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All information in these recordings is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


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II. Interviews

III. Discussions

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- Common Health Conditions

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This set of audio programs presents many of the basic concepts of the development program and life path.


Adrenal Insufficiency.  Aug. 8, 2013. 

Animal Health.  June 6, 2013.

Fruit-eating And Development.  August 26, 2013.

Modern Prenatal Care And A Much Better Alternative. December 10, 2013.

Development Science.  Interview.

Development Science.  April 15, 2013. 

Rape. Sept 14, 2014.

Sauna Therapy. October 20, 2016.

Sugar Addiction. May 2016.

Water For drinking.  August, 2013.



The Introductory Consultation

This program contains basic information about the development program. Topics include tissue mineral testing, toxic metals, diet, lifestyle, healing reactions, shopping for quality food, cooking, food preparation, lifestyle factors in health, emotional factors and more.

Children’s Health

Most children are unhealthy today. Most are born with significant nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excesses, and other serious biochemical imbalances. This is very clear from a properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.

The cause is poor health of their mothers and very inadequate medical prenatal care. Other causes are medical abominations including too many vaccines, overuse of antibiotics, and improper children's diets.

The results are predictable and are occurring now. They include an ever-increasing incidence of birth defects, now renamed as developmental delays.  They also include attention deficit disorder, the autism epidemic, allergies, depression, cancers, diabetes and other diseases that were absolutely unheard of in children 75 years ago.

This discussion includes several case histories and other examples of how nutrition affects children’s health, behavior and well-being. This is perhaps the most important topic of our day if we wish to excel as a civilization in the future.

The children of the world cry out for help. It is a shocking situation that needs to be explained and remedied. Otherwise our nation’s and the world’s children will continue to sicken, costing the nations trillions of dollars and causing needless suffering.

How Nutrition Affects Emotions and Behavior

Psychologists and psychiatrists have yet to acknowledge the large role played by nutritional imbalances and lifestyle factors as causes of mental health conditions. However, I find the truth is clear and it is time to understand it well. The mind and the body are not separate, and what affects one affects the other

The brain is a chemical organ that today is often damaged in many ways. Nutritional causes for emotional conditions include nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals, adrenal burnout, hypoglycemia or glucose intolerance, an imbalanced oxidation rate, and food intolerances.

The development program is excellent to heal many mental health conditions.

Understanding Toxic Metals - Part I

Understanding Toxic Metals – Part II

The worst environmental problem of our time is not pesticides, as the United States Environmental Protection Agency states. It is toxic metals. They affect our air, water, food and many products with which we come in contact very day.

This two-part program is a discussion of major toxic metals - their sources, effects upon body chemistry, and symptoms associated with their presence in the body. It also includes a discussion of how to safely eliminate these metals without the use of synthetic or natural chelating agents that we find are toxic, deplete vital nutrients and have other problems.

Toxic metals must become a household word, and one that occupies the minds of our legislators, our political and medical leaders, and our public health authorities. I can think of few more important topics of discussion.

How To Determine Your Nutritional Needs

Determining each person’s nutritional needs is not easy. Many doctors do not even want to approach the subject. Instead, they just tell people to “eat well”, and occasionally they recommend vitamins.

Holistic doctors, naturopaths and others use blood tests, urine tests and others to assess nutritional needs. However, in my experience these often leave much to be desired.

This program discusses the method that I have used to assess people’s needs for over 40 years. It has proven to be quite amazing. It involves the correct lab procedure and the proper interpretation of a tissue mineral analysis or tissue biopsy. It also involves metabolic typing, assessing the stage of stress, the oxidation rate, and using this information properly.

Questions And Answers About Hair Mineral Analysis - Part I

Questions And Answers About Hair Mineral Analysis – Part II

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a cellular biopsy for minerals.  It is misunderstood and maligned, when in fact it is an amazing assessment tool.  However, it must be performed and interpreted correctly.

When done properly, it is an extremely useful and reliable test. It can assess a person’s stage of stress, oxidation rate, energy level, dietary imbalances, glucose tolerance, inflammation, adrenal and thyroid activity, and tendencies of over 60 common health conditions.

In addition, a tissue mineral biopsy offers information about emotional and mental conditions, and how to correct them. This and much more is discussed on this two-part program.

Six-Part Series About The Development Program:

Part I – Introduction And Hair Mineral Analysis.

Part II – Oxidation Rates And The Stages Of Stress.

Part III – Components Of Hair Mineral Readings.

Part IV – Therapy And Product Rationales.

Part V – Practical Aspects.

Part VI - Retracing.

This series discusses some of the theory of development science and its practical application.

The Real Self

This audio program discusses the science of love, also called One Science. It contains about 40 spiritual principles to guide our thoughts and actions. Understanding these principles deeply and thoroughly helped the author overcome negative thoughts, and has changed the attitudes and perspective of thousands of people.

The principles are ancient. I believe they are a deep layer of interpretation of Biblical principles, and are not anti-Biblical, as some people say.

This program is similar to the book, The Real Self.   However, this audio program is somewhat older and contains commentary that is not in the book.


Adrenal Burnout Syndrome

Adrenal burnout syndrome is nutritional depletion of the adrenal glands. Its main symptom is fatigue that occurs even if one gets plenty of sleep and eats well. It is an extremely common health condition and it can be overcome with the development program.

Most doctors are unaware of adrenal burnout, so they misdiagnose it as depression, hypothyroidism or something else. As a result, millions of people waste their time and money on anti-depressant drugs, sleeping pills, thyroid replacement hormones and other remedies.

The development program is an ancient life path that heals adrenal burnout along with most health conditions. It renourishes and detoxifies the body at a deep level.

It does not require hormone replacement therapy or chelation therapy. Providing one’s adrenal glands and thyroid gland have not been removed, we find the above methods are not needed and are more dangerous and less effective for deep healing than the development method.

This program discusses the causes, symptoms and correction procedures using development science for this common condition.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks are common and often devastating symptoms. Yet they are often easy to correct and prevent using development science. There is no need to take drugs or suffer with these conditions.

Biochemical imbalances that contribute to the conditions above include low blood sugar, food chemicals and stimulants, toxic metals, and nutrient deficiencies.

An imbalanced oxidation rate is also important, in some cases, and easy to correct. Copper toxicity is very common in cases of panic attacks. A tissue mineral pattern called sympathetic dominance is often involved in feelings of anxiety.

Nutrition and Alcoholism

Scientists are discovering there are close links between alcoholism and nutritional imbalances. These include zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency, B-complex vitamin deficiency, and, at times, an imbalanced oxidation rate.

Correcting nutritional imbalances can be a major step in helping to overcome many addictions. This discussion goes into detail concerning the effects of alcohol on nutrients and how development can reduce cravings, help balance blood sugar, and correct other imbalances related to alcohol problems.

Nutrition and Energy

Biochemical energy production is a basic activity of the human body. Having enough energy is a common denominator of health and joy in life. This is a basic principle of development science.

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints in doctor’s offices, and is a precursor for most diseases.  One of my mentors, Dr. Bernard Jensen, once said “Fatigue is the basic disease”.

This discussion addresses how energy is produced in the body, the two branches of the energy system – the energy pathway and the “tune” of the system, the oxidation rate. The program also discusses how to restore a naturally high energy level without using stimulants, hormones, drugs, or vigorous exercise.

Energy Vampirism

Some people steal energy from others. This is called energy vampirism. Energy vampirism can cause fatigue, depression and many serious health conditions. Learning about it can help anyone recognize it and prevent it.

Allergies And The Development Program

Development science offers a deep understanding of mechanisms involved in allergies.  These include adrenal gland imbalances and weakness, excessive cell permeability, copper imbalance, excessive histamine release, and others.

Armed with this knowledge, correcting environmental allergies and food allergies is often not difficult.

Weight Loss With The Development Program

Most weight loss methods are very dangerous because they basically starve the body. These include intermittent fasting, most exercise programs, and most weight loss diets.

This audio program discusses a completely different approach to weight loss that works well.

Bringing your weight down to normal in a healthful way is not difficult with a development program. However, one must eat lots of cooked vegetables every day and avoid problem foods such as wheat, and all sugars including fruit, fruit juices, and dried fruits.

The program also requires a few nutritional supplements based on a properly performed and interpreted hair mineral analysis. The program also includes a discussion of food cravings, glandular imbalances, eating habits as well as several other topics.


The Pulling Down Procedure (new)

This is a newer recording about a famous and very ancient healing and development procedure. It moves a lot of subtle energy forcefully in the proper direction through the body.

This is one of the basic healing and development procedures. We strongly recommend that everyone learn it and do it for two hours daily because the benefits are endless! This program is new (October 2023).

The Pulling Down Exercise (an older recording)

 (formerly called the meditation-observation exercise)

The pulling down procedure is the most important procedure for development. The audio program is intended to be used while you do the exercise, and will assist you to stay focused.

This particular mental exercise has been an amazing blessing for thousands of people.  It is even being used by the US army to help soldiers plagued by post-traumatic stress disorder.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I do not recommend any other mental exercises or meditations.

For much more about this practice, please read the articles entitled The Pulling Down Procedure and Downward Flowing Energy And Healing on this website.

The Power of Sauna Therapy

I cannot say enough good things about near infrared incandescent light sauna therapy.  However, it should always be used in conjunction with a development program.

Adding this simple, comfortable and affordable therapy often speeds up progress on a development program by 10 to 100 times.

This program discusses the benefits of lamp sauna therapy for detoxification and healing of the body. We also discuss the various types of saunas, and why we prefer the lamp sauna.  The discussion also includes testimonials and a discussion of detoxification and healing reactions.  It also includes several visualization exercises to do while you are in the sauna. 

Healing Tones for Use in Saunas

I discovered quite by accident that certain low tones from an ordinary piano vibrate specific organs in the body.  This is the inspiration for this unusual audio program. It is not meditation music!

Instead, it contains specific low frequency notes from a piano, mostly single notes with a few combinations. It is designed to be played on an ordinary stereo system or other CD player while in the sauna.

I believe these tones can enhance the healing and detoxification process by vibrating specific organs such as the liver and kidneys. In this way, these tones may enhance the healing effects of the lamp sauna experience.

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