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Definition.  AGES or advanced glycation end products are sugar molecules such as glucose or fructose that are attached to larger molecules, usually proteins or fats.  These altered molecules damage the body and are one of the major classes to toxins in our bodies.

Glycation is the name of the process by which sugar molecules can attach to larger molecules such as proteins and others without involving enzymes.  The process does involve toxic metals, especially fluoride, chloride or bromine.

Liver toxins.  AGES accumulate in the liver.  They are one of the main sources of liver toxicity.

Few doctors and nutritionists are aware of AGES and the damage they cause.  We hope this article will bring more attention to them.  This article can also help one understand the rationale for the development diet.




AGES tend to accumulate mainly in the liver, although they can build up anywhere in the body.  In the liver and throughout the body, they cause damage due to inflammation and oxidant damage.

They also alter the shape of some proteins.  This causes the protein to malfunction or blocks the functioning altogether.

AGES thus weaken and age the body, often irreversibly if a person does not take action to remove them.  Fortunately, a development program can reverse the damage by slowly removing the AGES from the body.




Detoxification.  AGES interfere with the removal of heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the liver.  To a lesser degree, they also interfere with kidney detoxification.

Liver damage.  They can be a causative factor in sclerosis and cirrhosis of the liver. 

Yeast and fungal infections.  AGES contribute to these problems because too much sugar is attached to some compounds.

Making the body more yin.  The presence of excessive sugar molecules in the liver and elsewhere contributes to a more yin condition of the body.   

Immune Response.  AGES often cause an impaired immune response.  This can result in problems fighting off even simple infections and other immune-related problems.

Neurodegeneration.  Medical studies indicate that dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease is associated with high levels of AGES in the body.

Other health conditions.  AGES also cause cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, kidney disease, cancer and other common health conditions.

Men and women.  The problem of AGES is worse in women than in men.  Men eliminate AGES somewhat more easily than women.  The reason may be that men generally have a faster oxidation rate than women.




AGES either come from our food, or they are made inside in the body.  Toxic metal poisoning also increases AGES formation.  Let us discuss each of these in more detail.




Too much protein.  Diets high in protein, particularly animal protein, cause more AGES.  This is one reason we limit the portions of protein for adults to 4-5 ounces per serving and we limit animal protein to twice daily.  We also limit the number of eggs one eats to 8 per week for men and 6 per week for women.

Fats and oils. These easily form AGES when heated to high temperatures, as in baking, broiling, roasting or frying. 

All sweets.  Any food that is rich in sugars may cause some AGES formation inside the body.  This is a big problem with eating fruit, for example, and with drinking fruit or even sweet vegetable juices.  It also occurs from eating honey, maple syrup, coconut water or coconut milk, cow or goat milk, soda pop, sweetened tea, nut and seed milks, or eating sugars in any form.

Controlling AGES formation is one of the reasons we recommend avoiding fruit and fruit juices.  It is also one reason why the development diet limits carrot juice to 10-12 ounces for adults and less for children.  It is also a reason we limit milk consumption to a maximum of 4 ounces per day for adults.

Grains.  Simple cooked grains such as oatmeal or quinoa do not contain many AGES.  However, when grains are fried, “browned” or worse, mixed with sugar as in cookies, cakes, pastry and most bread, the level of AGES soars.

Development requires some blue corn tortilla chips with each meal.  However, overeating on blue corn tortilla chips or eating any other chips, cookies, cakes, pastries, crackers, rice cakes or most breads adds AGES.  We do not recommend any of these foods.

Too much dairy products.  Dairy products also often contain some AGES.  This is one reason we limit all dairy products to a maximum of four ounces daily.

“In typical national diets, we found that meat made the highest contribution of AGEs, followed by vegetable oils, cheese, and fish. Foods such as cereals/grains, eggs, fruit, legumes, milk, nuts, starchy roots, and vegetables generally make low contributions to the total amount of AGEs in a diet, either because they are generally prepared at low temperatures or since they comprise smaller portions of (most people’s) diets.”

- Science News, February 3, 2015, “New Study Postulates The Role Of Dietary advanced glycation end products in the risk of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Citrus-flavored soft drinks.  Beverages such as Mountain Dew and Sprite contain bromine.  This is a toxic element that increases AGES formation in the body.

Other.  Any food, beverage or food supplement that contains toxic metals can contribute to AGES formation in the body.  Even some drinking water can be a problem.

Also, toxic metals from any source can contribute to AGES formation.  Common examples are anti-perspirants, Peptobismol, chlorinated water and fluoridated water.




Low temperature cooking and cooking with water is best.  Any method of cooking that involves high temperature produces more AGES.  This includes roasting, broiling, frying, baking and even stir-frying.  This is a major reason we do not suggest these methods of cooking.

Stir-frying is a little better because it is fast.  However, quick stir-frying does not cook food adequately, so we don’t like it for that reason, as well.

Cooking food at a lower temperature is much better.  Methods include pressure-cooking, steaming, boiling, poaching, braising and using crock pots or slow cookers.  These are the only cooking methods we recommend.

For vegetables.  The best method of cooking vegetables is pressure-cooking.  The food remains more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and cooking occurs very fast and at a relatively low temperature.  Other acceptable methods of cooking vegetables are steaming, boiling and crock pots.

For meats.  The best method of cooking meat so as not to overcook it is braising.  This is to cut the meat into small slices and put it in some boiling water for just a short time.  Details are found in the Food For Daily Use article.


Cook with water, rather than with oil or dry cooking.  Cooking with water protects against the formation of AGES.  In contrast, frying in oil, baking with oil, and dry methods of cooking such as broiling, barbequing and roasting produce more AGES.


            What about eating raw food?  Raw food does not contain many AGES.  This is one of its benefits.  The problems with raw food are:

- Raw food is more yin.  This may seem innocuous, but it is a serious problem if one wishes to develop. 

- Human beings cannot absorb enough nutrients from raw vegetables because we cannot break down tough vegetable fibers.

- Raw meats and eggs usually contain bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs that can cause serious disease.

- Raw grain found in granolas, muesli, and trail mix is impossible for human beings to digest, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary.

- Raw dairy products, if clean and healthy, are excellent.  We suggest raw cheese, raw milk and raw cream, but only four ounces daily total for all dairy products.  However, dairy products are not required for development.

- Raw food has other problems, as well.  For details, read Raw Food.




            AGES are sometimes added to food to give it a brown color.  Caramel coloring, for example, is basically AGES.  AGES can have a good taste, which adds to the problem.

AGES are added to some processed foods such as some baked goods, dark-colored cola drinks and a few brands of coffee.  People think it is safe but it is not safe.




            Many people live on the “AGES diet”.  It consists of:

- Fried, broiled, stir-fried or roasted food such as fried or roasted chicken, chicken skin from roasted or fried chicken, French fries, fried fish, roasted or barbequed meats, tempura vegetables, and other fried foods.

- Baked goods of all kinds including breads, cakes, cookies, and pastry.  It is worse if the food has been “browned” such as that which occurs with the crust of breads and pie crusts.

- Sweets of all kinds, including fruit, juices, almond and other ‘milks’, candy and other sweets.

- Alcohol in any form such as wine, beer or spirits.

- One of the worst habits is eating at fast food restaurants.  Here they serve fried or grilled hamburgers, fried potatoes, soda pop that may have added AGES (caramel coloring) and chemicalized milk shakes.




            Sick or unbalanced bodies form a lot of AGES.  This is due to:

- Excessive amounts of toxic metals.  This seems to provoke AGES formation inside the body.

- Deficiencies of anti-oxidant nutrients. Anti-oxidants from the diet and those produced inside the body protect the body from AGES.

- Blood sugar imbalances.  If one’s blood sugar becomes elevated, more AGES form in the blood.  This occurs with diabetics (see below).  It also occurs very commonly in other people if their blood sugar level is unstable and rises too high after a meal.

- Dehydration.  This also gives rise to more AGES.  It is one reason we recommend about 3 quarts or three liters of quality water every day for adults.  For details, read two important articles, Water For Drinking and Hydration.

- A slow oxidation rate.  This tends to cause more AGES formation.  This may have to do with the acidity of the body or for other reasons.




We recently found that the Rogues implant extremely tiny beads containing toxic metals inside the neck and head of many people.  The metals are absorbed and greatly accelerate AGES formation.  This is an important cause of AGES formation in some people.

We can remove the beads, but the rogues often quickly replace them.  We hope this horror will cease as the earth is cleansed of the rogues.




Most people have some AGES.  The amount usually increases with age.  In general, women tend to have more of them than men. 

We are not aware of a simple method of checking the level of AGES in the body.  However, two methods may help:

1. An indirect method that we are researching is the presence of poor eliminator patterns on a hair mineral test. 

Poor Eliminators.  AGES seem to interfere with the elimination of toxic metals from the body.  Poor eliminator patterns on a hair mineral test are very low levels of toxic metals and some nutrient minerals.  For details, read Poor Eliminator Patterns.

2. Serum hemoglobin A1c.  This simple blood test measures the percentage of glycated hemoglobin.  This is an abnormal type of hemoglobin that is bound to a sugar molecule.

This blood test is used to assess the risk of diabetes because if it is over about 7%, the risk of developing or having diabetes is much higher.  However, the test is a measure of glycation, at least to a degree. 

We are researching to see if this is an accurate overall measure of the amount of AGES in the body.  At this time (February 2019), we do not think it is a very accurate test for AGES.  It is more of an indicator for the risk of diabetes.




AGES are not only very damaging.  They are also somewhat difficult to remove from the body.  The body has the ability to remove them, but it occurs slowly, and only if the body is well-nourished and more yang.  Removing AGES and removing the “Amigos” are among the main tasks during the first five to fifteen years that a person follows a development program.


An entire program.  In our experience, removal of AGES and prevention of future contamination requires a development program.  Other nutrition programs and other healing methods do not seem to work nearly as well.

Diet.  The development diet is an essential part of the program.  It makes the body more yang, supplies the many substances required for removing all AGES from the body and keeps most AGES out of the body.

At this time (February 2019) all the bodies require a small amount of blue corn tortilla chips, which are fried.  The bodies also require some toasted or roasted almond butter and toasted sesame tahini every day.  These contain a little AGES, but not much.  Avoid other fried or roasted foods.

Supplements.  The nutritional supplements that are part of every development program provide additional minerals and other substances needed to remove AGES.  They also help to balance the oxidation rate.  This is also very helpful to limit production of AGES inside the body.

Some authorities recommend taking extra antioxidants to facilitate AGES removal.  We find that the anti-oxidants in cooked vegetables are very helpful and required.  In addition, a little extra vitamin E with all the vitamin E fractions is extremely helpful and indeed needed.  One product we like is Famil-E by Jarrow.  Several other companies offer a similar product. 

However, taking extra anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, N-acetyl cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid or other anti-oxidants is actually harmful because they make the body more yin.  For details, read Anti-Oxidants.

The detoxification procedures.  These are also essential for rapid removal of AGES.  They help by balancing and strengthening the entire body.

Coffee enemas are particularly helpful.  This may be due to certain anti-oxidant nutrients found in coffee that are preserved best when the coffee is introduced in an enema, instead of taking the coffee in by mouth.

A healthy lifestyle.  Plenty of rest and sleep, gentle exercise only, and limiting sex with orgasm to no more than once a week or less,  are helpful.  Down sex is very helpful for AGES removal.




Even with a complete development program, bringing the level of AGES down to acceptable levels requires several years on a development program.  The level continues to decline for at least 10 or 20 years, in our experience, if one continues with the development program.  We are researching methods to speed up the process.




Once AGES are removed, one needs to prevent more from getting into the body and prevent their formation within the body.  A development diet stops most AGES that come from the diet.  To limit AGES production inside the body:

- Balancing the oxidation rate is necessary.

- Reducing the level of toxic metals in the body is essential.  The best way to do this is with a development program, not with chelation.  For details, read Chelation Therapy.

- Development is most helpful. (see below)






As one develops, AGES removal becomes easier.  Also, fewer AGES form inside the body.  This is a great advantage of development programs compared to all other nutrition and healing regimens designed to remove AGES from the body.




            Those with diabetes have a lot more problems with AGES.  Indeed, the buildup of AGES in the body is now considered a major reason for the complications of advanced diabetes such as cardiovascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, kidney disease and eye disease.

            The reason diabetics have more AGES is that they have higher levels of glucose in their blood that mixes with their food, forming AGES.  For this reason, the development diet is most important for those with diabetes.

Sadly, the standard diabetic diet does not pay nearly enough attention to this factor that greatly affects the health of those with diabetes.  This needs to be changed at once.  A development program can completely reverse some cases of diabetes.  For more details, read Diabetes.




AGES are one of four groups of toxins that compose the bulk of the liver toxins in most people.  The four groups of toxins are:

1. The AGES.

2. The amigos.  These are oxide forms of common minerals that are extremely irritating to the body.  For details, read Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

3. The aldehydes.  These are products of abnormal fermentation in the large intestine.  They can also come from eating fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi and others.  For details, read Aldehydes.

4. Other random toxic chemicals.  These come from medical drugs, vaccines, flu shots, and other toxic exposures.  For details, read Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals.




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These are sample articles.  Medical and biochemical journals contain dozens of studies of AGES.



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