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            These are advanced topics in nutritional balancing science.  Some readers will recognize both concepts from the science of acupuncture.  Here, two of the main meridians are called the triple warmer (or triple heater) and the heart protector.




            This is a somewhat esoteric idea that states human beings have three hearts, not one.  They are:


1. The first, or physical heart.  This is located somewhat low in the chest, slightly on the left side of the body.  Ideally, the physical heart center should be open, but empty.

An open first heart center means that this area is not filled with the energies of other people.  For this reason, one is open to intimate interpersonal relationships, and to the normal give and take associated with interpersonal relationships.

Many people have their first heart area filled with the energies of others.  This means they are usually jaded, depressed and not as available for a quality relationship with another person.

Hair analysis indicator.  The health of the first heart is indicated in part by the calcium/magnesium ratio on a properly performed hair mineral analysis, in which the hair is not washed at the laboratory.  The ratio should be about 8:1 or less.  This is a stricter limit than we use this ratio for to assess other things.

When the first heart is too closed or filled, the calcium/magnesium ratio on a hair analysis tends to rise too high, and this is associated with improper attitudes and lifestyles.  The calcium/magnesium ratio on a hair mineral analysis is the lifestyle ratio.  It is discussed in some detail in an article called the Calcium/Magnesium Ratio.


2. The second, or etheric heart.  This is located in the exact center of the chest, somewhat above the level of the nipples.  It is associated with the fourth energy center.

It should be open and empty, as well.  This means it should be operating and spinning correctly.

It should also be relatively clean and bright when seen by those who can visualize the seven physical energy centers.  It, too, should not be filled with the energy of other people, which occurs commonly.

Hair analysis indicators. The health of the second heart is somewhat indicated by the zinc/copper ratio on a hair mineral analysis in which the hair is not washed at the laboratory.  This ratio should be about 8:1.  When it is above about 12:1 or less than about 4:1, it usually indicates imbalances in this energy center or second heart.


3. The third, or spiritual heart.  The third heart is located just above the thymus gland area, near the top of the sternum or breast bone, near the neck.  Ideally, this heart should also be open and empty. This indicates that one is not concerned with what others think of him or her, and instead the person only wishes to connect to God or the Holy Spirit.

            Hair analysis indications.  The health of this heart is associated with the calcium/phosphorus ratio on a properly performed hair mineral analysis in which the hair is not washed at the laboratory.

This ratio should be about 2.5:1.  When it is above about 5, or less than 1, it indicates a problem in this heart.  An exception is if a four lows pattern is present.  In this case, the above criteria do not apply, and it is more difficult to assess its health.




            This idea is well known among some acupuncturists who measure it with the radial pulse and other methods.  It is the idea that there are “pillars” around the heart that protect the heart of everyone.  These are called heart protectors.

            In most people, these are not in good order.  As a result, the person is unable to open the second and third hearts or heart centers described above.  Also as a result, the person is unable to function at maximum ability in the world.  Such functioning requires open and empty hearts in order to interact with others properly.  Therefore, correcting the heart protectors is a very important idea.


            Hair analysis indicators.  The health of the heart pillars or heart protector is indicated to some degree by the levels of four macromineralscalcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  When the levels of these minerals are somewhat equal, and somewhat near their ideal levels, then the heart protectors or pillars are generally in good order.

            On the other hand, when they are not at equal levels, and not near their ideal values, then the heart protectors are not in as good working order.




            A complete nutritional balancing program will correct many problems in the triple hearts and in the heart protectors.  This is a great advantage and benefit of this program, compared to most all other healing modalities.  Reasons why this occurs are:


1. Nutrition is critical today, and most people are not balanced or well-nourished enough.

2. Nutritional balancing removes two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals that interfere with the health of the hearts.  It does this better than any other method I have encountered, including chelation and other systems of healing.

            3. Nutritional balancing increases vitality and makes the person much more yang in macrobiotic terms.  This is necessary today.

4. The program calms a person down, and allows processing of many traumas, all of which tend to affect the triple hearts and the heart protectors.

For all of these reasons, a nutritional balancing program followed diligently for at least a few years is a great benefit to your triple hearts and to your heart protectors.



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