by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Suckers are people who take the energy or substance of others without giving anything back, or much back in return.  They are also called Energy Vampires on this website.  They are basically con artists.  Some are ordinary types, while others are professional rapists, thieves, users or others.  They are all seducers, however.  Some are able to generate warm fuzzy feelings inside of a woman’s body, for example, and then they use this ability to get what they want – usually sex.  They are everywhere, in all regions of the world and in all professions.


Real men and women, in contrast, give love and do not take anything except if they ask and it is given freely.  They have deep integrity and may be called impeccable.  This means they do what they say they will do, they do not lie or steal, and they do not use others for their pleasure or for anything else.  Instead they love others.  However, in the world of relationships, they often sit on the sidelines because they are not seductive or “skilled” at getting the attention of others the way the con artists are.

The suckers or energy vampires are very adept at making women, and sometimes men, believe that they are getting something when they are not.  They do this by seduction, which can be extremely subtle using words, phrases, body language, clothing, gestures, touching, cooing and singing, subtle energy transmission, and other methods.  Another way to say this is they are able somehow to set up a rapport with their target or victim that makes the victim feel loved, wanted, excited, sexy, smart or something else that the person secretly or not so secretly wishes for.  This is how they succeed in life.  They are very good sales people, one might say.

In contrast, the real men often seem cold and unfeeling.  This is because they are more honest and “straight” with women.  They offer themselves, but they do not seduce and entice women with warm, cozy feelings that are fake, basically.  Sadly, millions of women mistake this clear and upfront attitude for coldness or uncaring, and the women shun these men, much to their detriment.

This is the basic idea of suckers versus real men.  Women, please beware of any man who is too nice, seems to offer too much, or gives off or generates a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you.  Do not trust your feelings in these cases, as they are usually wrong.  Do not ignore the advice of your parents, good friends or others who warn you against taking up with these men.  Please listen, as your safety and your health might depend upon it.




            Many people are desperately seeking a relationship.  A few are smart enough to want a friendship instead.  Here is the difference, as I will define it:


            Relationships. A relationship is when two independent people get together.  Perhaps they live together, or just share a bed, or share meals, or share work together, or perhaps something else.  Their motto is sort of “I do my thing and you do yours, and if we blend together, then fine, and if we do not, then we go our separate ways and that is fine, too.” 

Those in relationships are somewhat immature and always somewhat selfish.  They have little long term commitment and often do not necessarily love each other.  Thy mainly live, work, recreate or play together.  This is the essence of what I mean by a relationship.


            Friendships.  I will define a friendship differently.  It is two who are devoted to each other’s highest good.  This is very different from a typical relationship.  It is two who share deeply and intimately, though not necessarily sexually or living together.  It can be two of the opposite sex, or the same sex, and it doesn’t matter.  Neither does age difference or other differences matter. 

It is two who care deeply for one another’s welfare in all ways, even if it costs them the friendship.  A friend is more like a loving parent, or a “buddy”, or your companion.  A friend does not think selfishly about his or her own needs around you, whether that need be great sex, a great meal, enjoying a good movie together, a great vacation, or anything else.

Instead, a friend only wants to know how you are doing and what needs to be done to keep you healthy, happy and moving in a more spiritual and uplifting direction.  This is a very different type of human interaction, and actually somewhat rare on planet earth.  It requires much more maturity, commitment and a much longer view.  It is not selfish in the least.


This topic dovetails well with the first part of this article.  My advice to women, especially, is to look for a friend, not a relationship.  You will be happier.  Men, look for a friend, not a relationship.  Do not be in a hurry about it, either.  If you find a friend, you are a long way toward a really deep and intimate relationship or friendship that will last a lifetime.  This is the goal of this article to present these ideas.

Once again, women especially, must be careful of suckers or users who seem to be their friend, confidant or whatever, but who really do not look out for their best interests.  Men must be careful of women who are seducers as well, but ore often the men seduce the women. 



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