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Every human and animal body has three important energy centers.  Here are more details about them:


Location and significance.

1.  The upper center is found in the middle of the head, between and just above the eyebrows.  It has to do with the mind and with Development. 

It corresponds to the Father energy in Christian thought. 


2. The middle center is found in the middle of the chest, at the level of the nipples.  It has to do with breath and the heart and with the emotions. 

It corresponds to the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in Christian thought. 


3. The lower center is found below the navel, about halfway between the navel and the pubic bone, along the midline of the body.  It has to do with storage of subtle energy.

It corresponds to the Son in Christian theology.


Functions.  The three centers store and transmit subtle energy within and throughout the body.  They are absolutely required for life.  If they are weak, one becomes ill.  As one ages, they become smaller and when they are too small, one cannot sustain life.

Shape.  To those who can see them, the three energy centers should be spherical and look like round balls along the centerline of the body.

Size.  They should be about the size of grapefruits in an adult, and smaller in children.

Spin. They should look as though they are rotating or spinning rapidly in a directly forward direction.

Color or glow.  They should have a bright golden glow or color.

Another name.  They may be called the dantiens or dantians. 




The three energy centers are an example of how our bodies are made – in 3 parts.  Other examples of this are:


1. The three embryonic tissues.  These are the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm.  They grow to form all parts of our bodies.

2. The three hearts.  These are also called the triple warmer in acupuncture.  For details, read The Hearts.

3. The three brains.  Human beings have a mechanical brain (the brain stem), an animal brain (the diencephalon) and a human brain (the cortex).

4. The three pelvic zones.  The upper one is roughly between the belly button and the pubic bone.  The second zone is roughly in the area of the pubic bone.  The third zone is below the pubic bone.


Different from the seven centers.  These three centers are totally different from the seven physical energy centers that are on every body.  These are also along the midline, but they are not spheres.  They are shaped more like funnels.  For details, read The Seven Centers.




In most people, the three energy centers spin slowly, and often they do not spin in a perfectly straight direction forward.  Also, they are often a darker color.  The following will correct the three centers:


1. A complete nutritional balancing program.

2. Particularly helpful are the coffee enemas and the pushing down exercise recommended with all nutritional balancing programs.

3. Visualizing the centers spinning fast and in the proper direction can help a lot.

4. Loving oneself is very helpful.

5. Development helps the three centers spin correctly.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

6. Putting some open water at the foot of your bed is very helpful.  For details, read Open Water.

7. The Hand Trance is helpful.


Let us discuss a few of these in more detail.




The three centers are much easier to develop and heal if one follows a complete nutritional balancing program.  Developing these energy centers occurs naturally with a nutritional balancing program, and much faster than if one does not follow a program.

Aspects of a nutritional balancing program that help develop and maintain them are:


1. The daily diet of mainly cooked, not raw vegetables.  This is very important.  Other diets donŐt work as well.

2. The daily pushing down exercise.

3. The daily near infrared lamp sauna or red heat lamp sessions.  The lamp must be used for at least one hour daily on the lower abdomen, or the sauna must be used for at least 20 minutes daily and preferably an hour or more total exposure each day.

4. The daily coffee enemas.  One needs at least one daily and up to four daily, if desired, but not more.

5. Daily foot reflexology and twisting the spine are also extremely helpful.

For details about these procedures, go to the Home Page of this website.  There you will find links to articles about each of them.




#1. Visualize spinning the three energy centers.  Once again, lie down comfortably in any position, or you can sit or even stand up.  Preferably close your eyes and first locate the three energy centers:  The upper one is in the middle of the head.  The middle one is in the middle of the chest.  The lower one is just below the belly button in the middle of the abdomen.

Now imagine a grapefruit-sized ball or sphere of energy in each of these locations.  Each one shimmers and is bright gold in color.

Now spin all three of them in a directly forward direction.  This means that if you are looking at them from the right side of your body, they spin in a clockwise direction.


#2. For a greater effect, do the visualization above with another person.  Two ways to do this that will enhance the effect are to lie next to another person or do the visualization while doing Down Sex.


#3. The finger spin.  Lie down comfortably on your back on a bed or couch.  You can be fully dressed.

Place your elbows at your sides.  Raise the forearms and hands to a vertical position.

Extend the index finger of each hand so that the left index finger is over your chest and pointed directly to the right.  The right index finger should be pointed directly to the left and is over the belly button area.  The index fingers should each be about 4-6 inches above the body.

You should now have the left index finger over your middle energy center and your right index finger over the lower center.

Now move both hands, including the index fingers, in small circles.  The correct direction of movement is that when the hand and finger move downward toward your feet, they also move outward away from the body. 

When the hand and finger move upward toward your head, they move inward toward the body.  Do this in a circular motion, and do it as fast as you can.  They should move in circles that are about 3-4 inches in diameter.

If you do this right, you should feel a slight tingling in your chest and abdomen.

Spin the fingers and hands rapidly for about 1 minute.  Now move the left hand up to your head and spin the upper center in the same direction for about 1 minute.  This can be repeated several times daily.

The finger spin is excellent to do while doing a coffee enema, since one is already lying down comfortably.


            More information and drawings of the three centers or dantiens are found on websites such as, and in articles about tŐai chi and chi kung. 



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