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UPDATE. www.Vaxx.com is an excellent vaccine website.  It contains 7005 vaccine injury stories.  Some of the vaccine injuries caused autism.


UPDATE. A medical study found that low levels of zinc and magnesium, which is common, are associated with the development of autism.  The reference is https://www.nature.com/articles/srep01199


UPDATE.   A recent medical study measured the aluminum content of the brains of five individuals with autism.  They found consistently elevated levels of aluminum in these people’s brains.  Many vaccines are preserved with aluminum.  The reference is  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0946672X17308763.


Table Of Contents


I. Introduction

The Epidemic

Signs And Symptoms Of Autism


II. Causes Of Autism

1. Vaccination

2. Toxic Metals

3. Difficulty Eliminating Toxic Metals

4. Damaged Digestion/Leaky Gut

5. Nutrient Deficiencies

6. Born Toxic And Depleted


A Social Anxiety Disorder?

The Legal Situation With Vaccination


III. Correction Of Autism

A Development Program for Autism

Other Therapies

Chiropractic, etc.

The DAN Doctors


IV. Preventing Autism

V. Conclusion






Autism is a thought and behavioral disorder that usually develops early in life.  It is now occurring around the world at epidemic rates!  In America, about one of every 100 girls and about one of every 60 boys has some degree of autism.

The basic cause is toxic metals and nutrient deficiencies.  When the metals are removed and the nutrition corrected, the problem goes away.

Anyone who listens to parents’ stories of how autism developed in their child knows that vaccination is the most common cause of the condition.  This is heavily suppressed in the media, however, to keep the vaccination scam going.  Vaccines are often preserved with mercury and aluminum compounds.

Parents need to know that your doctor will lose his license to practice medicine if he tells you the truth about vaccination.  Most doctors are scared to death of their medical boards, so they remain silent instead of speaking up.  A few do not listen to parents, so they don’t know the truth.

Television, radio, internet or print media reporters and announcers can also lose their jobs if they report on the horror of vaccination.  Therefore, you will not hear the truth about vaccination from anyone within the medical profession or who works with or for any of their organizations. 


The Amish studies.  In medical studies of the Amish people, who do not vaccinate their children, autism is basically non-existent.  One case was reported, and that child had been vaccinated before entering the Amish community.  The Amish studies alone serve as proof that vaccination is the main cause of autism, but these studies are suppressed.

The Amish do not eat particularly well, and their genetics is no better than anyone else’s.  (One hears nonsense that the problem is genetic, and so on.)

Fortunately, a complete development program, which can be started as early as 4 months of age, is excellent to help prevent and correct autism.  In our experience, this program is far better than the programs offered by the DAN doctors, and much less costly.

A newer hair analysis pattern called the anchor has taught us much about how a development program helps the brain.  For more details, read Anchors And Pivots.


The epidemic.  According to a recent article, autism spectrum disorder is now diagnosed in America in about 1 of every 50 children.  It is now occurring around the world, especially in the developed nations of the world.

According to California records, autism has increased 1000% in the past 20 years!  Autism used to account for 3% of the caseload of the California Department of Economic Security.  As of 2012, it accounted for at least 35% of the caseload and costs taxpayers about $2 million per child!  Lifetime care costs are easily five times higher.

The conventional medical profession is not addressing autism effectively.  In fact, their toxic methods such as vaccination and antibiotics cause or worsen the problem.  The licensed Naturopathic Colleges in America require their students to be vaccinated at this time (2019), so obviously they are not teaching the truth, either.

This article discusses the causes for autism, natural approaches to helping autistic children, and autism prevention.




Most autism is diagnosed around age 2.  However, it is helpful to know much earlier if a baby is having problems because a development program can be started as early as 4 months of age and will be more effective the earlier it is begun. 

We have divided this section into very early signs and symptoms, and later signs and symptoms.


Very early signs and symptoms. Parents should be suspicious if a baby at age 6 months or less exhibits:

1. Gastrointestinal problems such as spitting up.

2. Hypotonia, which means muscle weakness and specifically trouble holding up the head and neck at about 6 months.  This is sometimes referred to as a “floppy” baby.

3. Poor eye contact.

4. Other developmental delays such as motor nerve delays – slow to grab things, for example, or weak hand grab.

5. Head lag at 6 months of age.  To test this, one gently pulls a baby who is lying down by the arms into a sitting position.  At 6 months, the head should stay in line with the body.  If it lags – flops backwards – this is associated with a later diagnosis of autism.


Later signs and symptoms of autism.  In a typical autism case, around the second birthday, a normally-developing child stops communicating with others and withdraws.  Often, this occurs after a vaccination.  (Among the Amish people, who do not vaccinate, autism rarely, if ever occurs.)

There is little eye contact and the child may act strange and aloof.  Various motor nerve disturbances may occur, such as jerking movements or walking on his toes.  Physicians also describe behaviors such as head banging, crying spells, speech problems, and gastrointestinal and immune system problems.

Other behaviors depend on the severity of the condition, which may vary.  Some autistic children are able to attend school, while others must be institutionalized as their behavior is so disruptive to their families.

A complex scale of levels of autism has been set up to classify what is now called autism spectrum disorder.  This is admirable, but does little to help parents really get to the root causes of the problem.




Cause #1. Vaccines


            Parents often report to me that their child’s autism began shortly after a vaccination.  A medical study found that Amish children, who are not vaccinated, rarely, if ever, develop autism.

One would think this fact alone would cause the medical profession to take notice.  However, many doctors are told they will lose their medical license if they tell parents the truth about vaccination and autism.

Mercury and autism.  The symptoms of autism are very similar to the symptoms of mercury poisoning.  Sadly, and disgustingly, by the age of six months, children in the Western world, in particular, today receive over 100 times the safe dose of mercury for their age - most due to vaccines.

Vaccine makers now claim they are using less mercury as a preservative and a bacteriocide in their products.  However, I find this is a lie, or at least it is very difficult to confirm.  If you care at all about your child, avoid ALL the vaccines, all boosters and all flu shots.  Your child will be perfectly safe without them if you follow a development protocol.

The first case of autism occurred in 1943 in America, twelve years after a mercury-containing preservative, thimerosal, was added to the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine.  In the 1950s, with only four recommended vaccines, the incidence of autism was 1 in 10,000 children. 

As more vaccines were recommended, the incidence of autism increased dramatically.  By 1981, children received 135 micrograms of mercury in vaccines.  The incidence of autism increased to 1 in 2600 children.  Children in 1996 received 246 micrograms of mercury in vaccines and the incidence of autism was about 1 in every 350 children.

Today, at least 13 different vaccines are recommended, with many more booster shots.  The number of shots ranges from 50 to over 100 in some areas.

In one study, children who receive vaccinations containing thimerosal (the mercury-containing preservative) have six times the amount of autism as those who received a vaccine free of thimerosal. 

Some physicians particularly blame the hepatitis B vaccine, often given on a child’s first day of life.  This vaccine is quite insane, as most babies are not prone to hepatitis.  It is also extremely dangerous.  Soon after birth, children do not have a well-developed immune system, and their nervous system is extremely vulnerable.  In one day, a child receiving the hepatitis B vaccine may receive 36 times as much mercury as is safe.  One must realize that most children are already born high in mercury due to excessive mercury in their mothers’ bodies, so this extra insult is extremely harmful.

The hepatitis-B vaccine, in my view, is guaranteed to produce many more problems than it could possibly solve.  Every parent should refuse it, along with the others.  Newborns are simply not exposed to hepatitis B, except perhaps in the hospital by accident.  Why doctors go along with such inanity is beyond my comprehension, except they are forced to or they will lose their license to practice medicine.  Everyone must know this, that doctors are not “free to choose” whether or not to recommend vaccines.  They are compelled, and usually will not tell you so!

Vaccines containing mercury are also given to mothers.  In one study, 50% of autistic children’s mothers had received Rho Gam shots containing mercury as a preservative.  These shots are given to mothers who have an Rh negative blood type and may be carrying an Rh positive baby.  Flu shots may also contain the mercury-containing preservative, thimerosal.


Other vaccine toxins.  Most vaccines also contain other deadly preservatives such as aluminum compounds, and other toxic chemicals.

In addition, vaccines introduce stray viruses and bacteria into the bodies of vulnerable children.  All vaccines tend to be somewhat contaminated with other viruses and bacteria due to the nature of their manufacture.  It is simply impossible to limit the vaccine shot to one type of organism.

Faulty science.  Vaccination is based on faulty science.  While it is true that giving a small and attenuated dose of a virus or bacteria will induce some immunity, it is not the same as the natural immunity that one acquires after having the disease.  Doctors sometimes deny this, but it should be obvious.

If it were true that a vaccine confers the same natural immunity as having survived the disease, then vaccine boosters would never be needed.  However, they are needed because the vaccine confers only a minor and temporary immunity to the disease that does not last more than an year in many cases, or a few years, at the most.

For much more about the lies, deception and horrors of vaccination, please read Vaccination - A Medical Abomination on this site.


Cause #2. Toxic metals. All children with autism, without exception, have excessive amounts of toxic metals in the brain.  This is beyond dispute, in my mind, based on hair analysis research on these children.  Hair tissue mineral testing is an excellent research tool with autism, by the way.

I have noticed several different toxic metals that are common in autistic children.  Many children have a combination of these:


A. Cadmium or mercury toxicity.  These metals tend to cause the most severe autism, usually with very abnormal behavior patterns, no speech, almost complete withdrawal from family and society, and the most difficult to correct.  Fortunately, it is not the most common situation.


B. Manganese or aluminum toxicity.  This may be the most common metals involved in autism.  They cause mental and behavioral problems, but not to the degree found with cadmium or mercury.  Manganese and aluminum toxicity may also be easier to correct.


C. Copper toxicity.  This is also fairly common.  This type tends to have the most digestive problems.  Removing all gluten (wheat, rye, oats and barley), as well as all casein or dairy products, produces quite dramatic improvements.  However, this dietary restriction is not enough for full correction.


Cause #3. All autistic children seem to have difficulty eliminating toxic metals. This concept is a key to autism that must not be overlooked.  Removal of toxic metals is necessary for complete reversal of this serious condition.

Ninety-nine percent of autistic children in a recent study have dysfunctional metallothionein metabolism.  Metallothionein is a protein that binds to toxic minerals such as mercury, copper and others and allows the body to eliminate them.  If this binding protein does not function well, or if there is not enough of it, one is less able to transport and eliminate many toxic metals.

The best way I know of to boost metallothionein, ceruloplasmin and other mineral transporters is not with random vitamin supplements, but with a development program that gently balances the entire body system.

Poor eliminator patterns.  The hair mineral tests of children with autism often reveal poor eliminator patterns.  These are very low toxic metal levels.

These very low readings indicate difficulty eliminating the toxic metal.  It does not mean that the metal is not present.  In fact, it is present in excess because the body cannot eliminate it adequately.

For more on this important indicator in the hair, please read Poor Eliminator Pattern on this site.


Cause #4. Toxic chemicals.  These are present in everyone, but may be especially high in some autistic children.  These toxins come directly from the mother during gestation, or they may be acquired after birth. 

Common sources are vaccines and medical drugs such as antibiotics.  Other sources are food chemicals or contaminated drinking water.  Still other sources can be skin contact with detergents, toxic toys, fire retardants in mattresses, or other products to which babies are exposed.

These chemicals are not always easy to remove.  A development program will remove them, especially if the child can use a near infrared lamp sauna.


 Cause #5. Leaky gut syndrome. Most autistic children have food reactions or sensitivities.  These tend to worsen some symptoms.  The most common of these appear to be strong negative reactions to cow milk protein or casein, wheat protein or gluten, and sometimes to other foods such as soy protein.

These reactions are often due to intestinal infections, toxic metal excess, and incorrect intestinal flora, especially if the child has not been breast fed enough or has taken antibiotics.

Leaky gut syndrome.  The food reactions are usually the direct result of an irritated intestinal tract, sometimes called “leaky gut syndrome”.  This means that the irritated intestinal wall allows partially digested food particles to pass into the blood stream, and this causes the food sensitivity.

            Also, any food that is not digested properly can putrefy or ferment, giving rise to infections and toxin production in the intestines that can affect the entire body.

            Most autistic children benefit by eliminating all wheat and all gluten-containing products,  These include most breads, pastries, bagels, pretzels, pasta and much more. 

In addition, most autistic children should stop ingesting all dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and perhaps even butter.

Several articles on this website address the issue of what should children eat, such as Children’s Nutrition.


Cause #6. Nutritional deficiencies. Without exception, all autistic children are malnourished, usually from birth.  This has to do with the nutrition of their mothers.  All children born in the Western world today are malnourished to some degree, in my experience.

It is hard to overcome the problem because the food supply is depleted of nutrient minerals due to the exclusive use of hybridized crops around the world.

The situation is made far worse by feeding children refined white flour products, refined white sugar, white rice, and literally thousands of chemical additives that are permitted to be used in food products.

Malnutrition is made even worse by the widespread use of medical drugs and over-the-counter drugs that damage the intestinal lining, causing impaired absorption of nutrients.

Excellent nutrition is also not emphasized enough with women of child-bearing age.  Many of them stay up late at night, work too hard, eat on the run, and in general do not care for themselves well at all.

All of this must be addressed now, or the problems of autism, attention deficit disorders, delayed development, failure to thrive, cancers in children and other health issues will only get worse.  For more on this important topic, read Having Healthy Children on this website.


Why social withdrawa?.  It is possible that the reason many autistic children withdraw socially is there is too much chaos in the brain.  This is due to the causes listed above.

The child’s response is to reduce the chaos coming from outside the body by withdrawing from society.  This may explain why certain therapies that help a child organize his world better, are helpful for some autistic children.




Vaccination remains optional in the United States except in California.  Optional means that if one does not want children vaccinated, one can object and decline it by a religious, philosophical or medical excuse. 

School nurses are supposed to have a vaccine refusal form, but many do not inform parents of this option at all.  So BEWARE!

Also, the state of California recently got rid of their philosophical, medical and religious exemptions to vaccination.  One can still avoid vaccinating children in this state with a medical excuse letter.

Vaccination may be required in some other nations, and is required for travel to certain nations.

A few states in America have banned the use of thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative found in many vaccines, and seen a slight decline in autism.  However, it is very hard to tell if one’s vaccines are really thimerasal-free, and this is just one of several poisons found in vaccines.

This website contains a sample Vaccine Refusal Letter.  It also contains several articles about vaccination.




            If a child has been diagnosed with autism or a related disorder, there is much that can be done.  A development program based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis is excellent and often able to correct the condition completely, especially if one begins early, and the family is willing to stay with the program a few years.

            A complete development program will correct the nutritional deficiencies, will cause the removal of at least two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals, and will heal the intestinal tract and leaky gut syndrome.

Retracing. This is a feature of development programs.  It causes temporary symptoms, at times, that one must understand or one may think that the person is getting worse when this is not the truth.

The child’s first hair mineral analysis reflects the top layer of metabolism and will not show all the imbalances.  One corrects the primary mineral imbalances with a specific system of diet, supplementary nutrients, lifestyle modification and detoxification procedures. 

After several months, a retest will reveal a deeper layer of metabolism.  Many times it will look quite different from the previous layer if the healing program was followed.  Uncovering and reversing layers of adaptations and compensations, the process of retracing, requires time and some persistence, but is far more permanent and health-producing than simply removing symptoms with drugs, herbs, homeopathy or nutritional supplements.


Deep healing versus symptomatic improvements.  Development can often correct the entire autistic situation.  In contrast, other approaches usually do not do this.  Instead, they cause symptomatic improvements, but do not correct the brain at as deep levels.

NOTE: When autism is corrected by a development program, it does not mean the child or adult will suddenly function at the same level as his or her peers. 

Instead, what occurs is that development can now proceed.  It may still require a few years for the child to catch up with his peers because development was shut down for years, often.  This is a little confusing, but very important to understand.


Features of a development program.  This program does all of the following simultaneously, and in an integrated way to help reverse autism:


1. Improve the overall energy and vitality level of the child by renourishing dozens of nutrients, mainly through the diet, but also with supplements.


2. Balance the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is overactive in many, if not all, autistic children.  Parasympathetic supplements and even foods, along with balancing the chemistry, can calm the sympathetic system, allowing for much better elimination of toxic metals and chemicals.


3. Improve the organs of elimination. This is necessary in all cases to enhance toxic metal and toxic chemical elimination.


4. Remove toxic metals and chemicals in more than a dozen ways, but not with chelation therapy.  I know the warning against chelation therapy is controversial, and that some doctors use chelation successfully with autism.  The reason I do not recommend it is that it is not needed with a complete development program.

Also, Dr. Paul Eck found that chelation therapy upsets the Na/K ratio, and always removes some vital minerals from the body.  For much more on this topic, please read Chelation Therapy on this site.




1. The diet. All infants should be breast fed for 3 years.  Most will not need much adult food during that time, except perhaps a little lightly cooked and runny egg yolk.

 If necessary, some Homemade Formula, not adult food, can be added.  Stopping breast feeding before age 3 is pernicious, in my view.  It just weakens the child.

When it is time for adult food, do not give a child any sweets or fruit or fruit juices.  These are not appropriate for fast oxidizers, which is how all babies begin life.  Excellent foods for young children are fresh cooked vegetables, never raw ones, a little whole well-cooked grains, but not wheat.  Naturally-raised meats and eggs are good in moderation.  The only beverages should be spring water, carbon-only filtered tap water, or mild herbal teas only.  Avoid ‘drinking water’, all juices, and all alkaline waters and other beverages such as fruit juices.

Most babies and young children need plenty of healthful fats in their diet for the development of their nervous system, and because they are fast oxidizers.  These include eggs, meats, fresh toasted almond butter, and a little olive oil and butter.

Strict avoidance of all cow’s milk and perhaps all dairy products is beneficial for many autistic children.  Avoiding wheat and all gluten-containing grains (rye, oats, barley and wheat) often helps as well.

Many autistic children have chronic intestinal yeast infections that make them very sensitive to sugars.   It can be very important to avoid all concentrated sugars including soda pop, candies, cookies, and all fruits, juices and other sweetened foods.  Excessive carbohydrates in the diet, even good quality ones, may also worsen an intestinal yeast condition.


2. Strictly avoid all vaccines, boosters, flu shots, tetanus shots and other vaccinations.


3. Do your best to avoid medical drugs and all toxic chemicals.  For example, antibiotics cause many problems, for example, and should rarely be needed if one uses natural alternatives.  See the articles entitled Boosting The Immune System and Beyond Antibiotics on this site. Babies and children need a quiet, peaceful lifestyle and loads of rest and sleep.


4. Eat loads of cooked vegetables, though not the nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and all peppers).


5. Give the child 2 foot rubs daily, and use a red “heat lamp” on the children’s belly and back for 20 to 45 minutes daily.


6. Excessive water drinking.  Several children with autism suddenly began drinking excessive amounts of water.  We found out that in each case, the sodium/potassium ratio had become too high and the child was attempting to lower the sodium/potassium ratio by drinking more water.  When the development program was corrected, the child stopped drinking too much water.


Other Natural Therapies.  Other natural therapies may be helpful for autistic children.  These are quality chiropractic, in particular.  Massage and craniosacral therapy may help, as well, in some cases.  A parent must always accompany a child to these sessions.




            We believe this is easy!  The steps are:

1. Mothers-to-be must go on a development program.  They ought to do this before becoming pregnant, or at least during pregnancy, to have a fairly healthy child.

2. Avoid ALL vaccines, with no exceptions.  They are not needed, and they are all potentially dangerous.  Write out your wishes in advance for your doctors and others who will be around your baby.  Make sure someone keeps an eye on your baby at all times in the hospital or clinic, if that is where you will have your baby.

3. Breast feed your baby for 3 years.  Do not listen to the doctors who say you can stop after 6 months or a year.

4. If your baby becomes ill, use medical drugs only as a last resort.  Begin with natural methods, that often work well.

            Anyone who does these simple things will greatly reduce the chances of having an autistic child.




            The autism epidemic is a preventable tragedy of great magnitude.  It causes a staggering level of suffering and wasted human potential.  It is also an enormous financial burden on families and helping agencies. 

It is getting worse, and it is another monumental failure of the drug medical profession – who have caused it.  Standard medical treatments are not very effective, and the vaccination horror continues at this time. 

            I hope the autism epidemic will cause more people to be concerned with the way young women are prepared for motherhood, and I hope that prenatal care will drastically improve.  All young women need to eat better, and need supplements of calcium, magnesium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, at minimum.

If the pain we all suffer from the autism epidemic helps us to wake up and pay more attention to the nutrition of teenage girls and young mothers-to-be, this would indeed be a positive step toward producing healthier generations of children in the future.

            For a case history of a case of autism, click here.




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