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By definition, toxins are dangerous substances. They include at least two dozen toxic metals and thousands of toxic chemicals. They also include radioactive materials.


Toxins damage body tissues in many ways. Some are highly corrosive and burn delicate tissues. Some emit harmful frequencies that disrupt and can kill body cells. Others upset the osmotic balance of the body fluids and cells. Still others upset the pH or acidity of the body. Toxins can paralyze nerves, overstimulate the nerves, and do damage in at least a dozen other ways.

As a result, removing toxic substances from the body is not easy! We think most books and articles on the subject of detoxification do not pay enough attention to this serious problem with toxin removal.


To understand how to assist the body to eliminate toxins, one needs to know where their damage may occur. Understanding the following also will help one understand what we call healing reactions or purification reactions. These are symptoms that occur as toxins leave the body. The main locations where damage occurs are:

1. Tissue storage sites. To remove toxins, they must first be mobilized from tissue storage sites. The removal process can cause damage to the location where the toxins were stored.

For example, our clients often report leg cramps during the development program. The legs are a major storage site for toxins because they are not vital organs and because gravity moves them there and circulation is more sluggish there than in the trunk, arms or head.

2. The bloodstream and everything it touches. Once removed from storage sites, the toxins are often dumped into the bloodstream to be carried to the eliminative organs. While in the blood, the toxins often cause damage to the blood and/or to organs and tissues through which the blood flows.

This is a major cause of purification reactions. For example, a common detoxification symptom is headaches. This occurs because the head area is quite sensitive to toxins that are circulating in the blood.

3. The lymph system. The souls that operate the body organs sometimes dump toxins into the lymph system. This is another circulatory system of the body that can handle some toxins better than the blood.

Symptoms associated with temporarily overloading the lymph system with toxins are swelling and tenderness of the lymph nodes and, at times, swelling of the limbs.

4. The eliminative organs. Through the blood and lymph, toxins are carried to the eliminative organs. These are the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Here the toxins often do some temporary damage, even though these organs are designed to eliminate poisons from the body.

Common symptoms are pain and inflammation over the liver or kidneys. At times, a person will get a rash over these organs.

Also, liver and kidney function tests are often skewed when a load of toxic substances move through the liver and kidneys. This confuses and frightens doctors and their patients. For example, they may believe a person has hepatitis (infection of the liver) when, in fact, it is just liver irritation due to toxin removal.

We understand their concern because most of the time, such blood test abnormalities are not a good sign. During a detoxification process, however, such blood test results are not significant and will usually change within a week to a month.

Doctors sometimes recommend drugs or other procedures during these purification reactions, but these just add more toxins that the body must eliminate. We suggest that our clients contact us first before visiting the emergency room when purification symptoms arise.

5. Other structures. Once the toxins exit the eliminative organs, they often cause some damage on their way out of the body. For example:

- If the kidney eliminates poisons, they often do a little damage to the ureters, bladder and urethra as they pass through these structures.

- If the liver eliminates toxins, they often do a little damage to the bile ducts, small intestine, large intestine and rectum as the toxins move through these structures.

- If toxins are eliminated through the lungs, they can do a little damage to the bronchial tubes on their way out of the body.


Toxin damage during elimination must be controlled and minimized. One way is to slow down toxin elimination. Unfortunately, this retards detoxification greatly in most people, especially if the person is not well developed. Below we discuss how development powerfully facilitates detoxification.

Fortunately, the souls of the body have at least a dozen other ways to minimize the damage done by toxins as they leave the body. Major ways they do this include:

- They analyze each toxins. Then they convert each toxin to a less harmful chemical compound whenever possible. A key supplement to help with this process is trimethylglycine or TMG.

- They tag each converted toxin and this signals the body to move that particular chemical or metal to the eliminative organ that can likely handle it with the least damage. This is why some toxins come out through the liver and the bile system.

Others are sent to the kidneys and are expelled in the urine. Still others are expelled as gases by the lungs.

Compensation. The souls must often use a route of elimination that is not ideal because the preferred eliminative route or organ is not functioning well. This is extremely common today.

For example, the souls often use the skin to eliminate toxins during the development program. This is because the livers and kidneys of most people are congested and unable to handle a heavy load of toxins. Standard blood tests are not sensitive enough to detect this sub-clinical problem or one must use tighter normal values to detect the problem.


The souls also use more unusual routes of elimination for speed or for safety. For example, several of our younger clients eliminated a lot of toxic substances quickly through nose bleeds. It scared them, but it worked.

Other clients report unusual discharges from the ears, eyes, nose, and through the saliva, as well. Women eliminate toxins through the menstrual blood and vaginal discharges – a definite advantage for women.

Rarely a person’s fingernails or toenails turn a strange color for a while and may even fall off. Arranging all of this is quite a juggling act for the souls!


In order to assist the body remove toxins, we strongly recommend a number of detoxification procedures. We don’t know all the reasons these work, but they are effective and the ones we recommend are safe when done properly. Among them are:

Coffee enemas and vaginal coffee implants. Coffee seems to contain special souls who use half a dozen methods to help move toxins out of the body. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Red heat lamp sauna therapy. This therapy is wonderful to restore the skin, which is congested in most people and unable to eliminate toxins well. The reason people often get rashes on their face is that this is the most healthy skin in the body because it is not covered up all the time, often with synthetic fabrics that damage it somewhat. For details, read The Skin and Sauna Therapy.

Hydrogen peroxide in vaginal and penis implants, and in baths. This newer addition to the development program gets rid of hundreds of infections that many people have. This raises the body’s energy level and facilitates detoxification. Peroxide also super-oxygenates the body to facilitate detoxification. In addition, this therapy somehow helps undo traumas that definitely impair detoxification. For details, read Peroxide Implants For Women, Peroxide Implants For Men and Baths.

The bidet toilet attachment. This is able to remove certain toxins. The souls move the toxins into the rectum and from there, the water from the bidet washes them away. One needs to run the bidet for at least five minutes for this to occur. For details, read The Bidet For Detoxification And Development.

The Peyer’s patches. A very special method of toxin elimination is the Peyer’s patches. Most conventional and natural doctors pay little attention to these unusual structures found along the small intestine. However, in development science, they are very important.

The Peyer’s patches allow the body to dump toxins directly from the lymph system into the small intestine. This way the toxins bypass the liver and kidneys, sparing these organs from damage by the toxins. This greatly improves detoxification.

Unfortunately, the Peyer’s patches become congested and function poorly in most everyone by about the age of 30. This causes chronic illness and aging. However, one effect of early development is to restore the Peyer’s patches. A development program of the type we set up is the only method we know of that can do this. For details, read The Peyer’s Patches.

Other ways the development program promotes detoxification is to make sure a person drinks enough of the right kind of water, eats the correct diet, gets enough rest, and breathes deeply.

In these ways, we can overcome some of the difficulty eliminating toxins from the body. For more details, read Detoxification and Toxic Metals. The Toxic Metals article lists all the ways that a development program assists and promotes detoxification.

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