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Definition of magic.  Magic, as defined on this website, is the use the mind and some other abilities to move subtle energy.  This is an important subject because the movement of energy is a very powerful tool that can be used for good, but also for evil, or less beneficial, purposes.  In most cases, subtle energy is used badly and improperly.


The proper way to use the mind to move energy throughout the body and elsewhere. The proper use of energy, at this time in history, and at the level of development of most people, is to move etheric energy through the body in only one direction, from the head to the feet.  This, in turn, will affect the body in very specific and beneficial ways.

This means, for example, that one should not focus on “fixing the stomach” to heal an ulcer.  Just move energy downward through the body of yourself or even of another, and the energy will move where it is needed to heal the ulcer, and ultimately, everything else that needs healing.  This exciting topic is discussed in a separate article entitled Downward Motion And Healing.


Why this type of movement of energy, and not all others?


1. It is very safe. It literally cannot do harm.  It can be practiced all day long without danger, and danger is not just harming the body of oneself or another.  Other movements of energy can do harm in many subtle ways, and it always does.  Safety is our primary concern.


2. It develops what is called true power.  Moving energy downward, slowly develops a person’s ability to live longer, and other subtle qualities that are called power on this website.  This is another topic that I hope will be the subject of an article in the future.

Other ways of moving energy often damage power, or simply do not develop it nearly as well.  This, also, is very critical today to fight illness and old age, and to stay safe.


3. It can heal and develop a person at a pace that does not upset the body and mind.  This is part of safety and balanced development.  Many other types of energy therapies, movement therapies, yoga, and many healing remedies cannot be said to do the same thing.


  With this introduction, let us turn to the subject of magic, as opposed to the proper way to move energy with your mind.




Bad use of magic, also called black magic, is the incomplete or improper use of mental energy.  A few of the most important aspects of these practices include:


1. A fundamentally unsafe and unreliable approach to life based upon invoking the powers of nature or “god” using words, affirmations, prayers, potions, drugs, other chemicals, rods, staffs, crystals, cards, foods, herbs, or anything else, for that matter, in order to effect control by oneself over nature and others.


2. The use of mind power in a more selfish or egotistical way in which the mind is used to direct energy in very specific manners besides moving it simply downward through the body.  In other words, the simple movement of energy through the body from head to feet is not magic, in my definition, but almost any other movement of energy is magic, at least to a degree.


3. A tool of the black arts.  I will define the black arts or so-called black magic as methods used to harm others by using mental maneuvers to upset or unbalance the energy field of another person.


4. Magic has also been used, and is used all the time, to control and manipulate others without their knowledge or understanding.  Some of this is done unconsciously.  Also, sales people and some therapists in methods such as neuro-linguistic programming employ it consciously as well.  It works, unfortunately, most of the time.

Advertisers also use some magical techniques.  These are methods of mind control, mostly through the use of images, but also using the voice, using metaphors, sexual innuendo, glances, and other means.  


5. Magic is also used as a weapon of war, and has been for centuries.  Most people are not aware of this, although rumors circulated that the Nazis, for example, held special rituals and ceremonies to force the allies to surrender, and to encourage allied soldiers to weaken their resolve, to make them sicken and die.

This is just the beginning of the psychic and psychological warfare that has always existed on planet earth, and today continues unabated.  Today it is done with powerful radionic machines, however, and it is called psychotronic warfare.  This is discussed in a separate article entitled Psychotronics And Radionics.


6. Even most of what is called healing, and even nutritional balancing science when it not done properly, is magical in nature.  This includes the use of foods, vitamins, minerals, drugs, herbs, homeopathics, energy medicine, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and dozens of other present-day healing modalities.


This list should convince you that magic is a omnipresent and common phenomenon on planet earth.  It is also responsible for untold suffering on the part of billions of people today.




This is found in most fairy tales such as Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and many others.  It is also found in movies such as The Wizard Of Oz, and others.  It is also found in other stories that are popular on earth.

In all these tales, “good witches” or at times, fairy mothers, come to the aid of deserving women, and now and then a deserving man.  They use their magical powers to oppose the efforts of the dark forces or black magic, and they save the women and men from death or despair.  This is the essence of good magic or white magic.

No spells or sorcery.  Christians are sometimes afraid of all magic, and this is unfortunate.  The Bible tells us to avoid casting spells, invoking demons, and other magical means.  However, the good witches and white magicians do nothing of this sort.  Instead, they mainly clear the air, so to speak, breaking the spells and the hexes that the bad witches put on people. This is important to understand.




Magic is, and always has been, extremely popular on earth.  For example, in the past it was the basis for many pagan religions that depended upon “appeasing the gods” with bizarre rituals and sacrifices, often of living people.

Judaism and Christianity are much better, in this regard.  The Catholic church still has some remnants of these rituals, but they are benign, which is what matters.

Smart people today want truth, not magical ritual.  The religions that are gaining members are the newer, simpler Christian denominations that focus energy downward in prayer, and do not bother with arcane and esoteric rituals.


Benefits of some of the old magical pagan religions.  Magical means have helped people survive when they did not understand much about life and science.  Magical remedies have also helped people to survive plagues, famines, wars and other disasters.

For example, focusing one’s attention upon a staff or a rod or a crystal can help some people to invoke the power of the mind to heal wounds or other traumas.  Blaming misfortunes on astrological signs, or repeating certain chants to get rid of evil spirits can, indeed, reduce fear, calm the mind, activate the placebo effect, and in these manners assist people in trouble.  While perhaps not ideal solutions to problems, these are a few of the beneficial uses of magical methods.




Magic is not the same as the scientific method.  Magic is the use of mind power to control and manipulate everything from objects and people to bacteria and viruses.  This capability is a science of mind, but magic is not done using the scientific method.

The scientific method is built on objective observation of phenomena over a period of time to establish cause-effect relationships that are repeatable and reliable.  Then one can implement methods of control or use the knowledge in other ways.

In contrast, magic is simply a form and use of the power of a concentrated attention, or mind power.  This is a method of control, and little more.  It depends a lot on the power of the mind of the person who invokes it.  In this way, it is very different from the scientific method of discovering the truth about all things.




Miracles may be defined as events and situations that cannot be explained in any rational or logical manner.  This is quite different from magic, which has a very simple explanation.  It is the power of the focused mind or concentrated mind.  This is a real and quite simple effect that can be measured, and it is not a miracle.  In other words, it can be explained easily.




Power is a term that is used on this website in a special way.  It means the ability of a person to move energy in a downward direction, down the body from the head to the feet.  If one is standing upright against gravity, it is the movement of energy toward the center of the earth.  This, and nothing else, is the meaning of power on this website. 

Magic, which is a type of mind control, can look like power, but is not the same.  Magic is the use of objects or chemicals to invoke a specific response in the body.  It is akin to power only in that both can affect the body powerfully.  However, power takes a lot of time and practice to develop, and is a specific type of practice used for healing, and nothing else.




Magic is often about the use of remedies, instant cures, placebo effects and simple methods to deal with symptoms.  Deep healing is not about simple remedies, and not even about removing surface symptoms.  However, white magic can be extremely beneficial for healing by removing blockages and spells that others have placed on a person.  In this sense, white magic can be a method of deep healing.  Black magic has nothing at all to do with healing of any kind.  It is used to harm, control and manipulate people only.

Deep healing always has to do with increasing the body’s vitality and balancing energies and minerals and other things in the body.  It requires making the body more yang, more parasympathetic, and moving energy downward more through the body from head to feet.  This causes most symptoms and diseases to go away on their own, without the need for remedies. 

Allopathic medicine and most naturopathic and holistic healing today are examples of mainly magical ways of healing the body.  These sciences use remedies, by and large, to alter the nature of symptoms.  This is actually a very superficial level of healing the body.

Surgery is generally not as magical.  It is more mechanical in many cases, and mechanical manipulation of the body or even the mind using osteopathy or chiropractic, is less magical.  However, surgery is, at times, magical, meaning that it doesn’t do much good but it uses the placebo effect to work on some people.

In contrast, nutritional balancing science is an example of a deeper healing science.  When done properly, which I hope I offer to the public through about 130 practitioners who are listed on this website, it is not magical in nature.  It heals the body and mind by moving energy downward through the body by several dozen means.




Black magic has an allure and glamour about it that is quite harmful and dangerous.  It might be called charming.  In fact, that is exactly what is meant by a “charming” person, for example, or a “stunning” lady.  It means that the person has a certain charisma or aura about him or her that allows the person to get his or her way with others, or control situations to a degree.

This is always dangerous because the other person or people around do not understand what is going on, so they are vulnerable to being manipulated financially, socially, sexually, or in other ways that could be worse.

Magical means used in medical care are dangerous because one is not healed by the potions and pills, but it can seem that way.  For example, medical drugs often cause adverse effects or unintended effects.  These can range from simple toxicity and fatigue to cancer and heart attacks.

These unintended effects do not occur with nutritional balancing science, when done correctly as I offer it.  Just using the recommendations from Dr. Eck’s laboratory, today, is not sufficient, however.  The laboratory computers have not been kept up to date enough, in my view, although most of the time they are okay, but not great.

Other examples of unintended effects or side effects of magic occur with surgery that causes adhesions, vitamins that upset body chemistry, drug addiction that feels good but kills, and so forth.  A salient feature of all magical means is that it causes unintended or “side” effects, sometimes also called collateral damage.  Magic is known for this, by the way.  Practitioners of magical methods often just brush this aside, saying that the good outweighs the bad.  However, this is not necessarily true at all.

Another horrendous example of magic is the use of pesticides on food.  Once again, this is magical.  It kills the bugs and the food looks good.  However, the food is now somewhat toxic, the soil is poisoned, the insects cannot do their job properly, and the ecosystem becomes contaminated.  Soon the entire balance of the ecosystem is out of kilter.

Another example of magic in medicine is the use of all vaccines.  They seem magical in the way they prevent serious diseases.  Unfortunately, however, millions of babies are now autistic as a result of the poisons injected into their vulnerable young bodies.  This is the truth, and it is being suppressed and it will be suppressed until enough people demand an end to this horrible practice.  For more on this, read Vaccination on this website. 

Many other excellent websites also expose the truth about vaccines, but the propagandists for vaccination have plenty of funds and operate hundreds of their own “scientific” websites.  These are sometimes nothing more than sham websites set up to confuse people and mislead them, as well.  Please know this is the case with many of the so-called medical websites today.  They are simply advertising for vaccines, drugs, surgeries, herbs, homeopathics, and other magical things that are profitable for their masters.




An interesting fact in the healing field is that those who practice or just appreciate magic of the holistic and new age type often do not like Judaism and Christianity.  They prefer older religious concepts such as polytheism, or perhaps what are called new-age religions and thinking such as Scientology, Unity, Science of Mind, Unitarianism, environmentalism, or earth worship.

What they do not like are all the fixed rules in the Jewish and Christian religions, such as the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the kosher laws, and others.  Instead, they gravitate toward new-age thinking, which includes concepts such as moral relativism and political correctness.  They fail to see the problems inherent in these modes of thinking.  In fact, the reason they like fewer rules is that it frees them to move energy in more directions.  This is needed to practice their magic.

Sadly, however, even many Christians buy into the magical quality of allopathic medicine.  They are literally “snowed” by the media blitz and intense control over healing that the American Medical Association or AMA, the hospitals, and the drug companies have.  Their propaganda is so intense and so constant that it takes a very independent-minded person to see through it clearly and without anger.  This is the only way one can make rational decisions about one’s health without rejecting anything, but simply taking the best from all worlds.




Many examples of magic exist.  They include:


Voodoo.  This is an ancient black magic method of control and hatred used extensively in Central and South America and Africa.

Shamanism.  This is a very ancient healing method used in many forms throughout the world.  Not all shamanism is magic, however.  It depends upon the technique.

Some, but not all energy healing.  This is the use of remedies to somehow alter symptoms or the body of another person.  This is totally different than what I refer to as spiritual healing.  The latter is a scientific method of joining one’s energy field, also called the aura, with that of another person in certain ways.  This can transfer energy to the other person.  This type of healing is described in an article entitled Empathic Blending on this website.

In contrast, mental control and mind control methods of healing invoke special powers of mind to specifically alter various chemicals, structures or other things in another person.

The placebo effect.  This mental phenomenon is used to sell billions of dollars worth of fairly worthless drugs each year.  The way it works is that the doctor tells the patient that the medicine works, or a TV ad may tell patients that the drug works.  Due to an interesting mental phenomenon, it actually does work to some degree when the mind has been conditioned to believe that it will.  It is not reliable, but it can work up to 50% of the time or more, in some cases.

Homeopathy.  This is an energy healing method.  However, it makes the body much more yin and we find it is very bad.  I am sorry to have to report this, as I have used it myself and it is very appealing.  However, our clients are worse off after using it even if it removes some symptoms.  That is why I am mentioning it as a dark magical method today, although most practitioners of it do not mean to do any harm.

Most herbal medicine and drug medicines.  Herbs can be used positively, but today many of them, if not all of them, are contaminated with toxic metals due to general pollution of the earth.  As a result, herbalism is not as good as it used to be when many of the books about it were written, and I do not recommend it.

Most acupuncture, Ayurveda and yoga.  Conditions on earth have shifted a lot since these systems were set up.  Today the emphasis must be on moving energy downward from head to feet.  This was formerly done automatically by the powerful magnetic field of the earth.  Today this field is very weak, so the modalities of healing must emphasize it.  Unfortunately, few modalities do this, especially the older healing modalities.  So please be careful with them.




The word mystical usually means unusual or perhaps hidden or esoteric.  It is not exactly the same as magic or magical, which has to do with a form of mental control over nature and others.

Many teachings are somewhat mystical.  Even the Bible is considered a mystical teaching by some.  It does not mean they are magical.  Conversely, magical methods are not necessarily mystical.  They can be very simple.




Magic is often thought to be a realm controlled more by women than by men.  For example, witch hunts were usually for women, not for men.  Both the good witches and the bad witches in the fairy tales and the Wizard of Oz and similar movies are women.  Women are more sensitive than men, in general, and may gravitate more toward the magical realm.  They may become more adept at these methods than men, in general, in part because men may prefer more direct methods of healing or control of others. 

Magic is a more “circular” form of mental control and mental efforting.  This is a subtle concept that has to do with how one thinks when one performs various tasks.  Men think more linearly, while women tend to think in a more circular fashion.  Zinc, a more masculine element, is associated with more linear thinking.  Copper, a more female element in nutritional balancing science, is a more circular mineral in its effects.  This gets rather advanced, and I will leave the subject here at this time.




Magic is an interesting human mind control phenomenon that needs to be exposed and studied much more.  It can be used for good – white magic – but it is most often used to hurt or at least control others.  This article is but a brief introduction to this large subject.



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