By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

September 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The word dantien means an energy center in the Chinese language.  The existence of three energy centers in the human body and animal bodies is known in Tai chi and chi kung (and Christianity, but not in the regular bible).  You can look it up on the internet or in books if this seems unusual.  The three centers are as follows:


1.  The upper dantien corresponds to the mind, and to the Father energy in Christian thought.  It is located somewhere in the head, and is usually pictured as being located between the eyebrows, more or less.  However, it is a large center that fills the entire head, more or less.


2. The middle dantien corresponds to the breath or to the heart, and to the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in Christian thought.  It is found in the area of the chest, slightly below the nipple area, although it, too, is large and fills the entire chest area.


3. The lower dantien corresponds to the body, and to the Son energy in Christian thought.  It is found below the navel, about halfway between the navel and the pubic bone along the midline of the body.  However, it is very large and fills up the entire space from above the navel to below the public bone and below the perineum.


Different from the seven centers.  These three dantiens are totally different from the seven physical energy centers that are on every body.  This is important to know or you will become confused.

Importance of the three centers (or dantiens in Chinese).  The great importance is that one must develop these centers to have long life and excellent health. 




The three dantiens are much easier to develop if one follows a complete nutritional balancing program.  Developing these energy centers occurs naturally with a nutritional balancing program, and much faster than if one does not follow a program.  Aspects of a nutritional balancing program that help develop them a lot include:


1. The daily near infrared lamp sauna or red heat lamp sessions.  The lamp must be used for at least one hour daily on the lower abdomen, or the sauna must be used for at least 20 minutes daily and preferably an hour or more total exposure each day.

2. The daily coffee enemas.  One needs at least one daily and up to four daily, if desired, but not more at this time as it is too much coffee, which is slightly toxic in these large amounts.

3. The daily diet of mainly cooked, not raw vegetables.  This also seems to be very critical to develop the three dantiens at this time in history.


            More about the dantiens is found on websites such as, and in arts such as tai chi and chi kung. 



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