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Diet And Digestion Are Very Important Body Activity

The Digestive Tract Is Extremely Delicate

Digestion Is Weak In Everyone



Physical Causes

Biological Causes

Biochemical Causes

Environmental Causes

Bioenergetic Causes

Mental and Emotional Causes

Diarrhea For Detoxification

Causes In Babies





During a Development Program



When To Intervene Medically







Diarrhea means liquid or very runny stools.  Normally, as food passes through the intestine, when it reaches the large intestine the liquid in the stool is reabsorbed.  This should leave a semi-solid stool.  When one has diarrhea, the water is not reabsorbed and the stool comes out runny or liquid.


Importance.  One loses some water and minerals when one has diarrhea.  If it occurs occasionally, it is not a serious condition. 

In fact, it can save your life if you ingest a poison in your food.  Diarrhea and vomiting are the ways the body removes toxic material quickly from the intestines. 

However, if one has chronic diarrhea, meaning it occurs often, one can become dehydrated and one can develop mineral imbalances from the loss of minerals.

In some undeveloped nations, diarrhea is the leading cause of death, especially among children.  Babies and children dehydrate faster than adults.  The danger and cause of death or disability is the loss of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and of course, water.

Water can be easily replaced.  Nutrients deficiencies may take months to develop and cannot be quickly reversed, even with supplements, as the entire body can become depleted.  Therefore, always take care of chronic and severe diarrhea.






            This is completely ignored by most medical and even naturopathic personnel today.  In development science, however, it is central.  For this reason, the diet is critical, as are food preparation and cooking, eating habits, food processing and other things related to food and digestion.

            Procedures such as plenty of rest and sleep, red heat lamp therapy, coffee enemas, the genital bath, learning to think and feel correctly, and the accelerator procedure called the bidet are all about improving digestion.


DIGESTION REQUIRES ACTIVATION OF THE PARASYMPATHETIC (OR RELAXING) BRANCH OF THE AUTONOMIC OR AUTOMATIC NERVOUS SYSTEM OF THE BODY.  Anything that turns down or turns off the parasympathetic system will interfere with digestion and can cause diarrhea.

This is why it is extremely important to sit down when you eat, eat in a quiet, pleasant location, eat slowly and relax when you eat.  Also, chew all food thoroughly and think happy thoughts while eating and afterwards.  Also, do not mix food with liquid because this dilutes the digestive juices and often interferes with proper chewing because people “wash down their food”.  This is not the way to eat.

It is best to relax for at least 10 minutes before meals to turn off the sympathetic nervous system and prepare the body to eat and digest food.  Also helpful is to sit quietly at the table after every meal for at least 10 minutes to allow the body to begin the complex process of digestion before you return to other activities.

Do not eat while driving a car or if you are upset, angry, or working at your desk.  All these activities tend to turn off the parasympathetic nervous system.




            The small intestine should have trillions of tiny hairs sticking into the intestine that sense the food coming through and are able to absorb that which the body needs.  It is an extremely delicate and sophisticated system.  This is also not understood by most medical personnel.  The intricacy of the digestive system will not show up on blood tests, x-rays or other scans, so they largely ignore it.




  This is the truth in all cases.  There are no exceptions.  The reasons are a bad start in life, nutritional deficiencies, toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body, chemicals in the food, chemicals on the food (added to the food), improper diet, bad eating habits, stress, illnesses and infections, and in some cases other problems.

            We seek to correct all of these with a development program.  It is a long, slow process in all cases.  With this introduction, let us discuss diarrhea, one of the primary symptoms of deranged digestion.






            These include polyps, tumors, or other physical blockages that the body seeks to eliminate.




            These are infections with bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that irritate the intestines or that the body wants to eliminate.  Infections can also come from food one ate, or from other causes.  Here are some examples: 


            Improper bowel flora.  Most people have some incorrect bacteria growing in their intestinal tracts such as E. coli and others.  This is due to improper diet, an improper pH of the intestinal tract and more complex biochemical imbalances involving nutrient deficiencies and toxic metal excess.  A newer name for this condition is SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth.


Yeast overgrowth.  This is an example of improper bowel flora.  It is extremely common.

Yeasts ferment carbohydrate foods, forming toxic chemicals that irritate the intestines and easily cause diarrhea.

The cause can simply be eating sugar or complex carbohydrates.  However, the cause is often deeper and involves copper overload with oxide and other toxic copper compounds.  Bioavailable copper kills yeast in the body and keeps its amount low.

Along with copper imbalance, zinc deficiency is always present.  Bodies that are too yin are more ill.  This is why improving the diet is often the first thing to do if you are prone to diarrhea.  This is also why just going on a ‘yeast diet’, the keto diet or the Weston Price diet is usually not enough to produce excellent health.




Nutritional deficiencies.  This is often an indirect cause of diarrhea.  Deficiencies of zinc, for example, leads to low production of pancreatic enzymes that are needed for proper digestion.

Without enough zinc to make substances such as chymotrypsin, food does not digest properly and instead it ferments or putrefies.  This irritates the intestine lining and can cause diarrhea.

This cause of diarrhea is now called EPI or exocrine pancreas insufficiency.  Because it is epidemic, we always recommend a powerful digestive aid for everyone.  For details, see the section later in this article on Digestive Aids.


Toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body.  These interfere with zinc metabolism, irritate the tissues, and unbalance body chemistry is hundreds of ways.  Some is are present in everyone.




These are causes that come from what one puts in one’s mouth – food, chemicals, food combinations, other poisons such as alcohol, medical drugs, over-the-counter remedies, herbs or recreational drugs.  Here are examples:


Contaminated food or beverages.  Food normally contains a few harmful viruses, bacteria, or fungi.  Raw food often contains a lot of this, and this is one reason to avoid eating a lot of raw food, especially in restaurants and in unclean nations.


            Overeating.  When one eats too much, the body cannot secrete enough digestive enzymes to properly digest the food.  As a result, the food ferments or putrefies in the intestine.  This generates toxic chemicals that easily cause diarrhea.


Bad food combinations.  Eating complex food combinations at the same meal strains the digestive system and makes proper digestion difficult or impossible. 


Improper diet.  Eating sugar and sweets, for example, favors the growth of yeasts in the intestine.  These ferment the sugar, producing toxic chemicals such as alcohol and acetaldehyde.  This is a common cause of diarrhea.

Eating too much protein causes putrefaction of some of the protein.  This also produces highly toxic chemicals in the intestine such as indol and skatol that can cause diarrhea.

One often knows one is producing toxic chemicals in the intestines because they often cause gas, bloating and/or foul odors.  Fermentation causes gas that does not smell too bad.  Putrefaction or rotting of protein food cause bad-smelling gas and even a bad smell to the whole body.

Our experience is that the single most important reason for chronic or recurring diarrhea is an improper diet.

Often, even longstanding chronic diarrhea will clear up on a regimen of just animal protein daily and many cooked vegetables, perhaps with a little well-cooked whole grain, but no wheat and no spelt, as these are irritating.  One must also stop all spicy and hot foods.  Also do not drink with meals and relax at meals.

One client had had diarrhea for over five years.  She had gone to many doctors, including bowel specialists and others.  She had been tested for parasites and everything else, and had tried many remedies with no success.  When she began a development program that omitted from her diet all sugars, all food chemicals, all salads, fruit, all juices and all refined flour as well, her diarrhea cleared up on its own within two weeks.


Prescription of over-the-counter drugs.  Some of these can cause diarrhea due to intestinal irritation or other damage.  Antibiotic therapy often causes diarrhea by destroying the normal flora of the intestine.


Stress or anxiety. Stress of any kind can interfere with proper digestion.  In this case, the body may choose to eliminate the food one ate so that it does not ferment or putrefy.




Any negative thinking or negative emotions can cause diarrhea by interfering with digestion.  Particularly damaging thoughts and feelings are anger, fear, lying, irresponsibility and intolerance (unable to ‘stomach’ things).

Victim thinking is strongly associated with parasitic infections.  For details, read Parasites.




The intestinal trace is in the area of the second and third energy centers. Any problem in these centers can cause or aggravate diarrhea.  For details, read The Energy Centers.




Weak digestion.  Most people’s digestion is weak.  Most people do not secrete enough digestive enzymes to properly digest their food.  Also, the flora or intestinal bacteria are often deficient or incorrect.  This can also cause a tendency for diarrhea.


Rogue attacks.  The rogues can attack the digestive system with implants, poisons and other means.  For details, read The Rogues.




At times, diarrhea occurs as a purification or healing reaction.  It is part of healing the body and is just a symptom of toxin elimination.  This topic is discussed below.




Babies get diarrhea if they do not eat well, or become stressed during a feeding, or if they have a stomach flu.  Stop their vitamins and make sure they drink plenty of water, some in addition to breast milk, especially if the lips are dry or the child seems dehydrated.  The diarrhea usually passes in a day or two.  We don’t recommend antibiotics or other drugs, in most cases.






A single bout of diarrhea may just be clearing out a bad meal that contained toxic bacteria or a virus.  This type of simple, acute diarrhea can also be due to eating too much, eating too fast, eating when upset or anxious, or even eating when one is too tired.

This usually requires no special intervention other than rest and drinking extra water.  Also helpful is to rest the intestinal tract by skipping a meal or eating very lightly for the next meal or two until the intestinal tract calms down.

If you feel very toxic, you may also take about 6 charcoal tablets or capsules, which are available at drug stores or health food stores.  This may help clear toxins from the bowel faster.  Do not take charcoal tablets on a regular basis, however, because they also absorb and remove nutrients from the body.

Occasionally, the remedies listed below such as Kaopectate, bee propolis, or certain brands of colloidal silver may help.




This is due to deeper metabolic imbalances, improper intestinal flora such as yeast overgrowth or possibly bacterial, viral, parasitic or other fungal infection in the intestines.  Another possible cause is a low level of digestive enzymes.

Each person’s situation will be somewhat different.  In some cases, just following a development diet strictly will end the diarrhea.  This means avoiding all sweets, all spicy food, all raw food for a while, and all spicy and chemicalized food.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.

Helpful additional procedures are to use a red heat lamp on the abdomen for a minimum of one hour daily and preferably two hours daily (two one-hour sessions).  An alternative is to use a reddish heat lamp sauna for at least 45 minutes daily or longer.

Coffee enemas also help detoxify and rebuild the liver and other digestive organs.  All of the development program procedures can help.  One may have to wait on supplements, although in other cases supplements such as GB-3, a digestive aid, are essential. 

Probiotics.  We don’t need to use probiotics too often.  However, at times, a probiotic is needed to replenish the normal flora of the intestine.

We prefer to use probiotic foods, if possible.  Excellent ones are sauerkraut, miso soup or plain goat yogurt.  Have some 10 minutes before each meal for at least a week or two.

Danger with probiotics.  Store-bought probiotics are okay, but have several problems that do not seem to arise with the probiotic foods.  Store-bought probiotics may not contain what the label indicates.  Also, the strain of bacteria they contain may not be correct for a particular person at a particular time.  In a few cases, they made the problem worse.

A very powerful probiotic strain is lactobacillus plantarum.  We like the one sold by G&W Herbs in Indiana, USA.  The product name is Master Blend Probiotic Supplement – 120 capsules.




Short bouts of diarrhea can occur during a development program as the body as part of healing reactions and retracing.

Diarrhea may occur as toxic metals and toxic chemicals are removed from the liver.  The metal or chemical may irritate the intestine, damage the normal flora, or the body just wants the toxin out as fast as possible.

One may also retrace old, chronic infections in the small and large intestine.  As this occurs, symptoms may flare up temporarily such as fever, pain or temporary diarrhea.  Emotional healing reactions can also possibly cause temporary diarrhea.

In most cases, the problem is short-lived.  One can just rest more, be sure to drink more water, and perhaps use charcoal tablets until it passes.  If diarrhea continues for more than three days, try the following:


1. Do not continue with charcoal tablets if they are not working.

2. Be sure to continue drink a lot more spring or carbon-only filtered tap water.  Do not drink other beverages like coffee, regular tea, soda pop or any juices.  This is important to avoid dehydration, which can occur with diarrhea.

Do not drink water with meals, as this further impairs your digestion.  In general, drink an hour or more after meals and up to 15 minutes before a meal.

3. Either skip eating altogether or eat very light food such as chicken soup with vegetables in it.

4. Strictly avoid all raw food, all fruit, all juices, all sweets and all spicy or irritating food items.

5. Stop your nutritional supplements.  They are not too helpful at this time.  Especially stop supplements that contain magnesium, and digestive aids with pancreatin and ox bile, as these can aggravate diarrhea.

6. Relax, and rest and sleep more.  You are probably retracing an infection in the intestines.

7. Use a red heat lamp on your abdomen for at least one hour daily and preferably 2 hours daily.


8. Other remedies that sometimes can cut short diarrhea are:


Probiotics.  We usually prefer foods.  We don’t know which, if any, will work at a particular times because the cause of the diarrhea and condition of the body is different for everyone.

We recommend having the following 10 minutes before each meal for a few days:

- sauerkraut (2 tablespoons), OR

- miso soup (a small bowl and you must not boil the water with the miso in it because this will kill the bacteria) OR

- live culture goat yogurt (3 tablespoons).

Among commercial probiotics, we like Bio-K Original, a teaspoon before each meal.  Another very interesting one is L-plantarum from G&W Herbs.  The product is called Master Blend Probiotic Supplement – 120 capsules.  Garden Of Life also sells some excellent probiotic products.

Problems with probiotics.  At times, these make a person worse because they do not contain the correct bacteria for the person at a particular time.  This is one reason we prefer to begin with probiotic foods.

Kaopectate.  This is a drugstore product that contains kaolin (a clay) and pectin (an absorbent fiber).  It is a safe product that helps in some cases.


Products we use less are:

Colloidal silver.  This is a potent anti-infective agent.  An excellent brand is Arabesque (1-888-891-0286 or http://micro-bionutrition.wixsite.com/arabesque/product-page/true-colloidal-silver-8oz).  Another good one is Sovereign Silver in the health food stores or on the internet.

The adult dose for these is between 2 to 3 tablespoons daily.  Take it by itself, and do not eat or drink 20 minutes before or after taking it for maximum benefit.  Take it for at least five days and up to 10 days, if needed.

Bee propolis. This is sold at health food stores or on the internet.  Follow directions, and do not use it for more than 1 week, as a general rule.  Get help if you are not sure how to use any remedy!


              What about patent drugs such as Immodium?  These are less recommended unless natural method do not work.  Most are narcotics that have the effect of somewhat paralyzing the intestine.  Occasional use is okay.






Diarrhea that is severe and continues requires medical attention.  It can cause dehydration and even death.  Go to a competent health professional in this case who should ask for several stool samples and rehydrate your body. 

Stool testing, unfortunately, is not very accurate in my experience, but it might reveal a parasitic infection or something else.  This is rare needed with a development program, in our experience.  On rare occasions, antibiotics or other drugs may be needed, though we find this to be rare.



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