(Formerly called the meditation-observation exercise)

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


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The pushing down exercise is the most powerful aspect of a nutritional balancing program.  It will slowly rejuvenate the body and the brain.  So please do not skip this part of a nutritional balancing program.

This exercise is required for advanced development, and nothing can substitute for it.  The nutritional balancing diet, supplements, lifestyle and detoxification procedures described in other articles on this website will cause early development.  However, only this exercise will cause advanced development.


* The NEW Procedure:


Sit or lie down comfortably.  Make sure you are warm enough.  Do not do the exercise if you are tired.  Wait until you are rested.

Your back.  If you sit, your back needs to be straight up and down.  If you lie down, do not use a pillow so that your back is straight.  Now close your eyes comfortably.  There is no need to force them closed or to tense up your face or neck.




Imagine a large automobile tire or inner tube around your feet.  It should be about 3 feet in diameter, so your feet would fit into it easily.

The tire or inner tube can be down around your feet, perpendicular to your body.  However, ideally, the inner tube should be 30 inches or about 76 centimeters below your feet and perpendicular to your body if you are sitting.  If you are lying down, ideally visualize the inner tube about 30 inches beyond your feet and perpendicular to your body.

Always keep your mental focus on the tire or inner tube while doing the exercise.  Never move your focus upward at all.  Breathe gently and deeply, ideally, while doing the exercise.  You need not count while breathing.  This is distracting and not necessary or helpful.

Rotate the tire or inner tube.  Now rotate the tire or inner tub so that the inner side or aspect all around moves in a downward fashion, or away from your head, and the outer side all around moves upward toward your head.  The entire inner tube does not move up or down, but it rotates with the inner part moving away from you and the outer part moving toward your head. 

Rotate the inner tube as fast as you can, increasing the speed as you are able to do so. 

Visualize energy moving downward.  At the same time as you are spinning the inner tube, visualize a golden energy moving downward from the top of your head straight down the front of the body to the feet, and finally to the inner tube, which is drawing the energy downward.

This is all there is to the pushing down exercise.  The visualization of the tire or inner tube seems to be the most powerful, although later in this article are others you can try, if you wish.

However, do not add anything such as words, affirmations, prayers, or anything else.  It is somewhat boring, but there are ways to make it more interesting.

Do the exercise every single day for at least one hour.  Ideally, take a whole hour for it.  An alternative that is not quite as good is to do two half-hour sessions morning and afternoon or evening.  Evening may be difficult because most people are tired and will fall asleep.  For this reason, morning is usually best.

Coffee.  Doing the exercise while doing a coffee enema, or even while in the sauna, may make it easier and more enjoyable, and will save time by combining the procedures.

The above is all you need.  The rest of this long article is explanation that may be helpful, but is not essential to doing the exercise.










Update: August 2015





The Basic Procedure

When And Where

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Emptying The Mind

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Empathic Suggestions

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The Advanced Procedure



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Calming The Mind

Bringing In A New Energy

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Retracing And Healing Reactions

Removal Of Entities

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Useful Analogies To Understand The Exercise

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Connecting The Inner And the Outer Selves

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Love Aspects

Emotional Control

Power And Authority With Others

Greater Ability to Love And Help Others


Less Energy Vampirism



How The Exercise Reduces Stress

A Positive Stressor

Mental Development

Descending Into Hell And Returning Here, At Will















Update.  AUGUST 2015: I changed the name of the mental exercise that is part of every nutritional balancing program to the pushing down exercise.  The reason is that it really is not meditative.  It is an action exercise. 

Also, it has nothing to do with meditations such as Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, Kundalini meditation and most others.  This is critical to know.

Meditations are usually calm, contemplative, gentle and relaxing.  The pushing down exercise is none of these!  It is active, forceful, intense and not too relaxing, at least while you are doing it.  It will help one relax because it brings up and resolves deep traumas that keep one from relaxing.  However, doing it is not generally relaxing. 




1. Don’t do other mental exercises.  Other meditative exercises, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Vipassana, Kriya, Kundalini, Buddhist meditation, yogic exercises or others are not the same as the pushing exercise.  They have other benefits, but they do not have the same effect, and for this reason I strongly advise avoiding them.

Another problem with many of them is they do not move subtle energy powerfully in only a downward direction.  So please do not substitute other mental or spiritual practices for the pushing exercise, and do not skip this practice.


2. Always place your attention at your feet, or below, and not on your forehead.  The older Roy Masters version of this exercise had you putting your attention on your head.  This is not best!  Place your attention at your feet, or ideally, 30 inches below your feet if you are sitting down and 30 inches beyond your feet if you are lying down.  This is where your attention must remain.  Then you will relax and not get a headache.


3. Schedule the pushing down exercise.  Do not try to fit it into your day without scheduling it.  Most people will forget it too easily.


4. Do not speak commands or affirmations.  Some people want to speak certain words or affirmations while doing the pushing down exercise.  This is incorrect.  Please do not do this. 

The exercise is not about words at all.  So do not say “I command the energy to go downward”, for example.  Instead, just quietly visualize energy moving toward your feet and down to 30 inches or 12 centimeters below your feet.


5. Focus on moving energy downward, and ignore phenomena.  It is possible you will hear sounds or see a light, at times.  Occasionally, there may be a tingling or other sensation.  Please ignore these sensations!

They will come and go, at times.  They are not what is important.  Moving the energy downward is the only thing that matters.


6. Push downward only, and not in a circle.  Do not visualize the microcosmic orbit, for example.  Some people wish to visualize energy flowing in a circle from the head down the front of the body and up the back.  Do not do this.  It will ruin the exercise.  Just visualize energy moving downward.  That is the safest and best way to do the exercise.


7. Push straight downward only.  Never push sideways, or at an angle.  This will ruin the exercise.  Some people ask if they can move the energy into their liver, shoulder, fingers or somewhere else.  The answer is yet, but only if it moves straight downward from the head.  Never move the energy sideways or at any angle except straight down.




In the East.  Tibetan and other Buddhist priests teach this exercise to all the monks and nuns in their monasteries and convents.  They have done so for at least 10,000 years.  They do not teach it to the general population, as this article does.

Other Eastern religious groups also teach the exercise to their priests, but none that I know of teach it publicly.

In the West.  The pushing exercise has been part of the Orthodox Hebrew religion for several thousand of years.  It is done while davening, an old Hebrew worship practice.

Christian monks and nuns have also taught this exercise to their members for over 1000 years.  To my knowledge, however, they do not teach it in churches to the public.

My history.  I learned a related exercise around 1978 from a book by Roy Masters.  At the time, I was “experimenting” with many prayers and mental exercises.  Doing his exercise helped me to focus the mind and relax.

I soon modified his exercise, which made it much more powerful.  Soon I could feel subtle energy moving from my head to my feet.  Practicing it while doing a coffee enema made it much easier and even more powerful.

Around the year 2000, a superb Tai Ch’i instructor deepened my understanding of it.  Subsequent research revealed that I had stumbled on an ancient spiritual practice used in most religions for the purpose of development.

Not part of Dr. Eck’s program.  Dr. Paul Eck, from whom I learned the basics of nutritional balancing, did not include the pushing down exercise in his nutritional balancing programs.  I added the exercise to enhance his excellent nutritional method.




I will describe this in writing.  However, many people find it easier to learn by listening to a description of how to do it.  An audio version is available at no charge on this website by clicking on the links at the beginning of this article.  You may also download the exercise from these links.

However, if you prefer to buy the newer version of the exercise on a compact disc, click here for the pushing exercise CD.




              The body position:  You may:

1. Lie down flat on your back, with your legs straight and close together, and without a pillow under your head OR

2. Sit upright comfortably, with your back straight.

3. Walk slowly in a safe, quiet location.  It can be on a quiet sidewalk, or even indoors in a fairly quiet shopping mall, for example.

The eyes: The eyes need to close, and the eyes should not roll upwards.  Just look straight ahead or slightly downward.  If you are walking, close the eyes about halfway so they are open just enough to see where you are going.

The breathe: Breathe gently and deeply.  Do not do any special type of breathing.  The main part of the exercise is pushing down, not breathing, so do not confuse the two.

Toe breathing.  You will find the exercise easier if you do toe breathing.  This is a bit unusual, but it gets easier with practice.  To do it, as you inhale imagine the breath entering the body through the toes of each foot and staying in the area of the feet.  Then, as you exhale, imagine the breath leaving the body through the toes.  Remember, however, that the focus of the exercise is always pushing down, and not the way one breathes.

Relax the body.  This is important.  If you are tense, let go of the tension.  A good idea when beginning your pushing exercise sessions is to do the Spinal Twist Procedure.  If you are tense, I also suggest doing a general Foot Reflexology session when you begin your pushing sessions.


Now for the actual procedure:


1. Visualize a donut.  Imagine a large donut, or an automobile inner tube, or a toroid (they are all the same) around your feet.  Ideally, the donut should be about 30 inches or 12 centimeters below your feet if you are sitting, or beyond your feet if you are lying down.  It should be circled around the feet.

Always keep your mental focus on the donut while doing the exercise.  Never move your focus upward at all.

2. Rotate the donut.  Now rotate the donut in a special way.  The inner side or aspect moves in a downward fashion, away from your head, and the outer side moves upward toward your head.  See the diagram for details.  Rotate the donut as fast as you can, increasing the speed as you are able to do so.

3. Visualize subtle golden energy moving downward.  At the same time as you are spinning the donut as described above, visualize a golden energy:

A. It flows downward from the top of your head straight down the front of the body to the feet.

B. It flows through the center of the donut, which is drawing the energy downward.  Visualize the golden energy moving downward as fast and as furiously as you can, as you spin the donut as fast and as furiously as you can.

You may wish to imagine 2” holes in the bottom center of each foot where the energy emerges from your body.


This is the basic procedure.  Do not add anything to it, such as words, affirmations, prayers, or anything else.  It may seem  somewhat boring, but there are ways to make it more interesting that are described below.

Never, ever move the energy sideways, and the worst thing to do is to move it upwards.  Never move energy in any direction except straight downwards for maximum effect and safety.

If you do the exercise correctly, soon the entire body will begin to gently tingle.  It is a somewhat sensual feeling.




Any time of the day or night is excellent to practice the exercise.  However, I do not recommend doing it in the evening or at bedtime because most people will just fall asleep, which is not the same as pushing.  Morning is excellent, when you awaken, lying in bed.  Afternoon is also excellent.  If you awaken in the middle of the night, this is often a good time to do it, as well.

You can do the exercise anywhere.  However, a quiet space is best where you are warm and comfortable.  Lying in bed is excellent.  Sitting in a chair, especially one with a headrest, is also very good.  The exercise can be done while walking slowly, as well.




You can do the pushing exercise lying down, sitting, or walking.  Another position that is possible is inverted on an inversion table or slant board.  However, I do not recommend this position as much.  Each position has advantages and problems.  Here is a brief comparison of various positions, indicating which position is best from different perspectives:


1. Comfort.  Lying down is better.

2. Least yin. Walking is best, followed by sitting, then lying down, then inverted.

3. Vulnerability.  Inverted is best, followed by lying down, then sitting, then walking.  Vulnerability may be important in a few cases when one wishes to bring up a trauma.

4. Psychodrama.  Lying down is usually best.  Inverted may be good.  In the lying down position, one is more vulnerable, and the face, breasts and genitals are more exposed.  Also, the arms and legs can be placed in embarrassing or painful positions.  To understand this better, please read Psychodrama on this site.

5. Muscle relaxation.  Lying down or inverted are best.

6. Ability to do enemas and VCI (vaginal coffee implants) at the same time.  Lying down is definitely best.  Inverted is also okay, but may be less convenient.

7. Ability to do the spinal twist.  Lying down is best.  Inverted is okay for some twists.

8. Ability to do foot and hand reflexology at the same time.  Lying down is best.

9. Ability to do the neck pull safely.  Lying down or inverted are best.

10. Ability to completely empty the mind and body.  Lying down is best because there is no distraction holding up the body in a sitting position.

11. Energy conservation.  Lying down or inverted are best.  Sitting or walking uses up some energy.

12. Natural position of the body. Lying down or walking are best.  The sitting lotus posture is difficult and unnatural, and actually can cause deformities of the knees and feet in those that do it a lot.  Also, bending the knees sharply decreases the flow of subtle energy to the lower legs.  Inverted is also not a natural position.

13. Taking advantage of the natural etheric flows (2).  (This makes the pushing exercise easier to do).  Lying down is probably best.  Inverted is bad.

1. Etheric energy flows down from outer space to the earth (see the article entitled Ether Theory), and it swirls down, and does not flow straight down.

2. Etheric flows from the North and Sourth poles to the equator.  To take advantage of this,  one must lie down with the head toward the nearest pole of the earth and the feet toward the equator.  In the Northern hemisphere, the head must face North.  In the Southern hemisphere, the head must face South.

14. Direction of etheric flow through the body.  Lying down is definitely best.  Energy flows from the yin side of the body (front) to the yang side (back) when one lies down.

15. Relaxing the brain.  Lying down is best.

16. Breathing. Lying down is best.

17. Surrender to the exercise.  Lying down is a more surrendering position.

18. Passivity.  Lying down is best.

19. Ability to go into trance states.  Lying down is best and safest.

20. Ability to have down orgasms, also called jolts on this website.  Lying down is best.

21. The least spinal tension.  Inverted and lying down are best.

22. Ability to undo adhesions (by breathing and twisting the body).  Lying down is best.

23. Fewest distractions.  All positions are okay.  Lying down may be best.

24. Ability to stretch and twist the body safely and powerfully.  Lying down is best.

25. Ability to avoid going to sleep.  Walking is best.  Lying down is probably the worst.




            To bring in the new energy, it is best to empty the mind as much as possible.  This is critical to understand.  This is at the very core or essence of this exercise. 

            This concept is discussed in the New Testament of the Bible, for example.  Here a phrase is, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” (Luke 22.42).  This is another statement of the idea  of emptying oneself of all that one thinks is important so that one is open to receiving something new, something different, and something beyond the normal physical world.




This is a powerful maneuver that enhances the pushing exercise.  It moves energy downward much more forcefully.  To learn about it, please read The Neck Pull on this website.




These visualizations can help you understand what must be done to do the mental exercise properly:


o     The accordion or sponge. Imagine pushing the body down, mentally.  This is like closing an accordion or squeezing a sponge downward.  I am not sure why this works, but it seems to move more energy through much better.  In your mind, (not physically), fold the body down like an accordion, and place your head under your feet with the body squeezed into a small space like a closed accordion.

o     Move the attention from one finger to another.  This was mentioned earlier.

o     Magnetizing an iron rod.  Think of the exercise as being like magnetizing a metal rod.  This mental exercise literally cuts the ether around the body, and liberates etheric energy that flows into the body.  It is somewhat similar to stroking a piece of iron with a magnet to magnetize a metal bar.

o     Inducing a current in a wire. Like what happens in an electrical transformer, moving energy in a downward direction only through the body induces a flow of energy inside the body.

o     You can either push the energy downward, or pull or draw the energy down the front of the body. Pulling or drawing the energy down is usually a little better, like drawing Heaven down to earth.  Any visualization that you can think of to help with this may move more energy down the body (see below).

o     Beyond the feet.  Move the energy not just down to your feet, but even beyond your feet.  This also appears to help.

o     The bathtub.  Imagine you are a human-shaped bathtub full of water.  Now open large drain holes in your feet, your hands and one in the perineum area (between the legs).  Imagine energy (the water) pouring out these holes downward (toward your feet).

o     The bride of Christ.  God, an angel or the universe is flowing golden energy through you, like a divine sexual experience, from the head down through the body, causing a pleasurable tingling sensation all over the body. 

o     Breathe in and out through your toes.  This may sound strange, but it helps move the energy downward and keep it downward.

o     Keep your shoulders down at all times. Do not let them ride upwards while doing any of these visualizations.

o     The coffee enhancement.  Do a coffee enema or even better, women can do a vaginal coffee implant while meditating.  This definitely makes the exercise easier.

o     The wind tunnel.  Imagine you are lying in a large wind tunnel with the fan sucking the air from the direction of your feet.  Air is moving from your head to your feet at 500 miles per hour, pulling your body forcefully downward toward your feet.

o     The water pull. Imagine your head is tied to the back of a speed boat, and the body is tossed in the waves as the boat speeds up.

o     The extruder.  Imagine you are being forced through a small tube, head first.  You are stationary and the tube moves down your body from head to feet, squeezing and shriveling up the body.

o     The wire pull. Imagine there is a wire extending from your face down to your genitals, a little inside the front of the body.  You are being pulled downward by this wire more and more.

o     The cookie cutter. Imagine a giant cookie cutter moving over the body, from head to feet, reshaping you in the image of God.

o     The Sculptor’s chisel. Imagine you are a block of uncut stone and the Divine Sculptor chisels and drills into you.  Even though there is pain, it slowly turns you into His beautiful sculpture.

o     The baby pull. Women, and even men, can imagine a problem birth where the doctor must use forceps and is forcefully pulling down on your body to extract the baby from your body.

o     The weights. Imagine weights on your hands and your feet, and maybe on your perineum, too, forcefully pulling you downward toward your fee.

o     The rack.  Imagine your head and feet are tied to an old-fashioned torture machine called the rack.  Slowly the operator turns a crank that pulls your feet downward away from your head.  It opens and pulls apart all your joints.

o     The fish hook pull.  Imagine fish hooks all over your body that are pulling your body downward.  Your eyes, ears, nose, chin, fingers, toes, jaw, breasts, belly button, genitals, knee caps, ankles and more are all being pulled away from your head by the hooks.  Keep your mouth closed, however, although you can feel a downward pull on your temporo-mandibular joints.

o     The giant earring pull. Imagine you have on gigantic African ear rings and they are weighing down the ears so much that they are pulling the ears away from your head.  You can do the same with a giant nose ring, belly button ring and even a genital ring.

o     The Jeshua pull.  Imagine pulling Jesus or Jeshua down from Heaven until he completely covers and is superimposed over your body.

o     Tight boot pull.  Imagine having a friend pulling hard on your extremely tight boots and too tight blue jeans, trying to help you take them off.

o     The shark pull.  Imagine you were swimming in beautiful Hawaii or the Caribbean, but a shark has grabbed your bathing suit, and is trying hard to pull it off.

o     The massage. Imagine someone moving their hands down your body, dragging it downward – only downward and never in any other direction.

o     Gently touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This will make it easier.

o     Close the anal sphincter. This also makes moving the energy downward easier because it forces your attention to remain in the lower part of the abdomen.

o     Other suggestions that often help to move energy downward: when doing the exercise lying down, try having your palms facing upward.  Also, try doing it in the nude as a symbol of letting everything go.  Also, take a deep breath and then quickly push your shoulders down.  You should feel a little pop in your neck.

o     The twist. As you are doing the exercise, twist your neck back and forth gently, pull your toes down, twist your hips, and pull the knees.  This is all part of the Spinal Twist exercise, and it will help move the energy through your body.

o     Anything that causes gurgling in the intestines while you do the exercise is helpful.

o     An exotic suggestion that works: Get a basic electrical test meter that measures milliamps.  Hook one of the probe wires to your head and one to your feet.  You will need some silver electrodes and electrically conductive paste or cream.  See how much amperage you can generate as you do the exercise.  The more, the better, and it will increase with practice.

o     For women. A trick that will sound odd, but it works well, is to place inside the vagina a small object such as a vaginal weight (to purchase these, see  These weights are sold to help strengthen the pubic muscles to stop incontinence.  However, in this case, the intent is to remind you constantly during the day to move energy down the front of the body.   Remove the weight once a day and wash it off. 




            Empathic means working with another person, an animal, or a plant to help you to heal.  Empathic suggestions for doing the pushing exercise can make it much more powerful, easier and more enjoyable.  They include:


o     Hug an old oak tree, or sit with your back to any large tree. If done right, this will make the pushing exercise easier.  The reason is that oak trees, and some other tree species, already have a powerful downward moving energy force around them.  Sitting under them will enhance and add to your downward moving force.

o     Lie on your bed when meditating so that your feet face the equator of the earth.  (For example, your head to the North and your feet to the South if you live in the Northern hemisphere.) This works because there is a natural flow of etheric energy from the poles to the equator of the earth.  If you line up properly, you can take advantage of this flow to enhance your pushing exercise.

o     Open water enhancer. Buy 3 bottles of Ice Age Glacial Spring Water.  It is a Canadian bottled water available in many locations.  Any size bottle will do, though the larger size is best.  Place one bottle about 6 inches from each foot, and one bottle between your legs, about 6 inches from the perineum.  This water has the unusual property of pulling energy toward itself from your body.  Many people can feel it.

o     Sit in a down vortex.  This one is tricky and not for beginners.  Some people can feel where there is a natural downward-moving energy vortex on earth.  They are scattered around.  One can sit over such a vortex and take advantage of the naturally downward-moving energy in such a location to enhance your pushing exercise.  Be careful, however, because some energy vortices are not healthy to be around.  If you do not feel well, stop doing it.


Friend/partner empathic suggestions.  Here are more empathic suggestions if you have a cooperative partner or friend:


o     Close by.  Two people can sit or lie down next to each other and both practice the pushing exercise.  The effort of each will be felt, to a degree, by the other, and this will make it easier for both people to move energy downward.  Both people must sit or lie down facing the same direction.

o     Group pushing exercise. More than two people – as many as you like – can also do the exercise at the same time.  Ideally, have everyone in the class or group facing the same direction, either while sitting or lying on the floor.  All will benefit from the efforts of each person.

o     The pull exercise.  One person lies down and does the exercise.  The other person, who we will call “the puller”, sits or stands next to the meditator.  The puller then pulls downward on the meditator’s feet, also visualizing the energy flowing from the other person’s head to feet.  If you wish, the puller can pull down on other parts of the meditator’s body such as the toes, hips, knees, hands, fingers, ears, nose, mouth, etc.  This is an excellent exercise.

o     Stroking the energy field.  One person lies down comfortably and does the pushing exercise.  The other person stands over the first person and moves his or her hands over the others’ body (not touching) in the direction of head to the feet.  This will enhance the downward-moving energetic effect.
         The one standing is moving the hands through the other person’s energy field that surrounds the body.  This energy field has layers, so one can move the hands down the body at a distance of about two inches above the body, then four inches above the body, and then about six inches above the body.  The effects may be somewhat different at different layers of the energy field.

o     Down hugs. Two people hugging, while doing the exercise, moves much more energy downward because the physical proximity of another person enhances your pushing.            This is discussed in a separate article entitled Down Hugging on this site.

o     Down sex.  It is possible to enhance the exercise a lot with a sexual partner.  This is more complex and explained in the article entitled Down Sex.  This is the only kind of sex I suggest.  It takes a little practice for men, but is easy and enjoyable once you learn the idea.

o     The donut exercise.  Another empathic idea is to imagine many donut-shaped rings (called a torus in technical language) moving downward around you and another while hugging or having down sex. The donut-shaped rings move downward very fast.  The rings are tight around the bodies and squeeze you together as they move down the bodies.




Safety must be a primary concern when one considers any mental or health practice.  Many meditations are not safe.  One can overdo on them, lose awareness, “space out” and experience other harmful effects.  In my experience, the pushing exercise is very safe for the following reasons:


o     It is easy to learn at home.  It does not require any special training, initiation, paying fees, or trained teachers or a group to help you with it.  This is a safety feature, since teachers and groups can change and corrupt the exercise.

o     You can do it as often and for as long each session as you wish.  This cannot be said of many other exercises.  For example, please avoid prayers or meditations that send your energy upward.  In my view, they may not be safe.

o     It will not lead you astray.  Some types of prayers, such as affirmations, can easily lead people in directions that are not healthy.  For example, some affirmations cause people to believe in things that are not really true, such as “I am happier and healthier every day.”  This statement might be true, but often it is not and is just an attempt to brainwash yourself.

o     It does not cause visions, hallucinations or other psychic phenomena.

o     It is grounding and centering, which tends to be far safer than most others.

o     It does not cause strain to the body or to the mind.  Some meditation teachers suggest that one must assume uncomfortable postures for mental exercises.  This is never necessary.  Always make yourself as comfortable as possible.  It is helpful, however, to have your back straight and not to use a pillow under your head if you lay down when doing the pushing exercise.

o     It is not hypnotic.  In fact, it has an opposite effect.  That is, it will help to break hypnotic conditions.  

o     No dogma or doctrines are required.  In other words, there is no need or attempt to learn certain doctrines in order for this exercise to work.  It is a pure exercise in this regard.  Doctrines may help some people, but are not needed.  This is another safety feature since one is not forced to learn any particular information.
      The pushing exercise is mainly about removing images, thoughts, and emotions that are revealed to be untrue as one progresses with the exercise.  This is very different from affirmations that seek to influence the brain in ways that are sometimes not healthy, though the affirmations may seem benign.

o     It does not develop “psychic abilities”.  Some may see this as a disadvantage.  However, in our experience, most people are better off without these abilities until they are sufficiently balanced to handle them properly.

o     A slow, steady and safe way to open the energy centers of the body and heal the body.  This is a great key to, and benefit of this exercise that does not occur with many other mental exercises.




            To make the modified exercise more effective, do the following:

As you move energy downward from the head to the feet, imagine you are surrounded by a beautiful silk robe.


1. Spin the robe around yourself in a clockwise direction as fast as you can.  You should be able to feel the silk brushing by your legs, your back, your chest, perhaps, and your arms.  This is called a right spin movement.

2. Pull the robe inwards around yourself, tightening it around your body.  This is yang motion.

3. Move the entire robe downward.  This is more of the down movement.

4. Relax and enjoy this feeling.  This is a parasympathetic movement.

5. Vibrate the silk robe back and forth (from the front to the back of the body) a little bit.  This is a back and forth wobble.

            6. Imagine hitting the silk robe with your hand in such a way that it spins faster and faster.  This is an impact movement, somewhat like an impact wrench, which is the tool used to tighten the lug bolts that hold the tires on your car.  The wrench turns, but it also adds an impact every second or so that makes it tighten the bolts better.

            7. Vibrate the silk robe up and down (head to feet) a little bit.  This is an up and down wobble.


            Adding these motions as you do the pushing exercise will make it much more powerful.  To read why these movements, and not others, please read The 7 Principle And Nutritional Balancing on this site.








The following qualities or qualifications are not all needed at the same time, and most people do not have them all.  However, they all seem to be helpful for the greatest success with the pushing exercise:


1. Having one’s twin spark or twin flame inside oneself.  This tends to make a person more self-contained, more happy and more able to be alone and to do the exercise.


2. Having a trine in water, in astrological terminology.  This is a sign in an astrology chart that is associated with an ability to meditate or be quiet for long periods of time.


3. Having experienced some pain and suffering.  This, too, appears helpful.  Often those who are the best broadcasters have experienced “failure” in relationships or in other ways, for example, and are willing to forego short-term pleasures for longer-term achievements, as a result.


4. A certain independence and self-confidence.


5. Lots of patience.  This is required for success.


6. A little understanding of what one is doing, at least.  This needs to grow, with time, as one experiences the benefits of daily meditation.


7. Sensitivity to energy.  This is helpful because it helps to feel the effects of moving etheric energy through the body from the head to the feet.


8. Having and using an electrical meter that can measure the amount of “power” that one has developed.  This can be a simple volt-ohm meter that measures a few milliamps.


9. Friends who also do the exercise, or guides who encourage doing the exercise.


10. The ability to walk for at least 1 mile or more safely, preferably every day.


11. A love of certain cassette tapes, compact disc programs, television programs or even fantasizing.  This is to pass the time and distract oneself in a healthy way while doing the exercise.  This is sometimes needed or at least helpful.


12. Being a reader, and having a good memory for what one has read.  This is helpful because some books describe the meditation process, and the beneficial results.  These can be inspiring and encouraging.


13. Hard-working, or at least not lazy.  The process of becoming a broadcaster involves some continuous effort over a period of at least 20 years.


14. Having or developing a scientific or enquiring mind.  This can enable one to enjoy the process of discovery and unfolding that occurs during retracing and healing.


15. Being a seeker.  The process of broadcasting involves some adventure, and it is helpful to enjoy this aspect of the process.


16. Being less physically attractive and perhaps having a less than glowing personality.  This is for at least two reasons.  First, one will be less distracted by others who want your company for their own selfish reasons.  Secondly, you will be less able to control those around you in selfish or charismatic ways, so the world and its attractions will be less desirable for you.


17. A certain amount of courage to risk spending a lot of time on the Roy Masters exercise with my modification, in order to achieve the results.


18. Experience with the exercise.


19. An almost maniacal interest in doing the exercise is most helpful, no matter what your motivation is for it.


20. A willingness to spend a lot of time alone.  It is possible to do it with a friend or partner or room mate, but sometimes aloneness is needed to persist.


21. Early on, men generally do better with the exercise because they are usually less socially oriented, less distractible, and may have a stronger will, at first.

Later on, women may do better with the exercise because they are more sensitive to its effects, and love the feeling it brings more than some men.




You will probably find you cannot do the exercise for very long without becoming distracted.  Random thoughts will arise, songs may float through your mind, memories may surface, or you may begin to think about what to do later in the day.  Your body may itch or hurt, or you may even fall asleep. 

When any of this occurs, just observe the memories, thoughts and feelings without judgment and then bring your attention back to the exercise.  You will need to do this thousands of times, perhaps.  Slowly, your mind will learn not to stray quite as much.

You are training part of your mind to observe at all times.  It is similar to training a dog, or training a child.  Some days will be easier than others.  If you have a bad day, do not fret.  Just say to yourself, “We will do better tomarrow.”


Getting results.  You may notice results within a week or less, or results may take longer.  You may feel calmer, more detached, and you may gain insights.  Often, however, insights will not come to you while doing the exercise.  They may come while you are doing the dishes or driving your car. 

Each time you do the exercise, you alter the way you perceive the world.  You will see things slightly differently.  Some of what you see may not be pleasant.  Just watch it all from a neutral place.  This is part of becoming a mature and developed person.


            Practical suggestions for success.


o     Do the exercise as much as you can.  There is no overdoing it.  If at all possible, do it for at least an hour or two daily.  This is best.  You can do it anytime and anywhere, although certainly do not do it while driving or in a way that is dangerous.  Eventually, you will do the exercise all the time, as this is a training of the mind to work in a certain way.

o     Each time you do it, do the exercise as though it were the first time.  It will not work if it become a mechanical practice.  You must do it a little deeper each time.

o     Make meditation part of your lifestyle.  Schedule it into your day so you don’t overlook this important new part of your life.

o     Be patient.  Benefits come in their own time, not when you think they should.

o     As stated above, some days it will be easier to do the exercise than others.  Several months to years may be required to refocus your mind.  Just keep at it.  It may not be easy, at first.  The reactive mind or ‘monkey mind’, as some call it, will fight you hard at times to stay in control, and to keep you out of control.  This is what you must overcome, so just stay with it.

o     Be open to seeing the truth about everything.  Repeatedly tell yourself that you want to know the truth about everything and everyone.  Otherwise, you will stop doing the exercise when hard truths are revealed to you.

o     Be open to waking up and seeing yourself as you really are.  Yes, you will see your faults and shortcomings.  However, you will also become aware of many qualities and abilities that you didn't know you had.
      Overall, getting to know yourself with this exercise is a very positive and happy experience, even if it has its moments of disillusionment and even disgust, perhaps.  It is all part of the process as you become free of your past and all the false notions that you learned from your parents, friends, and others.

o     Don’t worry much about “doing it right”.  Follow the instructions and read this article many times, if needed.  It is quite simple, in fact.  Never complicate the exercise, and never move energy in any direction except straight downward.  That is most important.

o     Do not combine this exercise with chi kung, yoga, pilates, or other techniques.  You can combine it with very slow walking, however.  As stated elsewhere in this article, you can also combine it with sitting under a tree, hugging another person, and a few other things that we call empathic suggestions.  Empathic here just means that it involves another person or object.




It is perfectly normal to have difficulty with this exercise at times, particularly when starting out.  Here are several suggestions:


o     Make it part of your daily routine. 

o     Set things up so you have the time to do it in peace.

o     Turn off the phone and, if needed, arrange for someone to watch your children when you schedule your exercise.

o     If you work outside your home, go to the office early or stay late if you cannot do it at home.  However, if possible just find a quiet, secluded spot in the home to do it.  This can be your bedroom, a large closet, a bathroom sitting on the toilet, perhaps, or perhaps inside a sauna.

o     On difficult days, think of your brain as an unruly child who has been spoiled for 20 years or more.  On some days the child will resist a lot.  Don’t worry about it.  Just say, “OK, we’ll do our best and perhaps we will do better tomarrow.”  

o     If you are an athlete or train at anything, you know that training involves good and bad days.  Just take it all in stride.  The exercise involves discipline, which comes from the same root as the word ‘disciple’.  It is not about forcing things.  It is about gently staying with this path as a disciple of this method, and the results will come.


Gimmicks.  Use gimmicks to help you stay with the exercise.  Here are some excellent ones, and you can think of others, as well:

1. Listen to a recording of the exercise.  This can help a lot to maintain your focus and to time your sessions.

2. Do the exercise while walking slowly, if you cannot sit still. 

3. Do the exercise while doing a coffee enema or a vaginal coffee implant.  These nutritional balancing procedures force one to lie still for 20 to 30 minutes, and they help move energy down the body.

4. Do the exercise in a place where you are confined to a chair, such as during an airplane flight or at a pleasant concert.

5. Do the exercise in a bathroom stall if that is the only peaceful place you can find.

6. Do the exercise lying in the bathtub.  However, I only recommend baths twice a week.  More is too yin, because of the exposure to water.

7. Do the exercise in a sauna.  You could do it in a hot tub.  However, I do not recommend hot tubs, however, as they are always unclean, no matter how they are sanitized.  They are also very yin because they involve being in water.

8. Do it under a tree on a nice day.  Do it sitting next to a friend, or with your family at the dinner table before or after dinner.




Some people prefer to do the exercise alone, while others prefer a group.  Here are benefits and disadvantages of each.


Benefits of groups.  These include:


o     Social interaction. This may ease tension, spreads friendships and love, and relaxes some people.

o     A positive setting.  Getting out of the home environment and visiting a clean, happy group setting can be helpful, especially if the home is chaotic, noisy or lacks moral and other types of support for the exericse.

o     Help with problems.  Groups sometimes bring up and deal with problems that occur while doing the exercise.  These problems have been discussed in the paragraphs above.

o     Help with discipline and consistency. Groups definitely help those who have less discipline.

o     Group energy.  There can be a loving energy in a good group that can relax, ease tensions and help heal everyone in the group.  Some people need this more than others.

o     More learning.  Groups often discuss the exercise, spreading more knowledge.

o     Better guidance.  Guidance is real and present always.  Guides can often work more easily with some groups because there is a common, shared bond of energy.  This is most important for beginners.  Later, guides prefer working on one person at a time in a more isolated setting such as at home, rather than in a diverse group with many levels of energies and abilities.


Problems with groups.  These include:


o     Slows the more developed people.  The energy of the group is often not clean and pure enough for a more advanced person.  Thus groups are usually best for beginners, although not always.

o     Bad leadership can disrupt or even ruin a group.

o     Distractions.  For example, socializing and snacking at group meetings is fun, but can waste time and be distracting.  Some just want to socialize in most groups.

o     Power and control issues.  Struggles can develop in groups for leadership, for time spent talking to the group, and other things.

o     Logistics problems.  One must drive and spend extra time going to and from the group.  Group meetings may be at inconvenient times or places.  People may have to wait for the group, and go at the pace of the group.   All of this tends to waste time.

o     Going off course.  Groups can deviate from the stated purpose of the group.  It must be stopped gently, but firmly.  Otherwise, the group transforms into something different than was intended.

o     Safety.  Groups are not as safe, particularly for young women.  Sexual and other types of predators often join the group to pick up women or men, to rape or harm in other ways.  Leaders need to be sensitive to this issue, but even if this is so, groups are not as safe, ever.

o     Advanced students generally make faster progress on their own, though not always.




One reason some do not continue with the pushing exercise is because negative thoughts or feelings from within a person arise and this can be very disconcerting.  If possible, learn to just observe whatever comes up during meditation.

Be grateful for seeing the truth, even if it is unpleasant.  You do not have to react in any way.  Definitely do not judge yourself or others.  If you wallow in your negative thoughts or insights, it will keep them around.

View all thoughts, emotions and insights as you would view clouds in the sky.  As they arise, just observe them and let them go.  Let them just float through your mind like a cloud floats through the sky.  This is a wonderful analogy.




1. Limit regular sex, but down sex is excellent and helpful.  Regular sex (sex with orgasm and often some fluid loss) damages the brain, even if it is fun and relaxing.  Less is better, and definitely not more than once a week.  It tends to make the brain more yin, which makes holding the dual focus of the pushing exercise harder to do.

In contrast, Down Sex, without orgasms and without fluid loss, is very helpful, when done correctly.  However, it can only be done about two or perhaps three times per week.  More often is not helpful and can be harmful.


2. Eating a lot of butter and rubbing butter on the skin is most helpful for some people, especially women.  Slow oxidizers cannot eat much butter, but they can rub it on the skin.  Use it like a massage oil.  Women often enjoy putting it on the skin of the face and the legs, the two areas that seem to be more important for its mental effects.


3. The visualizations and empathic methods listed elsewhere in this article.





Primary effects are:


1. Calming the brain from its random thinking activity.  This means you gain control over the mind.

You will realize, if you do the exercise faithfully, that your mind is not really in your control.  With most people, the mind wanders, races, becomes easily distracted, and may roam around like a wild beast, lurching in one direction and then another.

Doing the exercise hundreds of times slowly brings the mind under your control, like training an unruly animal or a spoiled child.


2. Bringing into the body etheric energy.  This energy, in turn, heals and eventually transforms the body and mind in very unusual ways.  This is different from other meditative exercises.

This energy is itself unseen for the most part, but is in fact the basic ‘stuff’ or ‘ether’ out of which all created matter is built.  In other cultures and traditions, it is known as prana, chi, qi, vital force, life energy or perhaps zero-point energy.

The more of this energy that we take in and pass through our bodies, the better we feel.  Also, by absorbing more of it, one develops certain brain centers that otherwise remain dormant.  Awakening them causes a person to develop new abilities and talents, such as enhanced perception and others.


3. Etheric reset.  This is a fascinating idea that there is a blueprint or plan for the body that becomes distorted with age and disease.  Moving more etheric energy through the body helps restore the original etheric blueprint for the body.  To learn about this, please read Etheric Reset on this website.


4. Development.  This is the concept that human beings are capable of developing or growing new energy fields and changing their bodies and minds in truly fantastic ways.  Doing the pushing exercise daily for an hour or more is one of the finest and fastest ways to cause this development to occur.  To learn about this, please read Introduction To Mental Development and other articles on this subject on this site.


5. Developing power and broadcasting.       A critical benefit of this mental exercise, and not others, is that it automatically develops what is called Power on this website.  This is simply the ability to move energy in a downward direction forcefully. 

As this occurs, the person also automatically begins to broadcast subtle energy everywhere he or she goes.  This ability is somewhat subtle, but very important for the safety of the planet at this time.  This is another benefit of the pushing exercise, and an important reason why I strongly suggest that everyone do this exercise each day.  For more on this topic, please read Broadcasting on this website.




Personal experience.  I have used this method for over 35 years on a daily basis.  It continues to help me heal the physical body and it continues to develop my mind in ways I would not have imagined.  This is the reason I continue to recommend it.


Is it religious? This exercise is not part of any religion, and requires no religious training or affiliation.  However, it is used in some religious settings as a method of personal development.

For example, in the Christian religion, one recites the Lord’s Prayer.  It states that “Thy will be done on earth, as it is already done in Heaven”.  This exercise, and this one only, puts this prayer into action as you bring a subtle healing and beautiful energy straight down from your head down into you feet.  You are literally bringing heaven to earth.


Reading is not the answer. Just reading this article about the pushing exercise will not work, although it is a good way to begin.  Instead, do the exercise every day and many problems will slowly disappear from your life.







The effects of the exercise are many, and they occur on many levels.  They include:

1. Helps to decongest the organs.

2. Improves blood and lymph circulation.

3. Inhibits the sympathetic nervous system.  This is a wonderful benefit.

4. A result of #3 is to rest the adrenal and thyroid glands and assist the activity of the immune, digestive and elimination systems of the body. 

5. Breathing automatically slows and deepens.  This brings more oxygen to the body cells.  More oxygen in the body greatly assists metabolism, and can bring healing all by itself.

Other physical benefits may also occur.




So much change occurs on mental and emotional levels that later sections of this article discuss some of them in more detail.  In this section, I will only touch upon some of the most important ones.  Here are just a few of them:


1. It reduces projection.  This is essential for all development and healing of the brain and mind.  Projection is the act of throwing out or rejecting certain thoughts and feelings that are unpleasant, or that seem uncomfortable for other reasons.  It causes many problems for a person because it is fake, essentially, or false.

The pushing exercise tends to show a person where he or she is projecting, which helps to end it.  It also helps a person to take full responsibility for one’s life, which leads to deep healing and true forgiveness.


2. Incomplete thought processes will be completed as the mind stops racing out of control.  Most people do not realize that they are so busy with their momentary activities that they do not complete their thoughts, and many projects at home or at work.  When you push, many thought processes will complete on their own.  This not only relaxes the mind and the emotions.  Often, this also brings with it surprising insights and creative ideas for you. 


3. Old mental and emotional traumas come up for viewing, and usually resolve automatically.  This reduces stress dramatically.  It is a very necessary process for many people’s physical, emotional and mental healing.  It is not always pleasant.  It will go well if you just observe whatever comes up with equanimity and an observing attitude.


4. It brings one and keeps one in the present moment.  This is where all wisdom and healing lie.  Fear and anxiety are in the future, while guilt and remorse are in the past.  You will begin to understand this much better as you meditate daily.  This exercise is superb for keeping a person in the present time, something that most people have difficulty doing well and consistently.


5. The exercise is extremely grounding and centering.  This is not true of most meditations, by the way.  Grounding, which is the subject of an article on this website, is most important for healing for many people today.  Especially as our world is changing rapidly, grounding and centering are extremely important for all healing processes.


6. Doing the pushing exercise is a type of mental checkup.  Often you will find that you automatically review your day and plan for tomarrow without having to think about it. 


7. Deprogramming, rather than reprogramming.  The exercise deprograms the mind and even the body in many ways by upsetting and breaking up old tensions.  That is, it slowly undoes your past traumas and issues.
            In contrast, affirmations, most visualization and concentration exercises only reprogram the mind.  This is a vital difference between this meditation and almost all others that I have seen.
            Whitewashing Vs. Removal.  This subject could fill an entire book.  It means that other methods will tend to whitewash over your problems, fears, angers and the rest of the unwanted thoughts and emotions.  Instead, this exercise will often do the opposite.
            It will bring them up for review, usually in a non-threatening way.  Just observe them without reacting. They will be released and you will be free from the original cause of the attitude, emotion or thought.
            This process of deprogramming takes a few years, at least, but is well worth the effort.   Each level of traumas, hidden emotions and thoughts that you progress through clears more negative thought patterns.  Little by little, you will be free and will function much better.  This is the same thing as what Christians call “conversion” or moving with the Lord or with spirit.
            Deprogramming and Healing.  Freeing negative energetic patterns also greatly opens the body for every kind of healing.




Physical healing reactions.  As the physical body shifts due to the effects of the exercise, you may experience unusual and sometimes annoying healing symptoms.  These are called healing reactions or purification reactions.  Examples include a headache, another ache or pain, an upset stomach, gurgling in the abdomen (an excellent sign), a skin rash, or something else.

Mental and emotional healing reactions.  Healing symptoms may also include feelings and thoughts that arise spontaneously and suddenly, at times.  Any possible emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, resentment and others may arise.  Memories may also surface, some of which can be unpleasant.

In all cases, these are feelings and thoughts that were suppressed or forgotten, often many years ago.  They need to be exposed so they can be acknowledged, processed and released.  Continuing with the pushing exercise will usually accomplish this very important aspect of physical and mental healing without any need for medical or other interventions.

It is best to view these purification symptoms as very positive, even when the symptom is annoying, scary or otherwise unpleasant.  They will pass.  If they are very intense, then for a few days do the pushing exercise for less time, and this may reduce their intensity.  At times, doing the exercise for a longer period of time will enable you to get through the reaction completely, however.

Another very helpful idea is to follow a complete nutritional balancing program, including the procedures.  These can also assist you to get through all types of healing reactions faster and with less annoyance.

In particular, hand and foot reflexology, along with coffee enemas and the red heat lamp sauna, can be very helpful. 

If retracing reactions continue to be a problem, I may be able to assist you.  For example, you may be overlooking a nutritional balancing procedure or an aspect of your lifestyle that needs more attention.


Forgiveness.  To allow and facilitate mental healing, you must not continue to hold grudges, judge or resent yourself or anyone else.  This is critical because if you continue to judge and resent anyone, it will stops your progress with the pushing exercise.  What occurs, in this case, is that the issue, situation or trauma keeps coming up during your pushing exercise.  When this happens, many people stop doing the exercise because this is unpleasant.

The only solution is that you must forgive everyone, including yourself, for everything that ever happened to you.  I know this sounds extreme, and it is.  However, it is absolutely needed in order for complete healing to occur in the brain.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting, condoning, or that you must remain in touch with someone who harmed you.  However, forgiveness is absolutely essential for success with this exercise.  This is a large and important topic related to the pushing exercise, and it is one of the most important problems, if not the most critical one, that arises when a person begins to do the exercise.  For more on this topic, please read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents on this website.


Speaking with a counselor.  Rarely, it is wise to talk about your insights with a counselor or a trusted friend.  However, this is rarely needed, nor is it always helpful.  The goal is let go of the past, and move on in your life.  Talking about it for hours of weeks often sustains the trauma, which is not desirable.  There is no need to justify, confirm, or rationalize anything that you did, or that someone else did.  It is better to let it all go.




This meditation, and not most others, helps remove hundreds of harmful entities from the energy field of a person.  Entities, as defined on this website, are discarnate souls, which just means souls that are not attached to bodies.  They are usually souls that were attached to bodies, but the bodies died of natural causes, or were murdered.  The souls are angry and often cause mischief.  They can cause diseases, as well.  Entity removal seems to occur for several reasons:

1. More yang.  This meditation exercise makes the body and energy field much more yang.  This involves a contraction of the energy field that closes certain openings or tears in the aura or energy field in which the entities lodge and can live for years, at times.  Closing these holes in the energy field is a great benefit of this particular meditation, and does not occur with most other mental exercises, or even with more prayer.  To read more about yin and yang, read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease on this website.

2. Heating up the energy field. When a person does this meditation exercise daily, the powerful downward-moving energy and more yang quality of the energy field have a heating effect on the energy field.  Almost all discarnate souls do not enjoy this and they leave the person’s energy field and bother someone else.  To read much more about this topic, read Entity Attachment And Release on this website.

3. Calming the mind and body.  This effect of the meditation exercise also is hard on the discarnates, and causes some of them to leave.  They prefer to hide in bodies and energy fields of those who are perpetually upset and unbalanced.

4. Better overall health.  This meditation, unlike most others, has a powerful healing effect on the entire body of anyone who does it.  Entities thrive best in sick and discouraged bodies, and do not hang around when a person is more healthy and happy.




The pushing exercise is a type of self psychotherapy.  It gently brings up hidden thoughts and attitudes so they can be examined objectively.  The therapy proceeds at your own pace and brings up issues in exactly the correct order.  By cultivating the witness in oneself, it shines the light of truth on every activity, relationship and event in one’s life.  This has a powerful healing effect if one is willing to make needed changes that are best for oneself and best for others as well. 

While regular psychotherapy can definitely be beneficial, problems with all psychotherapy are that one must interact with a therapist who is usually not completely clear about all of his or her own issues, so things become confused and distorted in all instances that I have observed.  In other words, just interacting with another, while often helpful, also introduces other input and theories and so on that may not be relevant and often send the client off in random directions, many of which today are not helpful.

Also, with regular counseling, the therapist or client chooses which issues to discuss, the order to discuss them in, when it is enough, and the analysis of the problem.  With this meditation, all of these issues are handled by God or the higher self much more accurately and seamlessly.


Negative and random, distracting thoughts suddenly are found to have less power.  This is a mental effect that is quite startling to people.  It has to do with observing one’s thoughts and the idea of bringing up and releasing old traumas.  As this is done, the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the traumas stop coming into your mind.

You may find that oddly, you no longer feel sorry for yourself, for example, or you will strangely find you are less angry or upset with your family, perhaps.  Automatically reducing this negative thinking is an incredible benefit for many people who have tried affirmations, prayer, other meditations and many methods to accomplish this goal.


This exercise helps to de-hypnotize. Most people live in a light hypnotic trance.  For example, some advertising works because it provides a post-hypnotic suggestion to buy a certain car or brand of shampoo.  It only works, and it does work, because many people are already in somewhat of a trance state and are easily influenced by these advertisements.

Many ads are aimed at unconscious and often hypnotic suggestions to lure people unconsciously.  This is what might be called the dark side of advertising.  By increasing awareness, this exercise assists a person to come out of the hypnotic or very light trance state they are in and helps them come back and remain in the present reality.




            The process of releasing traumas through this exercise is rather interesting.  It seems to be able to gently bring the mind to a peaceful place where you can view old incidents and traumas from a detached perspective, almost as if they happened to someone else.  In this way, you can avoid much of the fear and anxiety that occur when old traumas are brought up to consciousness.

            Also, old traumas, if they come up, will be brought up in a special order that is not your own.  Instead, it is the body’s own order of trauma release.  This is also important because many people think they know the correct order in which traumas should surface.  In fact, we do not know the correct order because the brain is complex and the proper order of trauma release can be very subtle. 

For example, incidents that you don’t even consider traumatic may have been quite so.  At the same time, a situation that you consider pivotal for you may have been so due to an earlier situation that you have completely forgotten or are less conscious of that that “set you up” for later problems.  This is one of the few exercises that can help release traumas in this way.

            The pushing exercise is thus a bioenergetic trauma release method that is totally compatible with the trauma release concept of a nutritional balancing program.  They complement and enhance one another beautifully.  This is a major reason I ask that everyone practice this exercise daily for at least one hour.  For more on this topic, please read Trauma Release and Trauma Retracing on this website.




This means that as a person does the pushing exercise for a number of years, many imbalances in one’s personality begin to resolve.  This results in a far more integrated person and a more emotionally mature personality.




After doing the pushing exercise faithfully for at least a year, very unusual benefits start to occur.  These are related to the 14 energy centers.  The first seven are at the level of the physical body.  The second seven are located above the head of the physical body.  The benefits are:


1. Intense grounding.  This is radiating energy into the earth.  It is very helpful for overall health, and for other reasons, as well.

2. Real love.  This is radiating energy to another person, which is real love of a certain wonderful type.  It is literally “wishing another well”.  It is healing and beautiful beyond all other kinds of love.

3. Broadcasting.  This is radiating energy out to the other planets and beyond.  It is a very powerful type of energy that powers weapons, and much more.  For more on this topic, please read Broadcasting on this website.

4. Merkabah.  This is the development of the real self or infinite self.  For much more on this topic, please read Merkabah Science on this site.

5. Creative Expression.  This is radiating to others in the world through work of some kind.  It is also very powerful.

6. Wisdom.  This is radiating a certain love and power to the world that flows from a knowing or understanding of things.  It, too, is very powerful and helpful for others.

7. Becoming the God-man.  This is radiating upwards from the head to the heavens.  It helps connect a person with the high self or God self or the holy spirit in Christianity.  The God-man here refers to a person who is more like God in his or her personality.

8. Religious.  This means connected and grounded at the same time.  The word religion is from the Latin word that means to connect back.

9. Spiritual.  This means connected, grounded and at the same time in touch with the Self.  This is a bit more complex, but it is related to the second center idea of radiating love to another.  However, in this case the “other” is one’s high self or the holy spirit.

10. Christian.  This does not mean one joins a church.  It means one understands the work and mission of Jeshua ben Josef fully and completely.

11.  Jewish.  This means one fully understands the mission and work of Moses or Moshe of Egypt.  This mission was very special, and continues today on earth.  It is to bring the Ten Commandments and other documents to the people of the earth.

12. Buddhist.  This means that one recognizes the mission and accomplishment of Gautama of India.  It does not mean one becomes a Buddhist.  His real mission was to bring a certain type of knowledge of God to the earth and this mission continues today.

13. Tibetan.  This does not mean one goes to Tibet or becomes a monk.  It means one understands fully the work of the Tibetan monks.  This is quite complex, in fact.  It mainly has to do with protecting the earth from intruders and poisons.

14. Culmination.  This is radiating to everyone, everywhere in the universes.  It is a combination of all the other 13 benefits, and brings love, long life and health to anyone who does it.







The following chart helps explain the difference between brainwashing and the pushing exercise:


The Pushing Exercise              Brainwashing


Mind training                                     Mind manipulation

Develops the will                          Destroys the will

Empowers                                            Disempowers

Non-violent                                         Always violent

Not sexy                                                 Often a focus on sex

Ennobling                                              Humiliating

Enlightening                                       Deadening

Causes more etheric                 Causes less etheric flow

Raises the Na/K ratio               Lowers the hair Na/K ratio

Reduces trauma                             Causes trauma

Always healing                                Always damaging

‘Creating’ from within              ‘Making’ from without

Less animalistic responses            Animalistic responses

Enhances mental control            Damages mental control

Opens energy centers             Closes energy centers and spins 

& with the correct spin           them backwards

Enhances vitality                           Reduces vitality

Brings up issues and                 Suppresses issues

resolves them in the light

Enhances awareness                 Reduces awareness

Liberating                                            Oppressive                                         

Enhances intelligence              Reduces intelligence

Brings in the Holy Spirit        Brings in discarnate entities

& helps remove entities        




The pushing exercise automatically develops healthier mental attitudes.  Emotionally, one slowly becomes more centered and balanced in one’s attitudes and approaches to life.  One becomes more centered in oneself, which is not the same as becoming self-centered.  The difference between these two states is enormous.  Centered in oneself means that one has a place of balance and peace within.  This allows one to be much less self-centered, which means preoccupied with the ego self or selfishness.
            These physical, mental and emotional effects combine to reshape the entire person, top to bottom, into a more loving, more unselfish, more enlightened being.  This is the beauty of this meditation.




By doing the pushing exercise daily, bad habits will tend to drop you.  This occurs because you will no longer be compatible with them.  Many bad habits simply stem from unawareness.  As your awareness grows, you will see the roots of your habits.  As these are revealed to you, often stopping the habit is very easy.

For example, you may not understand why you want to smoke cigarettes or marijuana.  As you do the pushing exercise, the deeper reasons may be revealed.  Armed with this insight, quitting the habit is often much easier.  The exercise often will allow you to understand yourself without becoming morbid or negatively self-conscious. 

As you take more of your cues from the higher self or real self, you will be less often triggered by people or events.  Common sense and a spiritual sense take over.  Change then becomes much easier.  Life becomes simpler and happier without exerting any special effort, except to keep doing the exercise, even if you think you have “arrived” or become “enlightened”.




The exercise causes a retraining of the mind to watch or observe itself without judgment or condemnation.  This is not, in itself, a way to solve problems, but it is a way to increase awareness.
             By increasing awareness, one understands oneself and others better.  This understanding brings solutions for problems without struggle or effort.  The only effort required is to practice the exercise regularly.

This is a unique way to solve problems.  I first read about the idea years ago in the books written by J. Krishnamurti.  I highly recommend reading one of his books.  However, while he recommends “meditating” as the solution to all problems, he does not offer a specific exercise, so the results did not come.  I believe he practiced a similar exercise, but either did not wish to share the details in his books, or perhaps did not realize the need to share them clearly.  As a result, his books are wonderful to read, but will not produce the same results as doing the pushing exercise.

Doing this exercise is like carefully a studying a friend from an objective perspective.  Often it is easier to solve the friend’s problems, because one is less involved.  The same will occur with one’s own problems as they are seen more objectively.   Common sense will take over in many instances and help you solve your problem.

            Learning to observe objectively.  This exercise is a way to “gather the facts” about oneself and one’s situation in a new way.  The trick is not to judge what you see or observe.  Don’t say, “Oh, but this can’t be.  That person seems so nice”. 

Just keep observing and ask only for the truth to be revealed.  With enough insight, solutions to problems become apparent.  There is no need or benefit to adding any new thoughts or ideas of your own.  It is enough to see what is.  The underlying premise is that you know the answers.  They are just obscured by confusion and misperceptions.  This meditation is, in fact, a removal process.  This differs from many exercises that seek to “affirm away” or cover over negative or undesirable thoughts or emotions.


Witnessing is excellent if you cannot change your situation.  Becoming a witness to your life is superb if you are in a situation that you cannot change.  For example, some people are ill and it will take a few years to change this.  Others are in a bad marriage, or have a very stressful job, or are in a location they do not like, but they cannot change these things quickly.

In these cases, learning how to just witness the situation without reacting greatly reduces stress and can save your life.




Doing the pushing exercise is excellent for sexual health in the following ways.  Some of the benefits below repeat ideas from Chapter 4 as they specifically apply to sexual attitudes and behaviors.  The pushing exercise:


1. Provides a little sexual pleasure that is completely safe and does not deplete the body. 

2. Does not require a partner, so it can be done any time, any place, all by yourself.  You can also do it with a partner, with great benefit, if you so choose.

3. Illuminates and clarifies all relationships and situations.

4. Helps to dissipate and dissolve sexual thoughts and bodily sensations in a healthy way, without suppressing them.

5. Release traumas and scars that affect sexual attitudes and behavior.

6. Reduces an overly sexual ‘look’ that some people have that gets them in trouble.  For example, doing the exercise correctly tends to flatten the chest, a little, if it is protruding too much.  The exercise also corrects the tilt of the hips and other aspects of posture.

7. Helps improve one’s integrity and dignity.

8. Removes Entity Attachment and other subtle energetic imbalances that often cause sexual problems.

9. Can promote a healthy celibacy, if this is desired.

10. Helps heal infections and toxicity in the body, brain and soul that cause or impair healthy sexual activity.

11. Promotes a less sexual, but more enjoyable lifestyle based upon development of the etheric envelope or etheric energy field.

12. Increases the influence of the soul over the brain, and increases the influence of the brain and soul over the feelings of the body.  This helps a person develop self-control and a healthy attitudes about sexuality.

13. Helps one discern what is real love versus what is just sexual attraction or repulsion.

14. Helps men to become “poles”.  This is quite important.  It means to become mentally and emotionally stronger, more self-sufficient, and more centered and grounded.  For more on this topic, please read the article entitled Poles And Climbers on this site.

15. Helps to stop vampirish sexual activity and attitudes. 16. Helps one to discover what one really wants and really needs in the sexual area.

17. Helps discover the causes of sexual fears, and to let them go.

18. May help to correct a person’s sexual identity.




The pushing exercise is similar to:

o     Taming the wild beast of the mind.  At times, the exercise can feel like ‘breaking’ a wild horse or trying to tame another wild beast.

o     Coming home.  It is like deciding to stay home, so to speak, and spend time with your real self instead of just running out all the time with various distractions and activities.  This exercise is a way of being with oneself in a relaxed way, of viewing problems without running from them or having to react in any way.

o     Turning down the volume of a blaring radio, so you can hear the more subtle music within.

o     Going to the movies every day.  However, the subject of the movie is yourself.  This may seem boring, morbid or self-centered but it is really none of these.  You are a child of God and to explore and see yourself in this way is a wonderful exercise that helps you to appreciate yourself and then to appreciate others at deeper levels as well.

o     Magnetizing a piece of iron. The exercise is like stroking a piece of iron with a magnet to magnetize the iron.  One simply strokes the iron over and over again in the exact same direction and way, and in a short time the iron becomes  magnetized properly.  It may take thousands of repetitions, however, to form a strong magnet.  Once done, however, it is quite permanent, and indeed, it builds upon itself.

o     Inducing a current flow in a transformer. A more exact analogy for this exercise is that of a transformer that induces a current.  The exercise actually induces a kind of electrical current in the body.
      In a transformer, one wire that is connected to a battery or energy source is placed next to another one, although they are not directly connected.  The current and voltage from the first wire, when set up properly, is able to induce or cause a voltage in the second wire.  With the pushing exercise, the energized wire is the energy that one moves through the body.  The body itself is the other wire that becomes energized, as a result.

o     Being the bride of Christ and personally receiving God or the angels.  You are working on your personal relationship with God or Christ each time you practice the exercise.




The pushing exercise helps a person to be controlled less by outer or worldly forces and agendas.  This is replaced by more and more self-control by the inner person.  This opens the way, later, for receiving other personal guidance and instruction.


Beware, however, any time the mind is made receptive to guidance.  Change in this direction, however, takes time and occurs slowly and gently in most cases.  If an opening occurs quickly, all the better.  However, one must be on guard, at all times, against the intrusion of other beings into the mind who are not benign, or who are less benign.  These are sometimes called negative souls or negative guides. 

One must always use common sense in regard to following any possible guidance.  It is imperative that one stay well rested, well-hydrated and well-nourished so the mind never is allowed to become unbalanced or too tired.


This exercise allows one to unfold from within, like a flower in the springtime.  In our physical development, we grow from the inside out, but mentally most people grow from without to within. That is, one’s education, friends, events and traumas shape the mind from the outside in.  The pushing exercise permits a different kind of mental and emotional development from within.  It occurs according to one’s personal plan, not by accident, or by the influence of others, or by random circumstances of ones life.

This is a fascinating concept of the unfolding of the true nature of an individual.  Few methods or exercises promote this type of unfolding.  One might not even recognize parts of the self as you unfold from within.  Not to worry, however, because your positive qualities will be maintained.  The only ones that drop away are those that are not truly yours, but instead have been “added on” by your parents, friends, or others.  These need to be removed.  Some of your friends may not like the “new you”.  These are not your real friends. Your real friends will love that you are coming into your own power and selfhood.




This exercise is the ultimate lifestyle modification because it will slowly shift every area in your lifestyle, often in interesting and unusual ways as you keep meditating.  For example, it is:


o     A Habit That Allows You to End Your Attachment To Mindless Habits.

o     A Discipline That Helps Remove The Need For So Much Discipline.

o     A Use Of Your Lower Will That Helps End The Reign Of Your Lower Will.     







The pushing exercise cultivates a relationship between the inner self and the outer self.  In other words, it is a powerful way of cultivate a sincere, loving relationship with yourself, one that is not a relationship with the ego self.  To cultivate a relationship with the ego self is easy, as the ego is always demanding things and one simply follows the impulses to eat some ice cream, perhaps, or buy some new clothes or put on some makeup to look better, perhaps.

This is a different kind of loving relationship that is not about the ego self or even about the mind.  The mind is actually part of the ego.  The mind might make demands, too, such as it wants to be entertained by going to a movie or perhaps it wants to be stimulated by reading a fascinating article or book, even this one.  This is still of the ego self, though perhaps at a different level.

The relationship that is cultivated through this exercise is actually still at an ego level, but so subtle that it is far more health-producing and healing.  It is actually a relationship with the most subtle aspects of the body and spirit. 

Because it is at this high level, however, it tends to straighten out and improve all of one’s other relationships with people, things, and events.  By working on this relationship, all other relationships improve because one is in better touch with one’s deepest essence or higher self or God.  For example, marriages often begin to work better, or perhaps one may realize that this marriage is not going to change much and another course of action is needed. 




Polishing the mirror is an ancient expression that means that as one improves and heals one’s own perception, others around you will be forced to change or end their relationship with you.  This can and often does occur with the pushing exercise.

For example, if you do the exercise faithfully, your children may start behaving differently, and hopefully better. In fact, all of your relationships, both personal and professional, may change, to some degree, often for the better.

This does not mean that all your relationships will continue, since some are unhealthy and one will become more acutely aware of this fact.  However, whatever happens, one becomes much more authentic, genuine, present, and not as easily fooled or manipulated by others.

While it is not discussed enough in psychology books, a key to relating to others is to not allow them to manipulate conversations and other activities.  This may make others angry, but in the end it is best for them, as well, of course, as it is for oneself.  Allowing others to control and manipulate oneself is just an ego game that is “par for the course” in most human relationships. 

When that comes to an end, some relationships will disintegrate or end, but that is as it should be.  They will be replaced, in most cases, by better ones based upon deeper  spiritual connections and real friendship rather than seeing if one can get one’s way with others, as is the more common style on earth.




As one learns to see oneself more clearly by doing the exercise, one tends to see others with more clarity and discernment. 

Of course, not all your friends and family will like this.  They may have been using your anger against you, manipulating you with praise or blame, flattering you to get what they want or intimidating you with idle threats.  You will see all this more clearly and the relationship will change.

One becomes less influenced by images and illusions outside as you dissolve the images and illusions inside your head.  One becomes less gullible and less vulnerable to other's attempts to deceive and control you. 

If a couple both do the exercise regularly, it adds a neutral third party or mediator to the relationship.  This reduces ego fighting and the battle of the wills that often occurs between mates.  This is an extremely powerful way of doing marriage counseling, by the way, without having to pay counselors. However, both parties must really do the exercise correctly, and that, unfortunately, is rare today.  Usually one will do it thoroughly, while the other is still stuck in what he or she believes is correct and cannot truly let go completely into the exercise for fear that perhaps one will see that the perspective was not correct, after all.  This is the only problem with recommending that a couple meditate together, so beware of this possibility.




By loving oneself through taking the time and trouble to do this exercise, one becomes less dependent on the love of others, yet able to enjoy the love of others more.  In a sense, the exercise allows you to practice true love.  Many people want to be loving, but they don't seem to know how. By connecting to your higher self or real self, one is filled the love of the Creator.  This can then be shared with others in endless numbers of ways.  It can truly allow a person to do as the bible suggests, to “bless and forgive this world” in each moment. 

This kind of love is detached, asks nothing in return, and is therefore more pure and unconditional.  One can see what others really need, not what they think they need or what they say they need.  It is the quality of compassion and not a bargaining session, as too much of “love” is on this planet, such as “if you love me I will love you.  But if you do this or that, then I don’t love you any more”.  This is purely an ego type of love, and not very spiritual at all.

By experiencing the “real thing”, one becomes aware of selfish motives and feelings that one thought were love.  These include attachment, identification, projection, lust, ambition, sentimentality, enabling and pride.  One will be able to let these go as one sees they are not very deep forms of love.  This can help relationships of all kinds in fabulous ways if a person can remember that love is always blind in that it just loves, and does not look for anything in return.




This exercise is about getting to "know thyself" at a much deeper level.  It is an impartial way to study the self and the mind.  As one understands the self more deeply, power and control over the self increases.  As you gain control over yourself, your emotions come naturally more under your control and begin to even out.  They just have less power and effect. 

In a sense, the real Armageddon is fought inside your head.  When you have conquered yourself, meaning your own thoughts and emotions, dealing with the world is much easier.  The world situation, you will see,  is often no more than a reflection of the struggle that goes on inside each of us.  By changing yourself, the spiritual struggle is won and the world tends to shift in amazing ways around you.




After doing the exercise for a few years, you will find yourself more confident.  You may also discover that you will have more control or authority with others.  Some people will not like this, by the way, especially “old friends” and family who may have known you as you were before.

These people are often ones that are used to having you somewhat out of control so they can manipulate you in certain ways.  This may sound negative, but is often true, and is just one truth that you will learn as you continue to meditate.

You will see how people feign the truth, change their voice to manipulate and control others, and use a hundred other sly methods, often without realizing they are doing it, to control others.  As you see and feel these, you will be less influenced by them.

This will place you in a superior position of authority, and they will be unhappy that their little tricks don’t work any more.  You must be ready for this, as it will cause some anger on their part in most cases.  But it is best, of course, as their manipulative actions and words harm others and are not really helpful for the perpetrators, either.




Many times, we wish to help others but it doesn’t seem to work out.  By allowing yourself to be loved unconditionally using this particular exercise, you will have a greater understanding of how to love others.  Without any conscious effort on your part, for example, you will cease to spread around your stress and your negative thoughts and emotions you didn't even know you had.  This alone can have an amazingly calming and uplifting effect on everyone around you.  They may not understand it, but will just realize that somehow Mom, Dad, Joe or Nancy is just nicer to be around these days.

You will have a greater sense of perspective and therefore become more knowing and compassionate.  Compassion is a special kind of love in which you understand more.  You will understand better what people need, when to intervene and when to leave people alone.  Without even realizing it, you will start to manipulate people less and just allow them to be more.  This also has a subtle calming effect on some people, though not all.




The pushing exercise can provide a new focus for one’s life.  One’s life goal becomes to calm down the brain, to develop mentally and spiritually, to learn broadcasting, and to heal at the deepest levels.

This alone can result in new directions, new pursuits, new occupations and new relationships that are more healthful and satisfying.




Positivity and happiness can be of two basic types.  The first is a common, somewhat false, forced, or put-on happiness and joy.  The second is the type that tends to result from doing the pushing exercise for a while.  One develops an honest positivity because one lets go of false negative ideas, delusions, traumas, and useless emotions such as thinking that one is just ugly, stupid, stubborn and worthless. 

One’s understanding and perspective begin to derive more and more from the high self or real self, which is happy, free, relaxed and okay all the time because it is unaffected by the world.  This kind of happiness develops slowly as layer after layer of unreality or unhappy ideas and emotions are removed from your mind.

This is very different from the “happiness” and “positive thinking” that many people experience, especially adults.  Theirs is dependent upon temporarily blocking out the negative ideas and emotions, usually by turning their focus to something else such as their new house, their children, their job or friends or family, sex, food or something else, perhaps. 

While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, if they are used to ignore or block out negativity, this is called a co-dependent relationship and it is not healthy.  But is the common way in most people’s lives.  It is very different, for example, than the joy felt by a newborn baby.  They don’t need a new house or car or friend to feel good.  When they are fed and dry, can just be happy without all these things, and they can often play by themselves for hours, as every mother and father knows, in harmony and peace, it seems, and without needing to run away from anything.

Increased awareness, or just knowing more, as a result of meditation, can be a great source of happiness.  We all want to understand ourselves and others better.  Awareness can bring that understanding and this is a source of joy for most people.  Of course, awareness occasionally brings pain as one sees that the world is not as one thought it was.  But that usually passes if one realizes that knowing the truth is best, even if it hurts, at times. 

As you become happier inside, you will stop looking for happiness outside yourself, and this relieves a great amount of anxiety and stress, bringing even more happiness.  This is another secret of meditation of this type.

Another way this meditation brings happiness is that, as the body heals, the cells begin to send messages of happiness and joy to the brain.  This is a subtle type of happiness that may not be appreciated by some people, but it is the truth that a healthy body is easier to be happy within.  Life flows more easily, one can sleep, digest and eliminate better, and the hormones that make us feel good are available in abundance.  All this contributes to a happy outlook on life.




Many people are not in touch with their own source of subtle energy.  As a result, they essentially steal energy from other people.  This is called energy vampirism.  It is common, and it always hurts relationships, families and the general society. 

If a person will do the pushing exercise, one becomes in better contact with one’s own source of energy and energy vampirism always decreases.  This is a great benefit for all personal relationships.  To read more on this topic, please read Energy Vampirism on this site.




            A principle used in the science of biofeedback is “Anything you can monitor, you can change”.  This exercise is a form of biofeedback in that one monitors one’s thoughts and other mental activities.  As one does this, thinking and feeling habits will change.  Confucius said “If you understand a problem deeply enough, you will have the answer”.  Meditation is a way to study yourself ever more deeply.  This will bring answers to many problems.





Ways this exercise reduce stress include:


1. Making you aware of tension in the body sooner. For example, the body becomes more sensitive so you will feel tensions in the body each moment, and can change your posture, habits or other causes for stress, rather than let the tensions build up.


2. Making you aware of danger sooner. You will becomes more like the wild animals who sense danger quickly, and react quickly, saving their lives in many cases.


3. Reducing negative and illusory thoughts and feelings that waste energy and time.


4. Calming the nervous system, both physically and in other ways.


5. Reduce internal stress.




Emptying the self of the old and bringing in a new source of energy functions as a positive stressor.  This means it stresses one, but in a positive or beneficial way.  It brings in more truth, along with the subtle energy, so one can say it is the stress of truth and awareness.  This places a spiritual stress on one that can result in character development. 

The stress of needing to change.  This meditation exercise will show one the truth about many things.  One is not forced to act on the information, but If one does not act, the truth will be brought up over and over again.  This is an interesting effect of increasing one’s awareness.  Sadly, it causes some people to stop meditating, as they do not want to be reminded of certain truths.




Moving energy downward from head to feet balances and opens all of the physical chakras or energy centers on the physical body.  Slowly, this not only has a physical healing effect, but also it brings more etheric or vital energy into the body.  As this occurs, the body goes through specific set of changes called on this website mental or spiritual development.  The process and effects are explained in a number of articles such as Introduction To Mental Development.




An unusual effect of the pushing exercise is that, at times, you may feel like you are descending into a kind of hell or muck that is inside.  The great thing is you are in control, so you dip into it, let the light shine on it, and when you have had enough for one day, you come back out of it and back into your normal state of consciousness.

By doing this daily, a number of things happen:

1. You become more comfortable with your subconscious mind, its dark thoughts or feelings. You learn to tolerate the muck better and better, able to move in and out of it, through it, and so on comfortably without getting slimed.

2. You see more truth about yourself.

3. You will and must come to actually love and, in a way, admire this “underbelly”, substructure, or whatever you want to call it.  This makes you a more loving person, in fact.  You are learning to love an important part of yourself that most people don’t even realize exists.  However, it is a very important part of yourself and your development and structure as a person.  You also stop projecting that which you do not want to “own” or recognize.  This is wonderful health benefits.

4. Eventually, you come to embrace more and more parts of your mind and your self.  This is powerful and important for many reasons.  Not only will you know much more about who you really are, for example, with all the benefits of this knowledge.  But also, for example, you will no longer feel the common and often strange need to run away from certain people, ideas, feelings or activities.

Most people dodge parts of their life, totally unconsciously, of course, but this is what they do.  They “don’t want to go there”, as the phrase is called.  Instead, they run to the parts of themselves and the activities they know and like more, not realizing that the motive is often to avoid other parts or thoughts or activities that remind them of unhealed parts of their mind.

5. The real self, or the new energy spoken of above that flows in using this exercise, slowly heals all the unhealed parts of your mind.  It slowly eliminates the dark thoughts, unsightly emotions and more.

This tends to happen quite automatically, by the way, as long as you don’t stop it and as long as you continue to meditate this particular way.  Amazingly, you will not need to visit counselors for years, for example, when you find something you don’t like, or something that is just no longer appropriate or no longer what you want or need.  You may visit a counselor, of course, but you will find that many of your ‘hang-ups’, fears, anxieties, hostilities, grudges, prejudices and much more just seem to evaporate one day on their own, without needing to talk about them for hours, or even understand them.  This is quite remarkable.

The insights and change will usually not come while you are meditating.  They tend to come afterwards, while you are just about your daily work or play.  This may be because what occurs during meditation sets up new patterns in the mind, and when you return to everyday life the new pattern interacts and actually conflicts with your ‘old’ behaviors and thoughts, and suddenly you realize that you don’t like your old ways, which were usually unconscious, and you see that you can change quite easily. 

This is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to change any ‘bad’ habit, attitude, or behavior.

 6. Eventually, you will become very proficient dealing with your unconscious or sub-conscious mind.  It is like getting good at karate or ju jyutsu fighting methods.  And it is fun.  It gives you an amazing power over yourself that others will find enviable.  It can also help you through many tight situations.

7. Eventually, you will conquer the mind.  This means you will be more in control of your thoughts and feelings.  Conquering the mind is rare on earth.  It means you are more in charge, not your subconscious programming, old emotional wounds and traumas, and old thinking patterns.






            Sensual pleasure is not the goal of the exercise, but it is a byproduct when it is done correctly.  It causes a slight tingling sensation in the body that is pleasurable.  The more and the harder one moves the energy down from the top of the head toward the feet, the more pleasurable the tingling sensation.  It is often felt at the first energy center, located slightly inside the body and between the anal opening and the scrotum in men or the vagina in women.

            In Christian terms, this aspect may be called becoming the bride of Christ, becoming activated in Christ, feeling the love of God or the universe, being slain in the spirit or filled with the spirit.  You can visualize yourself “impregnated” or “penetrated” by the holy spirit or God or the universe.  You can also see yourself as the recipient of a kind of golden fluid that sparkles with life as it moves downward through the body.  I could speak more graphically, but I will leave that to your imagination.

There is nothing wrong with thinking of the exercise this way.  The exercise should bring a smile to your face, and can be a source of pleasure that is not dependent upon others, available at all times and places.  Most important, it is the physical evidence that you are loved and lovable always, regardless of your age, physical appearance, health, mental status, or anything else.


            Exercise for married couples.  When you are together intimately, both partners must do the meditation exercise at the same time, moving energy from the head out the feet.  This creates a powerful vortex and you will help each other to do the exercise more powerfully.  There is a little more to it discussed in the articles entitled Down Sex and Couples Healing And Development.  





            Yes.  Many young children enjoy the exercise.  Teach it to them in a simple way, such as imagining that they are standing under a waterfall and the water is beautiful and is falling all around them and through them.  Have them draw the energy down and push it all the way to their feet and beyond.

It is much better if a parent or older sibling does the exercise at the same time with a young child.  This is an empathic method that works the best.  In fact, just the presence of a parent who does the exercise is very helpful for any child.

            The same is true of a couple.  If one partner does the exercise daily it will help the other, even if the other does not do the exercise.  This can be difficult for a relationship, however, if the other does not wish to see the truth.





Prayer, for some people, is not too different from the mental exercise described in this article.  Both can involve asking and emptying the self, for example.  However, many times prayer is a more rote exercise for people involving just the repeating of various words and phrases.  This is not the same.  This pushing exercise does not require or involve any words or phrases or mantras at all.  In fact, it is purely energetic and if you add any words, prayers or mantras to it, you will either negate it altogether or at least weaken its effect.

However, to say a prayer at the beginning, and even for a while at the end to help with closure, is fine.  But realize the exercise is very specific to bring in a new energy by emptying the self of the old.

Prayers also often specific rituals and doctrines.  This pushing exercise requires no doctrine whatsoever.  The only ritual is to empty the self and allow and even force the energy down from the head into the hand and eventually the feet.  That is all.  One’s religion, nationality or belief systems do not matter in the least. 

In fact, this is a danger with this pushing exercise, in that anyone can use it for his or her benefit, even if the person is not the most honest or high integrity person.  This is a danger with this method.  I am not too concerned, however, because the exercise takes a fair amount of work and dedication to receive the benefits.


Is it a religion? This exercise is certainly not a religion, and can be done by anyone, as stated above.  However, I see it as the basis for a new religion, perhaps.  The reason is that it is a way to get in touch with oneself, which is the real meaning and desire of religions.  The danger, of course, is that someone will design a religion around the exercise and fill it with other rituals and doctrines until the basic exercise is forgotten.  This has happened before in history.


Is it relaxation, visualization, self-hypnosis and concentration?  The exercise does involve some visualization and some concentration.  However, these are not the goal or the central focus of the exercise.  That is how it differs from most of these other exercises.  This pushing exercise is certainly not self-hypnosis, a concept that is the very opposite of wanting to remove or eliminate all hypnotic tendencies of the mind.

Repetition of words, phrases or mantras tends to produce a somewhat hypnotic state, and this is one reason this is not employed with this exercise.


What about breathing with the exercise?  This is not required.  Adding special breathing, such as counting to 10, or holding the mouth or tongue a special way, can definitely distract one and slow progress with this exercise.

If one wishes, a very simple breathing method called circle breathing may be used an might enhance progress.  One simply moves energy up the back during the inhale and down the front of the body on the exhale.  That is all there is to it.  However, recall that one is supposed to be moving energy down the body at all times, so this should be done as well.  In fact, energy will circulate this way – up the back and down the front – to some degree.  However, pushing the energy or drawing the energy down the front is by far the most critical and important.





This exercise concerns some basic qualities of life on a metaphysical level:


o     Self-awareness. This is a purely human trait, one not shared much by animals or other life forms.  This pushing exercise directly assists anyone to increase self-awareness.

o     Healing.  While diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and detoxification are all critical and never to be overlooked, the mind is also very important for healing.  It is either your friend and ally or, in many people, it just gets in the way.  Worry, fears, desires, racing around all the time and other things use up most people’s energy.  This pushing exercise can do a lot to bring the mind under your control and learn to use it to assist healing on many levels.

o     Spiritual development.  The development of the chakras or energy centers of the body is everyone’s birthright as a human being.  Very few, however, make much progress with it.  This pushing exercise allows it and assists it easily.  This can extend life and allow achievements that most people cannot even imagine.  We have all read about the possible unfoldment of super-human abilities in ordinary human beings.  This pushing exercise may allow this to occur for you as well.


Most people live the ego lifestyle, going from goal to goal, often trampling others to achieve their goals.  The pushing exercise allows you to grow from the inside. You will find, if you do the exercise regularly, that your outer life, work, relationships, family matters and more will change for the better, often in unusual ways.  As you meditate, you let go of the blocks that are in the way of your happiness and success.


For more about how to succeed with this exercise, please read Qualities Of A Broadcaster on this site.

To obtain a CD with the pushing exercise and its explanation, click here.

To listen to the exercise online free of charge, click here.




            I learned about Mr. Masters by reading one of his books in 1979, How Your Mind Can Keep You Well.  I started doing his meditation-observation exercise and immediately noticed results.  Soon after that, I had an experience that caused me to change the exercise so that the focus was pushing energy downward, and not just being aware of my hand one finger at a time, as he recommends.  I must give him much credit for some of the ideas in this article that I took from his books and radio programs.

            Good features of his exercise are that he says do not roll your eyes upwards, and the awareness of the hand tends to be grounding, and can move energy downward, to some degree.  Also, the focus on the right hand means that energy moves from left to right, and this is correct.

            Problems with his exercise are two: it is not forceful enough, and it does not move energy downward enough.  That is why I no longer recommend it.


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