by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  Autointoxication is a very old word in medicine that is not used much in mainstream medical care.  It means the formation of toxic substances within the body.  For example, impaired digestion allows food to ferment and putrefy, producing very toxic chemicals.  Also, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites produce toxins inside our bodies. 




This is the most common understanding of the word autointoxication.  It is the formation of highly toxic chemicals such as cadaverine, methanol and other alcohols, aldehydes and others due to improper digestion of food.

Instead of the proper breakdown of food, in most people some food ferments or putrefies, also called rotting.  This is extremely unhealthful, although it is often considered ‘normal’ by medical doctors and health authorities who do not understand how to improve a person’s digestion. 

Correcting intestinal autointoxication is part of rebuilding health, in all cases.  It is often not difficult to accomplish.  Basic steps are:

1. Correct the diet.  Eliminate junk foods, and all toxic chemicals, irritants, and stimulants from the diet.  This rests the intestines, and allows them to rebuild and to function much better.

2. Improve eating habits.  This includes chewing more, relaxing at mealtime and sitting a few minutes after the meal.  Good eating habits also are to avoid overeating, eating while stressed or in a hurry, and avoid eating while driving.

3. Simplify meals. The digestive requirements to handle just two or three types of food at a meal are much less than the digestive requirement needed to handle complex meals.  This is especially important for anyone with weak digestion, which includes most people.  Eating protein first, followed by cooked vegetables and finally a few blue corn tortilla chips also simplifies meals.

4. Do not drink much liquid with meals.  Drinking water or other beverages with meals dilutes the digestive juices and can significantly damage digestion.  Drink before meals or an hour after eating and between meals.

5. Take a powerful digestive enzyme every time you eat.  We suggest an enzyme that contains pancreatin and ox bile.  The others are more yin in macrobiotic terms, and less powerful or have other problems such as being derived from fungi (so-called vegetable enzymes).  Betaine hydrochloride and pepsin are okay, but somewhat stimulating and not as good as pancreatin and ox bile, in most cases.  Others, such as bromelain, are yin and not as powerful.

6. Eat a little miso soup, sauerkraut, yogurt or raw cheese now and then.  These are not ideal foods for development, but a little once a week is good.  These are fermented foods that can help restore and maintain the proper intestinal flora.

Instead, one can take a probiotic supplement, but in most cases this is not needed and we prefer the foods.  However, do not eat other fermented foods, which often contain toxic aldehydes and do not eat a lot of fermented foods, as some people recommend.


These simple steps will significantly reduce intestinal autointoxication in most people.




Hidden and usually chronic infections anywhere in the body produce what are called endotoxins and exotoxins.  Some of these are deadly, and contribute to significant intoxication of the body.

The most common source of these toxins are chronic infections in the teeth, especially root canal-filled teeth.  For this reason, we do not recommend root canal procedures.  Many of them become infected.  Other sources of infection in teeth are hidden abscesses, cavitations and, at times, gum infections.

Many other sites in the body can be home to chronic infections, such as the sexual organs, bladder, throat, bronchial tubes, sinuses, ears and others.  Many of these infections do not show up on x-rays and routine blood tests, so they remain uncorrected.  If they are detected, many will not respond to antibiotics because they are fungal, viral or resistant to most drug therapy today.

A very important source of toxicity today is chronic fungal infections, most notably candida albicans.  This organism produces alcohol and acetaldehyde, both of which are very toxic.

Eating too much starch or any amount of sugars – including fruit sugars, “feeds” the candida organisms.  This results in mental fogginess or brain fog due to alcohol and acetaldehyde production there.  The sinuses are also a common site of fungal infection.




            Cancer and other diseases produce their own toxins that weaken and can kill a person.  Literally hundreds of different chemicals are produced by various microorganisms or aberrant chemical reactions in our bodies.  These give rise to strange and unpleasant body odors, bad breath, fatigue, and many other symptoms.




We suggest a complete development program, including daily coffee enemas and daily infrared lamp sauna therapy, to correct most autointoxication.  This program will slowly uncover and heal most chronic infections throughout the body. 

Most of our clients have literally dozens of chronic infections that heal over the course of several years as the body’s vitality and energy improves with a development program.  This is the only way we know to heal them.

A development program greatly increases the vitality and enzyme power of the body.  When this occurs, in most instances the body is able to combat infections of all kinds without the need for drugs, herbs or other remedies. 

An exception, however, is the healing of infections in root canal-filled teeth.  This requires the removal of dead teeth.  Tooth abscesses, gum disease and cavitations usually will heal, if one has patience and follows the program properly.  However, once a tooth has been damaged by removing its nerve, healing an infection in it requires its removal.

Many sources of chemical autointoxication due to aberrant biochemical reactions will also heal with a development program.  Some heal quickly, while others take longer.  Healing one’s chronic infections is an important part of the early part of the journey to health that comes with following a development program.



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