by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Here are some important rules, all you teens and ladies in your twenties and thirties:


1. No drugs – skip the recreational drugs and most medical and over-the-counter drugs, as well.  They all stay in your body for years, poisoning you and your future child.  Do not listen to those who say that marijuana is harmless.  It is not!!

            Also, do not listen to those who say antibiotics are harmless.  They are not!!  Also, do not listen to those who say that Tylenol and Aspirin are harmless.  They are not.  Stay away from all drugs, as much as possible.  If you must take them, stop as soon as possible.  Preferably, use natural products only.

            Do not take flu shots or vaccine booster shots.  They are all quite toxic and harmful.  If you live right and follow a development program, you wonŐt get all the scary diseases.  Have faith and live right, rather than filth up the body with vaccines and flu shots.


2. No toxic body care products.  Do not use things like nail polish, hair spray, hair dyes, smelly soaps and lotions, chemical lipsticks, even eye makeup and other poisons that women often love, but which poison the body and mind.  Do not listen to those who say these things are not toxic.  They are wrong, and these products can stay in your liver for years, poisoning you and your little ones.


3. Go to bed early and live a healthful lifestyle.  Cultivate good living habits.  It does not matter what you miss – the parties or late movies.  All that is stupid compared to being prepared for motherhood, which really matters a lot.  Get plenty of rest and sleep, and do not overdo so you get tired.

Keep your mood positive and spend your time with other positive, health-minded friends.  Avoid the drinkers, smokers, druggies, sexy ones, bad dressers, late-night crowd and others.  Running with the wrong ones will just get you raped, or worse.


4. Watch out for ŇboyfriendsÓ.  Most are up to no good, do not know what real love is, and really care more for your body than for you.  Preferably, skip the boyfriends and only date when you are ready to get married, which you can do at any time.  DonŐt wait too long to get started on your quest for a father for your children, not some sexy penis.


5. Watch out for anything that tires you out.  This could be sports, sex, men, in general, the party scene, drinking alcohol, using drugs, too much studying, too many late nights, too much excitement, too much time away from home, working too hard, or a bad diet.


No junk food


6.  Begin a development program now.  Do not wait.  It always takes a few years to even begin to really clean up your body for childbirth and child raising. 

Just Ňeating wellÓ and taking supplements is not good enough.  DonŐt just read a book about natural health, or just visit a holistic MD, naturopath or nutritionist.  It is not good enough.  Their programs are not powerful enough to deeply remove 20 toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the average depleted, toxic, young female body today.


7. Heal your STDs now.  This is not as hard as you think.  DonŐt do it with drugs.  Do it with a development program, which heals them much more deeply.  For details read Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


8. Stay out of all hot tubs and swimming pools.  I know this is hard to do, at times, especially at pool parties and hotels, for example.  However, pools and even worse, hot tubs, are breeding grounds for disease and STDs. 

Do not believe those who say that the chlorine, bromine or silver Ňmineral cartridgesÓ in the pool or hot tub kills all the germs.  They do not and cannot!  It is much better to be safe than sorry.  If you want to swim, go to a clean ocean, lake, stream or hot spring provided the water is flowing and clean.


9. Dress nicely, and cover up, always.  Also, stay warm at all times.  DonŐt go around barefoot, or in flip-flops, or in short shorts, or in muscle shirts or even in sleeveless dresses or tops.  Modestly is good, and it attracts the good men. 

Slutty clothing attracts the whore-mongering men and the aggressive ones that you do not want or need, really.  Please believe this.  You donŐt need them or want them, really.  You want to be loved, and they donŐt know what the word means.  Real men are not looking for body parts and skin.  They want you, and you want that type and that type alone.  They are less aggressive, as a rule, so help them out, a little, if needed, by smiling at them and talking with them. 

But donŐt undress for them or anyone.  It brings the wrong kind of attention, even if it seems like a lot of fun – until you are raped or just very disappointed and turn bitter toward life and men, and toward yourself, as well.  You donŐt need that at all.


10. Try virginity.  It works well for young women (and men), and itŐs coming back into fashion.  If itŐs too late, donŐt worry.  Be a neo-virgin.  This may mean wearing a purity ring, which is not just for high school kids.  Let everyone know you want a husband, not a boy.  Put out the vibration of exactly what you want, and it will come back to you far easier.  If you are confused, that is what you will attract, so be careful.


11.  What should he be like?  The father of your children must be fairly smart, very loving, and safe.  Those are the main requirements, not gorgeous, rich, sexy, or charming.  Those are okay, but only as add-ons.  The first requirements are far more important for long-term relationships, which this is.  If you are not sure, then get to know him well, give him a chance if he likes you, and feel deeply how you are around him.  If you feel good when around him, that is a good sign.  If not, something is not right and usually it is best to part friends and move on in your fathering quest.


12. No ŇexperimentingÓ, gay relationships, and no tattoos or body piercing, preferably.  Also no spending the day on Facebook and learning to be impolite and fixated on ŇfriendsÓ.  Instead, develop your talents and abilities, preferably away from computers and smart phones, which put out too much EMFs.


13. Be happy É no shacking up, and no rapid marriages – wait for love. 



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