by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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At this time, our understanding of the Wuhon virus or Chinese virus (the proper name) is that it is a very mild illness for most people. However, the corrupt media and corrupt medical and political authorities have used it as an excuse to frighten people, to violate basic rights in a horrible way, and to damage the economies of the world. Writing about it brings great sadness for this author.

- The illegality of business shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and mask orders. While it may seem uncaring to put this issue first, we must do so. The virus has killed some people and this is certainly unfortunate.

However, the disregard and basically suspension of the US Constitution and others around the world is a far greater crime and tragedy. Creating an emergency and then using it to take away the basic rights of the people is one of the oldest tricks of tyrants. This is what is going on. This method has been used to destroy many nations in the past, and we fear the same is occurring today.

If the virus is not enough, the world socialists and rogues will create more emergencies. These include fake police brutality, fake systemic racism, fake climate change, fake overpopulation, and who knows what is next. The goal is exactly the same! Frighten the people into giving up their rights and ignoring the constitutions. They want to substitute anarchy and dictatorship for orderly government.

- The medical authorities. For the most part, they have done a terrible job – filled with fear-mongering, lies and corruption. For example, we have never heard the truth that 98% to 99% of people with the virus recover completely. We have also never heard the truth that simple fabric masks do not stop viruses from passing through them. Also, masks reduce oxygen intake, which is definitely harmful if one wishes to stay healthy.

The medical authorities have also shown almost no interest in the unintended consequences of the illegal shutdown policies they advocate. These are items such as increased suicides, more drug and alcohol addiction, and other social problems that always accompany any economic downturn. One hospital in California, USA reported a year’s worth of suicides occurred just in one month.

There has been incompetent or corrupt testing to inflate the number of cases, fake and twisted reporting of statistics, incompetent and possibly just murderous treatment of the sick, and lying on death certificates to inflate the death toll due to the virus.

- Testing. A number of nurses and other hospital workers have reported that they sent in sterile swab samples, up to 10 at a time, and they all came back positive for the virus. This means the tests are either extremely inaccurate or they are fake, which we believe they are, in some places. The game is just to increase the statistics of how many people are infected.

- The death toll. Hospitals were being told by the corrupt Centers For Disease Control in America to report anyone who dies with the virus as having died from the virus. This lying, we believe, has falsely inflated the death toll by at least 100% and probably more.

On nurse reported that when two of her patients died of bronchitis (not the Chinese virus), she checked the next day and the death certificates had been changed to say that the patients died of the Chinese virus. One reason for this lying is that in America the government is paying hospitals $3900. and perhaps more for each Chinese virus case they treat. This is more pure corruption.

- Killing patients. Several nurses reported that patients who entered the hospital with symptoms of the Chinese virus were mistreated and died unnecessarily. The use of ventilators can be deadly, but that is what the media and the US president and others have said is what is needed. It is all a lie or extremely incompetent medical practice.

- Nutrition. We have not heard one word from the health authorities about the most powerful way to withstand any illness. It is to improve one’s diet and to take nutritional supplements.

We believe that the communist Chinese leaders are giving their people natural vitamin A capsules. This is excellent to support the immune response. Meanwhile, for the past several years, natural vitamin A has not been available in the United States and Canada. We don’t know if the same is true in other Western nations.

- The media’s coverage. This has been one-sided, extremely fear-mongering, often lying, with very little independent or investigative reporting and no balanced reporting. Also, most of the media, like the medical profession, has consistently downplayed the very costly and lethal side effects of the economic shutdowns.

For example, our local news recently stated that “the hospitals are filling up”. They omitted to say that this is occurring because the hospitals are once again doing elective surgery. It is not due to the Chinese virus, which most hospitals report is only causing about 15% of their business at this time.

They also recently warned us that the number of cases is climbing fast. They omit the fact that this is due to more testing, not more disease. The truth is, the death rate is dropping! The virus spreads easily, so millions have or will have contracted it. However, this is not a problem. In fact, it is a cause for celebration because it means that herd immunity is building.

In short, media coverage is despicable and all the major television, radio and print media should be shut down for fraud (lying). This includes Fox News.

- The citizen’s response. This is the saddest part, in our view. In most nations, especially the USA, most people just blindly obey their corrupt leaders. Very, very few protest the loss of their rights to work, to assemble, to worship freely and the right to walk around without wearing a mask that does not stop viruses.

Many people seem brainwashed, meaning unable to think for themselves and see through the lies of the media and the medical authorities. It is truly sad.

- The American state governors. With one exception, the American state governors have not hesitated to violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution and their state constitutions in the most grotesque manner. The First Amendment gives Citizens the right to assemble and the right to conduct business.

Some US state governors have even attempted to ban the use of zinc and hydroxychloroquin, a very inexpensive and fairly safe therapeutic combination that takes care of the virus in almost 100% of cases. The governor of New York forced nursing homes to take in people suffering with the virus. This is insane unless he just wishes to kill people, which apparently he does.

The governors have been informed about their illegal actions. We think they are all rogues and thoroughly corrupt. The corruption reaches all levels of the American and other governments of the world, including the president of the United States.

We are concerned that perhaps the US president and the Democrats are playing a game of good cop, bad cop with the American people. This means the president pretends to be a friend of the people while the Democrats pretend to oppose him at every turn. However, the trick is that in reality, both the Democrats and the president are on the same side against the people.

Otherwise, we believe the president would have his justice department shut down the media for fraud, stop all government aid to universities, fire thousands of ‘deep state’ government employees at once, arrest all Democratic legislators who oppose the border wall for treason, and send the military to Seattle and every other city to enforce the law where the local mayors and governors are not protecting the lives and property of their citizens. Some of this should have been done on the first day that the president took office.

We are sorely disappointed in the conservative talk show hosts who are not pointing out that the president is going along with the illegal shutdowns and the lying by the medical people. This makes us believe that the talk show hosts are corrupt, as well.


We pray daily that more websites will tell the truth to the people in regard to the Chinese virus situation. So far, few are doing this. We believe we are one of them.

Unless the people are informed and fight back, we foresee an end to the Western republics and the beginning of a new dark age of totalitarian government control. Actually, the US Constitution has been butchered for over 100 years. The present violation of rights is just the latest insult to this nation.

We have purposely left out documentation of all we have said. This is because others are doing it well. For example, while we do not agree with Dr. Mercola about nutrition or exercise, his email newsletter at is documenting the virus deception quite well. Another good site is Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense. There are others, as well.

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