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            Nutritional balancing research.  A curious research finding from nutritional balancing science  is that both men and women who are homosexual tend to change their sexual orientation to heterosexuality as their health improves on a nutritional balancing program.  This was purely an accidental finding, as no attempt was ever made to influence anyone’s sexual orientation.

I can only speculate as to why this occurs.  It may have to do with improvements in the balance of zinc and copper, or due to the release of traumas, or it could be due to something else that we do not understand at this time.   




The following all seem to contribute to homosexuality.  Several causes below can combine to cause stronger homosexual tendencies in some people.  The causes include:


1. Sexual fluid craving.  A common phenomenon today is that women, in particular, but also some men, crave sexual fluid.  If a woman craves female sexual fluid or if a man craves male sexual fluid, it easily makes the person think that he or she is homosexual.

While the cause of much sexual fluid craving is nutritional today, trauma can also cause it.  Rape, with “drying out” of the person by depleting their sexual fluid, is how heterosexual people are often turned into homosexuals.  This is especially the case with men, but also in some women. 

This violent act creates a strong craving for sexual fluids, and usually male sexual fluid.  This alone can attract a man to other men, for example.  It can also attract a woman to other women, sexually.  For more on this interesting phenomenon, please read Sexual Fluid Craving and Rape on this website.


2. The sense of smell.  Nutritional imbalances and rape seem able to alter a person’s sense of smell.  As a result, our homosexual clients tell us that men smell like women and women smell like men.  This is terribly confusing for both men and women, and homosexuality is often the result.  This fact is not discussed very much.


3. Trauma, and often rape.  Rape is often used to turn heterosexual people into homosexuals.  This is not widely known, but it is true.  The two main mechanisms that I know of that cause this are mentioned in the two paragraphs above.


4. A biochemical imbalance involving copper and zinc.  This imbalance can explain how even small children can act and think in a homosexual way.  It does not mean that the trait is “genetic”.  It just means these children, along with some adults, are out of balance biochemically, and that is all.

Copper and zinc relate closely to our secondary sex characteristics, which means our attitudes and feelings about sexuality, among other things.  Many, if not all homosexuals have too much copper and not enough zinc.  Many children are being born this way due to zinc deficiency and copper excess in their mothers.  This is another fact, although it is not well known among medical and psychological professionals.

Once again, this is not a genetic error, meaning it is not in the genes or chromosomes, as the homosexual lobby contends.  Instead, it is a congenital abnormality.  The word congenital means present at birth, but not genetic.  Congenital imbalances are mainly due to nutritional problems in one’s mother, or perhaps the presence of toxins in the mother’s body that affect the growing fetus.


5. Past life issues, perhaps.  Some say that the soul has had other lives and other bodies in the past.  Reincarnation is an important tenet of Hinduism, Buddhism, and among some Hebrew and early Christian groups.

If it is true, then memories of past life experiences might cause homosexual tendencies, especially in children.  Children often have good recall of past lives, although this problem can affect adults, as well.

For example, let us say that a person had a female body in a past life, and now has a male body.  It is possible that memories or feelings from the past lifetime as a woman might cause him to be attracted more to men than to women.  I know this sounds odd, but it is possible and I believe it is fairly common.  For quotes from the Bible on the subject of multiple lives or reincarnation of the soul, please read Soul Science on this website.




Certain hair mineral patterns are common in those who have homosexual behavior.  Hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate results.  In addition, I only recommend using Analytical Research Laboratories for hair testing, as the other labs are not accurate enough.  Common patterns are:


1. Calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5.  This pattern is called spiritual defensiveness.  It indicates a lifestyle imbalance of some kind that is interfering with one’s health.  The pattern is seen with homosexuality, and with some forms of abuse, extreme job stress, in some cases of poor quality relationships, or if one has a bad attitude of some kind.  For more information, please read Spiritual Defensiveness on this website.


2. Copper level greater than about 3 mg%.  Elevated copper can affect hormone levels and is associated with primary and secondary sex characteristics.  Primary sex characteristics are one’s anatomy and physiology, whereas secondary sex characteristics have to do with one’s sexual attitudes and sexual preferences.  Many conditions can be associated with an elevated copper level, not just homosexual behavior.


3. Sodium/potassium ratio less than 0.9.  With this pattern, fast oxidation may also be present and the calcium/magnesium ratio may be normal or a little low.  This is an extreme chronic stress pattern, and sometimes associated with trauma and abuse.  These mineral patterns may also occur with chronic infections, malignancy and diabetes.




More and more children today are born with homosexual leanings.  Most doctors and therapists believe this is “genetic”.  Our experience with nutritional balancing science completely discredits this idea, as explained in the section above.

One must ask, why would babies and young children have homosexual leanings?  In fact, the reasons are not difficult to find.  I will divide them into two categories:


I. Congenital chemical imbalances in the children today.  Most babies are born today with significant biochemical imbalances.  These are often very clear if one performs a hair mineral analysis on newborns or young children.

These imbalances are called congenital, which means present at birth.  They are directly caused by chemical imbalances in the mothers.  They do not involve the DNA, so they are not “genetic” in nature, although they can affect RNA production, transcription and protein biosynthesis.  As a result, they may show up on genetic tests.


II. Biochemical insults to children occurring after birth.  The other cause for homosexual leanings that affect babies and young children consist of a set of serious insults or injuries to the body that occur in most children after they are born.  The sources for these include:


1. Vaccination.  This introduces toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury into young, vulnerable bodies.  It also introduces stray viruses and other toxic chemicals into young bodies.  For much more on this subject, please read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination and other articles on vaccines on this website.


2. Low quality breast milk.  Sadly, the impact of a sick mother does not end at birth.  Most breast milk today is low in zinc and too high in copper, among other imbalances.  Some is contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, as well.  Breast feeding is still best, but all lactating mothers need a nutritional balancing program, or most of their breast milk will be of inferior quality.


3. Poor quality formula. Many babies are given “junk” commercial formula that does not even supply the basics of good nutrition.  This is a crime, in fact.


4. Atrocious diets after weaning.  Too many young children are given soda pop, white bread, sugar, honey, fruit and fruit juice that is far too sweet and sugary for their delicate bodies, “junk” food with hundreds of chemicals in it, and few fresh, cooked vegetables that they all need desperately.


5. Use of medical pharmaceutical drugs.  The ‘antibiotic routine’, as some call it, often begins during the first year of life and never stops.  This is just one class of toxic drugs that I find are not needed if a baby is nourished and cared for properly.  Many babies are on several drugs, all of which damage the liver and kidneys a little, especially with immature bodies.  Few doctors realize that there are alternatives because they receive little or no training concerning these alternatives.


6. Other chemical exposures.  Babies may be exposed to hundreds of toxic metals and chemicals through the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat, and what they touch with their hands and their skin.


The combination of all the above seems to be what causes the homosexual leanings in children, not genetics.  I know this because it can be reversed in children, as with adults, using a complete nutritional balancing program. 

If it were genetic, it would not respond to a nutritionally-based program, such as that which we offer.  Parents, please note that, in my experience, most other nutrition programs will not reverse these leanings because they do not go deep enough to correct the causes.




Some people say that taking the medical drug Lyrica may kill homosexual desires.  I don’t know why it works, but it can. 

Problems with taking Lyrica are that it is toxic and may have significant side effects.  It also does nothing to correct one’s body chemistry and build health.  In fact, it makes the body more toxic.

The fact that a simple medical drug may change one’s sexual preference would tend to indicate that homosexuality is not genetic, but rather is a biochemical imbalance.




            A profound change has taken place in the United States in the past two years (2012-2014).  Ever since a Supreme Court decision that found parts of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, courts throughout the land have been striking down state bans on homosexual marriage.  Let us examine this more closely.

What the Supreme Court of the United States did in 2012 was essentially to make up or concoct a civil right of homosexual marriage.  This is important to understand.  Such a right is certainly not in the US Constitution, upon which document the court is supposed to make its decisions.  So the court made it up.  This is an egregious breach of their power and reach.  Making up rights in not their job.

I hope this will be corrected, and the state bans on homosexual marriage will be resurrected, or put back into force of law, if the people of the states want it.


Another article on this website about homosexuality is Why Not Homosexual Marriage?



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