judge Moore should be treated as innocent until the charges against him can be proven in court.  This is a critical legal principle in America, and many other modern nations.

It is important because many people make false accusations in order to hurt the name and reputation of another.  Therefore, it is essential to have a trial and not presume guilt or innocence without having the facts.

In this case, however, Judge Moore is being tried in the “court of public opinion”, which is no court at all.  It is not even public opinion.  It is just a few media outlets.

2. Statute of limitations.  This is the principle that crimes must be reported within a certain amount of time after they are committed, or they cannot be prosecuted.  This is a very important legal doctrine. 

The reason for it is that memories fade over time, and are often replaced with fantasy.  Also, finding out the facts of a crime becomes more difficult as time goes on.

Most statutes of limitation are around 5 to 15 years.  The alleged actions of Judge Moore should be dismissed because they occurred over 30 years ago.  However, this is not occurring in this case.

3. Our leaders must not be held to perfect standards.  If they are, no one will step up to lead because no one is perfect.

I don’t’ know if Judge Moore is innocent or guilty of the accusations.  However, most people have acted in less than an admirable fashion at some time.  Dredging up past sins – especially from 30 years ago - is not a good way to judge present behavior.  It just discourages good people from running for office.  Leaders are still human beings and none are perfect.

The mainstream media does not like Judge Moore, so they look for anything to defeat him.  Their own candidates are much worse, morally and ethically.  However, they rarely bother to investigate their past.  It is a false double standard and one goal of the accusations is to make people realize that the media is biased and should be turned off.

4. The severity of crimes.  Some crimes are much worse than others.  This is another very important legal and moral principle.

Judge Moore is not being accused of violating the 10 Commandments Of Moses, which are the most serious crimes.  He is being accused to molestation or perhaps sexual harassment.

However, the media treats the accusations as though they are very serious crimes, which they are not.  This is a major mistake because it confuses minor crimes with major ones.

5. The national and state constitutions guarantee to all Americans a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers that also has the ability to nullify the law if it is found to be unconstitutional.

            This is not being done in this case.  Instead, there has been a rush to judgment without a trial.  This is never justified and is a serious violation of what is called “due process” of law.



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