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I. Introduction

II. More Details About Angels

III. Activities Of Advanced Angels

IV. General Messages For The People Of Earth From The Advanced Angels




This section is extensive because angels are a somewhat complex phenomenon.

1. Angels are a common fine matter body type. This definition refers to a particular configuration of organs that sets angels apart from other fine matter creatures. Angels have two kidneys, two lungs and one liver, spleen, pancreas and stomach. Angels all reproduce with live births, similar to human beings.

They have DNA just as we do, but it programs for a different type of body that we describe below.

NOTE: Living bodies are of two basic types – coarse matter or fine matter. Our bodies are examples of coarse matter bodies. They do not live very long unless they develop.

Fine matter bodies are made of much less dense matter, are difficult to see, and can live a long time. Examples of fine matter bodies include souls, elves and angels. For details, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

2. Angel level is an advanced age of a main or entity soul. Angels are at least about one million years old or older. Until that time, souls cannot obtain an angel body.

3. Angel abilities refer to a specific set of capabilities. For example, with permission angels can take over control of a physical body, usually for a limited time. Angels can also see a lot and can sing in a way that is very healing and can be heard far away in space.

4. The term angel means not hathor. Hathor is another creature with DNA similar to angel DNA. However, angel DNA is considered better. The creatures tend to be less selfish, less angry and less corrupt.

The alien group we call the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible, does not like angels because angels are independent-minded and difficult to control. To stop the angels, the rogues bring to earth and to other planets many hathor beings who attack angels, lock them up or kill them.

5. In the English language, to call a human being an 'angel' means the person is sweet and loving.


Some angels have very advanced souls and amazing abilities. They assist our planet in many ways.

Other angels are not advanced beings. They look the same and have some abilities, but the souls are much younger and much much less wise and less mature. These are bred by the rogues and are troublemakers.

For this reason, the Bible warns us not to worship angels, not even the good ones. Also, beware that not all angels are benign or helpful.


As a result of the above, one must be careful of interactions with angels or those who claim to be angels. The Bible rightly warns to be very careful with angels.

For example, a few human psychics claim to speak with angels and to obtain advice from them. Please know this is not always truthful and may be used to deceive and confuse you.

The real information from angels will always be highly moral, highly spiritual and of a positive nature. This is the only information you should listen to.


There are many books and stories about angels. For example, the Hebrew and Christian Bibles both contain stories about angels.

Beware that not all the books about angels are the truth. People often romanticize angels and this is not ideal.



Size. There are many sizes of angels ranging from microscopic to some that are much larger than the earth. Some are larger than our entire solar system.

Numbers. There are billions upon billions of angels in the universe. It is quite a common life form.

Appearance. Angels have a very human-like face with flowing hair and a thin human-like body. They have two arms and two legs, but the legs are shorter than ours in relation to the size of the rest of the body. It makes them look sort of squat or short.

Lifespan. Angels, as with most fine matter creatures, live a very long time. They can live for a million years or longer. This means they often know a lot about history.

Movement. Angels can walk using their legs. As with all fine matter beings, they can also fly through the air using a propulsion unit located in the middle of the chest.

Location. Angels live on earth and on all planets. They are also capable of living in outer space. They can tolerate the heat, cold and low levels of oxygen, little food and little water.

Food. Angels eat food and drink water or other liquids. However, as with all fine matter beings, they eat a lot less than we do.

Physiology. Angels have more or less the same organs as do human beings. However, their functioning is somewhat simpler than that of humans.

Reproduction. Angels are either male or female. They have genital organs similar to ours. They also reproduce by live births.

This means a baby grows inside its mother for four to six months. Then the mother gives birth, the same way human beings give birth. The only difference is the process is easier for angels.

Twins. As with most fine matter beings, angels like to live with what they call their twin. This is another angel of the opposite sex whose main soul was born from the same mother at the same time as theirs.

These twins are a type of genetic soul twin. The twins' bodies are not related genetically. Only their souls are genetically related.

Twins usually get along very well and communicate easily with each other, even over long distances.

Names. Angels are grouped according to their size and their activities. There are several hundred angel groups.

For example, cherubs are a small type of angel who assist babies and children. Serifs are a group of larger angels who help keep the planet moving properly through space. Avra are still another group of very large angels found mainly in outer space.


Protectors. Many angels protect planets and protect areas of space from aggressors of all kinds. This is one of their main activities.

Coordinators. Angels help organize and coordinate the activities of a large number of beings in space and on planets. This is another major type of work angels do.

Messengers. Angels often send messages to others. The Old and New Testament of the Bible contains a number of stories of angels who delivered messages to human beings.

Teachers. Angels teach other fine matter creatures and human beings many skills and other matters. They love teaching about history, as well.

Planetary alignment. Angels are responsible for keeping the earth and other planets in their proper orbits. This is a very important task.

Without them, the planet would drift out of its orbit within a few days. The planet would move too close to the sun and we would all burn up, or it would move too far away from the sun and we would all freeze. A group of large angels check the orbit of the earth continuously and correct it at least once a day.

This is the reason why climate change and global warming are complete nonsense. They have nothing to do with human activity such as driving gas-powered cars or anything else. Angels control the climate, not humans.

There is absolutely no problem or “crisis” regarding the climate. If the angels decide to warm up the planet a little, it is only for the benefit of the majority of animals, plants and human beings that live on earth. Everything is well-regulated and in perfect order and harmony.


1. Angels are real and they are here with us. They are all around, even if most people cannot see them. Some are busy helping our planet in many ways.

2. Advanced angels are here to serve and want us to know that their service is with love and caring for us and for the planet.

3. Planet earth is quite special and is a spiritual or angel planet. This means that angels are very important for this planet. In fact, they use the earth as a breeding center.

4. All the planets have roles and people need to know this. The main activity of our planet is supposed to be a loving and spiritual service to a much larger being.

However, the earth was separated from this being many thousands of years ago. I am told we are now in the process of re-uniting with this being and that this will cause enormous and very positive changes on our planet.

5. Some angels on earth are not doing well. The reason is the rogues don't want them here and have captured, beaten, poisoned and raped some of them.

6. As a result, the advanced angels need the help of the earth humans at this time. Humans help by praying for the safety of the angels.

7. Angels would like to help out more and are learning how to protect themselves. Interestingly, the method is the same development program that we teach for human beings and earth animals.

Of particular importance are coffee enemas. Coffee is not what it seems. It is not just a drink. It is a powerful and rather magical herb when used in an enema.

8. Angels are also learning that they cannot eat just what they wish. For example, fruit weakens them just as we find it weakens human beings.

Angels, like human beings, must eat certain food and they must warm the food before eating it. Most of the proper food for angels is smaller living creatures.

9. Angels often interact with human beings. These encounters are often for the purpose of teaching or protecting people.

Angels may take on a human body during these encounters. As a result, humans think that their angelic encounters are with other human beings. This is done in part so as not to frighten people.

10. Angels want the people of the earth to know that they are never alone. Millions of angels live and work on earth, and more are arriving. They had been removed from the earth many years ago, as is explained below.

11. Angels want the people of earth to be more loving and much more generous with other humans. There is no reason for poverty on earth. There is plenty of money, food, water, and material goods at this time for everyone to have enough.

Angels are disturbed that some people live in luxury while others do not have basic living arrangements. In part, we understand that some are lazy or sloppy. They also understand that many governments want their people poor and even starved to control them better.

However, angels would like to see more effort made to assist those who are less fortunate and less healthy. The best way is often to support organizations that assist the poor and that work for better government. Everyone on earth with some financial means should be supporting at least one or two of these groups.

12. The advanced angels are also disturbed by the continuous lying by human beings in their dealings with each other. This is sadly taught by parents to children and even by teachers and professors to their students.

Lying is terrible and damages the brain horribly. Do not lie except in very rare circumstances when it is necessary to deceive an attacker to save your own or another's life.

13. The advanced angels say that earth is an angel gathering and angel breeding planet. It is one of very few of these centers in the universe and therefore quite special.

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