by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              Definition. A commando is a military archtype or type of hero.  We use the word because it has a fairly specific meaning: Commandos are individuals and perhaps loners, who take on large tasks or “enemies”, and often succeed.

Following a development program is like this, in all cases.  Some clients do not realize this, and they fail for this reason.  So this article is about you, not some television hero!

With a development program, the “enemies” are:

- The propaganda and false ideas of our current medical system.

- The false messages you will receive from your body as you retrace and have to confront your past, which may be less glorious than you thought.

- The rogues, which are very real and do not want you to succeed.

- Your seemingly “well-meaning” friends, lovers and family members who often gently discourage you from “being different”, being “cold” or not going along with their views.

- Other power players in society who secretly want you weak, sick, discouraged, depressed, dependent, raped and so on.  These are the liberals, socialists and progressives – all of them.  Of course, they would never say such things or you would not vote for them.

- Some who sell products such as medical drugs, marijuana, caffeine products, homeopathy, most herbs, and more who want you to buy their products.

- Your well-intentioned religious friends, acquaintances and family members who think you are flirting with the devil with the program.

- Other forces in society that keep people in line, teach conformity, teach the inevitability of disease and death, and teach that overcoming these is impossible.

One must oppose all this if one is to succeed with development! 

Like a military commando, one must be persistent, clever, resourceful and determined to succeed.  One must use resources and time wisely, and not let the “enemy” get in the door.

              It may help to contrast a commando with its opposite – a knee-jerk follower who prefers to belong to a large, well-organized group or force.




            1. Survivors, very interested in nutrition, and on a development program.  Commandos must be extremely well-nourished and their bodies well cared for.  They may cut corners in other areas such as not wearing the finest clothes or driving the finest automobiles, but they know that their nutrition and lifestyle must be first class.  Otherwise, one just plays into the hands of the enemies above.

  Their work is always dangerous and a threat to the “establishment”, so they must be alert, alive and ready for action at all times.  There is no room for colds, sore throats, hangovers, drug highs, or worse things like a flu, a pneumonia or other serious illness.

            A development program is a must, even if it is just the free program for a while.  Don’t even think about remedy programs such as herbs, homeopathy, bio-identical hormones or chelation therapy.  These are all lower level programs, but they not nearly enough, you will find, if you are serious about your health.

            Many clients fool around with these methods, thinking they are harmless and might enhance their development program.  This is never true!  They make the body yin, toxic, they all interfere with the delicate balancing of the body that development requires, and perhaps worst of all they take your mind off whole systems thinking and into the hopelessly confusing swamp of remedy thinking. 

Even if you are 20 and supposedly health as a horse, it is not enough.  To be a commando is rigorous, and you need more nutritional support than you are getting if you are not on a development program.  Do not listen to your naturopath or other doctor on this point.  They don’t understand this and many of them are malicious – meaning they don’t really want you healthy because it is bad for business and their licensing board has ordered it so.  If they wanted you healthy, they would be offering the development program to you – through us and not their version, as some do.


2. The Down Force.  Commandos are well aware of the healing effect of moving energy downward through the body.  If you are not thoroughly aware of its importance, please read Down Energy And Healing and The Pushing Down Exercise.

Downward-moving energy is a universal constant, and the single most important way to survive as a commando.  This may sound exaggerated, but it is not.  If a person moves energy downward enough, injuries and diseases go away, and one brings in a new energy that connects one much better with the Holy Spirit or God.

Downward-moving energy is also a key to stealth.  This may sound odd, but it works.  Each time you do the pushing down exercise, you become a slightly different person.  This makes it much harder for your enemies to “peg” you, cubby-hole you or catch you.  This is a well-known secret among commandos.

Downward-moving energy also heals in a unique way that is called development.  It is real, but very poorly understood in the West.  This website explains it in detail.  Few other books or websites mention it, however.


3. Religious.  Commandos are all religious people.  This does not mean they all attend church or synagogue (not mosques).  However, they understand and live the principles taught in the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

All commandos pray daily for protection and guidance.  Most are Christian, but some are Jewish, as well.  Beware of anyone of any other religion, however, as they do not share the same Biblical code of values and may not be safe to be around.


4. People of action.  Commandos are not lazy, “couch potatoes”, or “armchair generals”.  They are men and women (and some children) of action.  This is one of their major traits.  They are not content to just watch the action on television or the big screen.  They want to participate, and they are usually in the thick of it, in some manner.

They do not feel hindered by authorities, licenses, or other artificial barriers and rules promulgated to control people.  This does not mean they engage in illegal activities.  It means they are willing to work around and work with the laws of their nations to achieve their ends.

Stated differently, they will not be intimidated into inaction.  They want results, and they will use whatever legal and ethical means necessary to achieve this.


5. Brutal or ruthless in their pursuit.  Brutal and ruthless, in this context, means relentless, persistent, focused and single-minded.  It does not mean violent or criminal in nature.

Commandos have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and no tolerance for wrong behavior.  They will pursue their goals and go after the enemies in a rather brutal way, meaning without ceasing or letting up.


6. Black sheep.  Commandos like to strike out on their own, and they often have difficulty following the authority of leaders if the leaders are not that smart.  As a result, many commandos are outsiders, loners, different” and can seem like somewhat odd or unusual people.

If you are this way, do not feel bad.  ALL of the great people in this world were and are this way.  Otherwise, they would live ordinary, boring lives.

The black sheep also often sees the truth about things much better than the average person.  This is not a condemnation of most people.  It is just a fact.  However, it makes the one who sees want to do something about it that most others would not undertake, and really do not understand.  This brings us to our next quality – love.


7. Loving and service-oriented.  The commando is a kind and loving person.  He or she may not appear that way.  He or she might seem cold, unfeeling, rigid, “too Christian”, or something else.  However, underneath, the commando is motivated by love – for God and for others, too.

A few commandos are mentally unbalanced, unpredictable and hard to get along with.  However, the true commando is a warrior of the highest order, and one who knows the truth and lives the truth about life.

Love means other things, too.  Commandos do not fool around sexually, and they protect women and children.  Commandos tend to be very moral people, of high integrity, and respectful of everyone, large and small.


8. Scrappy and flexible.  Commandos are flexible.  One must be to succeed against the enemies described above. Flexibility makes them much more effective in whatever they undertake.  They can take advantage of opportunities, and they can change their plans in a minute, unlike a large organization that must plan weeks or months ahead.

Commandos are also somewhat scrappy. This means somewhat earthy and gritty.  They are not always the cleanest people with the most carefully brushed hair.

Don’t expect their car to be shiny and perfectly clean.  It is not important.  Don’t expect their clothes to be of the finest quality.  It does not matter.

Don’t expect them to reek of anti-perspirants or cologne.  They don’t have time to buy it or use it - and they don’t much care for it, except in some circumstances discussed in the next quality.


9. Stealthy.  Commandos are in the minority in any society.  Most rely on some degree of privacy or discretion to survive.  This is necessary to avoid arousing too much opposition.

They may appear like ordinary citizens, students at college, or parents.  They may even be children.   However, their minds work far better than those of most adults.

These “disguises” are needed.  If a commando were to “show true colors” at all times, he or she would encounter resistance and derision.  These slow one’s efforts, and are not helpful or are dangerous.

The commandos would stick out and attract too much negative attention.  So commandos learn early on how to fit in, so to speak, to accomplish their goals.


10. Single-mindedness and determination.  These are warrior qualities, and much needed by every commando.  No one motivates a commando more than himself or herself.

There is rarely a “boss” or “general” giving orders.  The commando is pretty much in charge, so motivation must come from within.

The motivation comes from love and integrity, from seeing the truth, and from seeing what needs to be done about it, even if it is somewhat distasteful and ugly to do.  The motivation could also come from a religious zeal to bring Heaven down to earth. 

Whatever it is, it is powerful and don’t get in the way of a commando.  You will be pushed aside.  This is another warrior quality, and the commando is a warrior.  To learn about warrior traits, read the Warrior’s Creed and Path Of The Warrior.


11. Soloist.  Some commandos prefer to work solo.  This is a great advantage at times, but can also be a hindrance.

It is an advantage in that commandos know they must take full responsibility for their actions.  This is one of their great secrets.

If things go wrong, they pray harder and work harder.  If things go well, they say “Thank you, Father”, rather than take a lot of credit.

Solo means something else.  Commandos ultimately do not answer to any earthly authority.  They are responsible to their higher guidance, which is usually extremely good.  They are in touch, in other words, with the Holy Spirit and guided by it.

Solo can be a hindrance when a task or operation requires teamwork.  Some are better at this than others.



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