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This is an important pattern seen on quite a few hair mineral tests. 


Definition. Double low ratio pattern consists of a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5 and a calcium/magnesium ratio less than about 5.  The lower the Na/K and/or Ca/Mg ratios, the more extreme the pattern.  The pattern is sometimes also called double inversion pattern.

There can also be a double low ratio pattern on the second four minerals.  In this case, the Fe/Cu ratio must be less than about 0.3 and the Mn/Zn ratio must be less than 0.015.


General Meaning.  A double low ratio pattern is essentially a doubling of a low sodium/potassium ratio.  This means it reinforces the meaning of a low sodium/potassium ratio.  A low sodium/potassium ratio indicates frustration, resentment, hostility, low electrical potential of the cells, kidney stress, liver stress, cardiovascular stress, and blood sugar stress.  It is also a give-up pattern.

Therefore, a double low ratio pattern is a double give-up pattern.  We also call it a slow death pattern.  The person may feel shattered and just wants to give up and die. 

Visually, the double low ratio pattern looks like saw teeth.  It has a kind of shattered look about it, especially if the ratios are very low.

In Tibetan acupuncture, this pattern is called stolen yang.




When a person is following a development program, if a double low ratio pattern appears on a retest indicates that one is retracing a situation from the past, in which one felt like giving up and dying.  It is usually benign, although one may have flashbacks of the trauma and may have other symptoms related to retracing of the old trauma.




Step Up Pattern.  A special case of double low ratio pattern is the step up pattern.  It consists of a double low ratio pattern along with fast oxidation and a visual pattern in which the first four macrominerals appear like steps going upward toward the right.  It is always a fast oxidation pattern.

Step up pattern is a faster death pattern.  For more on this very important pattern, read Step Up and Step Down Patterns.


Grief pattern.  This is a four highs pattern along with a double low ratio pattern on the first four minerals.


Victim pattern.  We now believe that a victim pattern is present whenever there is a slow oxidation rate and a low sodium/potassium ratio.  Therefore, double low ratio patterns, if there is also slow oxidation rate, are also victim patterns.

Victim pattern is a psychological stance of Òplaying the victimÓ. 


Double double low ratio pattern.  This is a double low ratio pattern on the first four minerals, combined with a double low ratio pattern on the second four mineral levels.  Hence, the term double double low ratio pattern. 

The criteria for a double low ratio pattern on the second four numbers are:


1. Iron/copper ratio less than 0.3 AND

2. Manganese/zinc ratio less than 0.0015.


A double double low pattern looks like a sawtooth configuation on the first 8 minerals on an ARL hair chart.  So it has an even more jagged or shattered look.

This is a more powerful slow death pattern.  For more information about it, please read Second Four Patterns on this site.


Many combinations.  This pattern may be seen with fast, slow or mixed oxidation.  It can also occur with four highs, three highs, three lows and four lows patterns.



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