by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            The glandular system of a human being or animal is set up according to the 7 system, as follows:




These are associated with the first energy center on the physical body.  This energy center is very low in the abdomen.  These glands have to do with physical survival and reproduction.

The testis and ovaries produce a number of hormones such as testosterone, estrogens, progesterone and others.




            These are associated with the second energy center, which is in the lower part of the abdomen and low back, just below the level of the belly button.  The adrenal glands regulate sugar and mineral metabolism, and are critical for responding to stress.  For more details, read Adrenal Insufficiency, Adrenal Burnout Syndrome, and Adrenal Stress Pattern.

            The kidneys also produce hormones such as rennin and angiotensin that help regulate fluid balance.  For more details, read Kidney Diseases.




            The part of the pancreas that secretes hormones, or endocrine pancreas, is associated with the third energy center.  It is located at the level of the solar plexus, just above the belly button. 

The pancreas is shaped like a cone that expands toward the left side of the body.  The narrow end is at the third energy center.  The pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon, and perhaps other hormones.  For more details, read Hypoglycemia and Diabetes.




            The thymus gland, located in the middle of the chest, is associated with the fourth energy center or heart center.  It secretes hormones that are essential for the activity of the immune response of the body.

            In most people, the thymus gland becomes inactive around age 40 or so due to nutritional deficiencies.  This contributes to aging and death.  This can be reversed with a nutritional balancing program.  For more details, read Infections And Enhancing Immunity.




            The thyroid gland is associated with the fifth energy center.  It is located in the middle of the neck near the AdamÕs apple – the bump in the middle of the front of the neck.  The gland wraps around the neck a little in front, and is shaped like a butterfly.  It secretes triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), important hormones that regulate the metabolic rate and other things.

            Most people have imbalanced thyroid glands today.  The causes are:

- iodine deficiency

- toxicity with fluoride, chlorine, bromine, copper and/or mercury

- other nutritional problems

            Doctor, even holistic doctors, routinely give people replacement thyroid hormones.  With a nutritional balancing program, this is usually not needed.  The thyroid gland can be restored so that it functions properly.  For details, read  Thyroid Disease, Quitting Thyroid Hormones, Hyperthyroidism or GraveÕs Disease and Interview About GraveÕs Disease.




            The pituitary gland is associated with the sixth energy center.  Both are located around the level of the eyebrows, in the center of the head.

            The pituitary is sometimes called the master gland because it secretes a number of hormones that balance and regulate all the other glands.  These are:

1. The anterior pituitary hormones: growth hormone (GH), prolactin (PRL), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).  Some believe there are several others, as well.

2. The posterior pituitary hormones: anti-diuretic hormone or vasopressin, and oxytocin.




            The pineal gland is associated with the seventh energy center.  Both are located in the middle of the brain, nearer the crown of the head.  The seventh energy center extends upward from the crown of the head.

            The pineal gland secretes melatonin and perhaps other hormones that regulate sleep, among other things.



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