by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

February 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Most everyone seeks a meaningful and fulfilling life.  For some, this comes by raising a happy family.  Others seek for meaning through a career, a marriage, having many friends, or through material wealth or position.

All of these goals are fine.  This article suggests still another goal and focus that can be easily integrated with any others that you may have.

This focus or idea is called development.  It is very precise and specific.  It is built into our genetics and not a vague concept at all.  Most have never heard of it, so it sounds strange and perhaps even blasphemous.

However, it is no such thing.  It is nothing less than the final destiny of all human beings, something that everyone will accomplish at one time or another.  It can provide for a longer, happier, wiser life, in all cases.




            Human beings come into the world not unlike animals, mainly concerned with their food, warmth, love, safety and security.  These are all traits that we share with higher animals.  Humans, however, have far more potential than any animal.  This is what distinguishes us from them, at one level.

This potential, besides intelligence, is to develop the mind and the body in a particular manner.  It has to do with the growth and development of what scientists have called the subtle bodies.  This is an electrical or subtle energy phenomenon, not something that makes one look different.  However, inside one is very different.

In this process, a person develops what is called the etheric body, which is a type of electrical field around the physical body.  As it grows, it brings certain energies into the physical body that have a profound healing and nourishing effect upon the physical body.

As it grows further, it extends ones life, assists brain development, and has many other positive effects, some of which are discussed in other articles on this website.  This is the exact meaning of development, as used in this article.




These include all the following, and more:


           Much better health and a longer life. Development leads to greater health, less disease, less infections, and better ability to absorb nutrients from our nutritionally depleted food supply.  This could save your life, or at least make it much easier and much more enjoyable. 

           Less disease also means less dependence upon the medical drug system of care, which is in serious disarray and quite a dangerous system to be involved with.  This is not mere speculation as the statistics support the idea that modern medicine is among the most important causes of disability and death today.

           Greater understanding and ability to withstand and prosper during these changing times.  For example, living standards may well go down and comforts to which many people are accustomed may need to be reduced in order for the governments to save money and manpower. 

           Special abilities and talents that often occur along with development of the etheric and other subtle bodies.  These include mental telepathy and other abilities.  These can save lives and be most useful to have at this juncture.




            Yes.  These include the following:


           An opportunity.  The earth is at a crossroads, so to speak, in which its magnetic fields are diminished.  This causes an opening in which more etheric energy is reaching the earth for the next hundred years or so.
            As a result, it is far easier for people to develop etherically.  In other words, the present time presents an easy opportunity to develop oneself in this way.

           To be of greater service.  Society will need the services of many wise people.  Politics is changing and opportunities are opening up fast.  So if one develops oneself, many leadership positions in business, politics, education and elsewhere are needing your wisdom and your strength of character.

           Real happiness of a different kind.  Many people spend their entire lives in jobs, relationships, locations and activities that do not bring real happiness.  This is often very difficult to see while you are immersed in them.
            Usually, one wakes up too late to realize that other choices are possible.  Developing yourself can prevent unhappy choices and assist you to make amazing decisions that will help everyone on earth, including of course yourself.

           Much better self esteem. There is something very positive, encouraging and empowering about deciding to truly care for the body and brain through nutritional balancing, rather than live in a conventional way, even if you eat well and care fairly well for the body.  We find this to be the truth, although it may sound unusual.

           Helping those around you.  A final reason for developing oneself in this manner is its effect upon all those around you.
            As you develop, you will automatically share your love and your wisdom with all who come in contact with you.  By so doing, you help heal all of those around you such as your family, your friends, your neighbors, your pets, and anyone else whom you happen upon at work and everywhere else.  So development is a social benefit for all of society, not just for you.

           Helping the earth itself.  This may sound a bit unusual, but developed humanity assists the planet herself in many ways.  Not only do you become a more conscious consumer, for example - polluting and contaminating the planet less - but your evolved energy actually helps uplift the planet in subtle ways.


              This is a very brief introduction to the large subject of development.  For much more, please read all of the articles in the Development section of the Read Articles page.  Here is a link to this category of articles: Read Articles – Development.



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