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            Over 4000 fetuses are killed each day in the abortion clinics of America alone.  We don’t know the number of babies killed each day in the entire world, but it is high.

            Post-abortion syndrome consists of a range of symptoms that can occur after a woman has had an abortion.  They may be mild or extreme, depending upon the woman’s health, and her attitudes and emotions.

The syndrome is real.  Please do not listen to those who say, “There is no such thing as post-abortion syndrome.”   We wish this were true, but it is not true at all.




            Abortion can be viewed as an example of an insidious and negative trend in Western society to waste resources and to throw away valuable resources because it is not “convenient”, “socially acceptable”, or for whatever other reason people concoct.  This mentality has bankrupted America and Europe financially and spiritually, as well.  It is time to change it.




According to Dr. Paul and Terri Reisser in their book, Help for the Post-Abortive Woman (now entitled A Solitary Sorrow) and other sources, symptoms may include:


1. Sadness.  The entire idea of killing your own unborn child makes most women who do it very sad, often for years.  It is a very deep sadness that few things can cure.

One of the best ways to handle the sadness is to begin to do service of some kind for many people.  This can be helpful.  The service can be through a business, or a volunteer position works, also.


2. Guilt.  Some women just know that they have killed a new life, and the guilt will stay with them a long time.  Some will attempt to compensate for it, as described below, but this often does not alleviate or get rid of the feeling of guilt.


3. Anxiety.  Some women feel tense, have trouble relaxing, or have stomach pain, dizziness, headaches or experience more worries after an abortion.  Other have trouble concentrating or trouble sleeping.


4. Avoiding children or pregnant women.  Some women find themselves strangely fearful of being around children or pregnant ladies, perhaps because they think it will bring up memories they would prefer not to experience.


5.  Numbness.  This is a fairly common response that may help a woman to handle other feelings related to an abortion.


6. Depression.  This is also fairly common.


7. Thoughts of suicide.  This is more extreme and less common, but can arise as a result of lingering guilt or other negative feelings that won’t go away.  It is more common in women who are younger, less healthy, or who have more stress in their lives.  Unfortunately, that includes many young women.


8. Re-experiencing the abortion, often without warning.  For example, certain sounds, sights or smells might remind a woman of the abortion clinic experience.  This is a form of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  Fortunately, it is not as common as some of the other symptoms, but it can ruin one’s life.


9. Wanting to get pregnant again.  This is often a compensation to “make up” for what one did earlier.


10. Fear of infertility.  Some women rightly fear that the abortion may affect their ability to become pregnant in the future.  This can occur if the abortion does not go well and damage or infection results from it.  This area of the body is quite prone to some types of infections that can be found in many abortion clinics.


11. Unable to bond with present or future children.  This is another fear that can arise after one has taken the life of one’s unborn child.


12. Fear that future children will die.  This can lead to overprotecting one’s children.


13. Other foreboding because she feels she “deserves” a horrible fate.


14. Eating disorders.   A woman may gain a lot of weight so she will be less attractive and not have to make another pregnancy decision.  She may also use food as a way to dull her pain.


15. Alcohol or drug use.  These are other ways that some women try to forget their abortion experience.




            It occurs most often in young women who were either raised in a Catholic or religious home of some kind, or in those who discover later, to their horror, that abortion is not without consequences.  In other words, it can occur in anyone, and comes as quite a surprise to many secular-minded and liberal-thinking young women. 

It then can haunt them for the rest of their lives, and even put their lives in danger.  We do not say this to scare anyone.  It is simply the truth.




            There are several reasons.  One reason is that the female body is designed for pregnancy.  It is and always will be a vehicle for the production of new human beings.  When a woman chooses to destroy a baby, she is opposing this tendency of the body to hold on to a pregnancy and to complete the process of bearing new life.

            Biochemically, conception sets in motion a series of changes in a woman’s body.  These include changes in her hormone levels, her copper and zinc levels, and many other biochemical alterations, as well.  These have been studied extensively, and have been written about in medical texts.

Some women notice symptoms of pregnancy such as breast enlargement or tenderness, nausea, headaches or other symptoms.  Others may not feel much at all, but the changes take place nevertheless.  Abortion causes more biochemical changes that can result in feelings of depression, anxiety, fears and other symptoms associated with post-abortion syndrome.

Psychologically, pregnancy can alter a woman profoundly.  All of a sudden, she is no longer living just for herself.  Now she is responsible for another life that is growing inside of her.  Some women feel very insecure about this, especially if it is the first child and especially if her situation is not stable and she is not happily married with good emotional and physical support. 

Aborting may seem like the easy way out.  However, for many women, pregnancy helps her mature in many ways, and stopping the pregnancy deprives her of important life experiences which, of itself, can cause intense feelings of regret and of loss.




The mass media and groups such as the American Psychological Association, The Abortion Federation, and Planned Parenthood teach that abortion is a simple safe procedure, and that post-abortion syndrome is not real, or only occurs rarely.  They dismiss reports of post-abortion syndrome and state on their web page that it does not even exist, according to their studies.

The truth is very different.  In our view, these groups just lie to promote their political agenda.  Post-abortion syndrome is real, even if you have not experienced it.  It is just that some people in positions of authority and power do not want you to know about it.  That is why this article is sadly needed.




We wish it were.  The abortion proponents claim that abortion is “freeing” for women.  In fact, the opposite is often true.  Women are built for pregnancy, and most feel quite happy when carrying a child.  It is a unique ability of young women that is not shared by men, or by older women. 

Interfering with this natural process can be confusing and even devastating for some women.  It can cause a trauma that lasts for the rest of the poor woman’s life.  We say “poor woman” because that is how she may feel.  She often feels that she has taken a life needlessly and stupidly. 

Usually, she has been talked into the abortion by frightened family members, husbands, boyfriends, or the friendly folks at the abortion clinic.  Please watch out for this, ladies!




For those young women who do not want to have to decide whether to have an abortion, a simple decision is to marry.  Do not just have a boyfriend.  This is an important decision.  We urge young women to marry if you want to have sex with a man.  If sex is not for you at this time, you will not have to deal with a possible abortion, and this is excellent, as well.




Men, whether to support a lady in having an abortion is a very difficult decision.  Eventually, she must make the decision herself.  However, the wise man will not suggest an abortion, and will not support abortion.  Your lady can carry the child and offer it for adoption if you and she are not ready to raise a child.  Marriage is another excellent option if you love your lady.  Abortion is not a good option, in almost all cases.




There are numerous Catholic and other religious organizations that can help any woman who is suffering with symptoms of post-abortion syndrome.  So please do not despair.

Also, read the section below because a development program can also be of help, in some cases.




We know that post-abortion syndrome is real because now and then a woman retraces an abortion.  This means that she revisits the experience during a development program.

In most of these cases, she experiences some of the same pain she felt during the abortion experience, and then she clears the entire trauma.  This would only occur if the woman was, indeed, traumatized by the abortion.

Development programs strengthen and balance the body in unique ways.  The program also makes the body much more yang in macrobiotic terminology, which may help women to retrace the abortion experience.  For more on this, read Retracing And Healing Reactions on this website.




If you are pregnant and considering abortion, please consider putting the child up for adoption if you don’t want to keep the child.  This is a wonderful option.  Many wonderful couples are looking for babies to adopt.  Especially today, it is a blessing, both for you, for your baby, and for a couple who is praying for the opportunity to raise a child.

Many excellent groups exist to help you with the adoption process.  You can often help choose the parents and you may be able to stay in touch with your child if you wish.  So if you cannot or don’t want to raise your child, consider blessing another couple with your child.




            In most states in America, and some other nations, teenagers can get abortions without telling their parents.  This is horrible and the law needs to change.



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