By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Our genetics, which is how we make of all the chemicals our bodies need, is closely tied into the 7 system.  The 7 system means that life is laid out in multiples of the number 7.  It is a universal constant.


NOTE: In order to understand this article, please first read Introduction To Genetics.  Otherwise, some of the terms used in this article such as “the big book” will not make sense.


Here is how genetics is related to the 7 system:


1. There are not really 46 Sectors of the DNA or chromosomes.  In fact, there are only 23 that are really different.  There are 23 from our mother, and 23 from our father, making a total of 46.

They work in pairs.  For example, the first Sector that came from your father cooperates with first Sector that came from your mother to help produce the same chemicals.  Therefore, functionally, there are only 23 Sectors.


2. In fact, there are only 21 Sectors plus two extras.

Two of the sectors are different than the rest.  They have to do with reproduction, and not with growth and development of the body’s chemicals.

Scientists know a lot about one of these, called the X and Y chromosomes.  This Sector concerns reproduction of an entire human being. 

The other extra Sector has to do with reproduction of the cell itself, a process called mitosis.  Both reproductive activities are different, and both are very complicated.  As a result, they each have an entire Sector or chromosome devoted to them. 


3. The number 21 represents 3 groups of 7.  This is, in fact, how Sectors or chromosomes of the genetic code are laid out.  Scientists may not realize it yet, but they will figure it out.

The way it works is that one group of 7 Sectors has to do with chemicals concerned with the physical body.  The other two Sectors have to do with chemicals needed by the brain.

This is a perfect correlation with the idea of the octaves or 7 system in our bodies, as follows:

- First octave is physical.

- Second octave is mental (animal level).

- Third octave is spiritual (or higher thought).


So the first group of 7 Sectors is about the physical body.  The second and third have to do with brain chemicals, and in fact, they second 7 Sectors make chemicals for a different part of the brain than the third 7 Sectors.




            The Chapter system or chromatin code also fits into the 7 system.  Here is how it works.


1. Among the 128 chapters, there are 126 plus 2 extras.  The reason is that 126 Chapters of each Sector make chemicals the body needs.

            The 2 extra Chapters of each Sector are extra instructions.  They do not make body chemicals, so they are different and do not count in the 7 system.


2. The number 126 is 18 times 7.  This means there are 18 octaves of 7 Chapters each.  This is indeed how the Chapters are laid out in the Big Book.

            The reason for 18 of them is somewhat esoteric, but has to do with fractals.  A fractal is a repeating whole number pattern.  The human being and other creatures are designed by a fractal method, so the genetic code is set up in a fractal method to make all the chemicals the body needs.

            This is a somewhat simplistic explanation, but it is accurate as far as it goes, as to how the genetic code is connected to the 7 System.




            The ancient Hebrew language is also set up in accordance with the 7 system. This is explained in the article entitled An Ancient Hebrew Language on this site.  (Modern Hebrew is different and not set up this way.)

            The very ancient Hebrew has 21 letters that correspond to the 21 Sectors of the DNA.  This may seem odd, but it makes the ancient Hebrew language very powerful.  Some day, I hope this version of Hebrew will be spoken on earth, as it is helpful for human beings.




            Nutritional balancing science is also built around the 7 system.  This is one reason it is powerful, and most helpful for the body.  For more details, read Nutritional Balancing And The 7 System on this site.


            This website also has more articles about the 7 system and how it relates to the 7 energy centers of the human and animal body, and to many other aspects of life.  All of these articles are listed on the Read Articles page.



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